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Sunday, July 12

Gapers Block


Chicago Women Who Owned 2015

I'm stealing the headline from FoGB , because it is perfect. There are so many Best of lists at this time of year, but if you want to know 15 (thankfully there are far more) women who did awesome stuff in Chicago this year, then go . They're all awesome.

Every Tube Down in TubeVille

Comedian takes on trolls in the song "."

"There are no 'best practices' with this."

Comedian , who got her start in Chicago, that her ex-boyfriend had raped and physically and mentally abused her.

A photo posted by Beth Stelling (@bethstelling) on

What Happened to Free Beer?

11选5图标下载The A.V. Club's annual roundup is a thing of wonder.

Caramel Carillon

You need to .

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Macaulay Culkin's character in a recent episode of the sounds very familiar (and NSFW).

"Chicago Plays Itself"

11选5图标下载NewCity has launched a new podcast, "," hosted by Newcity design editor (and GB alum) Ben Schulman and architectural journalist Zach Mortice. The first episode is about Chicago in the movies.

A Sensible Donation

Cards Against Humanity donated all the profits from this year's thing , and made everyone who bought in (if they wanted).

Rahm's Biggest Fans

and .

Hotline Bling (feat. Christmas)

Through Wednesday night, students at U of I will sing you .

Thoughts & Prayers & Apps

pitches you , a new app that keeps you up to date on the latest mass murders, police shootings and more.

"Better Make Room"

FLOTUS Michelle Obama raps--yes, raps--a shoutout to the South Side in the .

No One Has Interviewed the Dead Milkmen?

The Bitchin' Camaro, the official car mascot for Riot Fest, was from a West Loop parking lot. UPDATE: The theft was a hoax, .

Kickstart Thanksgiving

11选5图标下载A , a , a and a are among the campaigns on the .

Special Alert


When Tigers Fight Back

The founding member of Survivor, who wrote the '80s anthem "," for playing the song as he escorted county clerk Kim Davis from a brief jail stay following her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

We're Through

11选5图标下载Time Out proffers specifically for Chicagoans -- and mercifully none involve ketchup or deep dish.

Can Smash

had a palette of discontinued beer cans sitting around, so they did before throwing it in the recycling.

Comcast Doesn't Care?

11选5图标下载Father Michael Pfleger that a Comcast technician would not be coming to fix St. Sabina's internet service because the neighborhood is too violent. After hundreds of comments and , Pfleger posted that , but wondered whether they'd do the same for a less connected neighbor.


A Magical Podcast

Cards Against Humanity's Max Temkin to the podcast . Just maybe not while driving.

Life Imitates Art Imitating Life

The iconic Art Institute from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was by fans (in costume) for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.

Yes, Even You

is a personalizable message to send a friend or loved one, Matthew Hoffman's . (Unfortunately, it doesn't work with Firefox.)

Animal Advocates Seek Better Management of City Pound

Citing and unnecessarily high euthanasia rates, a group of animal rescue advocates are pleading with Mayor Emanuel to put more effort into appointing the next director of the city's Animal Care and Control department. The previous director retired last week; her has a history of disciplinary actions and surrendered his own dog at ACC after being transferred there from another city department, despite having no experience in animal welfare and rescue.

"I can show you the world."

We live in the future, and .

Trick or Treat in Berwyn

If "sexy pumpkin" doesn't work out for you, you could always .

Awesomeness First, Safety Second

In an with Chicago magazine, Bulls guard Jimmy Butler revealed that he had the rearview mirrors removed from his car "as a symbolic reminder to never look back."

On the Shores of Lake Michigan

What if the shore of Lake Michigan was one straight line? Based on where cartographer Daniel Huffman cut the perimeter, . []

Cheat Codes

Cinefix's 8-Bit Cinema recently applied its retro videogame treatment .

Blue Light Special Music

11选5图标下载Mark Davis worked in a Naperville K-Mart for 10 years beginning in 1989. He saved 56 of the in-store music cassettes from the early '90s, and recently . []

Dedication to the Team

You're not a Cubs fan until you have .

Table for One

11选5图标下载Time Out offers a list of the ."

Social Media Mourning

Angie Jaime talks about for TouchVision.

United States of X: Business is O-pun Edition

Atlas Obscura just published a , and Chicagoland is well represented, from Viet Nom Nom in Evanston to Hoosier Mama Pie Company in Ukrainian Village to Wok This Way near Midway.

Kicking the Habit

An adaptation of , a , a and are among the campaigns currently on the .

Designed for Visiting

11选5图标下载Dig into some hip Chicago neighborhoods with , a design-minded guide to the city -- and .

Old School, New Medium

of Chicago from as early as 1896 has made its way onto YouTube.

Where are You From?

11选5图标下载Always have an answer with the !

"All in all not worth the trip."

Cook County Jail manages , although it's clearly .

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

11选5图标下载A West Town man found strangers in his condo after .

Edible Amphibians

11选5图标下载YouTube pancake guy Nathan Shields made flapjack versions of amphibians from the Shedd Aquarium.

Reasons for Leaving

11选5图标下载 uses real census data to generate fake reasons for leaving Chicago.

Bring on the Stink

Spike, the at the Chicago Botanic Museum, may be blooming tonight or tomorrow. You can ; when it's confirmed, the Museum will be open until 2am for visitors to get a whiff of Spike's revolting smell.

"Listen to me, you're on a streak!"

11选5图标下载, who played QB for the Wildkits long before he played Duck Phillips on "Mad Men."

Peak Tweet

"The " courtesy of the Tribune: "George Zimmerman selling Confederate flag paintings at 'Muslim free' gun store in Florida."

Chicago's Tartans

Did you know there's a ? There are five with Chicago connections, for , the , and . Oh, and .

Charting the Fallout

11选5图标下载If you feel like you're getting too much sleep at night, to map out the impact of a nuclear bomb going off in Chicago or anywhere else.

Brown Notes

11选5图标下载Consequence of Sound made a (kinda funny) video of of people who witnessed (and experienced) the August 2004 day that a driver of a bus for the Dave Matthews Band its septic tank onto a boat of tourists while crossing the Kinzie Street bridge.

The Way We LOL

Facebook users in Chicago tend to than people in other cities, according to a study by the site. []

Bomb Scare Closes Wrigley

11选5图标下载Following the Cubs/Giants game earlier today, Wrigley Field was after police received a bomb threat that was "" than the ones they normally receive (gulp).

One for Every Block

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce in the neighborhood, from Albion to Walcott.

6 Million Steps

11选5图标下载Chicagoans Rebecca and Tim are to raise money for a friend's rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury. They left San Francisco in April, and recently reached the half-way point; get the rest of the way. (Thanks, !)

Rhyme Your Way Home

11选5图标下载Cape Horn Illustration has put together a nice .

What, No Ketchup?

Food writer Steve Dolinsky encountered a very inauthentic slathered with fried onions, pickles and a "Chicago sauce" (the mind boggles) while in Spain.

Miss This Stuff?

Reminisce about the dearly departed on , a cavalcade of what's come and gone.

New Links to Chicago

A looks a lot like Reddit but its creators say it's different, focusing on usability and privacy.

When Happy Leads to Unhappy

11选5图标下载 owner Bill Jacobs contributed an op-ed to the NYT today about . Gov. Rauner is considering signing a bill that will re-institute happy hours, which have been banned since 1989.

Kickstart My Heart

A , , a , and are among the campaigns on Gapers Block's .

A Bulk Transportation River Odyssey

11选5图标下载Ever wondered what it looks like when a navigates from Lake Michigan to a destination down the Calumet River? .

Despite All His Rage, These Cats Are Out of a Cage

11选5图标下载Billy Corgan from PAWS.

After the Disaster

has appeared online of the raising of the from the Chicago River after the 1915 shipwreck that killed over 800 people.

Here, Let Me Explain

Molly Adams and Tim Barnes team up to . You should probably read this, it actually has a lot to do with your everyday life.

You Can Recycle That

11选5图标下载DNAInfo Chicago has a helpful piece on ways you can recycle oft-trashed items like K-cups, cigarette butts, tennis balls and even old bras! .

Chicago's Disproportionately Popular Foods on a Map

11选5图标下载Want to know what the most disproportionately popular food is in your neighborhood-meaning the type of restaurant people rave most about on Yelp? Then look no further than the over at DNAinfo- and for your sake, I hope its not salad.

Cold Kickstarting it Live

11选5图标下载A , the , a and a are among the campaigns currently on Gapers Block's .

Buzzfeed Does it Right

11选5图标下载Most of the places on Buzzfeed's list of the will be familiar to locals, but at least they won't be steering tourists terribly wrong.

Munching the Streets

on is a pretty effective way to deal with any lingering road rage.

Classic Pop Songs: Where Are They Now?

"Last I heard, he was a commodities trader up in Chicago. Sounds pretty square, but as long as he and stays put11选5图标下载, he's got my blessing." []

See Earthcam Views of St. Patrick's Day

Check in on what the paraders and partiers are doing on St. Patrick's Day around the world by viewing . View the New York parade and celebrants at Temple Bar in Dublin as well as whatever the Irish do in Las Vegas today.

Giving a PAWS-out

is going door-to-door to around the city, bringing services to the streets writes blogger Vanessa Smetkowski.

Mazel Tov to this Middle Schooler

A Deerfield teenager is getting some for his bar mitzvah promotional . Of course, he's not the first kid from the suburbs to make his special day .

Never Been Magikist

11选5图标下载's hashtag on Twitter last night was a lot of fun.

Roadtripping with John Hughes

Bookmark this for warmer weather: to locations in John Hughes movies, from Ferris Bueller to Home Alone to Weird Science.

Emanuel Mugging Report Missing?

11选5图标下载The Sun-Times for the robbery of Mayor Emanuel's son in December, but the incident on the .

Flip Her the Ring

11选5图标下载Rodney Nelson proposed to his fiancée Alexa Wenning in Lincoln Park Zoo. []

I Just Want to Know Why

11选5图标下载FoGB has created a couple fun recently. One , while another .

A Valentine from the Heart

Take a second and will deliver a special valentine on the 14th. C'mon...think of the children!

How Not to Get Lost

11选5图标下载An appropriate link post-blizzard: In 2009, a Chicagoan named George Joachim hiked into Canada's Columbia Icefield and . []

Kickstart This Weekend

An , , a and the are among the projects on Gapers Block's .

Define "Sexiest"

River North is the fifth according to Thrillist -- which isn't nearly high enough to place among the .

Heheh, That's Funny

Craig Benzine, the , shows you .

QuikShot: Never Be Out-Gunned Again

In an exclusive to the Onion, Chicago debuted its new , rolling out city-wide.

Send Your Christmas Tree Out the Responsible Way

You don't have to leave it in the alley! The City's free tree recycling program ends tomorrow; you can take it to any of [PDF].

More than Just Getting By

11选5图标下载Time Out offers a to make living in Chicago easier.

Update Your Calendar

If you still use , you already know that the site just launched a redesign. In related news, updated its logo last month, and doesn't exist anymore.

Riding with 1914

11选5图标下载Ever wonder ? []

Calling All Charlies

11选5图标下载The French American Chamber of Commerce will be to show solidarity with the victims of the recent Charlie Hebdo shootings.

Jason R. Chin, RIP

The performer, director and teacher, who was in the local improv community, was in his apartment last night. He was 46 years old.

Warmer Than Mars

Despite tweets circulating saying its colder in Chicago than on Mars, the .

A Gift for Lazy Art Lovers

Courtesy of the Google Cultural Institute, you can now the Art Institute.

In Gubernator non Confidimus

11选5图标下载Our gubernatorial prison record provides inspiration in this .

Last 'Hood Standing

11选5图标下载, an online voting contest hosted to find the city's best neighborhood.

When it Rains, it Pours

Some nearby Acuras were engulfed in salt when a wall at the plant this afternoon. No word on new markdowns at the dealership. (No injuries were reported.)

Cards Against Hawaii 2

As part of its thing this year, the Cards Against Humanity guys , which they've renamed Hawaii 2, and sent out to each of the 250,000 subscribers.

Mayor's Son Robbed

Rahm Emanuel's 17-year-old son Zach was of his phone last night by two males while walking near the family's Ravenswood home. Police are investigating.

A Birds-Eye View of the System

11选5图标下载 shows which areas of the city have the highest number of arrests and convictions.

Deep Dish Slices of Life

11选5图标下载 who are "So Chicago" through short documentaries by photojournalist Chris Walker.

Bears Down Further

11选5图标下载The Bears had yet , losing to the Saints 31-15. Twin sites and are attempting to get Bears fans to buy out Cutler's contract by donating $15 each. []

Kickstart Me Up

11选5图标下载, a 's first exhibit, a and a are among the campaigns on GB's .

Smooch Magnet

YouTuber Blake Grigsby brought his own mistletoe to Christkindlmarket and found plenty of holiday cheer.

Crowdsourcing Crime Fighting

The lets users report non-urgent crimes, submit tips, and watch crime videos to try and identify suspects. []

Last-Known Eastland Survivor Dies

Marian Eichholz, who as a toddler escaped the infamous 1915 along with her parents, at age 102.

Anybody Need a Tiny Goat?

I mean, who doesn't? There's a available for free in River North -- with cute little sweater and harness -- if you act fast11选5图标下载. (Thanks, !) Oops, too late, the listing has been deleted. . It was anyway.

No Bulls@#t, It Was All Bulls@#t

11选5图标下载Local gamemakers took Black Friday in a , removing their party game from online sales and instead selling boxes filled with bull feces (which quickly sold out).

She Was Misinformed

11选5图标下载The NYTimes' Joyce Wadler was claiming that Kanye West told fictional WGYN in Chicago that . Ironically, Wadler's column is called "I Was Misinformed."

Local Explorers

11选5图标下载 and see how many Chicago neighborhoods you've visited.

Not So Accommodating

11选5图标下载Today the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar will reconsider Kristin Pagano's during the February 2015 Illinois bar examination, which . [Illinois law states, ]

Ask a Gang Member Anything

An alleged member of the Black Disciples gang decided to .

Catch a Predator

11选5图标下载 is looking for help finding who was asleep next to him on a Metra train last month.

"It's like NYC off steroids."

I mostly ignore Quora, but the thread asking "" gets some pretty interesting responses.

City of Big Beats

11选5图标下载 paired beat maker ESTA with photographer Michael Salisbury to create video a homage to the sights and sounds of the city.

11选5图标下载 from on .

The October Surprise, with Fries

Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner made a Chicagoland-sized faux pas when he yesterday at a suburban Portillo's. Twitter ; Rauner's Press Secretary that the dog was for her...but how can we really know?

Travel Blacklist

11选5图标下载Fodor's shares some , including flying into O'Hare and visiting the Willis Tower Skydeck.

Where's that Satire Label?

11选5图标下载The latest fake news junking up your Facebook feed is one claiming a and wasn't found for nearly two weeks.

Streaming Skyscrapers

11选5图标下载The Discovery Channel launched a on the Wyndham Grand downtown ahead of Nik Wallenda's walk across the skyline.

Straight Up & Down

11选5图标下载Chicago's streets rarely deviate from the grid, a by shows.

Ebert's Edits

from 2004 to 2009. that an Australian artist has compiled the late critic's edits into as an art project.

Don't Believe the Internet

11选5图标下载You can tell your alarmed aunt on Facebook that no, there haven't been any , despite what some . (Thanks, Dee!)

Why Sometimes Pure Statistics are Worthless

11选5图标下载Because basing outcomes solely on stats results in 60602 and 60603 -- two Loop zip codes with fewer than 2,000 residents between them -- showing up as two of Movoto's "" to live in. But hey, "As a final perk, no families here reported that they were below the poverty line, so this is a less stressful kind of place to call home."

Help Mucca Pazza Go-Go

Fans of this epic punk/spectacle marching band have just 16 hours left to support 's latest album release on . Get yourself some music, a hoodie, a fanny pack, or your own set of sheet music to play along with the band at home.

Mourning Sirens

Makeitfor.us wants to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire by sounding the city's warning sirens at 9pm tonight; turn your speakers into a .

Gliding Through Downtown

A sweeping, ultra high definition video of downtown by The Outbound Life about the city.

Follow That Smell

11选5图标下载Want to always make sure you're up- (or down-) wind from the just-baked-chocolate smell from the Chocolate Factory downtown? with tips based on daily wind and weather forecasts.

Local Vocabulary

11选5图标下载 tweets out a daily word, phrase or person that every Chicagoan should know.

Uptalk vs. Da Superfans

Gawker is ranking , and Chicago's is up against the LA valley girls. This is probably one of those times when it's best not11选5图标下载 to vote for Chicago.

Kickstarting a Generation

A , a , a and the next season of "" are among the projects currently funding on GB's curated Kickstarter page.

What You Didn't See

11选5图标下载, FoGB 's latest project, directs your attention to videos with very few views on YouTube, probably partly because their creators never changed the default filenames.

Leviathan of the Lake

Going to go out on a limb and say, no, there's .

Judge for yourself:

Evanston's the Place to Be

24/7WallSt made a list of "" (sic) and put at #5.

WWW Ewwww

11选5图标下载With all this rain and flooding, you can check if raw sewage is, in fact, currently being spilled into the Chicago River with just a click. Check for all the icky, clickable reality, based on data from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

You Killed the Bricks

A Swedish LEGO enthusiast built a in which Cameron sends his dad's Ferrari through the window.

There was also another Ferris Bueller scene and one from The Blues Brothers in the .

How the Nuggets are Made

11选5图标下载The McDonald's corporate social media team after telling @HowThingsWork not to "spread bad information" -- by from the company's own video.

Cover My House in What!?

11选5图标下载The new at Washington and Canal offers an, uh, interesting suggestion.

esurance dick

UPDATE:11选5图标下载 Looks like it's .

Watch it Right Meow

PAWS has a showing the latest additions up for adoption; shelters typically receive an influx of young cats and dogs during warm summer months.

Even a Brutal Dictator Gets a Bad Dorm

A Loyola student in a creative (yet overblown) way.

Looking for a Halloween Costume with Impeccable Provenance?

11选5图标下载The is next week.

Terrorist Threat or Idle One?

11选5图标下载An alleged operative tweeted a message appearing to , including photos of the White House and 307 N. Michigan Ave., aka the Old Republic Building.

Stream Dreams

"TV everywhere" service is , and Chicago-based "Pandora for news" Rivet Radio recently including the Associated Press.

Canada Treats a Murray Right

11选5图标下载No, not . Our boy Bill has been awarded Sept. 5th as up north.

Virtiginous Viral Video

11选5图标下载If you have a fear of heights or suffer from vertigo, you might not want to watch of ironworkers preparing to remove a portion of the John Hancock Tower's west antenna. []

Oddball Potato Chips Have Local Cred

The bizarre new flavors of Lays Potato Chips have a local connection; the artwork on the "Cappuccino" flavor . From what I've read, .

Data Dump

of the Invisible Institute released . And in unrelated news, Dan X. O'Neil and Scott Robbin are from the FCC public comments regarding Net Neutrality.

Positive Prankster

Unlike most YouTube pranksters, Blake Grigsby .

Windy City Smackdown

Chicago in a Yahoo Travel post that pits the rival travel destinations against one another.

Cats of the Internet

Once again, the Internet's favorite cats are in town. is at tonight (with Jesus Lizard's David Yow), and Grumpy Cat is at Friday.

The Quick Way Down

Actuary and parkour enthusiast jumping off a , onto another roof and then to a spiral staircase.

Here's Swanson's audition tape for "American Ninja Warrior," on which he competed in 2013.

So Many Openings

Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has next fall on the Mag Mile in the space formerly occupied by Filene's Basement; NYC-based , which will open this fall in the Gold Coast, will be next year by Millennium Park.

George Lucas Announces Architects For Lakefront Museum

George Lucas selected , Chicago's Jeanne Gang and China's Ma Yansong, to design the on Northerly Island.

Follow at a Safe Distance

Kevin Selagea was cycling through Skokie when a driver began tailgating him. Fortunately, it wasn't for long -- a police officer pulled the tailgater over and ticketed him. []

Road Love

A video of Chicago comedian Blake Grigsby yelling compliments at strangers while driving through the city .

Big Jerk

A cyclist who was told by a drunken guy outside of Wicker Park's that "the world would be a better place without her" (among other very unprintable things) because she asked him to not loiter in the bike lane .

Brotherly Love & Rivalry

Chicago-based writer 's brother is filthy rich and Eric is not. was a $50 Timex watch.

Graduate & Move Here

Evidently Chicago is the for "young grads," according to a .

Oh Deer

11选5图标下载A woman got quite the shock this weekend while driving on I-90 near Barrington; a deer and went through her windshield. No one was injured.

Assault in Logan Square

11选5图标下载Reddit user "dobbi" posted that . Description and a lengthy discussion follows at the Reddit post.

United States of X: Language Edition

No surprise that Spanish is the most common language spoken in the US after English. But what's ? In Illinois, Polish is third. Slate's Ben Blatt also looked at what the most common Native American, Scandinavian, Indo-Aryan and African languages are spoken across the country. UPDATE: AAPI Voices' Karthick Ramakrishnan points out , and provides updates.

Counting Down to the End of the Bun

11选5图标下载 is, amazingly, a countdown clock for the closure of .

How Many Chicagos in New York?

Three, according to of "New York expressed in units of Chicagos." []


We're the Funniest

The at University of Colorado Boulder has determined .

Enjoy an Old School Mass

If going to church is not on this weekend's to-do list, you should at least view this of a traditional Catholic Latin Mass filmed on Easter Sunday 1941 at the amazing on the city's West Side.

Cat Videos for Good

11选5图标下载Cats from local no kill shelters are the stars of , a web series that .

You Win or You Chi

11选5图标下载TimeOut takes a stab at matching Chicago neighborhoods .

But a Listicle Ain't One

Thrillist's Chicago editor Sean Cooly put together a list of .

United States of X: Corny Edition

11选5图标下载Popcorn represents Illinois on Hargreaves & Levin's . []

Drilling Down

On the heels of yesterday's at the suburban home of the manager of rapper Chief Keef, at drill music and its effect on the city's music, politics and culture.

Over 30 Hurt in Blue Line Derailment at ORD

A train car entering the Blue Line O'Hare station at a speed observed to be faster than normal at about 3am this morning, causing the car to rest on the stairs that lead into the airport. Over 30 were sent to nearby hospitals; six of them have fair-to-serious injuries. CTA is running between O'Hare and the Rosemont stop to accommodate passengers.

1 Tournament We Don't Want to Win

Speaking of brackets, Deadspin put Chicagoans -- that's right, all of us -- on its bracket, up against Crossfit Enthusiasts.

The Internet Interviews

takes Reddit AMAs and turns them into more traditionally formatted interviews. Chicagoans getting the treatment so far include , , , and of course, .

Dogs Missing in Burglary Found

11选5图标下载The two French bulldogs that were missing after a home burglary in Avondale yesterday were found in Humboldt Park and with their owners earlier this evening.

Follow These Folks

Thrillist posted a list of -- but the list is pretty light on ladies. Scott Smith (a member of Thrillist's list) provides .

President of Sick Burns

Barack Obama traded with Zach Galifianakis on his Between Two Ferns web series to promote signing up for .


Daylight Zulu Time

Don't forget to set your clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time this weekend. And did you know that ? Chicago is on Sierra Time.

False History

A photo shared by CNN of Chicago's "early days along Lake Street," which made the rounds here and on social media,."

Eff this Weather

Annie of has , but maybe you could find someone to make it for you for next year.


A Win is a Win

11选5图标下载Voters through a March Madness-style tournament bracket posted by the Atlantic. Sure it's unscientific, arbitrary linkbait, but after this winter we'll take the win.

Bid on a Bit of Dominick's

If you're nostalgic for the departed grocery chain -- or if you're opening a store of your own -- you could , from to a to a .

Chicago vs. New York Infographic

An infographic compares the nation's two most fast-paced and , Chicago and New York, on , from sports to airports to tourists, and of course, the ever-lasting pizza rivalry.

House of Cards: Chicago

A using time-lapse footage of Chicago at night (lifted without credit from and ) hints at what a local version of the show would look like, although its two-party politics probably wouldn't be so compelling here. []

Joe Walsh Calls LGBT "Constitutional Terrorists"

Chicago radio host and former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh called the LGBT community on Twitter Tuesday, in reference to the Arizona bill allowing businesses to deny services to LGBT customers. continued, as he said he felt but others don't respect his.

Go Fund Stuff

A , , a and more are on .

Be My #ChicagoValentine

Like a shot of Malort dipped in chocolate, Chicagoans on Twitter are finding local ways to express their affection using the hashtag .

Candy Radio Hearts

The today is a special Valentine's Day mini-episode from "." The show also has a of favorite love-themed pieces.

Government Mandated Love

"Enroll by February 14th for coverage, because on the 15th, it's too late." . []

Chicago eBooks

Can a Twitter bot capture Chicago's essence? echoes tweets that mention "Chicago is," and in the Atlantic.

Mr. Incredible, Defender of Chicago

Was The Incredibles set in Chicago? Eowyn Smith, the creator of , thinks so. []

Down the Tube

Chief Keef isn't the only Chicagoan arrested because of a YouTube video. From rants to violence, the .

The Next Super Bowl is Galactic

And it'll feature the Monsters of the Midway: .

Don't Mind the Gap

11选5图标下载Here's a based on "'s" in a creative field.

The X of Y

I think of Williamsburg as the Wicker Park of New York, since the former got hot years after the latter already was, but -- and called Pilsen Chicago's Bushwick (aka the next up-and-coming hipster hood).

Don't Feed the Digital Beast

While students towards U of I Chancellor Phyllis Wise after the school didn't cancel classes Monday, RedEye social media lady Jessica Galliart writes the incident .

I'll Come Home to Illinois on the Day After Tomorrow

11选5图标下载Chicagoland has several entries in the , a thorough mapping of in the singer's many songs.

Vortex 2, CPS 0

Chicago Public Schools in anticipation of the next round of

Get Away from ORD

Forbes has a that conveniently breaks down according to length of pit stop.

Smells Like the Outer Drive

11选5图标下载Bath & Body Works thinks a should smell like "fresh water, shoreline woods and a hint of mint." In other words, they have never been on Lake Shore Drive. (Thanks, !)

A Shuffle for this Generation

The by a motley crew of comedians (among them Chicagoan ) and other entertaining folk in the name of charity.

Asking Them Anything

11选5图标下载Last week did an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit. He didn't get quite the attention that another Chicagoan got: .

Give the Gift of Gravel

Speaking of potholes, is your for Chicago pothole-related gifts and keepsakes. []

Sworn Dental Testimony

11选5图标下载Comedian 's parents wee both lawyers. When she lost a tooth in 1989 and couldn't find it, they wrote up explaining its disappearance so she could still receive compensation. []

Cubs Unveil Mascot, Internet Flips Out

The Cubs unveiled today, and the Internet went nuts. Among the people chiming in was Deadspin editor and Chicagoan Tim Marchman, who calls Clark "."

I Thought I Had Faith in My Web-Savviness, Until I Took This 1 Simple Test

11选5图标下载 pits two preposterous headlines against each other -- can you guess which is real? It's surprisingly hard. []

Live Like it's 1975

The dates of 1975 and 2014 line up, so local scanned in his mint condition for you to use as a monthly desktop. []

The Lindsey Buckingham Fountain

Want to screw with visitors? Time Out has some you can tell them.

A Last Laugh at Dominick's Turns Sour

Steve Yamamoto showed up for his last shift at a Glen Ellyn Dominick's yesterday, only to be told that he had been over a brilliantly sarcastic YouTube video he produced commemorating the closing of the supermarket chain.

Help the Hopeless

This holiday season, . (Thanks, Paul!)

Dealing with Trolls

, the Field Museum's "," recently in a video that went viral. Chicago magazine's Whet Moser with Graslie and others.

You Talk Funny

Do you talk like a Chicagoan? The a version of the that shows you which parts of the country your personal dialect is most similar to. Keep your eye out for a question that helped name this very site.

Make That Giant Snowwoman

11选5图标下载The entry to the at Navy Pier's Winter Wonderfest is , notes Jezebel.

Discounts Whistling Through the Air

11选5图标下载Not content with delivery drones, .

Four-Star Facts

delivers a random assortment of "simple facts about the greatest city on Earth."

A British Kells

As part of R. Kelly's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch recited lyrics to his song "Genius."

Catty Map of the City

Urbane released a that only covers the city from Foster to about 21st, and west to around Central Park, and fills it in with place descriptions that range from witty to condescending to somewhat clueless. But hey, what do you expect from a bunch of San Franciscans?

Jake and Elwood LEGO

recreated the from The Blues Brothers11选5图标下载 in LEGO. []

Here's how it was made:

Ladies in the TARDIS

A certain segment of the TV-watching world is in a tizzy over the 50th anniversary of "." At C2E2 earlier this year, local cosplayer Nina "" and friends put together a photoshoot of , and it's pretty awesome.

Mint Pitfall Harry in Original Package

made as a present for himself on his birthday. []

Kickstart My Heart

A , an and a are among the current projects on

Self-Congragulatory Awards

Time Out Chicago has announced the winners in its , as selected by the and .

Where No Divvy Has Gone Before

At the end of August, one very unfortunate bike rider found herself in about the wrongest place possible: during the afternoon rush. []

The Bears FC

11选5图标下载What if the Bears played that other game called football? A new imagines . (I think we fared better than .)

"If you saw it in a movie you wouldn't believe it... and it'd be a pretty bad movie, too."

ESPN's "30 for 30" looks back on one of the craziest games ever played: of 1995, which included two of Chicago's biggest stars in basketball, Michael Jordan and Bill Murray. []

Locally Known

After Buzzfeed listed the , Time Out Chicago decided to make its own . Chaz Walters, Ronnie Woo Woo and the Landan twins are ready for their close-ups.

"Guess who's back in town..."

Speaking of Poltergeist III, there's devoted to the 1988 film, in which angry spirits follow Carol Anne to the Hancock Tower.

Upward to God

11选5图标下载The Christian Science Society of Dixon in western Illinois is getting a lot of attention this week after the shape of its new church .

Gathering Light Center for Spiritual Seeking- penis church

The church is showing it has a sense of humor in light of the attention: its cover photo now features a "" over the Google Maps image.

gathering light - figleaf

Appetite for Profit

11选5图标下载Locally led has figured out off its weekly Twitter chats.

A Jailbird Deferred

Jesse Jackson, Jr. showed up yesterday to a North Carolina federal prison to begin his 30-month sentence a few days earlier than his scheduled surrender date (this Friday) and was . Update: as of this morning. Persistence pays off!

Haunting Protips

Leah Pickett , including , , and .

Start an Argument on Facebook

Thought Catalog's "" should give you plenty of fuel.

Sometimes You Kick

A , a , a and a line of are among the campaigns on .

Drones in the City

Ben Raatz has a personal drone that he's been testing out around town, getting a top view of Buckingham Fountain and the South Loop.

Income Gap, Giffed

Nickolay Lamm in Manhattan to show the inequality between neighborhoods. He's since done for.

Chicago income gap

You Only Lincoln Once

11选5图标下载A mini Abe Lincoln lives it up across the state in , journeying from down in Springfield to up on the skydeck of the Willis Tower.

Real Talk at the Rink

The Hoffman Estates Park District knows how to keep the crowd at their youth hockey league games . []

Dancing Out the Door

11选5图标下载Chicago native spent the last two years working in the CGI coal mines at Taiwan's in relative anonymity. That is, until her this weekend went viral. []

UPDATE: New Media Animation created a response video.

Hard to Heat Up

11选5图标下载The lead designer of the classic arcade game NBA Jam admitted it was play worse whenever they went up against the Detroit Pistons. []

"This is what moves things forward."

When it was revealed that the Twitter account was a hoax11选5图标下载 , Dan Sinker of fame . Luckily, someone has created .

History Right in Front of You

From the Couch Monument in Lincoln Park to a bust of Lincoln in Englewood, Peter Bella tells the story behind some

And Boom Goes the Dynamite

The CGI-fueled destruction of the city for the latest Transformers movie caused some real damage as Michael Bay and company on the South Side.

I Charleston Chicago

11选5图标下载First, , and now a group of local dancers in a new video.

Swing on By

11选5图标下载Conan O'Brien revealed that Miley Cyrus' strange video for her song stole the concept from an . []

Watch It Grow

11选5图标下载 shows Chicago's history in less than two minutes with an of the city's growth from 1862 until today. []

Dickwolves are Not OK

After yet another Penny Arcade Expo, cofounder Max Temkin explains what he and the company are going to do to at in the future.

Fake Coupon, Real Sandwich

11选5图标下载A Subway restaurant actually the fake (and obviously ) "Subtember 11th" featured in a recent Onion article. Even adding to the twisted irony is that the pre-tax total of the purchase was $9.11.

Chicago Joe & Company

Two kittens survived a five-day journey from Chicago to Edmonton, Canada .

Discount Daaa-ble Check

11选5图标下载The Bears Superfans are back with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

You and the Who's Who

measures the degrees of separation between you and industry leaders in Chicago.

"The RULES are to be quiet in the car!"

A man claiming to be a member of the Board of Trade recently in a Metra quiet car after talking on his phone. Not sure how being a trader qualifies someone to "cut you in half."

NSFW audio, so put your headphones on.

Nice Book, Stranger

The Transit Readings tumblr recommends books based on .

A Second City Short

Improv Legends takes a look back at the . []

The Grumpiest Pledge Drive

will for a new cat adoption center for the in an upcoming video.

A Murder Confession Goes Viral?

A secret from today's edition of alludes to

A Personal Take on Chicago's Violence

South Side residents share how shootings affect their lives and what it's like to live under the constant threat of violence.

"Instead gram do you have one?"

Not sure this fledgling record label is going to make it, but is pretty great. (Thanks, Anne!)

Buttons & Civil Rights

, local button makers blogged about relating to the civil rights movement.

Not a Safe Passage Then, Either

of kids walking to a first day of school (near Schiller and Clark) in 1962 doesn't seem to be much of an upgrade from what kids going to school today could .

Schwim Schwam Shwhat?

leads Michael Gebert to discover a by one of the discoverers of Vivian Maier.

Laugh at this List

I get the feeling Chicago coming in at number two on is some sort of joke on the Second City. The list makes no effort to justify how Atlanta is number one.

School District Administration Drama is Everywhere

The superintendent of the Evanston-Skokie School District his resignation last week to pursue "consulting opportunities."

When Comedy isn't Funny

Chicago native and comic Cameron Esposito a thoughtful op-ed piece for Advocate11选5图标下载 about being heckled onstage by her opening act.

Will the Real Bridgeport Please Stand Up?

11选5图标下载There's a going on -- on Facebook. After one too many racially and politically charged arguments on the group, two neighborhood residents created and groups as hate-free zones; at least formed in response has already been closed.

"I guess it's pretty serious."

What if Ferris Bueller wasn't bluffing about being sick? What if he was ?

End of Life, Online

NPR host has been from a hospital here in Chicago. Patricia Lyons Simon Newman Gilband passed away last night.

Catch the ISS

Wonder if the giant magnet that is part of the plan in .

xkcd: Snare

Divvy Beats Parking Meters

11选5图标下载WTTW of a Divvy truck that had knocked down a parking meter. They want you to caption it.

"Two words: Free. Booze."

A Wheaton couple's went this week thanks to its hilarious RSVP options.

Divvy-ided Market

11选5图标下载Do you like the idea of renting a bike on occasion, but dislike the idea of being relegated to where has stations? Then you may be interested in where you can rent bikes owned by locals for a day (or more). And these aren't your average heavy, beat-up, partially rusted bikes for rent. Oh, no, there are some pettable bikes here. For example, may be what you need if you have a dog (the moustache and dog are not included in rental.)

Mary Ann Ahern Gets Some Backup

...in the form of a very cute child. []

A Sketched Love Story

11选5图标下载I've seen some really beautifully designed engagement announcements, but is pretty great. Great design and story by , and . Congrats!

Got Deep Pockets?

Three beautiful are for sale on eBay right now.

Wrestling with Andy's Comedy Album

Drag City recently released , the first-ever Andy Kaufman comedy album. Grantland explains .

"What we saw was... something else."

11选5图标下载 and are among the spots highlighted on . []

Chad Camoflage

This is aimed squarely at Lincoln Park bros hoping to blend in over in Wicker Park... though really, is there a difference these days? []

When Hollywood & Broadway are Calling You

11选5图标下载Steve Gadlin of and fame has a new project: , showcasing some of the area's greatest talents.

American Dream Less Dreamy

A by economists at Wheaton College and Northwestern found that since the 1970s, Americans have as the British have been.

11选5图标下载Here's an earlier article by the study's authors, covering similar ground.


Hipster Heat Map

Yelp has a few heat maps of words that pop up in user reviews, such as , and .

Rappin' with Style

Complex Magazine highlights the resurgence of Chicago's hip-hop scene by featuring the city's . While the list includes artists such as Chief Keef, Joey Purp, and more, it won't be hard to guess who came in at number one.

Stanley Cup Discount

If you've got any Blackhawks gear, wear it to the this weekend and get .

Aerial Orienteering

Someone in Pilsen painted on his roof for lost pilots. []

King, Kanye, & Cole

Comedian and writer Deon Cole, along with Iliza Shlesinger and Michael Yo, recently participated on pop culture panel to discuss current hot topics including emergency contraception, Japanese eyeball licking, and of course, new parents, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Although "Baby Kimye's" actual name, Cole reveals his choice for the name of America's most famous infant.

Past GB interviews with Cole:
• 2010: One Sketch at a Time
• 2013: "Deon Cole's Black Box": Chicago Native Takes on Pop Culture In His New TBS Series

Android vs. iPhone: a City Divided

Chicago has a history of segregation -- and it apparently extends to smartphone types too, to a certain degree. teamed up with and map designer (previously: 1, 211选5图标下载) to by phone brand and other variables. and zoom out.

chicago map - iphone and android use

11选5图标下载It's also worth checking out the maps of and . []

Shh, it's Chicago

Schadenfreude has a new show: "," a guide to the city's lesser known gems.

A Blackhawks Symphony

Still wired after that OT win the Blackhawks offered last night? Soothe yourself with a rendition of "Chelsea Dagger" played by the . (Nice shirt, Muti!)

"Anti-Time Lapse"

11选5图标下载FoGB just released a new of their Field Notes notebooks, and recorded in rural Nevada. Just set this for full screen, sit back and watch the stars go by in real time.

Kanye's Face Returns

Kanye West will be projecting all over the city tonight, among them Uptown's Bridgeview Bank, and both the Field and DuSable Museums.

Temperature is Relative

Sure, it's been a cool summer. But that's nothing compared with .

A Groupon in Memorium

Groupon has launched a to fund the construction of more bike lanes , the cyclist killed last week11选5图标下载 on Clybourn.

Putting that Knife & Fork to Good Use

enjoying some Chicago-style pizza.

On Kindness

11选5图标下载Zen Pencils tells with words from Roger Ebert. []

America's Finest News Source to Cease?

A writer on the Daily Kos decided to emulate by after the 201411选5图标下载 presidential election. That's one way to get a job.

Google Kiss Cam

Making out in front of Paulina Meat Market is a private thing -- unless (see #29).

Cutting Off Circulation

A group of Logan Square residents are the Tribune for continuing frequent deliveries of its coupons and advertisements (aka those piles of soggy, dirty newsprint wrapped in pink bags that accumulate on your doorstep/yard) despite repeated, .

Chief Keef Arrested

11选5图标下载The South Side-based rapper was this morning for disorderly conduct.

The Curl from Above

Thanks to , I was able to make this over the decades.


New York Neighborhoods in Chicago

11选5图标下载As part of a larger collaborative piece titled for , Tyler Coates projects New York neighborhood counterparts in Chicago. Southport Corridor as Park Slope is amusingly on point, though some Chicagoans would take issue with the idea that .

An Ode to a Rose

Recently, via a , Chicago native and comedic actor Craig Robinson, whose movie Peeples opened last weekend, expressed his heartfelt sentiments about the [someday] return of Derrick Rose back to the Bulls' lineup.

What are You Watching Online?

This week, YouTube launched its , which breaks down viewing patterns by metropolitan area, age and gender. At time of writing, "," the new video of David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College, is number one in Chicago.

10 Years of Body Massage & Pork Chop Sandwiches

In 2003, Chicago filmmaker (who now lives in Portland, OR) created "," a series of weird remixes of the odd PSAs tacked onto some episodes of "GI Joe" cartoons, which wet viral before anyone had ever heard of social media. .

The Influence of Ikram Goldman

11选5图标下载"'I'm not going to lie,' says Jenna Lyons, the president and creative director of J. Crew, who is an admirer of Goldman. She scares me a little bit.'" "She" is Ikram Goldman, Chicago boutique owner, "fashion ambassador", and .

A Matter of Degrees

WGN Meteorologist may be lovable, but he is frequently wrong about the weather. tracks just how off the mark he is. (Of course, this is , and even the National Weather Service is .)

How wrong is Skilling?

Save the Puppies

Shelter puppies often suffer from more health issues than other dogs. aims to help defray the costs of keeping them healthy.

L'Amour Sur La Soixante-Six

As nice as CTA bus shelters may be, would think making out while waiting for a westbound 66 was anything like Paris.

Living in History

Several shuttered city firehouses are , along with .

As Seen on TV

11选5图标下载Advertising creative director Jonathan Finerty was bored with so he created , and the started rolling in.

Next Stop: California

11选5图标下载Chicago becomes sort of the central node in XKCD's map of .

Subways of North America ; xkcd

Sleep on the Street

One of the odder places you can stay in the city via AirBnB: a birght green parked on the street in Lincoln Park. Just $75 a night! []

Charting the City

Some of these you've probably seen, others will be new. A on A Continuous Lean. []

It's Terkel, not Turkel

The Willis Sears Tower (ahem11选5图标下载) makes a common mistake on the . (I admit, I've made the same error more than once.)

Sorry Mario, the Princess is on Another Train

11选5图标下载Robert Bacon created a .

Dog Not Included

But that doesn't stop Fido from his owner's Craigslist posting for renting his Lakeview apartment.

Boot Up the City

Things you can buy: the Chicago skyline .

Jonylah Forever

imagining what could have been the life of murdered infant Jonylah Watkins.

Google Time Machine

A Redditor on Google Maps: and watch one of the last Cabrini Green towers disappear.



Curiosity Delay

linked today to the that included the question that helped us come up with the name Gapers Block 10 years ago: ""

It Makes You a Better Dancer, Too

A UIC researcher that being moderately intoxicated helps one's ability to identify minor differences in pictures faster than sober people.

Telephone in Every Room

Blogger collects all sorts of things, and his set of includes some great ones from Chicago's past. []

Harlem Shake Your Screen

This here meme is taking over ...including this website.

Trapped in the Subplot

R. Kelly "Trapped in the Closet: the Confessionals, Part 1" today, which focuses on the stories of specific characters of the endless, often pointless soap opera. Wake me up when it's over.

Where Satire and Real Life Collide

curates actual news headlines that might make you think you're reading .

As the World Turns

Social history photographer is to share more of his repeat photography work. Included are four Chicago sites: , , and . Each series starts in the 1980s and continues to present day.

Bad (and Dumb) as He Wants to Be

Former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman is as part of a "basketball diplomacy" trip; he hopes to meet the country's ruler Kim Jong Un, who reportedly was a of Rodman's old teammate Michael Jordan.

Go Back in Time for Art

11选5图标下载 of its staging of the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art, a.k.a. . The site includes everything from to .

Chicago: Still Miserable

Forbes ranks Chicago as the in the US, apparently based primarily on our real estate woes. Detroit, Flint and Rockford .

Publicizing a Baptism

Among the strangest tweets in the last few days is certainly that rooftop minister Corey Brooks11选5图标下载 is going to baptize Chief Keef when he's released from prison.

Your City, Judged

11选5图标下载This covers plenty of neighborhood stereotypes, and just as stereotypically leaves out the South Side. (Thanks, !)

Valentine, You're Out of this World

11选5图标下载Chicago-based cartoonist loves to build LEGO spaceships -- and his latest is . []


"Yes, I know where you're going to stay."

Expat Ed Hirsch has some sage, profane advice for friends . []

South Deering, Archer Heights, West Town...

How quickly can you place Chicago neighborhoods on a map? tests your strength.

Cleaning Up the Advertorial

After over poorly labeled sponsored articles, Time Out's Frank Sennett has proposed .

Knowledge of '80s Hair Metal a Must

The Admiral strip club is . "No rap or hip hop allowed."

Oppa Chicago Style

11选5图标下载Amtrak put together a touring through Chicago. Better late to the meme than never. []

An Onstage Fiasco

11选5图标下载Chicago's own Lupe Fiasco was escorted off the stage at a private pre-Inauguration concert last night after veering into a seemingly unplanned 30 minute solo of repeating the same (NSFW) lyric from his song that criticizes President Obama's role in the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

This is Fiasco has been critical of Obama.


Want to buy of the Batmobile? It's in North Riverside, and has "air cannon Nerf dart capability."

Mapping Chicago into the United States

includes some interesting views of Chicago in national context, but also points to Slate's review of the highlights Chicago (half way down).

Using a Dash Could Get Me Killed

Violence taken a .

Kells for the Kids

for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Proceeds from iTunes will be donated to the victims' families.

Couldn't Find the Keys to the Kingdom, eh?

A priest in Springfield has been placed on leave following a November incident in which he called 911 to demand help with he was "playing" with.

Scrap the City

In its look back on 2012, The Onion reports on the die-hard Cubs fans who protested outside Wrigley Field, advocating that and rebuilt.

Shovelers- ASSEMBLE!

As Thundersnow threatens our noble city, Chicagoans can pledge to keep their sidewalks clear and find those in need of a shoveling savior on the website.

Cleaning out the Closet

Derek Brooks spent the last 15 months living in Chicago while . When he got back home to Iowa, he and .

Wage Disparities: I'm Not Loving It

11选5图标下载Bloomberg Tyree Johnson, a Chicago man who has worked at McDonald's for 20 years and still makes the $8.25 hourly minimum wage. In contrast, McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner made $8.75 million last year.

It Belongs in a Museum! U of C Receives Mystery Indiana Jones Package

Addressed to Henry Walton Jones, Jr., a package delivered to the University of Chicago of the journal from Raiders of the Lost Arc- and no one knows where it came from.

New York in Chicago

11选5图标下载Brooklyn-born, Chicago-based DJ tries to explain which parts of the city . Apparently there's nothing like the South Side.

Pictures Tell the Story

, a new iPad magazine of comics journalism, launched today. You can snag a before .

Capital of the Midwest Alliance

If the United States dissolved and every state went to war with the rest, ? Illinois does well for awhile, with Chicago its capital, in . []

Nothing But Luvvie

When you've got a name like , you just have to see the world as a place full of love. And for Chicagoan, activist, writer, creator and humorist Luvvie Ajayi, her world is most recently full of love from where she received their . Hopefully for Luvvie, the love doesn't stop.

Best Neighbor Ever

11选5图标下载The empty lot next to the Obama's Kenwood home for $900k.

Obama's First Cat-binet Member

of I Want To Draw A Cat For You" fame11选5图标下载 has created a to be the White House's official cat portraiture artist. Naturally, I support this.

Instant Internet Fame

introduces you to their senior designer, , who happens to be the guy behind -- and reveals his coworker Jon Fernandez's creation, .

When Hip-Hop and Gang Violence Collide

Chicago's high level of gang violence is nothing new, but its increasingly popular "trap" rap scene, featuring that rhyme about guns, "bitches" and drugs, is adding more fuel to the already out of control fire. Many wonder , the misguided teens or their parents? Chicago blogger explores this troubling trend in an .

The View from the Other Side of the Bench

Cook County judge Cynthia Brim this morning regarding her after assaulting a deputy. Brim handily won retention to the bench in yesterday's polls.

Democracy, With a Side of Pancakes

11选5图标下载A Philly-based photographer takes a look at .

Debbie Carlos: One of Etsy's Coolest Artists

magazine named local photographer one of the . They say she has "some of the most stunning photography" on the popular arts and crafts website.

Made Just for You

11选5图标下载 is a marketplace for furniture, art and other custom-made and commissioned work. Plenty of the posted projects were either .

Is Your House Haunted?

's will tell you. (Hull House is on their list of favorite haunted homes in America.)

No, I Said, What Kind of Bird Are You?


Fullerton of Shitterton

. []

Ira Glass the Sex Magician

"This American Life's" Ira Glass explains -- and how to get a guy to wear a condom "without being a total buzzkill," among other sex-related questions -- for Rookie.

11选5图标下载 from on .

The Longest Story Ever Told

Behold, Chapter 23 of Trapped in the Closet.

Willis Goes Down

11选5图标下载A commercial for the latest edition of SimCity features an example of the . []

Chicago: In Space!

"In" space, "from" space, whatever. NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day from yesterday is

Kicking it New School

A season of , nice and an are among the projects currently featured on .

The Windyass City

Randall, of fame, turns his eyes toward Chicago. []

Kickstarting Right Now

11选5图标下载A , an and are among the projects on Gapers Block's curated Kickstarter page right now. Give a hand.

An Encore for the Bar Mitzvah Kid

Shaun Sperling, whose video11选5图标下载 of lip-syncing and dancing to Madonna's hit "Vogue" at his 1992 suburban Bar Mitzvah party made himself a You Tube sensation, got another boost: at one of her shows at United Center last week, Madge herself singled out Sperling in the crowd for during "Like a Prayer." Madonna's publicist claims the singer randomly selected Sperling and had no knowledge of the video. You can see Sperling himself this Saturday at Mary's Attic.

Face to Facebook

Social media meets real world interaction on Monday, when begins. There's still plenty of room in most of the events; see the schedule .

The Skyline & the Bean

What images come up for "Chicago" when people in different countries search Google Images? .

Vote for #1

Cintas is once again running its contest, and the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel is the local .

We're Number 227!

11选5图标下载The Chronicle of Philanthropy's recent report, , breaks down charitable giving by state, metropolitan area and by zip code. , and the Chicago metropolitan area comes in at 227 out 366 areas. Local donors give 4.2% of income, a median amount of $2,296. If you want to know how your ZIP code fares, .

When the GOP Came to the Windy City

11选5图标下载The put together a from the 1960 Republican National Convention, which was held in Chicago. There's no sound for most of it, but that's kind of a nice change compared to today's "wall-to-wall" coverage.

Chicago's "Murder Craze"

The Onion makes light of the city's high murder rate by .

Introducing Cone Sleeping

11选5图标下载Funny filmmaker says, "I made it eight full days before using my infant son as a prop in a ."

Miles Davis in an O'Hare Parking Garage

11选5图标下载There's a certain door in a certain O'Hare parking garage that does a mean . []

"Color" Him Frustrated

Special, updated versions of FOX's popular '90s sketch comedy series "In Living Color," scheduled to air this year, -- at least for now. In a radio interview, Chicago comedian Lil Rel, an ensemble cast member of the rebooted series, on why the laughs may have been put on hold.

Where the F*ck Should I Go Eat?

11选5图标下载Hell if I know, but . (Or maybe you just .)

Bid on 8x10s on 8/10

Starting today, local music education nonprofit is launching an , including The Temptations, Pat Benatar, The Village People, Nickel Creek, Naughty By Nature, Ben Folds and more. Bid early and often to win your favorites. Bidding starts at $8.10 and proceeds benefit the charity that brings music education to at-risk youth in Chicago.

Historic Map Fun

11选5图标下载Here's an of the city. []

5th Happiest in Hyde Park

, according to a recent survey from Newsweek and The Daily Beast. If the U of C is no longer , consider (long a staple of the typical UChicago wardrobe) a collector's item.

Non-Stick Weirdo

Rock Island police arrested a naked man covered in cooking spray11选5图标下载 on Monday.

The Onion Aims at the Willis Tower

The Onion ran a video featuring a blurb about in retaliation for changing the building's name. are very upset.

Your Morning Moment of Zen

Another work day has started. .

Bird vs. Bird

A United flight from Dallas to Denver had a run-in with a bird while in the air yesterday. The flight wasn't affected, but the plane is .

Ask Steve James Anything

The Interrupters and Hoop Dreams director and author are .

Is Your T-Shirt Moving?

T-shirt designer is running an . The submissions are pretty fantastic.

"No Soup For You," Chicago

11选5图标下载, a "No Soup For You" Food Truck will be in Chicago on Friday, July 27. No word yet on planned stops or a route for the truck, which will feature "free iconic Seinfeld" treats and The Soup Nazi himself, Larry Thomas, so check for updates (and be careful when asking for bread).

Fun with the DotBot

11选5图标下载The Art Institute's uses your computer's webcam to make -esque comic portraits.

Point at the Loop

11选5图标下载A client of nail artist got her nails done up with . Chip a nail, lose a transfer. []

That's a Hot Bet

11选5图标下载Sometimes the best show at Wrigley is .

from on .

Touring the US by Whiteboard

Designer and past GB contributor draws the country in a new music video for Marbles the Brain Store's new CD, .

"Even the Rats Wear Skinny Jeans"

does basically what it says in the name. It's but mean.

Where's Your Sign?

Get inspired by the Kickstarter campaign for Chicago long-time sign painter . He's painted signs by hand since the mid '60s, and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he wants to fund an instructional DVD to pass on his knowledge to a new generation. This, and other worthy local Kickstarter projects, can be found in our of campaigns.

I Got My Dog

Want to make sure everyone knows you got a real "Chicago dog" in Chicago? This tee on Fab.com proudly states the fact for all to see.

Remembering Dad

Father's Day means to .

Chicago Kickstarter Roundup

, an effort to (previously), , an , and a tool to while you lock up are among the currently funding projects on . There're many more .

These Boots Were Made For Driving

Clear your schedules Friday, when the .

A Wall in Mourning

11选5图标下载The Lake Shore Drive viaduct at Grand Avenue, which has been home to Shepherd Fairey's for the past year, was this morning.

Ill-advised Body Art

11选5图标下载Maybe getting a of Michael Jordan with a gimpy leg and a Dennis Rodman growing out of his armpit wasn't such a good idea.


Explore Old Maps

shows you where various historical maps from several collections land on a Google map. .

Game 3 Alternative

If things are going sour at the half, consider turning off the television and looping this instead. []

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now

For no apparent reason, the Chicago-set '80s sitcom "Perfect Strangers" has been turned into a .


Manhattan in Chicago

An oldie but a goodie: back in 200611选5图标下载, Jason Kottke imagines and other cities, inspired by the classic experiment.

"Let's go hit on some models."

NY Mag spends with NU's finest rapper (and celebrity kid) Chet Haze.

No Metal Baby on the Way

That "You got me pregnant at the Megadeth/Motörhead show" Craigslist ad from last week , as you may have suspected. []

Chicago Teachers Ask Illinois for Support

to increase (CTPF), which is currently underfunded by millions of dollars. would allow $270 million to flow into the CTPF but, after that, state contributions would fall to ten percent of what it provides to the Teachers Retirement Fund, which is for teachers outside of Chicago. If the bill were to pass the senate it would still need to find support in the Illinois House. by the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) of Illinois adds an element of question to the debate.

Justice in Montrose Dog Beach Attack

Remember the search for the owner of a pit bull who fatally attacked a toy breed mix dog at Montrose Dog Beach in late March? The owner who slipped away, refusing to give his name or take responsibility as onlookers followed, and posting it online for helping the dead dog's family get some justice? as an off-duty policeman, of all things. He was ticketed for failing to report the incident, and has been relieved of his police powers while an investigation is conducted.

Buzz About Helicopters

11选5图标下载Blackhawk and Little Bird helicopters engaged in a downtown darted through the streets with no lights on, stirring up a flurry of tweets and from confused Loop workers and residents.

Later in the evening, two MH-6 Little Birds flew along the Chicago River corridor as well. (Thanks for the chopper ID!)

Coming Soon: The Vintage Garage

11选5图标下载As AON moves out of the Uptown neighborhood this summer, the neighborhood is gaining another type of commerce. The company's staff parking structure on Broadway (near Argyle) will be utilized as a part-time vintage market from June-October, with vendors on the third Sunday of each month.

"Contact me if you want to be part of your child's life."

If you got busy in an Aragon bathroom during the Megadeth/Motörhead show in February, . []

Local Webbies

11选5图标下载Local art and design blog , , and (whose web team is local) are nominated in this year's .

"Chicago is a Real City; Manhattan is like Epcot Center"

11选5图标下载Tina Fey is a big fan of Chicago, but "a dude might bite your nose off."

Don't Leave That New iPad at Home

If you're itching to stylishly transport that new iPad or maybe an iPhone or MacBook Air or Pro, check out the lovely offered via Kickstarter by FoGB (he's shot some inspired photos at Pitchfork over the years for Transmission) and David Hull. The sweetness is in the video on the campaign page (also after the jump). See other .

A Poem for You

11选5图标下载In honor of National Poetry Month, here is , yet another awesome project from former GB staffer .

Chicago's Grid in Watercolor

The map of Chicago looks even better .

11选5图标下载You might also dig .

8-Bit Chicago

One of Google's April Fool's pranks this year was to release an 8-bit , which supposedly . But while it may be a prank, it results in some pretty amazing low-res views of Chicago.

Chicago, Legend of Zelda style:

A view of the buildings across from Google's Chicago offices:

Marina Towers:

The Hancock:

The Bean and skyline:

Buckingham Fountain:

Wrigley Field:

The Field Museum:

A surprisingly colorful Sears Tower:

The Water Tower:

Happy 126th, Mies van der Rohe

11选5图标下载Google's doodle today is a depiction of , in honor of architect Mies van der Rohe's 126th birthday. The Mies van der Rohe Society is , with a focus on the architect's influence over hair stylist Vidal Sassoon.


Chicago's Top 10 Lesbians

Fantastic Chicago-based Lesbian website , (aka "the one stop for everything lesbian in Chicago") just published their list of the .

Naughty Celebrities Need Magazines, Too

is a service that sends magazines to your loved ones in the hospital, nursing homes, even jails and prisons. The first celebrity recipient? According to Goodie Mags founder and CEO Miriam Bhimani, former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

Helping Writers Write About Chicago

and launched today as a resource for journalists coming to the city to cover the NATO summit.

A Match Made on Treadmills

OK Go's latest adventure is , an online dating site that matches your profile with one carefully selected by one of the band's wacky contraptions.

Bookmark for Future Time-wasting

Open Culture collects interesting audio and video from , including Saul Bellow, Bill Murray, Shel Silverstein and Frank Lloyd Wright. []

Help Out a Furry Ninja

11选5图标下载A ChipIn account is for Remmy the dog, whose owners are Shawn Smith (the genius behind ) and his wife Jen. Remmy was by two dogs in her Logan Square neighborhood this past week, and while she's recovering, it's to the tune of about $9k in veterinary bills.

Quidditch in the Windy City?

While Chicago's bid for the Olympics may have failed, a local group is to bring the 2013 to Chicago. To see Quidditch in action, check out the highlights from .

Fund Some Fun Stuff

A game made out of , a children's book about and from Intonation Music Workshop are among the recent additions to the .

Graphing Graffiti

Gothamist founder Jake Dobkin , a ranking of "important graffiti artists around the world using data drawn from the internet." Chicago is, of course, .

Change Champ on Campus

Congratulations to the U of C's Ted Gonder, whose organization is one of five winners in the . []

Beware Exploding Toilets

Students at the University of Chicago use social media to about certain unsanitary living conditions — including exploding toilets — in one of the oldest dorms on campus.

All's Not Well on the Blogosphere Front

11选5图标下载The Reader reports some drama in the realms of the hip-hop web culture involving Fake Shore Drive and a .

Bulls to Win Title, Wink Wink

President Obama backed the Bulls once more in an. During the podcast, he alluded to his possible re-election and included that sometime during his presidency, "it will happen." Considering the possibility that he's not re-elected, this could be the year. Right?


proposed to his girlfriend, Katie Holland, , and the social mediasphere . Thankfully, .

There are not enough Tom Skilling animated gifs in your life.

has .

Your Own Uggie

a Jack Russell terrier available for adoption in the area, looks a great deal like Uggie, the canine star of The Artist (which won at last night's Oscars) who was also .

New Law to Expose Dangerous Taxi Drivers

A promises to hold cab companies liable for repeat-offender drivers. The law will go into effect in the summer and is expected to make current laws surrounding cab drivers, which are typically circumvented, easier to enforce.

Equal Opportunity Offenders

Comedy troupe knows that knows know race, creed or sexual preference.

Crazy Love

Mitch O'Connell has an astounding .

Adopt-a-sidewalk - Shovel Not Included

11选5图标下载Chicago residents can now a snow-covered sidewalk by claiming a section of the city on their smart phone through a new web app, . The app also connects volunteers with seniors and people with disabilities who might need help with snow removal.

3K NATO/G8 Police Face Shields

11选5图标下载Chicago is spending about $193,000 for police — Money well spent?

New Tumblr in Town

If you love old photos of Chicago as much as we do, new blog looks extremely promising.

Transcript of Tribune Interview with Rahm Emanuel

Check out the of Tribune reporter David Kidwell's Feb. 8 interview with Emanuel — an interview described as "sometimes contentious, sometimes humorous."

175 Reasons Chicagoans Love Chicago

Here's a brief asking 35 locals why they love Chicago — and which is part of the "175 Ways to Love Chicago" project.

Watch an L Car Leave the Tracks

The 's has some pretty great short videos, including .

Insane Cook County

In light of the city sticker , designer Aaron Kraus looked for evidence of gang signs in other civic symbols. . (Then again, there's also .)

Objects of Devotion

11选5图标下载Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy and the University of Chicago all earned from Rookie mag readers.

This Is What Good Comedy Looks Like

Local comic had a set this past Tuesday atthat people are still talking . Not just comics; people who have never done a stand-up set in their life are talking about it. Luckily, it was caught on video so that those of you who weren't there can witness the moment that people will talk about for years to come. Right now, though, I'm going to stop talking about it, and let you see for yourself.

Brokelandia?! Where's Chicagolandia?

Check out this , a spoof of 's "" sketch. Keep an eye out for a Chicago version and send it my way immediately.

Shit Journalists Say, Featuring Richard Roeper

11选5图标下载The "shit ___ say" meme is thoroughly played out, but is notable for its inclusion of Richard Roeper performing Bill O'Reilly's famous in its entirety.

How to Say Ye

11选5图标下载You've been pronouncing "" all wrong. []

View Printers Row Online

Interested in the Tribune's new weekly book supplement, Printers Row? You can check out a free digital sneak peek .

The Rahmfather

11选5图标下载A of Mayor Rahm Emanuel created as a movie poster of the Godfather appeared in the office of Tribune columnist John Kass. And he'd like to know who sent it to him. He even checked it for bugs, just in case.

Teeny Tiny Obamas

11选5图标下载If your indoor plants are seeming a bit lonely, why not get them a set of to keep them company.

In All the Wrong Places

is a new site by FoGB attempting to help lost gloves and mittens find their mates.

Bueller? Bueller? Back for the Super Bowl?

11选5图标下载Bears aren't in it, which mutes much of my interest in the game, but the commercials still got a shot at tuning me in. I caught wind of this 10-second teaser, featuring the hometown '80s icon and all time favorite bad influence , who looks ready for some mid-life madness.

It Was Inevitable: Sh*t Chicagoans Say

11选5图标下载The "Sh*t People Say" meme is spreading through the Internet faster than a cat with its tail on fire, and YouTuber LyonEsEnTodo brings it home with "." What DO you say, Chicago? Tweet it to us @gapersblock.

Hanging on the Train

11选5图标下载 is pretty much what it sounds like. []

Shit Lana Del Rey Says

Local comedy duo and NEDTalks creators skewer two memes at once in a self-described "desperate attempt to go viral."

What You Say

11选5图标下载The "Shit ___ Say" video meme train is finally pulling into Chicago. for the video over on Reddit.

He's Not Cameron Frye's Dad

11选5图标下载...but you can be for $300/hour.

Flashback Footage from The Blizzard of 1979

WGN-TV in history, that brought down nearly 19 inches of snow from Jan. 13 to Jan. 14, 1979.

Still Backing the Bid on Google

11选5图标下载Chicago's still haunts the Internet .

Don't Hug it Out, Yelp it Out

Two separate controversies are battling it out in the Yelp-a-verse: a sommelier at a of his wine-tasting courses that he created a fake blog for the rater that documented a (fabricated) criminal history and substance abuse problems (she's suing him); and a who reportedly in front of a number of local animal rescue groups at an adoption event this past weekend.

MJ's Terrible Game

11选5图标下载 was a Super NES videogame released by EA in 1994, to . If you have a couple hours to kill, you can on YouTube in, appropriately enough, 23 parts. Or and play it yourself.

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City

Enough to Make Your Head Spin

11选5图标下载Just happened upon some footage that features some of the best bboys, or breakdancers, in the city, battling it out at the back in November.

Get Yer Dibs In

If you see folks on parking spots after it snows, or even if you have proof of , share it with .

Sim Chicago

As Redditor , "And I thought I had too much free time."

Click to see the full version:

Five to Midnight

11选5图标下载The time on the symbolic Doomsday Clock, which tracks how close the world is to global disaster, . The time was moved from six minutes to five due to "ongoing threats from nuclear proliferation, climate change and the need to find sustainable and safe sources of energy." The Clock is maintained by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago.

Hey Girl, You Might Not Want to Google His Name

Aaron Kraus has created a (NSFW) with an intersection of the phrase , Rick Santorum's positions women's rights and pictures of Rick Santorum. (Still NSFW).


Skaydi, Freya or... Trixie?

11选5图标下载The Lincoln Park Zoo has a new owl (it's a snowy owl; what's with those this year?) and have left its name up to . A.V. Club Chicago wasn't inspired by the choices, so it took to Twitter to .

Famous Chairs

A deep dish pizza makes an appearance in .

What's Your New Year's Resolution?


A Year of Traffic Tweets

has a downloadable list of Chicago traffic maven Sarah Jindra's favorite tweets from the past year. .

Dis Kid

? (Thanks, !)

Teh Largest Citi in Illenois

11选5图标下载 in Wikipeetia, the misspelled encyclopedia.

And Thus a Thousand Sploshing Fetishes Were Born

Stop by the Chicago History Museum's lobby to see , one of several games developed in our fair city (along with , , and ) by .

Santa's Plan B

Christmas toy delivery has been outsourced to FedEx, so Kris Claus has been looking for a job. .

Mix Up Your Holiday Gathering

Office party or living room bash — you still need some good tunes. Refinery 29 blogs that has your all in one mix you can stream or download.

Is Number 23 Available for Recon Work?

, the son of recently departed North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, was obsessed with Michael Jordan during his teen years: the future dictator loved to wear Air Jordans and spent hours "doing meticulous pencil drawings" of the legendary athlete while attending a Swiss boarding school. Jong-un reportedly also had pictures of himself with former Bulls player Toni Kukoc (and Kobe Bryant) hanging in his dorm room.

R. Kelly is on a Boat

The New King of R n' B wants to take you to his floating and sail the Bahamas with you.

11选5图标下载Seafarers can join The Pied Piper of R n' B in a stepping class to learn experience cuisine prepared under the watchful eye of Mr. and compete the basketball tournament. This will be R. Kelly's first concert cruise so all bets are off. Judging by Aziz Ansari's of a past Kells performance all shipmates will have a time. More info is on the Love Letter Cruise .

Save on Bills by Watching the Bills

Bear with me -- has put together a (both played by Second City actors) who share a variety of tips and tricks to help homeowners make their homes more energy efficient for the upcoming winter.


If you're a fan of "The Office" (or just love paper), the will be in town next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Follow the truck on Twitter at for exact times and locations.

Simon's Suffers Register Theft

Longtime Andersonville tavern, Simon's, had a theft from its basement over the weekend of an that's as old as the bar itself (nearly 77 years). If you have any leads, they'd be very interested to recover it. [Update: Simon's has describing the register, should you see it at your local pawn shop or flea market.]

Santa Snark

Did you know there's no such thing as Santa Claus? WGN's Robin Robertson for her colleagues earlier this week on-air earlier this week; after some viewers called in complaints, she then apologized.

Record City

11选5图标下载A bit of tinkering with the Guinness Book of World Records search engine will let you see

Make Way for Millennials

Time Out Chicago discovers that while things might not be so hot, .

That's a lot of Tucci

Congratulations to Northwestern student Lawrence Dai, whose mission to watch Julie & Julia everyday for a year (and blog about it at ), with a viewing party in Denver attended by his fan club and Amy Adams's mom.

A Sunday Afternoon with Some Pepper Spray

Even Seurat's "" is following .


Could Oprah Be Your New Landlady?

Sure, if you can afford to pay $15,000 in rent.

Watching the Skies

If you search for "" in (Champaign-based) Wolfram Alpha, it'll give you a list of planes flying over your location, along with a sky map. []

Here's one from last night:


Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Exhibits

Someone snuck into an exhibit in the .* As they say, the intertubes are leaking.

*OK, really they just photoshopped it in there, but where's the fun in that?

New York Takes Over

11选5图标下载The corner of State and Madison becomes on ExtendNY, which applies New York's grid worldwide. []

Ain't too Scared of 'dem Ghosts

The Ghostbusters have a , in case you need some ghosts busted over by dere. []

A Few Sparkles on the Globe

11选5图标下载See if you can spot Chicago at the beginning of this , short from the International Space Station. []

from on .

Turtles Still having Problems

is back with a couple more Twenty-Something Ninja Turtles

Honey on the Train


A Lake Above the Lake

In case you missed it this morning, for a little while there was a Lake Michigan-shaped storm covering the entirety of Lake Michigan.


A Shot At Winning

A Lincoln Square local scours the internet daily to find the best sweepstakes out there to give everyone a chance to win. offers a sweepstake a day where you can decide if you'd like to enter.

I Sense a Weird Al Cover in the Works

One of the best TribLocal headlines I've read, "," is actually about a teen mistaken for one when what he intended was to dress up as a dancer from . "...not used to seeing street performers in a residential neighborhood, some neighbors were confused and called police."

Up in the Air

Ever wonder what it's like to be in the Chicago Air & Water Show? []

Good Time Charlenes

11选5图标下载 posted a picture of two young women who dressed up for a night on the town on May 25, 1944.

Gay Pizza Order

Now on Feast of Fun: After coming out to his parents, a gay soldier decides to .

Ditch the Candy, and Make Some Money

A is offering kids money for their Halloween candy this year.

Bizarre Homage

recreates sports and other logos with food; made out of hotdogs, pickles, mushrooms, sauerkraut and ketchup. []


Web Workers' Uniform

Web folk, you have less than 24 hours to buy the t-shirt.

Haze Goes 'Hollywood'

The official video for rapper/Northwestern student/son o' Hanks is out. You're welcome.

The Fake Criswell Predicts!

11选5图标下载The Fake Criswell, the amazing , now has a .

Google's Map Needs Updating

11选5图标下载Google's map of Chicago : in some versions, Madison Street is missing west of the river, and Randolph Street is listed as "planned."

This House is F'ing Golden

The Blagojevich's Ravenswood Manor home is ; just $1,070,000 for a piece of Illinois history. WBEZ's Justin Kaufmann makes some suggestions on .

Photo by .

It's the '90s!

Everything is Terrible .

from on .

AT-AT in the Loop

Seems like arrived a little early; it won't be Hoth-like weather for three or four more months. []

The Greatest Halloween Costume Ever Sold

11选5图标下载Inspired by Morgan Spurlock's , one Chicagoan is .

How to Drive in Chicago

11选5图标下载Not all of is strictly good.

50 People, One Question

Galvea Kelly of Irish marketing agency asked 50 people in Chicago .

Alley Pooper, Beware

A dude who decided to relieve himself in an Uptown alley on Saturday didn't realize that a security camera was . (Maybe kinda NSFW)

Where the Bunnies Are

We've linked to it before, but with all the Playboy Club hub-bub, it seems like a good time to point out the , an online community for Bunnies new and old.

White Men Floating Along Wacker Drive

contributor uploaded a somewhat creepy 1965 Life magazine photograph of .

Brick By Transparent Brick

got the curtsey of and about 65,000 Lego pieces. Since the tower itself is a glass and steel structure, the "reflected" skyline was built on the inside of the 10-foot sculpture to better simulate the glassiness. On display at the . Sean's is awesome too.

Groupon Exec Andrew Mason May Have Stumbled Into SEC PR Rules Quagmire, IPO Delay Possible

New trouble for hometown giant Groupon, this time self-inflicted. , Groupon chief executive Andrew Mason may have broken SEC rules preventing a company from attempting to "condition the market by hyping its stock" by issuing an internal memo recently. In it, he defends against media reports about the company's numbers, a balance sheet that will no doubt be adversely affected if Groupon's IPO is put on hold.

Lando the Big Shoulders

11选5图标下载You truly belong here with us ...

"Live Like Rahm"

A resident of the Green Street Lofts, where our mayor and his family lived until they were able to move back into their Ravenswood home, for selling his condo.

Another Rigorous Slideshow by the Trib

The Trib's slideshows aren't always top-notch quality, but none match this hilarious phone-it-in gallery of .

Comedy is Not Pretty (or Legal)

From the audience of the recent in NYC, a Las Vegas-based improviser named casually told a story of having sex with an "old, drunk girl" in a hotel room in Chicago several years ago that sounds a great deal like rape. ; it was all captured on video.

This Is Grand

Check out the minimalist, typographical transit maps of .

Not so Windy in Comparison

11选5图标下载Chicago is included on Bård Edlund's pretty but confusing -- but unfortunately so is the popular misconception about why we're called the Windy City. []

Bringing Toto Home

We've seen some instances of dogs around the city lately. If you're a pet owner, can help locate your lost pet. There's also a few that can help your .

Mapping Personal Landmarks

lovingly maps some of her personal on .

Hell: Simply Heavenly

recently got a spectacular redesign at the hands of local designer . []

Man vs. Mansueto

11选5图标下载University of Chicago fourth year Mitchell Kohles , the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, to a race. How did Mitchell do? Let's go to the tape, err, .


turns googlemaps into kaleidoscopes. . []


Casting Illinois in Iron

On , they have a swell Etsy find: . You can even load up on pans in the shape of other if you so desire.

A Style-ish Guide

From comes , a stylish set recommendations of places to check out in Chicago (and soon Brooklyn) from local creative types.

The Windy Beehive

11选5图标下载The late Amy Winehouse loved her Ronnie Spector-esqe beehive, a hair design that was a whopping 50 years ago.

Fly Our Friendly Uniforms

Remember ? Me neither. Its and others from , and are among more than a thousand in . []

A Tome For Tavi?

Tavi Gevinson, the teen fashion blogger behind , . The proposal for "Diary" suggests "the book will be one part make-your-own scrapbook, one part feminist manifesto for girls and one part celebrity memento collage."

The Definition of Nerddom

, straight outta the suburbs. (NSFW)

Documenting Our Lives

Eric Fischer's "" project maps geotagged tweets and Flickr photos and shows where they overlap. lights up nicely.

Chicago's Earliest Riser

Craig Shimala's latest work is a time-lapse video showing over downtown Chicago for the month of June. []

But Does the Carpet Match Them?

Local jewelery designer Ashley Scott's new line, "Drapes," on fashion blog, .

Storm Portal

Doesn't The Bean look like a ? []

Rahm's Doppelganger

11选5图标下载What's a San Antonio reporter to do when strangers continually mistake him for our mayor? . []

Wright Lines

11选5图标下载Check out this awesome from architect circa 1946.

"Another Chance" for Chet?

11选5图标下载The has finally dropped. []

Save Foodmiles at the Taste

11选5图标下载If you need a compelling reason to go to the Taste (and really, who doesn't), Grub Street has a showing where vendors are coming from, all over the city. You'd save gas money just by going to Grant Park -- especially if you're into dessert.

Chet Haze Goes Live

11选5图标下载Northwestern's finest rapper/rising sophomore the clubgoers at Enclave Friday night--and his famous were there, too!

An Arbitrary Event

11选5图标下载June 25 was . was also a concert; here's a photo and audio essay by occasional GB contributor Fruzsina Eordogh.

Simulating the Brown Line

11选5图标下载A about the venerable led me to , a 2006 PS3 game simulating the Brown Line. You can on Amazon and elsewhere, but it's not cheap.

Assumptions Make Asses Out of You and Me

Especially when on the train to Wrigley.

Chicago is a Country

Apparently you can pack into the city limits.

Chicago from the Beeb's Perspective

Another summer, another .

"It's that day again."

11选5图标下载"That day when it's ."

He Was Merely Administering Health

Stewart Gibbs, a health care administrator living in River West, was late Sunday night after police discovered him in his apartment; Gibbs was drunk, naked, and covered in his dog's blood after trying to remove a cyst from the animal's ear with a butcher knife. The animal will recover. Gibbs was charged with felony animal cruelty.

Oh Dear

11选5图标下载 follows a hoofed critter who seems to have lost his way in East Lake View.

Many Fripperies

coworker found an old quiz in her desk drawer titled ""; how many can you guess? (.)

The Whorls of the City

Designer Gerard Huerta created a number of iconic , but of Nick Fasciano's in a fingerprint is pretty inspired.

GB Curates Kickstarter

We at Gapers Block are big fans of , as you may have noticed. So much so that we've set up a filled with local projects we think sound cool. , and a bunch of other non-local organizations have , too.

Chicago to Philosophy in 13 Steps

11选5图标下载, "if you take any article, click on the first link in the article text not in parentheses or italics, and then repeat, you will eventually end up at "Philosophy." Chicago is only . (.)

Finally, an Informative Back Tattoo

11选5图标下载U of C-trained doctor , who founded a in Africa's Lake Tanganyika, her large tattoo of the lake's geography for the Daily Beast.

Dear Opera...

11选5图标下载The developers behind the web browser are going to miss Oprah -- because of they get. (Don't worry, guys, she's just moving to cable.) []

The Font Everyone Loves to Hate

11选5图标下载Completely missed this this winter: "," a presentation by David Kadavy given at . []


Beyond lending street cred, helps its owner with pesky questions from tourists. (At least it's easier to reference than the last one we linked to.)

Not United

11选5图标下载United Airlines got into some public relations hot water earlier this week when code numbers of flights that were part of the 9/11 tragedy were in their operating system.

Today's Moment of Dawwww...

11选5图标下载The baby white-cheeked gibbon at Lincoln Park Zoo took his to a poppy synthesizer soundtrack.

Who Will Take Care of Fluffy?

When the Rapture comes on May 21 (or anytime in the next 10 years), will take care of your left-behind pets for a simple, one-time fee of $135.

Mamas, Don't Feed Your Babies Soda

For the record, from the "Soda Pop Board of America," based here in Chicago, is .

As handily annotated above, the ad features obviously satirical copy ("fitting in" is a purported health claim), a Coca-Cola bottle with a backwards logo, and a fake address (there's a Hart Street, but it runs north-south, for just a block). And then there's the name -- Soda Pop Board? While very wholesome, calls sweetened carbonated beverages "soda pop," least of all the industry itself. It was created as a spoof for the sadly defunct which published nothing but11选5图标下载 fictional news. But hey, don't tell that to .

Muzik In Yr Computerz

Lunchtime just got a lot more rocking since is going to play live at the Threadless HQ today. Lucky for you, you can catch the whole thing from your cube on starting at noon.

Celebrity Pup

11选5图标下载Remember the two dogs who were after falling through an iced-over Lake Michigan back in February after their owner abandoned them? One of the doggy duo, a 2-year-old pit bull terrier mix named Honey, is

Mysterious Ways

There's a whole lot to read on , whose author grew up in Chicago and frequently. (Sensitive readers be warned.)

Illinois Got Beef

11选5图标下载The in the may call to mind a certain .

The Rainbow Connection

11选5图标下载Google Maps captured a of a plane flying over Hyde park. ()

Perusing the Ads

lets you browse through all of a company's online ads. Such as , , and the .

Chicago, Asked

And speaking of Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" forum, here are .

Back to the Grid

has returned as a quarterly publication after a few month hiatus.

Fighting the Battle of the Bag

11选5图标下载A scientist at has studied ways to turn into materials that can produce printer ink and batteries.

Help a Bunny Out this Weekend

's Spring to Life Raffle ends tomorrow at 4pm. Tickets are $1 each, and prizes include $1,000 in cold hard cash, a Kindle, a case of wine, a weekend getaway on the North Shore, and Vosges chocolate bars. Proceeds benefit care of the Shelter's animals (while you're at it, look at these awesome fluffly , this , and this --they're all available for adoption, along with many others!).



All Falls Down

11选5图标下载The which was created to decrease school dropout rates through creative programming, has after four years of operating. The charity's grantmaking dropped dramatically after the 2007 death of West's mother Donda, who was the Foundation's founder.

First Rule

I'm not entirely sure what "" is about, but it sure ain't books.

A Week of Hands on Stanzas

11选5图标下载All week, Chicago Publishes will program. Check back daily for a new poem and a Q&A with the poet.

Large-Scale Recycling

According to -- old municipal buildings never die, they just turn into theaters. Next in line? -- they just bought an abandoned police station near Foster and Damen for one dollar. When your neighborhood police station gets replaced by a theater, well, I think that's a good sign.

Horrifying Map, Anyone?

Gizmodo shows what areas of Chicago would have been affected instead of Japan. I'm going to go hide under my bedsheets now.

New and Improved

The Poetry Foundation has to be "richer, faster" and more user-friendly.

The Caption's The Thing

, Roger Ebert is a finalist in The New Yorker's caption contest . Voting closes at 11:59pm on April 17. []

Perfection in Paper Perforation

You have to love that shows exactly what a company does. Vintage letterhead from The B. F. Cummins Company, 1914.

Least Lonely Ladies

11选5图标下载Illinois's 2nd congressional district has the least lonely ladies in the land. Check out , which he created after analyzing the profiles of 19 million singles from 21 dating sites, to learn more.

Suggestive Stockings

11选5图标下载Chicago's Bear Brand Hosiery Co. (whose was finally torn down in 2009) once sold socks that grew with, um, you.

Pothole Fever

According to the Sun-Times, the Loop, Rogers Park and Chatham have in the city. []

High Rise Stories Acclaimed

11选5图标下载, a web documentary about high-rise apartment buildings in 13 cities -- including Cabrini Green, shot by our own David Schalliol -- .

One Night Will Remind You?

A cryptic -- and possibly encrypted -- tweet appeared on the @MayorEmanuel account briefly last night before being deleted. , and is looking for help figuring out what it means.

Another Banksy?

A reader submitted a photo on and wonders if Banksy (or a local street art fan) created this topical image of in Chicago.

Why Would You Click That?

11选5图标下载": Split my toenail pretty bad last night. Seeing doc on Monday, but slightly worried. Does this look infected? "

Whoopie Cushions & Disappearing Ink

11选5图标下载Wondering what to do for April Fool's Day tomorrow? Alicia from visited the "Guy Bauer Half Hour" to .

Animal Twitter Kingdom

11选5图标下载A cobra at the Bronx Zoo after escaping from its cage this week. The animals of Brookfield Zoo, themselves, dropped it a . "Hey ; we animals have been tweeting for a few months now, where've u been? Let's tweet up-just hop on a plane."

Dear Chicago, Please...

Surprisingly few Chicago-related submissions to , but the ones there are pretty great.

Furniture Porn

West Loop-based green furniture company recently launched an . Now you can buy new furniture while you sit on your old furniture. In your underwear.

Chicago at Night

I'd love to see Google Maps add a night-time version of the satellite map overlay. In the meantime, there's .

For $5

...People in Chicago will do . []

The Sounds of Chicago with Static

Website offers mashups of police radio chatter and ambient music from five North American cities, including .


theWit Chicago needs a correspondent for the second season of their "Witisodes" web series. The correspondent, in exchange for covering going-on around the city, will be compensated with a food and drink stipend, some free stays at the hotel, and $150 (per episode?). Interested applicants need only make a 60- to 90-second video to apply. Deadline is March 24. Click for more details.

60614: Life by the Tracks

11选5图标下载A few years ago National Geographic dispatched some photographers to 60614 .

Got a Dispute? Let the Interwebs Decide

11选5图标下载Chicago-based entrepreneurs Kevin Wielgus and Angelo Rago have launched , a free online forum for settling all manner of debates. []

Quaxelrod Mounted on the Wall

Saved for posterity by , , along with contextual replies.

Mirrored Marketing

There's a new high-tech frontier for advertising at O'Hare: . []

Our 41° 51' 0" N Sister Cities

Ever what European cities are even with Chicago latitudinally? .

Bright Spot in a Bad Ad

Local lip sync legend starts off a new Smartwater commercial starring Jennifer Aniston that one of the worst ever.

Honey Badger Don't Care

The internets are leaking: Jay Ryan made of a recent . (Thanks, Su!)

Sheen's a Cubs Fan?

11选5图标下载In the midst of all the weirdness, it appears and likes Chicago-style hot dogs. (You may also want to .) UPDATE: Actually, Sheen just called (Thanks, !).

City of Big Bones

What's worse, Chicago? Being called "big-boned", or being the cattle to mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel's herding dog? The New York Times the best frenemy we ever had.

Verily, He Tweets

"'Twas born to the House of Lorraine in 1478 in the town of Bar-le-Duc of northern France. Mine occupation is court royal to Louis XII, a fine king indeed." And now tweets about the Art Institute's new .

Facebook is For Winners

11选5图标下载Two contests on Facebook offer to give some lucky Chicagoans some valuable and memorable prizes: you could from apartment-hunting site domu, or luck out with a .

More or Fewer Neighbors?

The Tribune Apps team created a Google map overlay showing for Chicago and the region. They launched another one tracking today.

Getting Dirty

, a web series set in Chicago.

Sit Back, Relax, Pretend You're In Oak Park

11选5图标下载Actor and comedian ("Reno 911!," "The State") has a to Oak Park's in his living room.

@MayorEmanuel by the Numbers

11选5图标下载Chicagoist , curse by curse. Download the whole tweet archive for posterity.

Healthier than Our Own

Apparently, Sweden's gas stations now offer a "" of a (non-Chicago style) hot dog, a Coke and ...baby carrots? []

Drink Early and Often

11选5图标下载With a new Mayor-elect in the wings, one ponders if the city can be unified by a crowdsourced alcoholic beverage. Chicagoans, . (h/t )

Empires Could Have It Covered

11选5图标下载Local band are competing in to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Help them out by voting for them . []

Know, or Else!

11选5图标下载Chicago comedy troupe has created a for all those who don't know who (Grammy award winning band) is. (h/t )

Good Deal All Around

Virgin America showed off its marketing savvy buy for today's launch of service between O'Hare and LA or San Fran. sold out in less than an hour.

What Time it Is

. []

Sights & Sounds of Urban Nature

11选5图标下载Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee pairs photos and music to create the webzine . Plug in your headphones and enjoy.


Speaking of nickd, his is as awesome as jeggings.

Your Morning Diversion


Don't Like Kids?

11选5图标下载Big Dog Eat Child has a .

Bad Weather Breeds Bad Dog Owners

11选5图标下载A good Samaritan found two dogs at Howard Street Beach yesterday that had fallen through the ice. The dogs' owner, after being tracked down, admitted that he had dumped them near the (freezing) lake because he didn't want them anymore. Contact the for details on how to adopt.

Uh, Who's Living in the White Sections?

Here's a Department of Development and Planning showing how neatly Chicago stored its ethnics in 1950. Note how the Swedes are encircling the Irish in the lower-right quadrant. Was it something we said?

Book Club Blogroll

The Book Club's compiled a list of notable, local literary blogs -- go check it out, and say something11选5图标下载 if you feel they've left someone out.

Revenge Served Cold

11选5图标下载You think stealing someone's dibs spot is risky? Try .

Blackhawks Fans Brave Blizzards?

11选5图标下载 of the blizzard, this time from the Blackhawks. Worth watching for the mystery of why there were plows clearing the parking lots next to the United Center pretty much non-stop. (Thanks, Dominick!)

Thundersnow and Lightning!

You heard it, but in case you didn't see it, . UPDATE: Turns out that photo's been on the web for . Sorry to share a fake; thanks to for the heads up.

At the End of the Storm is a Golden Sky

Not that this will help you today, but Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow this morning, which predcits an .

Batten Down the Hatches, Frozen Novelties Ahead

. (Thanks, !)

The F*cking Mayoral Election on Twitter

11选5图标下载 isn't alone on Twitter, you know. , and are ready for your attention.

Calling All Men...

Sadly, it is no longer possible to order ; the office at 215 N. Michigan Ave. no longer exists. []

I'm A Tumblr, You're A Tumblr

11选5图标下载You can keep up with and on their brand new Tumblr blogs.

Shame and Awesomeness

Illinois is according to one map, but it's also , according to another one.

Return To Guyville

in her old stomping grounds of Wicker Park and Lincoln Park. []

Creating Space

Chicago's Digital Kitchen created some for the latest Las Vegas casino, . []

The Humor is in the Details

You really just have to and read the story about a guy who tried to rob a Subway and then stole a cab in Des Plaines before crashing on Clark Street in Rogers Park just blocks from a police station. "You see so many things on Clark Street," said a witness. (h/t ) Update11选5图标下载: WGN's got some extra footage of the "chase".

Fun with Wikipedia

I'm not endorsing this in any way, but to the is at least mildly funny on a day like today.

Doodles For Your Beer

11选5图标下载DIY lifestyle mag recently gave props to (already beautiful) Pilsen bar for their accidental artistic venture: . Patrons are enjoying the chance to draw their own designs and decorate it with a glass of their favorite bevvy.

To The Blogger Go Few Spoils

Crain's Chicago Business about why they've quit.

Building Blocks

11选5图标下载 in Minecraft. []

Illinois is a Deep Dish

Another map boiling the US down to a single trait (previously11选5图标下载), only this time .

The King Speech

11选5图标下载Judith Jamison will be delivering the at the U of C's annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration this afternoon at 3:30pm. You can watch the webcast live . []

"I just don't like Slater."

11选5图标下载A patron at Mullets Sports Bar & Restaurant in Homer Glen got into some trouble after . A. C. Slater was the mullet-wearing wrestler on the television series "Saved By The Bell."

Sleight of Hand

11选5图标下载Since we've posted about both "best things" and cards today, how about , the "?"

PR Wizardry

Local PR guy Mitch Delaplane believes he's drafted "."

More Than An MC

11选5图标下载Los Angeles native and Northwestern student is a rapper who also happens to be the son of actor Tom Hanks. []

Mark Your Calendars

Or rather, don't11选5图标下载. 37signals is encouraging you to make Jan. 19 .

Ebert Steps in the N-Word

Roger Ebert got for a about the removal of a certain word from Huck Finn11选5图标下载. He later .

Resolutionaries Take Note

While you're working hard at not being a dick on the bus11选5图标下载, also don't be a ! Tips courtesy of and .

Carol Calls It In

11选5图标下载When Chicago mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun was unable to attend an LGBT event in person, she did what anybody in her position would do: []

Bad Economy = Busy Library

reports that last year, the Chicago Public Library circulated 8.8 million items and provided 2.8 million free computer sessions. A less cheery statistic: librarians reported that 60 percent of their time with patrons involved helping them look for jobs on library computers.

Obesity is Coming for Us

11选5图标下载If you watch the animated map on , you can see the wave of obesity rising and making its way toward Illinois.

Multi-Colored Maroon

While we're on the subject of stylish students11选5图标下载, the U of C has its own in Rafael Menis, the "."

Scalia on Pizza

Justice Antonin Scalia doesn't think Chicago-style deep dish pizza is really pizza, and in an interview with California Lawyer magazine: "It's very good, but ... call it tomato pie or something. ... I'm a traditionalist, what can I tell you?" []

Um, Gang Members Carpool?

11选5图标下载Somehow, being number one in the country in gang membership is for Illinois. []

North Inland Midland

That's what Chicago's dialect is, I think, according to .


If you haven't figured out a New Year's resolution yet, the Chicago Portfolio School's may be able to help.

Well Aren't We Chivalrous?

11选5图标下载Third most chivalrous city in the country, .

The Internet is Leaking

11选5图标下载I can has cheezburger (Doritos), .

Much Ado About Not Much

Although most of us probably couldn't care less, art gossip junkies out there will be tickled pink by 's saucy new .

Architects Say the Darndest Things

11选5图标下载In Chicago Magazine's "," highlights some epic architectural rivalries. 's "shove it" to the UIC architecture department takes the cake.

The Grinchiest

11选5图标下载A man was recorded off of a porch in Andersonville over the weekend. Police are still looking for him, or waiting for his heart to . []

City Submerged

Craig Shimala turns with a digital camera strapped to his windshield (and a nice ambient soundtrack).

Reading at Intermediate Level

11选5图标下载Time Out Chicago's Frank Sennett took a look at according to Google. I'm not sure I agree with his . Here's how GB's sections .

Little Girl in Alley Rescued By Ballerinas

released their debut music video this week. The cello and drumset dreamscape was shot by Chicago film collectives and . The HD version of The Ghost & the Silhouette is up on .

Da Mare Bear

11选5图标下载Mayor Daley's looking rather bear-like in , part of the Chicago Urban Art Society's . []

100% True Rahm Facts

In the latest , Karl Klockars talks with the creators of .

What Do You Appreciate?

11选5图标下载Design firm will be out front of NBC Tower on Friday, Dec. 17 from 7 to 10am to promote , a site they hope will collect a million appreciative sentiments, which they'll submit to Guinness as the world's longest holiday card.

Rahm the Resident

Vanity Fair shares from Rahm Emanuel's Chicago residency hearing.

Love, Kells

11选5图标下载Singer R. Kelly reached out to fans last night by . Added bonus: his signature is accompanied by a sketch of a teddy bear head.

A Christmas Mystery

Local writer Tim Steil received in the mail recently, forwarded from the fictional Romanian MidAtlantic Postage Recovery at .

A Very CMoS Christmas

This is probably the only style guide you can use to decorate your Christmas tree. []

One Way to Trim a Tree

11选5图标下载, Bulls at the top. []

Jackson the Mushroom Man

, 12 years old, Chicago, writes: "I am picking and selling every day."

Onscreen Battle

11选5图标下载Threadless designer made it to the second round of Layer Tennis playoffs, and is against Atlantan Mark Weaver. You can during the match.

Flying Brains & Lava Pits

11选5图标下载The iO-based improv group have created a videogame called , with characters based on local improv greats.

Lawrence and Julie and Julia

Northwestern University student Lawrence Dai is watching Julie & Julia every day for an entire year. Naturally, . []

Wanna Come With?

Turns out "come with" isn't just a Chicago (and Midwest) thing, it's . Read the study .

Strange Carfellows

Buick wants you to , and turned to 's Christen Carter, 's Andrew Mason, DJ and others for insider looks at the city. Carter and Mason also did a together. []

"Illinois State Lottery"

That's what popped up for us on the .

Movie Houses Remembered

captures the grandeur and elegance of the Granada, Uptown, Adelphi, and other Chicago area "lost palaces" -- movie theaters that recall a bygone age. []

This Should Confirm Your Suspicions

Apparently Oprah is evil after all...


Michael Bay, Lingerie Models, Chicago, Milwaukee

The minty and ballyhooed, has hit the Internets and lo, Chicago and our friendly neighbor to the north, Milwaukee are both featured prominently. Well, their cityscapes at least. Yep, that's Marina City you see behind some beauty's behind. And, that's right, there's the Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Art Museum. Not really a surprise that Chicago and Milwaukee were used as sets for the shoot. Bay's been in town since this summer for the next Transformers sequel and well, supermodels just hang out here all the time. Right?

I Went to the 1893 World's Fair...

...and All I Got Was Brutally Murdered: what the title of Devil in the White City , according to , where you can "cut through all the cryptic crap" of titles local and otherwise.

Mega-City of the Future

In 2050, Chicago will be the major megalopolis holding together , according to the .

Howard Brown Needs You to Like Them Today

11选5图标下载The , which recently has been plagued by financial , has gotten a spot of good luck: an anonymous donor has agreed to donate $25 to them for every new Facebook friend added to today, in honor of World AIDS Day.

Same-Sex Civil Unions Approved in IL House

11选5图标下载, DOMA! The law needs to pass in the Illinois Senate, which it is expected to do; when approved, the law will be effective next July.

A Groupon for Groupon!

11选5图标下载That's ! []

Intel Inside


Hot Doug's For Life

The Trib's Kevin Pang that anybody with a Hot Doug's tattoo eats at Hot Doug's for free for life. UPDATE: ChicagoNow back in 2009, so think of Kevin's tweet as a friendly (and delicious) reminder. FURTHER UPDATE: by Hot Doug himself.

No Idle Hands

According to research done at universities here and in China, if there's a good excuse.

"Are you kidding me?!"

11选5图标下载When the crew misses the collapse of a bridge they'd been waiting to broadcast, .

The Most Beautiful Toast You've Ever Listened To

, a band that used to call Chicago home, released last week. It's animated entirely with pieces of toast.

King of the Castle

Dale Bernis of Oak Forest after writing an essay about how White Castle has affected his life. []

Too Hard to Keep

11选5图标下载Jason Lazarus, a photographer and instructor at the Art Institute, wants for his "Too Hard to Keep" archive. Details on how to submit photographs to Jason are posted on .

DIY Horizon

11选5图标下载Add our city's skyline to your holiday cards, or whatever would benefit from Chicago's silhouette, with Merriment Design's . All she asks is that you or comment when you do.

Kanye Airlines

Our own Mr. West over the loudspeaker. Was his own plane in the shop? UPDATE: from another passenger on the flight.

Well, Your Pizza's Good But Your Weather Sucks

11选5图标下载Travel + Leisure just posted the results of the 2010 '' poll. We've got good pizza and a great skyline, but no one wants to visit us at Christmas.

Woodstock Remixed

Bill Murray's Groundhog Day is the palette for by . []

A Dorky Travel Guide

EWeek's is pretty basic, but it hits mostly right notes.

The Power of Christ Rehabs You

Not sure where it's located, but here's a nifty 19th Century Chicago Lutheran church re-purposed as a artist's loft. Unfortunately, sometimes God's old college buddies show up in the middle of the night, looking for a place to crash.

Paper from the Past

11选5图标下载's Spurius Press has an impressive collection of . (Some , too.)


The folks at the want you to name their . The winner will have his or her picture taken with said turtle, and receive a one-year membership and turtle gift basket--most likely not including a turtle.

Timing is Everything

A building at Columbia College was shut down today after an administrator received a threatening message that was .

They Already Made the Obvious Joke

So, I'll follow up with: Despite all their rage they are still just . []

Family Advertising Values

11选5图标下载Carl, Amy, Layne and Kaitlyn are , and you can hire them to wear your company shirt "all day long." They're from St. Louis, but according to their site they sometimes visit Chicago, Seattle, Walt Disney World, and the Southern Illinois University area. Let us pray this doesn't escalate into tattoos.

Far as the Eye Can See

Speaking of the Sears Tower, (best ) of what you can see from the top is apparently hiding somewhere in the Ball State University over in Muncie. []

Don't You (Forget About Me, I'm on Grandma's Wall)

11选5图标下载The Breakfast Club gets .

Wrong Batman

11选5图标下载The only problem with the campaign is he protects a rather different Gotham. Well that and he's already . []

Stick to Your Day Job

11选5图标下载Ira Glass Elliott Smith.

A Ripple Through the Chicago Sandwich Community

11选5图标下载My (and everyone else's) secret television girlfriend Tina Fey presents her on Chicago's best restaurants, sandwiches, and why we're superior to New York.

Colossal, Stupendous Squid

11选5图标下载Cartoonist Lucy Knisley has a better than you. []

Women Screaming to Meet You? Or AT You?

dug up a bunch of monster movie mag layouts and crazy old ads, including one from the at 4554 Broadway. Remember, fellas: "No man is any good without a woman."

Willow the One-Eyed Wonder Dog

11选5图标下载The almost comically bedraggled , up for adoption at , has inspired an (and adoption subsidies) on Reddit.

Sometimes Divisions Are Okay, Vince

In the wake of Universal Pictures the controversial promo for his upcoming movie The Dilemma, Vince Vaughn made a over the kerfuffle: "Drawing dividing lines over what we can and cannot joke about does exactly that; it divides us."

LYT: Tee for Type

11选5图标下载Watch Threadless designer take on in at 1pm.

Wildcats = Wild Party, Wild Asshattery

An off-campus party full of drunken Northwestern students earns by an Evanston resident, who said that a group of students frightened her young daughter with their "hollering about [oral sex]."

"When God decided where the beautiful men were going to live...he did not choose Chicago."

Letters of Note finds an 11选5图标下载-era Madonna to photographer Steven Meisel about Geena Davis, playing baseball all day, and the pain of being in our "yuk"-ky city.

The MySpacification of Facebook

11选5图标下载I'm sure the new Palace nightclub, opening Nov. 4 inside the on Randolph will be awesome, but makes me wonder what's happening to the social network's simple, uncluttered design.

New to Work

"" takes a comical look at the state of work -- or lack thereof.

The Old Phone Book's Here!

were once the kind of spontaneous publicity -- your name in print -- that made people.

Snake on a Bus

11选5图标下载The CTA Tattler a picture of a woman wearing a snake on the North Avenue bus.

First Person Gift-Giver

Oprah pops up in . []

"I hope it is a hacker reading this."

apparently can11选5图标下载 get you a job. []

Home Sweet

11选5图标下载I'm going by anecdotal evidence, but it seems like a lot of people move around September -- warm their house with , compiled by Time Out Chicago.

Storefront Studio

11选5图标下载Apartment Therapy profiles Chicagoan and production artist , created in a Pilsen storefront. It's worth checking out for the .

I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Turned into Wee Little Puppet-Men

Local cartoonist/musician designed the cutest little doll . []

Even Worse: "Donkey Punch"

11选5图标下载 thinks that whoever's behind the Des Plaines campaign should have considered a better (easily offended folks might not want to click that link). But there's a silver lining: they're completely .

Belmont Is For Lovers

11选5图标下载Based on a scale called the Train Romance Index Score Total (how Kinseyian), the CTA Belmont stop (Red, Brown and Purple lines) is .

A Lady Made That

A women's studies professor uses hip hop to drop some knowledge about feminism in "," by improv actor Jenny Hagel. []

Bacon Blog

And other food, too: the 2nd place winners for Judges' Choice in the have a blog, where they explore and (or even meaty) delights.

Mayor Rahm's Already on Twitter

11选5图标下载 is as NSFW as you'd expect it to be. (Meanwhile, is conspicuously silent -- and is self-censoring [thanks !].)

Cheers to These Guys

Chicago-based glassware company has been getting some lately for their tasteful lines of drinking glasses inspired by several cities around the world. Maybe I'm biased, but I like .

Maroon Monster of the Midway

While it may be "bigger, meaner, and much more maroon," does it actually look like a phoenix or just a beefed up war chicken? []

How Much Are They Worth?

tests your knowledge of the market valuations of various companies in relation to Facebook's supposed $33 billion.

The Inconsiderate People of Public Transit

Chicagoan to find herself on , a blog poking fun at people on trains and buses. Rather than take the photo down and/or apologize, the site's owners for the weekend ().

Another Idiot Named Todd

U of C law professor has for now that his recent controversial post has been lampooned by everyone, including the WSJ.

Simplifying the Actor's Life

11选5图标下载Created by a member of local theatre troupe , the new site aims to connect actors with auditions in the Chicago area. If you're interested in casting some talent, they're offering free listings until October 15th.

Introducing E-Z-Fynd

"Never What You're Looking For Again!"

Aimee Mann Likes Us

11选5图标下载". It's like NYC without the baked urine smell or masturbating-guy-on-the-subway episodes. Three cheers!" (Thanks, !)

The Year of Living Volcanically

Former editor Brett McNeil is spending a year teaching in Indonesia. .

Highly Paid Skillset

"Tell Me If My Breath Smells for ."

Random Dick

11选5图标下载Try , a tool from that demonstrates how random t often was. []

Highest Income Category but Not Rich?

by referring to by in which he said his family was "just getting by despite seeming to be rich."

Color Divide

, whose hues spell out the geography of Chicago's racial and ethnic makeup. Based on we linked to back in August. []

Not That You Inhale

11选5图标下载But if you did, you're probably spending about .

Mr. Chicago is a Super Nerd

11选5图标下载Meet and other adorably anthropomorphized typefaces at .

Eirsser, Book, Crayola Boxs

11选5图标下载 is "a good start" down the rabbit hole that is the Found Magazine "Find of the Day" archives.

Mayor, Schmayor: Remember the Asian Carp?

11选5图标下载Even with all the hoopla over the impending mayoral elections, Asian carp are still looming large in our and imaginations. And now, they're taking this thing national: the United States just got itself a .

Faster Than the Speed of Image Capturing!

11选5图标下载 contributor found with some interesting image capturing artifacts in Jackson Park .

This Post is Not About Mayor Daley

There are on flickr for the query "Chicago Catzilla."

YouTube's Latest Star

Teen lip-syncer is apparently the in YouTube memes. Even Katy Perry's .

Monsters and the Lake

11选5图标下载Speaking of, FoGB points out that Dinosaur Comics references the S.S. Eastland disaster in . Learn more about it from the .

Dunder Was Probably Already Taken

11选5图标下载Screaming across the night sky like a ball of hellfire cast by an angry deity, the people of earth cowered and dubbed this of cosmic glory... ? Really? Anyway, the recently acquired four chunks of (sigh) Mifflin, and science geeks can drool over its stats .

Behind the Threads

The Threadless design team takes to, of all places, Facebook to give fans . []

Scratch That

Investigation of a rumored "dry run" of a terrorist plot via a flight that originated at O'Hare was ; the two men who were detained yesterday will not be charged.

Evil Russian Spies Steal Groupon

The of Chicago-based has spawned many copycat deal sites--but none as blatant or as . The only thing more phony than a Russian rip-off would be a ! What the ?!

Eating Crazy Borscht with Muddy Waters

Cartoonist Dan Meth is on his way to Chicago, and here's what he .

The Sounds Your City Makes

11选5图标下载Local music label, , has recently launched a to fund their nationwide aural mapping project as a part of their already successful . Chip in a few clams and help to preserve the best sounds of Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and other locales.

Braidwood Meltdown Scenario

11选5图标下载 if Chernobyl had happened in Chicago is rather timely in light of the Braidwood nuclear power plant earlier this week. []

For Those About to Rock, Free mp3s

, one of the first streaming mp3 sites, is planning a comeback, with local musician Justin Sinkovich back at the helm. The relaunch is being funded .

Blago Guilty

...of not maintaining his storage locker. The Arlington Heights-based company who Blagojevich owes $3,000 to is planning to the contents this morning, with the proceeds going to Children's Memorial Hospital. The ex-governor claims to be too broke to pay the back rent.

Art in Motion

11选5图标下载 just released : an interview with , winners of the 2010 A.W.A.R.D.

Common Sense... This Is How It Doesn't Work

The A.V. Club has a of what what happened at the Gathering of the Juggalos this weekend when "entertainer" Tila Tequila was attacked by festival attendees.

Chicago Hipsters Are Cute

11选5图标下载At least when they're compared with .

"Turn me on with your electric eel"

How do you even begin to examine and biopsy a suspicious growth on a four foot long electric eel? Put on some non-conductive gloves as a start, and .

Boulevard of Unbroken Dreams

11选5图标下载The Public Servant Blog nominated as number four on its list of the .

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan began tonight, which means Muslims must fast from sunup to sundown11选5图标下载 and abstain from anything impure for the next month. This includes anger. Which is why Olivia Kompier, homeschooling parent of three, created , a website to help Muslims cope with the crabbiness that comes easily while fasting.


These slideshows from and focused on the style found at Lollapalooza 2010.

I Am Woman, Hear My Buttons Roar

11选5图标下载The site is in and of itself, but this about is .

What Does it Mean?

Double rainbow all the way across the site!

Gaming the Day Away

knows how to kill your productivity.

R. Kelly Believes... In Charts

11选5图标下载Check out which breaks down exactly what R. Kelly believes in. No word yet if a similar chart for "You Remind Me Of Something" is available.

I Don't Have a Drinking Problem, 'cept When I Can't Get a Drink.

11选5图标下载Anne wants to know why we're all . Thin-skinned Chicagoans provide her with the answers! This is why the Internet exists!

What Did You See on August Third?

Party Poopers

To celebrate President Obama's 49th birthday (which he will be celebrating in Hyde Park tonight), the has released a set of that you can send to him.

Palatial Prison in the Rolling Hills of Chicago

A viral email has been circulating filled with outrage over the new "Cook County Correction Center" "built by Obama" in Chicago pictured as a beautifully designed glass and steel building on rolling hills dense with trees. Obviously not Chicago, so where is it? . (Thanks, Don!)

Kanye West: Rapper, Producer, New Yorker Caption Writer

Combining with New Yorker cartoons has .

Chicago is a Cool City

11选5图标下载Not that we needed , of course.

Hogwarts is in the 'Burbs

11选5图标下载Professor Snape lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, according to . []

Banking on Tina

When she was not folding towels at the Evanston YMCA or performing at Second City and IO Chicago in the mid-nineties, Tina Fey was

The Poetics of Normative Value

The U of C's Writing Program loves from academic articles, and lets you jargony academic sentence.

A Fair Film

has created another charming film, this time featuring the sights and sounds of the in Iowa where the team was peddling their new edition.

Ohio to Minnesota, Via Chicago

Chicago makes a cameo in this from Ohio to Minnesota.

Airline Neglects Child for Eight Hours

11选5图标下载United Airlines gets at O'Hare, but is the real story here that 9-year-olds are cool enough to be self-proclaimed vegetarians?

Depressing the Price of Animal Pictures

First, there was , drawing cats for just $10. Now there's undercutting by $2, provided you don't mind an owl instead of a cat. Meanwhile, (with a notable exception) does it three-for-$5. []


One more example of the web bleeding into real life: webcomic spotted on Halsted.

You Wouldn't Like Us When We're Angry

Respected research and abs development journal Men's Health has decided that we're the in America. They can go f*ck themselves.

Flow with CRO

11选5图标下载Chicago's best-known political street artist Ray Noland (a.k.a. ) by Art Slant Chicago's Abraham Ritchie while he passed out Blagojevich-themed cupcakes outside the courthouse during his trial.

Read It For The Articles

, Playboy's safe-for-work site, is now live.

Pin Down These Old Photos

HistoryPin is a photomapping site that and links them to their era.

The First Rule of Ferris Club is...

11选5图标下载Don't talk abo- Wait, did you just say ?

The Old Spice Cup

The Blackhawks got a special video response11选5图标下载 from the Old Spice guy regarding what he'd do with the Stanley Cup.

One Feed, Many Coupons

Can't keep up with all those daily coupon emails? Try following to see all the offers at once. (Thanks, and Anna!)

Still Going

With its , local webmag KeepGoing.org turns 10. The regular contributors took a moment to .

A Bad Day at the Park

Today isn't a good day for visitors to Garfield Park ... or for the fish who live(d) there.

Unreleased Kanye?

11选5图标下载Oh and he was also in a group called the Go Getters before "College Drop Out," .

Art Talk

The summer interns at the Art Institute have started where they post funny things they overhear patrons say in the museum. The results are hilarious and sometimes adorable. Oh, and now, too.

Gentlemen Icing Gentlemen

11选5图标下载The of have been discovered in the archives of British Cinema Institute. []

Fake Tans, Real Lawsuit

11选5图标下载Carrie Malec of Chicago is of MTV's "Jersey Shore" for assaulting her at a Miami bar in May after Malec danced with other castmembers.

A Loaf for All Seasons

Leah A. Zeldes of Dining Chicago argues that , and passes off a simple, delicious-sounding recipe from Chef Alfredo Anaya does at Dine in the West Loop. []

Chicago: Sin in the Second QWERTY

reprints an old ad touting a, presumably, naughty book about a pretty girl in Chicago. I'd touch-type that, bro.

Lincoln Square Swagger


That Darn Clause

11选5图标下载Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office imposed by Lollapalooza upon its performers. These clauses prohibit bands from playing in Chicago for months before and after the musical festival takes place in August 2010.

City of Big Shoulders

According to a study by the makers of Combos Snacks, The ranking process involved "using manly criteria like the number of home improvement stores, steak houses, pickup trucks and motorcycles per capita."


11选5图标下载Always awesome: From last night's storm, on the Hancock, Trump, and former Sears Tower.

Kickstart a Few Projects

Checking in at Kickstarter, there are some l. Films and , an for the Blue Line tunnel, a website collecting and more await your support.

I Ganked This Link Off Twitter

11选5图标下载Speaking of cool things in the new , they have a list of 40 words that Chicago and Chicagoans have contributed to the English language. So want people to know you're a true Chicagoan?

Trump It Up

The spire atop the Trump Tower will be tonight around 8:29 pm.

Buy a Puppet, Help a Puppet Bike

11选5图标下载Chicago's beloved mobile street entertainment known to one and all as will offer up a little piece of itself on eBay starting next week. Owner/Creator Jason Trusty is and you can take them home, if you're the highest bidder.

The Beauty of Strange Closets

Chicago blog takes a close look at the charming and beautiful all around us. Similar to , but 100% local, the blog features shopping, interior design, and architecture you'll love looking at.

Hidden Treasures

much? Maybe you should.

"You get a star! You get a star! Everybody gets a star!"

11选5图标下载Oprah Winfrey will be getting a in 2011.

Twenties on the Half Shell

knows that even mutant ninja turtles .

Fries With That

Don Thompson, COO of Oak Brook-based McDonald's, about his tenure at the company, and why featuring a gay teenage boy and his father .

Oprah Aspirations?

11选5图标下载You're in luck: The media titan is looking for a for her new cable network, OWN.

Women Wanna Race

Local biker, blogger, and super-cool chick thinks should enforce standards that make it possible for women to have access and ability to race like their male counterparts. Hopefully the get a lot of requests and start requiring parity.

Twitter: The Criterion Collection

Local Twitter folks and help answer the question, "?" (Here's the .)

It's a Boy (Zebra)!

11选5图标下载There's a at the , the first born since 2001. More really cute pictures and videos .


Coffee wasn't being served at the President's at a Michigan high school last night.

You Care, Right?

Chicago Cares is for this Saturday's annual Serve-a-Thon.

The Urinator Terminator

is sick of folks from the nearby United Center and bars using his alley as a urinal. So he decided to .

A Brand New Plate

11选5图标下载Designers take a crack at re-imagining some , including that of Illinois. ()

Elmhurst Being Naughty?

Either Elmhurst is some sort of internet search hub or its residents are .

Miscellaneous Museums of Chicago, Part One

Did you know that there's a , and that it's in ... Calumet Heights?

That's the Size of Northern Illinois

The BP oil plume if it were in .


The Field Museum comes in at number seven on the America's Best and Top Ten site's list of the . I suspect will demand a recount.

A StreetView to a Kill?

Did Google StreetView cameras ? Hard to tell from the image whether it's a real gun or a toy, but the buzz around it has caused Google to remove the image. UPDATE: It's been brought to our attention that the image . On the Internet, everything old is new again!

My Hat is Off to You, Sir

That's, um, a very you have there.

Chicagohenge! Where the Demons Dwell!/Where the Banshees Live and They Do Live Well!

Maybe not, but Bonnie McGrath wants to know what the hey those are doing in Grant Park. Any ideas? Later: Updated link!

Do Your Research

Last Saturday, NBC's Ann Curry delivered the at Wheaton College's graduation in ; however, when citing famous graduates of the school, she erroneously cited alums of the other Wheaton College -- the one in the .

The Dark Menace of Photography

Speaking of interesting maps of the city, Chicagoist points to that uses geotagging info from Flickr to map photographers' travels through the city.

The Warm Glow of Tourism

11选5图标下载 on the "." []

Fake Bags, Real Suit

Leather goods brand the City of Chicago over the sale of counterfeit Coach merchandise at the New Maxwell Street Market.

You Shall Not Pass!

Marc Fischer takes photos of anti-car barriers, intended to protect garages and buildings from, well, cars.


11选5图标下载An amassed under a wicker table in Oak Park today in an obvious attempt to induce the heebie jeebies. []

New Approaches to News

11选5图标下载Mashable takes a look at Two of these sites are ChicagoNow and EveryBlock.

Perdus et Trouvés

The MacBook Pro that film critic Roger Ebert to speak . It was last seen in the back of a taxi in Cannes, France, where Ebert is attending the . There is a reward for its safe return.

ChiPubLib, Posterized

The Chicago Public Library's entries are . Vote through flickr by Sunday, May 23.

Who Collects the Collectors

has been collecting odd obsessions for many years. Now it invites you to .

Spirit of 1877

If you missed the re-enactment of The Battle of the Halsted Viaduct11选5图标下载 presented by , read Vice magazine's of the event.

Bye Bye Betty

Former Cicero town president Betty Loren-Maltese her job as a hostess at Salerno's in Oak Park. Maybe she's looking to get in on the food truck trend?

Not Exactly SCTV

11选5图标下载Second City has .

A Rosemont Horizon By Any Other Name...

11选5图标下载...Would just be corporately sponsored and smell just as sweet. The Onion's . Of particular note: The Chicago Marathon for three years was sponsored by G. Heileman Brewing Company and was known as the Old Style Chicago Marathon.

Ferris Bueller Takes to the Web

Ferris Bueller's Day Off on Twitter and Foursquare today. All the major characters are there. []

Blago Runs Far

He really is everywhere: nearly a year after the stencil spawned , Ray Noland's jogging Blago has been spotted .

Scav Hunt!

The is on. A PDF of the list is .

I Like Ike

Guess who's got his own Facebook page? That's right, .

Hot Neighborhood, Hot Neighbors

So this exists: .

Hello Hotdish

11选5图标下载What some would call a quintessentially Midwest food is now available through Le Cordon Bleu graduate .

Games in Your Inbox

's P.O.E. -- -- sends you a monthly riddle to solve; figure it out and you might win a prize.

Passport from Chicago

11选5图标下载Here's how to leave no doubt as to where you're from: with the Chicago flag.

Kids Just Love Plastic Snakes!

The Program in Linguistics of the Department of English at George Mason University has a entertaining of people speaking the same peculiar phrase. The classic Chicago accent is well-represented by subject: .

Merger Ball

Now that United and Continental airlines are looking to make their union official, WBEZ thinks that United should keep the merger ball rolling by merging with something else. Anything else, it would seem, as shown in .

Raccoon Doom?

Raccoons the size of orangutans and German shepherds! Bending steel bars! Fashioning crude stone weapons and mastering fire! Wait, scratch that last one. But the rising number of foreclosed homes in the city give raccoons places to grow . Side note: After reading Ms. Ward's account, can I be forgiven for thinking of a certain story by Poe?

Fun (and Not-so-Fun) Facts

If you enjoy statistics and data, is for you.

The Dudes' Abodes

11选5图标下载 is looking for some guys who have a room in need of a do-over. Lucky for you, Chicago is one of their five selected metro areas (but sorry, ladies, this project is for boys only). by May 24.

It's a Bee-yooo-tiful Day for a Wedding

Ever dreamed of getting ? Just enter the Home Run Inn, Lou Malnati's and Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.'s "" and start planning that red brick and ivy fairy tale.

Is It Me You're Looking For?

No, Lionel Richie, someone's just looking for like the one from your "" video. (It gets weirder.)

Beats & Buildings

Vocalo's Lee Bey sees some of Chicago architecture's best views .

Take Me Out to the Blogosphere

Wrigleyville tends to a . But hey, what's one more URL to bookmark among die hard fans? launched today as a collaborative of them all, as well as major news Cubs coverage.

Bring Me a Martini, Will Ya Sweetheart?

Check out this ad from the good old male chauvinist pig days. Trapped on a plane with a bunch of drunks, all smoking cigars and pipes and stuffing themselves with steaks? Uh, I'll take the train.


Want the taste of at a fraction of the cost? []

Vegetarians Can Double Down

11选5图标下载Don't eat meat, but still want in on the latest fast food abomination? A and her boyfriend help you out with their .

Sitting On Your Ash

11选5图标下载Reporting in from Milan, brings us

Street Sweeper: Also Makes a Great Gift

Scare the neighbors into moving their cars. Make an imposing lawn sculpture. Create a giant float and protest the street sweeping schedule. If you , the possibilities are endless.

Pro-Tip: Dogs Don't Like to be Scanned

11选5图标下载 is , including his dog. []

Gator Party

Last year11选5图标下载, the Woodlawn Wonder tweeted about spring heralding the return of gators to city sidewalks. This year, .

Love Blooms at Lincoln Hall

Last night, Scott at the show.

Happy Global Social Media Holiday

11选5图标下载It's Foursquare Day -- with your fellow Mayors and badge-unlockers, and enjoy special deals at when you check in.

Global Layers

11选5图标下载Starting at 2pm today, Coudal's Layer Tennis will be played in 10 layers -- and the second will be by Chicago's .

Wedding Dresses You Can Wipe With

Getting married soon? If you make your dress out of toilet paper you might to buy one that's made out of real fabric. Need inspiration? Check out featuring 2005's Chicago-based TP wedding dress contest winner.

Celebrity Fan Dumb-off

Roger Ebert's Twitter followers are than Oprah's.

10 Things Rex Huppke Learned at the Chicago Tweet-Up

11选5图标下载"2) Telling Internet people that you work for a newspaper feels a bit like telling them you're a Civil War reenactor." The rest of Rex's list is . []

Michelle Obama's Facelift

Not only does the First Lady have some new neighbors11选5图标下载, but she also seems to have an entirely .

Bring Me the Head of Jimmy Corrigan

11选5图标下载 will provide you with hours of plush and depressing fun. Place him on your couch or bed and taunt his decapitated helplessness. Whee!

Does Sex Sell Conservative Ideals?

A currently features a photo of a topless woman, illustrating through women getting memoirs based on their affairs. (NSFW, obviously.) on WindyCitizen.

Behind Enemy Lines

11选5图标下载 has probably started many a fight in Wisconsin.

Stick Around. Say Hello.

11选5图标下载 invites you to say "Hello" to the world on a 3x3 Post-It note and . It's the brain spawn of area creatives and .

No Pressure, Knox College

Galesburg, Ill.'s is known for snagging , such as Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Madeleine Albright, Stephen Colbert, and last year, Patrick J. Fitgerald. So, this June's graduation should be interesting.

Bakery Hop

Forget bar and pub: is where it's at. []

Peeps and Eggs with Faces


In Search of the Phantom Kangaroo

11选5图标下载In 1974, , then the Midwest. What could be lurking today?

The Ferris Faux Ferrari

Cameron's dad's used in is up for , and his house is still up in Highland Park. All you need is a and a water tower and that shot for shot remake is done.

Bean Counter

If you find yourself overqualified for your current job, you just might be .

Spring of Biblical Proportions

11选5图标下载Keep Going's spring issue is up, and among other things features and mentioning many things that someday soon won't exist.

Not Open During Funerals

of what is likely the creepiest miniature golf course in the country: Palatine's .

We Must Modernize Our Illegal Activities Right Now

. (Yes, it's The Onion.)

What Whirlwinds We Have Wrought...

MSI's new Science Storms11选5图标下载 exhibit sports at 40 feet. So who's got us beat for world honors? The Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, which .

Hugh Hefner's School Daze

11选5图标下载As a teen in Chicago, Hugh Hefner corresponded with friend Jane Sellers through letters and cartoons. Feeling that he was "destined to do amazing things," Sellers kept everything Hef sent.

Cutting Room Floor

pits local video post-production artist Josh Bodnar against Austin's Jason Uson. The weapon of choice: archival video clips.

Don't Text So Close To Me

11选5图标下载Staff at Libertyville-Vernon Hills Area High School District 128 . A new policy that went into effect this week also prohibits online gaming with students as well as communicating with them via text message. []

Health Care and Hoth

A to an Iowa City bookstore shows the President's . []

Pass the Salt

11选5图标下载Dannielle Owens-Reid has . Seven hundred sets, in fact. Some could be yours if you .

Get Your Building STACKD

The (MPC) to new global resource which lets people connect via their workplace. It's a great opportunity to "Act Local" and connect with others outside of that excruciatingly silent morning elevator ride.

Castle in the Burbs

recounts a recent (OK, 2009) visit to Schaumburg's . []

Caryatids and Cottages

Broaden your architectural acumen at , a blog about buildings both famous and forgotten. Its author, a docent for the Chicago Architecture Foundation, also offers a "Word of the Week" to build your building vocabulary.

So, Who is Attacking Our Cabbies?

11选5图标下载The Tribune looks into leaving cab drivers frequented () by occupational violence. The Reader's Whet Moser with on "bad neighborhoods" vs. "white-collar types partying in trendy areas" and why race plays a major role.

Groupon Paying it Forward

Start up tech companies may have a helping hand from a local success story. , a new investment fund, , the brains behind "collective buying" deal-of-the-day site , to funnel as much as $10 million annually into early-stage tech entrepreneurial ventures.

The Mayor on Twitter

11选5图标下载Mayor Daley now has . How long till he adds and becomes "mayor" of City Hall?

What's Hizzoner's Line?

11选5图标下载 on from August 5, 1956. Watch till the end when host John Daly offers a hilarious/discomforting comment about one of our fair city's talents.

Fitting In

The 2010 Census will start filling our mailboxes soon, but will your identity be truly counted? The Tribune with local Chicagoans.

Intense, Powerful: Corey Haim

11选5图标下载Today's passing of 80s teen icon is certainly a sad subject, but Schadenfreude takes us back to in the actor's life.

Boys Don't Make Passes

11选5图标下载...and it's their loss. A quick lineup of .

Full Acre Crisis Garden

Media Matters notes of Thomson IL, one of the advertisers where major advertisers have left. Whether you think a "crisis garden" will be necessary or not, it's an entertaining read.

The Powerful Anti-Hatpin Lobby

Today, runs an article about the public nuisance of , 100 years ago today. "One man told me he was almost decapitated in the City Hall elevator by the sweep of a hatpin like a scimitar worn by one of the City Hall belles."

Photo Ping-pong?

No, , which will feature GB co-founder vs. Sam Javanrouh in a volley of photos -- with on-the-spot musical accompaniment by Coctails member (who we profiled years ago.)

Roger Ebert -- NERD!

11选5图标下载Continuing the lovefest, writer/editor reran a fun interview he did with Mr. Ebert for about, yes, science-fiction. Fun fact: Ebert started the at his high school.

Thrifty Tips

11选5图标下载Two New Yorkers visited Andersonville and for cool thrift store finds, antiques, and DIY make-overs that won't break the bank. ()

March Means More Music

sure it when March rolls around — it's and they're working hard to to underserved kids around Chicago.

In Case of Emergency . . .

. . . or .

Live in Chicago? There's an App for That

has just launched an online gallery of free and cheap (mostly geared to you iPhone users, though some work on Blackberry and the like). You can keep track of shows at Broadway in Chicago, menus on GrubHub, get the latest Bears rumors, or locate nearby LGBT businesses through the Gay Cities Guide.

Batman Returns to Chicago?

11选5图标下载Film fan site says a source spotted producers scouting sites for the franchise's third installment around Chicago's Financial District. Meanwhile, filming blogs are .

Is Logan Square Chicago's Artiest Neighborhood?

11选5图标下载35th Ward Alderman Rey Colon would like to think so. Check out about his commitment to art on Studio Chicago's blog.

To Boldly Go... to Chicago

Set phasers to stun! Rich of provides of a Star Trek convention/original series cast reunion that took place at the Hilton, August 22-24, 1975.

Oh No She Didn't

Following Kevin Smith's , Vanity Fair can't wait for Smith to with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington who about being "fat and in trouble."

Thinking About Pink

uses to discuss the power and .

Designers, Have Some Time on Your Hands?

If so, launched a .

Hanging in There

Despite being hit hard by the economic slump, the Art Institute is hanging on-- they're even able to offer free admission during February, as always. How? .

Going to the Auto Show?

Look out for at the .

Guv Duds

Hit the right consignment shop, and you too could get your hands on that once belonged to former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

Rumble for a Tumblr?

has gotten into the micro-blogging game at . This comes as a surprise to Tumblr user Tumbledore, from him.

Online Community Before the Web

The first online bulletin board . Its programmer-inventors founded it during the Chicago blizzard of 1978, paving the way for the snowed-in Twitter hordes of today.

Feel Free to Disagree...

Chicago music critic and "" host for the worst rock movies. I stand by .

From Haiti to Chicago, and Back Again

The New York Times of Kenwood resident Jean-Paul Coffy as he cares for his parents in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. Coffy's Chicago friends are maintaining following his travels.

Earthquake Snark

11选5图标下载If you're feeling sassy today, why not join the ? Please spare us the wall posts about how we should get relief money, though. That's a bit much, don't you think?

Introducing the iBap

11选5图标下载OhNo!Doom has .

The Falling Apart of Fall Out Boy

11选5图标下载Unless this is some word-of-mouth, publicity stunt, local Wilmette band Fall Out Boy is , as evident in blog. While their fans , pop blogs are .

CTA Map Tattoo on a Foot

I'm trying to envision the look on the face of a lost tourist as the owner of gives him directions by taking off her shoe. (Thanks, James!)

Can't Copyright What's Free

The CPD is now sending out safety alerts, CAPS meeting info and other announcements by using . But what's Nixle doing ?


Early 20th Century graphic designer --educated and employed in Chicago for many years--was a trailblazer who created an immediately recognizable for his that incorporated modernist notions imported from the Bauhaus and other art movements. devoted to the man and his ideas.

Less Notes / Thread Field

and have joined forces (like ) to create a special set of Field Notes. You can this weekend in their lil contest.

Furnishing Chicago Streets

11选5图标下载If you've got a great new design on your mind for some temporary outdoor furniture, wants to hear from you. They're sponsoring a street furniture competition, with entries due by February 26th. Check out for further guidelines. (Via .)

Bloggie Time

Chicago blogs and have been nominated for Weblog Awards, or "Bloggies." is in the "Best Kept Secret Weblog" category while is competing for "Best Teen Weblog." Voting is open until January 31, 2010 at .

Logan Square Lookout

Yesterday 's section featured FofGB . You might remember George shot amazing photos from Pitchfork in Transmission in years past, and the couple run the company Hubwear11选5图标下载, among other projects.

Oh Really, O'Reilly?

Not that anybody should be surprised by anything he says, but Bill O'Reilly's (via Huffington Post) may have South Siders a little miffed.

No Kicking Penguins

It's -- and an edict -- , thanks to who scanned his autistic nephew's hand-drawn sign.

How About Calling It "0111 1011"?

There's a debate raging on the campus of the University of Chicago. No, not "evolution vs. creation" or anything like that. It's what to call their (BTW, the suggestion above is binary for "7-11", but that might be legally stepping on toes.)

Crafty Cards FTW

For those creatively inclined Valentine's Day lovers, Andersonville and Lakeview card and frame shops Foursided and Twosided want to see your best handmade Valentine's cards. Winner gets $50 gift certificate. Deadline 2/7. .

Are We Really That (Bleeping) Angry, Idol?

Looks like Chicago had a low showing of talent on yesterday's "American Idol" auditions -- While showcasing our , "Idol" has Chicago Breaking News wondering how some Windy City contestants were .

If You See Someone Shoot Something, Say Something

New CTA safety postings are urging riders to report "excessive photography/ filming," equating it to "unattended packages" or "noxious smells or smoke." This, understandably disturbs photographer and activist blogger , and .

Here It's Called a SAHsage Tree

11选5图标下载The African Sausage Tree () at the is bearing . Fun fact: the fresh "sausage" is poisonous, causes mouth blisters, and acts as a laxative. No sampling.

808s and Hot Chicken

Thanks to , a South Side Harold's Chicken Shack location .

Linking Tattoos, Intimate Piercings and Deviant Behavior

Apparently, At least, that's what a recent study briefly profiled by the Tribune's Steve Johnson says.

History's Gland Panic

The Reader's Cliff Doerksen has tracked down regarding in 1920s Chicago.

G is for Golden

11选5图标下载Tim Steil's .

CTA, Past and Future

11选5图标下载If you're still in search of a 2010 calendar for your wall, the CTA has . It's chock-full of pictures from throughout the CTA's history, plus lots of glorious Helvetica.

Where is the New Ford Focus?

Why, , of course.

The Twitter Zeitgeist


They Say No News Is Good News

For those seeking to turn a blind eye to doom and gloom stories, the Tribune brings readers , modestly covering the found-dreams-and-little-miracles beat. For a trip back to reality, .

Send Our Hood Internet Home!

According to their posts, (or possibly just DJ STV SLV) are caught up in a . Update: !

A Job that Counts

11选5图标下载If you're interested in temporary work, to be starting this spring. An informational session and qualifying exam will be held tonight and tomorrow at 7pm at the Wicker Park Fieldhouse, 1425 North Damen.

Postcards, Photos, and Ephemera from the Edge

11选5图标下载 was a local artist who a few years ago at the age of 45. Wicker Park/Quimby's old-timers might him for his in particular. Marc Fischer paid a visit to John back in 2001 when Rininger was disposing of many of his possessions. He's since posted the , and a selection of scans of the he recovered, on his Flickr page. UPDATE: ; thanks .

Like A Raisin in the Sun

11选5图标下载What was Chicago like in the mid-century for the city's African American community? takes a look at the fast-growing and segregated "Black Belt," and the harsh housing conditions.

Big Knight

Patrick Rea of Tinley Park was just recently . Until he resumes his post officially next November, he'll be happy to tell you where the Holy Grail is. []

Deck The Hall With...Um, What?

Tiny Miller Park Zoo in downstate Bloomington is selling a unique holiday accoutrement: ornaments made of Don't laugh; they've made off of them.

The Art Institute by Way of Wonkavision

11选5图标下载Yes, you can even eat the lions at the Art Institute's .

Sing it Again: Baby Beluga

A Beluga whale for the second time in a week11选5图标下载. This time the calf is 5 feet 6 inches long and weighs 152 pounds. UPDATE: Unfortunately, past its first day.

W e l c o m e t o C h i c a g o

Flickr user pointed us printed by . Not only does the Arabic version of the word "welcome" (it should ), but the Polish and Korean words for welcome appear twice. [Thanks !]

The Incomparable Filmo

A century ago, (click the Company History tab!) HQ and factory was located on Larchmont Avenue, where they made movie cameras. , dependable, and, in some cases, , Filmo cameras were the preferred among filmmakers in the early days of .

When the Lights Go Down in the City

11选5图标下载Chicagoans appear to be imbued with holiday spirit and decorating like mad fools. Local retailers report that have been flying off the shelves this season.

Baby Beluga

Congratulations to Puiji, a Beluga whale at the , who yesterday morning at 6:36am. The calf is 5 feet 4 inches long and weighs 162 pounds. No word yet on a name. []

Go West, Young Man (And Dog)

11选5图标下载It's not exactly B.J. and the Bear, but a former Chicago and his animal friend are on a for fortune and charity.

Chicago vs. New York, Part Eleventy

Chicago magazine's Jeff Ruby in song.

A Year To Forget

True/Slant columnist tells us why we should hurry up and put Chicago 2009 in our rearview mirror.

Martha Speaks

U of C philosophy professor to The New York Times Magazine about ideas, faith, and leather.

A Cool Deal

Some of you have probably given a lot of your money over the years. Now the company will give something back to Chicago: at Millennium Park this Saturday (for the first 200 people).

Huffington Post's Take on Chicago Twitter Lists

The Huffington Post's been busy networking , with Chicago growing pretty fast in . See if your favorite Twitterers made the cut, if not suggest them.

I Remember Comma

11选5图标下载Writer, director, actor and DePaul alum shares from his illustrious temping career in Chicago.

This AmeriLEGO Life

11选5图标下载Speaking of Ira Glass, here he is . (A couple more / faces in the , too.)

Shepherd Your Experiences

11选5图标下载 promises to help you find fun experiences that make good gifts for you or someone else.

It's Nothing Like the "Super Bowl Shuffle"

But and/or offensive.


11选5图标下载The first videogame featured a bit of graffiti stating: (allegedly based on similar, found in an Indianian men's room). Thank for the . Despite not in the game (or its sequel), Ted has developed a mysterious and vicious zombie-killing legend nonetheless. We may never know. But .

DIY Lightning?

A bizarre hobby has locals playing with lightning, or rather, straight out of Dr. Frankenstein's lab. The Tribune looks into these and this shocking sect of pop culture.

I Believe I Can Whip It?

Unfortunately they're sold out, but what's the story with these t-shirts ? []

Doc Rock

John Paro is a med student at the University of Chicago. He also has a web site, , that "is dedicated to bringing entertaining and informative songs/videos about medical education." []

Medill's Inside Scoop

is a new publication by Medill School of Journalism students, aiming to be your guide to Chicagoland.

Thanksgiving Dinner Postponed by Suffragettes

Gwen Sharp of came across a piece on the site showing drawings and names of Chicago women who postponed their traditional Thanksgiving dinner on November 25, 1909 so they could meet British Suffragette at the train station and escort her to the Congress Hotel. What a radical idea, to postpone a holiday meal by five hours so you could meet a politically active woman. (Thanks, Sue Strauss!)

Mmmmm, Sink Soup

11选5图标下载Per CBS, Black Friday is the for Chicago plumbers. Sinks and garbage disposals are crammed with the distasteful likes of turkey skin, bones, ham grease, vegetable chunks, and more. The likeliest sink-jamming culprits? Out-of-town guests.

Threadknits for Fame and Glory

Yarn-lovers, start your needles. The folks who brought you the fabulous competition are now sponsoring a Threadless-tee inspired knitting/crocheting contest called . Now through January 16th. Details and online.

A Challenging Catch

11选5图标下载Dave Lamoureux spends most of the year as a futures and options trader in Chicago, but he sets world records on the Atlantic, unassisted.

Ever Wonder Why Cab Drivers Hate Credit Cards?

Jessica Reaves of the Chicago News Cooperative .

'Tis the Season... For Tax Prep

11选5图标下载If you're a whiz with your W2s, the has to help low-income families prepare their taxes. Last year, their volunteers did over 33,000 returns and brought back $52 million in refunds for families across Illinois.

What's Orange and White and Unsettling All Over?

11选5图标下载Local band have to promote their Chicago shows.

Step It Up With Steph

Local fitness guru Stephanie Mansour of thinks you can get in exercise anytime, anyplace.

Hipster Slang -- from the Fifties

11选5图标下载, longhairs, or you could end up in a Chicago overcoat.

Studs Under Surveillance?

11选5图标下载Newly disclosed documents reveal that as a suspected communist for much of his life. His complete file is available in .

What He's Learned

11选5图标下载Esquire magazine , an Iraq War veteran, for their Veterans' Day "What I've Learned" column.

Teenage Foodclub

11选5图标下载Twenty-five students from a middle school in Gresham were for reckless conduct last week after starting a food fight.

An Odyssey in Business

If you've enjoyed the or recommended it to a tourist in your life, check out their entry in the .

Searching For C.T.

Local musician and co-editor of C.T. Ballentine left his McKinley Park apartment on Friday afternoon and has not been heard from since. If you're able to help locate him, his friends have set up for the search. UPDATE: Looks like C.T. has been found.

Old School Tree

For the first time in decades the Christmas tree in Daley plaza will be a single spruce. This year's was found in .


Check out devoted to pictures of Chicago-style food. It won't help your situation, but it sure is beautiful.

Cameras That Help Drivers

Don't believe the traffic reporters or myriad online maps? Well then . TrafficLand has .

Obama, Your Weather Man

Wondering what Chicago's President™ would be wearing to match this week's weather? has your answer.

Your Friendly Neighborhood SpiderDan Skyscraperman

About 28 years ago a fellow by the name of Dan Goodwin scaled both the and the and a few other . Now he's back with a . Look out! There goes the Spider Dan!

Monster Skin

Sarah Perez's came in third for "Scariest Costume" at the this weekend. about how her creation came about.

Better Rewards, Better Kids?

Playboy makes a cameo appearance in what I think is a . []

Sagal's Halloween Spirit

Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me host is sure to spook the neighbors (or give them a good laugh) with .

A Hotel Gone to the Dogs

Dillon is a four year old English bulldog. He is also at the .

"We Don't Die, We Just Get High"

We Are Supervision blog shows a of old '70s and '80s . Crudely drawn, sometimes offensive, and frequently opaque, they're also quite compelling.

Ig Nobel Laureates

Belated congratulations to Chicagoans Elena Bodnar, Raphael C. Lee, and Sandra Marijan, winners of the 2009 in Public Health. The team designed "a brassiere that, in an emergency, can be quickly converted into a pair of protective face masks, one for the brassiere wearer and one to be given to some needy bystander." Click to see a complete list of 2009 winners (as well as an awesome picture of Nobel laureates including Paul Krugman wearing the bra-mask). []


Get some information on H1N1 and seasonal flu resources at this growing site. The also has links to state resources.

Liar's Club is Spoooky

11选5图标下载 on the Discovery Channel featured the (alcoholic?) ghosts of Liar's Club.

The Green Slime Are Here!

11选5图标下载Grubstreet Chicago is (justifiably) wondering what the hell is going on in this for the Dana Hotel's Aja restaurant. Fans of know all too well what's . , before we blast that thing out of the sky!

Nice, Um, CGI...

The Sears Tower is the centerpiece of . Enjoy. (P.S. Call it what you will, but I'm sticking with "Sears Tower" for now.)

A Sweet Tale of Revenge

11选5图标下载A betrayed lover in the latest edition of .

Hey DJ

It's official: . Looks like it might be time for to learn how to beatmatch that noise.

Rules of the Restaurant

Please watch , a video from Michael Gebert of inspired by Michael Pollan's recently featured in the New York Times.

Turning A New (Digital) Leaf

just went through a redesign, and thinks there are .

The Man of a Thousand...er, Bras?

Meet He collects bras. No, really, bras. He has more than a thousand of them. Yeah, we know. But it's for a good cause, so...yeah.

Girls on Bikes

A couple of bike-loving gals filmed on stopping and starting a bicycle. Includes outtakes.

Paint Chips are a Girl's Best Friend

11选5图标下载Chicago resident Nite Kongtahworn created a in his Lakeview condo. He was inspired by on pixelated painting.

Somehow This Seems Entirely Plausible

11选5图标下载Here's a 1987 Chicago Tribune spot featuring the great at the Billy Goat Tavern. The sound seems a touch off at the beginning--Royko sounds a little like Barry White.

I Elucidate, Therefore I Am

Listen to , a podcast started by two graduate students in philosophy at the U of C. They talk to professors about their work, "covering a range of topics from the theoretical to the practical, including perception, moral motivation, and sexual orientation."

Things You Never Knew Existed


Games On

Whether you're for , , , or , your Olympic fervor (and addiction to Twitter) could win you a trip to one of the finalist cities from travel social media app . Check for more details.

Look Forward In Anger

11选5图标下载Add to the ones supporting the 2016 Olympics for Chicago, only this one might be a little sarcastic. (Note: The support comes from a "columnist" for the infamous so take it with a big fat grain of salt.)

The Most Hated Post Office?

On , reviews of the Broadway and Lawrence branch of the USPS are, uh, mixed: "Just writing about this place forces me to relive all my nightmarish experiences there. I need to drink some herbal tea just to calm down." And: "I wonder what they do with all my mail they don't deliver? Do they just throw it out?" There's much, .

37 Signals and Far More Complaints

Meet .

Free Chocolate!

11选5图标下载Like candy and NASCAR? Satisfy both cravings when racer Kyle Bush hands out next Thursday at Pioneer Plaza. Why the free candy? Well, apparently Chicago was voted the city most in need of "sweet relief". Whatever, just hand over the


11选5图标下载No, . (Reminds me of .)

MacArthur Fellows Announced

The MacArthur Foundation announced its , who will receive a no-strings-attached $500k check just for being...a genius. No Chicagoans in the bunch, but , a UIUC physics professor, made the list for his contributions to flexible electronics devices.

Rio has a Nice Ring to It

Speaking of the Olympics, here's another site for the anti- crowd: . []

Stay Alert Next Tuesday

11选5图标下载Will Chicago be the victim of a nuclear terrorist attack on Sept. 22? .

You Get a Meal! And You Get a Meal!

The may go beyond books, products, musicians. The next episode on the continuing saga of "It's Oprah's world and we just live in it": , according to .

Namaste, DuPage River

11选5图标下载 Two marble statues of the Hindu gods and turned up in the . Local Hindu temples report that their statues are all accounted for.

Mapping Mentors

Harnessing the freaky cool power of , the shows Chicagoans . But it also goes way further, showing maps of poorly performing schools, , and even support groups like churches and universities, all to pinpoint areas in which organizations should create and nurture tutor and mentor programs.

The Siren Call of Cheap(er) Food

11选5图标下载 is offering super-reduced prices for their gift certificates, for use at hundreds of Chicago-area restaurants. The fine print is .

Beyond The 140 Character Limit

Columbia College's packs quite a wallop in its fifth year with Twitter co-founder (speaking Oct. 6), Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief and director scheduled to address media trends at the free series. RSVP info in Slowdown.

We're Doomed

11选5图标下载What (Lake Michigan, apparently) sharks about. (Warning: One naughty word.)

A Likely Story -- And Probably True

11选5图标下载Guinness and the Mayor's Office of Special Events ruled the Grant Park showing of the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup (4,436 frames) at one time on July 21.

Calling Florence Nightingale

11选5图标下载A result of the economy, a lack of nursing graduates, and a possible wave of nurses retiring from the field, more of these health care professionals are needed, and Chicago is .

All Together Now

points us to a fantastic shot on the El (mostly the Brown Line), for the Irish beer drinking market if is any indication. UPDATE: The Sun-Times gets .

At Least They're Employed

Time Out takes a look at the secret life of the Chicagoan , well, you get the idea.

Forget About the Land Shark... Look Out for These Dolphins

Step carefully when visiting the dolphin show at . A woman filed a lawsuit against the Brookfield Zoo regarding a spill she took leaving the dolphin show. . (Via )

The Newest Apple Product?

11选5图标下载I learned something new about the when I was asked to be a reference for a hopeful future lawyer. I needed to go to the website for the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar in order to do that. What's the website, you ask? . That's right: iBaby. Apparently, it stands for "Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar ... and You," but I can't say I was overwhelmed with confidence by their domain name choice.

The Fascinating Ricky Jay

11选5图标下载A captivating anecdote in the bar of the Chicago Ritz-Carlton leads off this dug up in the New Yorker archives by .

Bring an Urban Farmer to Chicago

11选5图标下载Novella Carpenter found a vacant lot in her Oakland, Calif. neighborhood and started planting. Her about this DIY urban farm was just profiled in . And according to her , she'd love to take her knowledge on the road in October and teach workshops about urban farming all over the country (including Chicago). So your couch or some cash and help bring her here.

Ice Cream Man's Chimes No Longer Reel or Rock

11选5图标下载The New York Times Dining section reports on last year's banning of from the 18th Ward and modern parents annoyed with ice-cream-demanding toddlers and chain-smoking, shirtless, and burping ice cream vendors.

Treat Tweeting

For foodies and boozers around Chicago, tweets wait times at key restaurants and bars. Developed by the , local restaurant-goers can text or call in wait times to help their fellow diners.

"Eagle Attacks Dog In Chicago."

Yep, that's all Life Magazine has to say about this . Nonetheless, that's one angry bird.

Chicago at Night & a Few Other Things

11选5图标下载 of things you should do in the city. []

Best Dancer Ever

WGN-TV Feature Reporter Marcus Leshock caught getting really into a DJ set at last weekend. (Thanks, Brett!)

Grrr. Arrgh.

11选5图标下载, the Field Museum's T-Rex, is on , tweeting about meat-eating, being an , and her repulsively tiny forearms (which, apparently, text just fine). She also plans to be at the . (.)

Uptown Street Fight Caught on Video

has some amazing video of a street brawl that broke out around 9pm Wednesday night. ()

Northside Attacks Spawn Facebook Group

The Trib's points to a Facebook group "Lakeview 911" that was created this month to gather "concerned citizens" who want to connect about the recent muggings in the neighborhood. Remember is also a great local resource on crime stats relative to your street, no matter where you live in the city.

Some Fine T-shirts

11选5图标下载 has some neat t-shirts for showing Chicago pride. Case in point: featuring a takeoff of Harold's Chicken Shack's famous "dude chasing after a chicken with a meat cleaver" logo. []

Doors Open on the Right... At... Dammit! It's a Painting!

Cool! Here are ," including a nifty image of the Damen El station. And here's an even .

Obey The Dominotrix

North Shore blogger bought every issue of Domino magazine after the title folded earlier this year. Maybe if she'd done it earlier Domino11选5图标下载 might still be in business? Anyway, she's reading every issue - from Spring/Summer 2005 to March 2009 - and blogging about it over at .

I Left My ♥ in Chicago

11选5图标下载These by are pretty sweet. []

Pining for the Fireside Bowl

Hey, Chicago music/bowling fans! Just a few hours left to order a special shirt titled "" at RIPT Apparel. []

Rock Out

11选5图标下载 points us to a nifty deal at where , including tunes from several Chicago bands.

Designing Scarface

11选5图标下载"" —Al Capone

Glad His Schedule Was Open

11选5图标下载Minutes before he was arrested last December, Rod Blagojevich was from appearing on the Today Show in a one-on-one interview with Matt Lauer because far more important news had to be announced...Jay Leno's new television show (which September 14, Rod!).

Glasses Half Full

A Chicago man is . Why, and again, why? The complaint quotes the accused as saying he "really likes to be around glasses."

One Gutsy Applicant


A Cold Day Month in Hell Chicago

July was the it's been in Chicago in 65 years, with an average temp of 68.9°. If you use (or rather didn't use) the AC, look for savings on your electric bills. []

68% Chance of Weather


From the Department of Important Issues

11选5图标下载Michelle Obama's fashion confidant to get a handle on which designers Mrs. O. will be wearing in the future. , your moment's coming.

The View From North & Clark

11选5图标下载Local podcast holds a microphone to Chicagoans who don't often make the media spotlight: grown-up graffiti kids, riot-surviving activists, anthropologists digging into the free-for-all emerald trade, and more. Produced by Casey Brazeal.

Pow! Crash! Google!

Google has new for iGoogle, including work by former and current Chicago cartoonists , , and

Looking for Cute Chicago Boys

If you're a , watch out! You might just end up on the interweb.

CTA Debate #5,971

While CTA President Richard Rodriquez canceled the weird company car benefit for CTA employees , he insists on keeping a car for himself and driving to work everyday. Local blogs are debating the intelligence of the move, with and

"It was about trust."

11选5图标下载The New York Times Magazine is up: "The executive didn't know that the 'feel' ran deeper than policy -- that it was about trust: if Valerie Jarrett told Barack Obama that something was the right thing to do, he would very likely do it."

Veni, Vidi, Vichyssoise

VF Daily's Society & Style blog asked some of the country's top chefs to take on the recipes of the late, great Julia Child. Chicago's own Graham Elliot Bowles .

Chicago's Retail Gets Another Vote of Confidence

First the NYT gave struggling clothing store Jake the business, now the is lamenting the days when Evanston wasn't full of chain stores and had some personality (but gives a nice report about the state of retail in Andersonville).

Print Out and Win!

Just in time for the Pitchfork Music Festival, it's the latest edition of !

Basketball-headed Zombies

No idea this existed: , a for the Super Nintendo. []

The Chicago Way, Far Away?

As if the city didn't have enough problems with gangs and violence, now we're being accused of to Iowa.

Rock Over London, Tower Over Chicago

Via Christopher J. in the Fuel thread, behold . Awesome.

Money's Best Places

11选5图标下载This year's rankings are out, and Illinois small towns only garnered 3 of the top 100 spots. , , and downstate made the list, but none broke the top 50.

A Twitter Soap Opera

As if your life wasn't enough of a soap opera, you can now follow a real one on Twitter: "" chronicles the love triangle between a former Chicago ad agency CEO and two Navy SEALs on Coronado Island, California.

What Makes Your Place Great?

There's just a few short weeks left for you to nominate your favorite places in Chicago for MPC's . We wrote about this great project when it started, but now's your chance to .

The Final Layer

11选5图标下载This year's season comes to a close today at 2pm with a . (Neither is from Chicago, but that's OK -- .)

"You make him wanna..."

The A.V. Club was kind enough to make an inventory of , as detailed in his new mix-tape, The Demo Tape. It's hard to pick a favorite because they're all kind of awesome.

Permanent Hoot

11选5图标下载 Todd Heldt has I've seen. []

Big Lizard in My Backyard

Uh, I don't want to or anything, but... um... there's a running around Libertyville right now. . Well, we can't say the didn't warn us.

An Afternoon Diversion

Stuck at the office? Play a little , based on Dubi Kaufmann's site.

Official ACME Supersonic Rocket-Powered Coyote Article

11选5图标下载Bureau of Self-Promotion: I wrote an article about and an undeveloped parcel of land at 16th and Clark a few have chosen to make their home. Part two next week.

33 and a Third Bad

Our own for the popular , exploring some of the worst possible album/author combinations. His set hass started making the rounds on and spawned at least -- and now has inspired the publisher to run .

Today in Ew

11选5图标下载Seen the new Burger King ad that manages to evoke a certain sexual act? The in desperate advertising.

On the Verge

The Hyde Park Urbanist takes a look at the verge - - on a stretch of East 57th Street.

Rest Online

11选5图标下载These clever pillows from (local artist/ crafter Justin Thomas) won't make all your online dreams come true, but they will give you something to rest your social-media weary head upon when your interwebs are down.

Native Designs

A member of the Navajo Nation is becoming a unique presence as a in the fashion world, with a showing of her work in the Chicago area.

Visualizing Illinoise

Graphic designer Jax de Leon created by Sufjan Stevens as her final student project. Some really cool stuff in there. []

We Built This City

Love Chicago so much you want to put it in your pocket and take it home? [] (Previously.)

Hot or Not for the Twittering Masses

11选5图标下载Locally produced should eat up some of your time on a rainy afternoon.

The House That Urkel Built

11选5图标下载Was "" your favorite sit-com located in Chicago? Then you may be interested in this made during a visit to the Winslow house. []

Medill Goes Old School

11选5图标下载Northwestern's journalism school wants students to not clog inboxes when talking about Twitter, so they've provided .

RIPT Apparel

Launched today, is a Chicago-based t-shirt retailer selling one-of-a-kind shirts designed by a community of artists. The beauty is that a single design is sold over a 24-hour period only; it is then retired, replaced and the cycle repeats.

Scotty Got No Office Job

11选5图标下载 the video blog started by local actor/musician/tech guy takes a surprising turn as

West, Dressed

So now that you're using Kanye Vision to dress up your web browser, you're probably ready to dress like the man himself. Kanye 10 fashion picks with Style.com. []

Four Alarm!

While I a fire in progress, I never thought about how there might be -- and then .

Donuts. Free. Tomorrow.

Friday is . This is important because it means a free and for all. It IS the best day of your life.

Take A Neighborhood Vacation

11选5图标下载 new game allows you to wander through different neighborhoods on-line.

1990 Oprah Cake

I'll Have What She's Having

If you thought air guitar was titillating, you're gonna get schooled. are going on tour, and coming to Chicago June 14 at . Yes, that means contestants get up on stage and do it (fully clothed) with the air. Want to show how you can rock the air's world? Contact .

Far Freaking Out, Man

Want to give your place that perfect 60s or 70s countercultural ambience? has original prints (some with ) of the black light, hippie-dippie, up-against-the-wall-pig, muggle-huffing ilk quite possibly still hanging up in your trippy uncle's basement. Guess there's nothing left to be said

The US by Comparison

Chicago artist offers of the United States to (almost) every other country over on .

Trip The Bride Fantastic

is like "Dancing With The Stars" only for regular folks who aren't quite so addicted to spray tanning and glitter. Sorta. Brides Magazine's instructional dance workshop for couples comes to The Drake Hotel on Sunday, May 31. Not only can prospective brides and grooms learn some smooth moves, they may also get a chance to win $10,000. Check Slowdown for details.

Children Still Don't Want a Charlie-In-The-Box

11选5图标下载What happens when a toy escapes the and can't make a go of it? They end up down and out in the , of course. The Windy City is creepily represented by a bevy of naked Barbies hanging by their hair.

Who Wants to Buy a House? Anyone? Anyone?

11选5图标下载If you're in the market, the infamous Highland Park featured in is available at the bargain price of $2.3 million. []

The Foul-Mouthed Bandit?

The Chicago feds have rigged up a alerting citizens about . The nicknames alone are worth a look.

Fashion Campus Police

Was this U of C student's about the springtime sartorial choices of his fellow Maroons sexist and misogynistic? That may depend on you've read.

Drawing the News

11选5图标下载Even if you're not that interested in the topic, meeting this weekend are pretty darn cool.

Putting a Ring On It

Chicagoan and former "" Jen Schefft Friday night. Zzzzzz.

Why is Chicago so Corrupt?

11选5图标下载Cecil Adams for The Straight Dope Chicago. Meanwhile, R. Kelly's defense team Team Blago.

Ironically Yours

11选5图标下载Is Chicago the most ironic city ever? Steve Rhodes of shares on the matter.

For That 'Just Indicted' Look...

11选5图标下载Your job may not be &*@#!*&# golden, but your hair can be. It's . Only your hairdresser and bagman will know for sure.

They Should Make a T-Shirt!

11选5图标下载Besides providing crazy-cool t-shirts, Chicago's evidently also provides a killer place to work. named Threadless an "," citing their 25,000-square-foot warehouse and production space where employees play Wii, bring it in intense ping-pong championships, and even rock out on an indoor skate ramp. Chicago photo blogger is interviewed about his recent photographic journey of the warehouse (and confirms its coolness) .

Kanye Vision

11选5图标下载Want to see the web ?

Are You Chicago's Worst Driver?

Well, ?

It Came from the Library!

From the deepest depths of the University of Chicago Library's digital stacks came... ! []

Chicago Now, Soon

The Tribune Company is launching a new blog community site later this summer called ChicagoNow.com. No publicly accessible pages yet, but here's dug up by a user.

From the Trib to "off the grid"

Former Chicago Tribune reporter Emily Achenbaum the decision she and her husband-to-be made "to pursue a pared-down life."

Sin in the Second City and Elsewhere

Gathering stats on STDs, murders, and similar data, KSU geographers performed a study titled "The Spatial Distribution of the Seven Deadly Sins within Nevada," then created maps showing "hotspots" of Wrath, Lust, etc. across the nation. Sounds like a bunch of hooey, but it . Chicago's way up on greed but surprisingly not prone to envy.

Where The Past Is Present

Alex Kotlowitz why Chicago is Fast Company's U.S. City of the Year: "The real Chicago isn't so easy to keep up with. It's constantly reinventing itself. Jumpy. Agitated. Impatient. It's as if the place is trembling. Move aside. Don't linger. And if you're going to dawdle, get out of the way. But what any Chicagoan will also tell you is that the past is very much present. It doesn't go away. It shouldn't. In fact, that's Chicago's lure and its beauty: its ability to take what was and figure out what could be."

CTA #1

An to our transit system's more memorable characters.

From the Governor's Mansion to the Cathouse

11选5图标下载Nevada's own Moonlite Bunny Ranch has offered an apprenticeship to former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. According to a from ranch owner Dennis Hof, "Rod's willpower would be challenged daily by the ladies as they bribe him to acquire finer rooms or better working hours and days off. In lieu of Rod's work throughout the apprenticeship Dennis Hof will pay him a handsome amount of money." []

Meet Chicago Larry

The self-proclaimed and new YouTube star?

O, I Am Slain!

Today's fake Internet holiday is , in honor of the birth 445 years ago. If that isn't enough encouragement to drop a few "thees" and "thous," the mayor has . Here are a few to get you started.

Centerfold Research

While researching about , the Reader's Whet Moser unearthed a (NSFW, obviously) maintained by a library employee.

Make Every Website Bacolicio.us

Bacon maniacs rejoice! Here's a that gives any website bacony delicious. In the address bar of your web browser, type in http://bacolicio.us/ and then your website (including the "http://") and enjoy. Here's what happens to Gapers Block.

Queen of All Social Media

is now on Twitter. She shall on her show tomorrow. What about Oprah's BFF Gayle King? .


11选5图标下载The Wisconsin State Journal would like to introduce you to UW-Madison student (and presumed Cubs fan) Elizabeth .

Bo Knows Books

The University of Chicago Press has put together a for the First Puppy.

It's Parkour Kids!

It seems with the . [Thanks, !]

University of Chick-ago

The University of Chicago alumni magazine is running Peeps diorama contest. Vote for the Peeple's Choice recipient. All winners will be announced Tuesday, April 14.

The Fools in Tribune Tower

is what passes as at the Tribune Company. Rendering the Internet obsolete, indeed. []

Bizarre Bazaar

are afoot on , the U of C's version of Craigslist.

You Wanna Bet?

Chicago mag's , betting on everything under -- and including -- the sun.

Mario Visits Chicago

. []

What Willis Is Talking About

Willis Group CEO Jim Plameri to talk about the renaming of the Sears Tower. []

Do Not Pass Go

Have you spied any more around Chicago? []

From CHAOS to paper cranes

If you have always wanted to learn how to turn squares of pretty paper into cranes, cars, shoes or laptops, the (fantastic acronym!) can direct your creases in a more organized fashion than their name suggests. Whether you've never folded, or can fold with your eyes closed, their next meeting is . And since the expected high temp is 49° F, a visit to the desert or rainforest rooms would be soothing. []

Tweet That

Chicago (behind London and Los Angeles) when it comes to the number of people who use . []

The Mystery of Honest Abe's Watch

11选5图标下载As a boy, Waukegan resident Douglas Stiles was told a story that his great-great grandfather, Jonathan Dillon, repaired the watch of Abraham Lincoln in 1861. The story also went that during that repair, Dillon scrawled something on the watch's inside. Was the story true? .

Could The Fridge Fit in the Lincoln Bedroom?

Obama's love of Chicago sports reared its head again recently, as The Daily Show's John Stewart pointed out on (it comes at about the 2:00 mark). Let's just say the Bulls get a little spanking from Stewart and even the '85 Bears come under scrutiny.

Homeless But Not Hopeless

11选5图标下载A homeless poet finds salvation in his words. Hear some of his work over at .

Lost Connections

My family lineage is a bit murky and hard to trace, so I'm always flummoxed when people ask me where my ancestral heritage came from. Even so, I'm enthralled by the stories of Chicagoans who can visit the homes their ancestors lived in -- but this post by John Tolva is .

Lights, Camera, Chicago

11选5图标下载According to , Chicago is the best city for independent moviemakers, offering "the best all-around chance of finding success with their art during these tough economic times." []

Where Did I Toss Out that Placenta of Unknown Origin?

Ah! In .

The Chicago Manual Of Cute

11选5图标下载No less than the blog of the U of C Press for omitting when talking about

Republishing Without Attribution

NBCChicago.com wrote pointing to Chicago Public Radio's great "" series about jobs and joblessness. Then, -- but to the original series, effectively killing any utility the article had. .

Indexing Chicago

Harper's Index factoids referencing , .

Not Quite a Sister City

11选5图标下载In Isreal's Negev Desert is the Tze'elim Military Base, and on that military base is the city of Chicago, "."

Locks of Money

11选5图标下载When the economy's down, be assured that .

Raising the Net

Today's match doesn't start till 2pm, but the first-ever got underway at noon, and it's between two locals: and .

OMG Obama Sushi

11选5图标下载 (mainly because I can't read Japanese). []

The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is Irrigated!

Just because you lack land in Chicago, doesn't mean you can't have a garden. have some great information on helping you get started.

The Curious Case of Abraham Lincoln

11选5图标下载Well, not the late president himself, but his bust which sits at 69th and Walcott on the South Side and has undergone some . Update: Here are shots of Abe.

The Economy (St)inks

11选5图标下载As the economy continues to take a nosedive, even are beginning to fill the pinch.

"The case against Chicago"

11选5图标下载Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic the case some of his readers try to bring against Chicago (one word: winter) but seems to come out for it. Or for the South Side, anyway: "I'm kinda in love with the South Side. It's like Harlem's smarter, but less jiggy, little sister. Fine as all hell. You just gotta see past those glasses. And them damn overalls."

Cub World Cam

This will probably be more interesting in a few months, but hey, I like seeing anyway. [Thanks, Gabe!]

Part of a Healthy Breakfast

Or maybe not, in the case of found in a Chicagoan's cereal box.

Uptown Throwdown

Uptown Update11选5图标下载, the highly popular blog that has become a thorn in the side of Ald. Helen Shiller, particularly over the fate of the Wilson Yard Project, by the attorney for the yard's developer, . The attorney is subpoening records from Google about the ownership of that blog and another (apparently defunct blog) called "What The Helen".

Ketchup To Reality

Most Insignificant News Item of the Day: After more than 100 years, the H.J. Heinz Company isfrom the logo on its ketchup bottle and replacing it with the more appropriate tomato. The Chicago connection? The pickle logo idea was hatched during the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

Fasten Your Headphones

Sound Transit is a website that lets you plan an audio trip around the world. The clip collection includes hundreds of interesting sounds including (search: Illinois). Here's hoping folks keep adding to the collection.

Watch for Falling Ice

It's definitely a concern right now, as I watch a huge icicle grow outside my window. from .

Kindness of Strangers

if a stranger asks you to help him move his television at 6:30 in the morning.

Another Mobile CTA Bus Tracker, Though Prettier

11选5图标下载Michael Simmons releases his . If you're looking for a more native looking app, this is it. Just point your iPhone .

If You Build It...

11选5图标下载As new condo buildings continue to rise in the South Loop, in 2009. Whether these buildings will sit mostly empty in hopes of future growth spurred by or drop dramatically in price remains to be seen.

Best Blog in Chicago?

11选5图标下载The Tribune's looking for the . If you know of "established bloggers who post great content often and are known in their community" (ahem) fill out their .

Seats for Sale

scores on sarcasm with .

The Great Bar Migration

The semi-trailer long bar from the Black Orchid Club has to take up residence in a new Phoenix, Arizona bar that is due to open toward the end of 2009. At least it will be warmer where it is headed.

Thumbs Up for Acrostics

One of Ebert's fans created a in the critic's honor.

The Dopplr Effect

11选5图标下载 is a sort of social network about travel. They just launched pages for each city people go to -- .

Campus Guardians

11选5图标下载No matter how cold the weather, the University of Chicago remain ever vigilant.

One Way to Make a Buck These Days

The domain name www.impeachpresidenthussein.com is apparently . But hurry: The (bargain!) $50,000 price tag doubles on Inauguration Day.

Blast From The Past

The "unique" local political scene gets yet another national dissection. This time, it's . And this time it's from October, 1930. The more things change...

The Zartini Party

Just because your boss canceled the office holiday party11选5图标下载 doesn't mean you can't , choose-your-own-adventure style.

Reason No. 1: Because NYC Must Be Having Some Chicago Jealousy Issues

The "Reasons to Love New York 2008" issue of New York magazine is on-line. Their no. 1 reason to love the Big Apple? Dang, New York, step off already.

'Goth' Without The Eyeliner

The blog Public Art In Chicago gives a peek at the latest addition to the city's outdoor art lineup. We think it'll look to you, although not quite like.

Lincoln Square Liquor Shoppers:

11选5图标下载Apparently your cell phones are not only .

The Ugly Truth

A while back we asked if Chicago had the ugliest house in America11选5图标下载. Well, the verdict is in and the answer is ... .


If you find yourself wanting to mark "other" under the Gender category on forms, then you'll find a welcome addition to your bookmarks. There are supposedly only 19 gender-neutral bathrooms in Chicago (which I know is very low) but thankfully anyone can add in another entry. Making the world a GenderQueer friendly place, one bathroom at a time.

Germ Of An Idea

Stumped on what to get that hypochondriac on your Christmas list? How about a giant, , created by University of Chicago law school grad . Choose from The Common Cold, E. coli11选5图标下载 or Black Death. Hours of fun...

Buy Your Soul Back

has the perfect solution for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list. The Chicago nonprofit's new offers an innovative alternative to traditional holiday gift exchange and a sweet chance to help out the community. It's like Extreme Makeover Home Edition meets Amazon.com!

Another Chicagoan Nabs an Election Win

A couple of months ago, we wrote11选5图标下载 that Kimberly Walz, chief of staff to Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley, was looking for votes in the Benefit makeup Posie Gal contest. The results are in, and

Your Free Will Power

has launched promoting reproductive rights. It was produced by , a local web/video firm working with non-profits.

City of Big Truffles

11选5图标下载You probably aren't familiar with the of the Giant Italian Truffle, which has here in the States... until it reached , that is.

Jones Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage

He'll for .

Top Cupcake

File under "Nom Nom Nom": are back at the .

...And Cingo Was His Name-o.."

11选5图标下载Know a University of Chicago student or alumnus? Know two or more? Print out these for them to enjoy during the holidays. Then stand back and watch the geek-tacular fun ensue.

Embracing 'Paseo Boricua'

HispanicBusiness.com take a look at the in Chicago and its staunch supporters who once again try to stave off gentrification.

Bouncing Baby Bronx

Congratulations to Wilmette native and new father Pete Wentz -- wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz gave birth to their son, , last night. Celebrate by checking out the .

Potbelly Gets Crafty

Who knew that employees at Chicago-based were and being green?


The official 's youtube channel has . I'm watching "" right now.

Start with a Grand

11选5图标下载Take that $1000 and invest it one stock. Each day, make one trade. . (.)

So Many Event Sites, So Little Time

* are we to see an end to sites letting us know about events? I'm just about . (*When.com is the latest, . Whoopee.)

Chicago Hospitality

11选5图标下载Or, as Timothy O' Sullivan might have put it to (were O' Sullivan a hotel concierge and, well, alive),

Solving Temper Tantrums and Attachment Issues, Chicago-Style

Chicago child therapist will be starring in "," a spinoff of the ABC show "," debuting Friday night.

Making Progress In Hyde Park

The blog Hyde Park Progress explores the available to the area from a U of C (ex)undergrad perspective.

Code Name: Awesome

For the presidential trivia buffs, for President-elect Obama and the next First Family are: Renegade (Barack), Renaissance (Michelle), Radiance (Malia), and Rosebud (Sasha - aw). Want your own? Get it .

Fools Rush In

11选5图标下载A mass was held in Oak Park this weekend with the hopes of setting a world record.

A Heartbreaking Tale of Staggering Legislation

I firmly believe that are the best way to express how legislation affects people. And why it needs to change.

Obama Rally Missed Connections

. []

Peruvian Shamans for Obama

Ok, I was wrong. There's nothing else going on in the world but Obamania, and . [Thanks, Kara!]


OK, I know we're going a little overboard with the Obama linkage, but .

Tower of Babble

11选5图标下载Hey, is anyone else tired of ?

In Case You're Sick of Politics

11选5图标下载...here are . And (thanks, )!

Daley KOs Bloomberg

11选5图标下载According to a New York Post columnist, when it comes to , Mayor Daley tops NYC's Bloomberg hands down. Just check out the tale of the tape.

Love in the Time of Zombies

"," in the Fall issue of . (No, it's not a late Halloween story.)

Twitter H8ter Twitter

11选5图标下载For every trend, there's an anti-trend. has blown up ...and spawned , created by . Sign up for a h8ter account and h8te on all sorts of stuff. Not only that, but your h8tes will be tweeted (anonymously) .

Roger Explains It All

In the wake of "," Roger Ebert has decided to write his own regarding ethics for his fellow film critics. The picture of Ebert and Jason Patric assisting a rather festive looking Peter O'Toole is worth clicking through.

Joy for Joyland

is a new site dedicated to the collection of short -- sometimes really short -- fiction. The site is organized by city, featuring stories by authors who live or have lived there. They've just opened up a , edited by local blogger . The first piece is , by Chicago writer, artist and musician Joseph Clayton Mills.

Get Back in Shape

11选5图标下载Chicago-based figures it's easier to stick to a workout plan if you've got company, so it aims to serve as a social network centered around fitness.

A Small Amount of Revenge

11选5图标下载Somebody bugging the $#!& out of you? has what you need.

Does Chicago have the Nation's Ugliest House?


Colorful Music

Flash artist and past GB staffer Felix Jung has created , which for songs you upload. .

High-Tech Maxims

Who says scientists don't have a sense of humor? Here's a list of . []


In time for the last debate tonight, as previously noted, you can download, print, and don the mask of .

Glasgow Learns 'The Chicago Way'

11选5图标下载Two Chicago gang experts are bringing their knowledge on stopping the violence to a in , where the gang murder rate has grown to five times that of England.

14,000 Halloween Costumes for a Cause

11选5图标下载Online shop will donate 100% of proceeds from costume sales to , an aid organization focused on helping children in war-torn Uganda. Brought to you by the socially-conscious fashion folks at .

Trick or Treat? You betcha!

The Trib's helping you out with some easy Halloween costumes this year. Download a printable , and keep an eye out for their Obama, Biden and McCain versions as well.

Desktop Tour

Care to take a ?



Full-bodied Bunny

11选5图标下载Behold... the . The collectible bottles, each paired with a vintage magazine cover, are sold individually or as part of a subscription. []

Random Bests

Examiner.com pulls together . At least one contributor for the cliché that it is. (Seriously, !?)

A Restaurant with Wireless (not that kind)

11选5图标下载A Chinese restaurant in Urbana, IL (if you know which one, let me know) has started to let customers summon their waiter for food, water, the check, or just regular old attention. Makes me want to roadtrip for some ma po tofu.

Political Papercraft

11选5图标下载Want to get crafty during the debate tonight? You can play some , try your hand at a , or any of these . []

They Call Him "The Cleaner"

Mr. Clean actor died recently at the age of 92. In case you didn't know, was here in Chicago by Harry Barnhart and Ernie Allen at the ad agency. The hairless, obsessive compulsive, , and corporate mascot's first name is Veritably, by the way, and he's known as Mr. Proper in England and Don Limpio in Spain. There you go: more than you ever wanted to know about .

Your Home (Far, Far) Away from Home

11选5图标下载Chicagoan just won a Saginaw, MI, on eBay for $1.75. The only drawbacks: she needs to pay $850 in back taxes and for trash and weed clean-up. Also, it's in , for Pete's sake. She expressed concerns that it might be haunted too. Hopefully, she's joking about that last part.

(No) Soup For You? It Depends.

11选5图标下载, a Chicago startup, will offer daily coupons for local events, services, hotels, eateries and more. The twist? You only get the deal if enough people sign up for it. If not - well, .

Of Popsicles and Babesicles

11选5图标下载Life's drama . []

The Bean from Above

Google has updated its satellite map of the city, and now shows a completed Millennium Park and . []

Ebert Throws Down

Roger Ebert really Senator John McCain's behavior at Friday night's presidential debate: "Before the debate, pundits were wondering if you might explode in a display of your famous temper. I think we saw that happen, all right, but it was an implosion. I have instructed my wife to exclude you from any future dinner parties."

The Daily Achatz

Chicago may not be bowing until next month, but the love for "Chicago's darling" Grant Achatz has been simmering for a while. Get a taste of .

Rock the Makeup Vote

Benefit Cosmetics and Sephora are holding a contest to find a to promote their Posie Tint product. One of the three national finalists is Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley's Chief of Staff Kimberly Walz (Gal #1). Put the Chicago Machine to work and to win.

And Possibly Trapped Sea Birds?

11选5图标下载Has site been hacked or is he really trumpeting Creationism? I'm going with .

Right On 'Cue

Chicago native Scott Johnson : to fight cancer. He donates his winnings in national competitions to a cancer research foundation. That's nice, but his reasons for getting into barbecuing might tick a few people off: he points to "the lack of quality barbecue cuisine in his native Chicago." Ahem...

September 11th Cake at Swedish Bakery

Chicago's Female Founding 'Fathers'

11选5图标下载It wasn't just the and the who rebuilt Chicago after the Great Fire. WBEZ-FM on the women who helped raise the city from the ashes.

You had me at 'Safety Tube'

In honor of , the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago is to the two commenters who can best explain when a safety tube (which contains water, light source, dust mask, and whistle) could have come in handy in a previous emergency, or when they might need one. Deadline for comments is 5pm Friday.

Score One for the Home Team

and (surprise!) they kinda liked it.


Whether you're a fan of , , or a booster, you can embroider your vote with free redwork patterns from , a blog about African American quilting. []

Ask Amy? He Did, and She Said 'I Do'

Amy Dickinson, who writes the Ask Amy advice column for the Chicago Tribune, in upstate New York on August 16.

Just call me 'Pfleger Pfleg'

236.com's quiz finally solves the age-old question:

Redetermining What You Go To

11选5图标下载. Looks a whole lot better, although I'm not sure how they arrive at the order in which stuff gets listed.

Chicago: A Labor of Love

11选5图标下载For the third year in a row, declares Chicago the for the Labor Day weekend. And if you do choose Chicago as your vacation destination, a site tells you the best way to spend 48 hours here.

My Name is Robyn, and I'm Living Oprah

11选5图标下载Although the woman behind the blog was anonymous in a last month, . UPDATE: Actually, last month after taping an NPR interview. (Thanks, Erin!)

Another UFO Sighted at O'Hare

11选5图标下载Does look like a UFO to you? Read a report by the on the infamous [PDF].

Anakin Goes to College

Remember little Anakin Skywalker from ? Well, rumor has it, that he is a at Columbia College. Or maybe its just his clone.

Advice for Our Times

11选5图标下载Now that the banks have collapsed, here are some .

Bernie Mac Dead

Comedian and actor , 50, this morning at Northwestern Memorial Hospital due to complications from pneumonia.

Doing the Deciding

is a produced by the Chicago office of The Onion and A.V. Club.

LaSalle's New Pal

11选5图标下载Tne shows and its classic architecture some love, citing renovation as one of the boulevard's assets.

Smile! You're on Google Camera

11选5图标下载The (by way of New York-based ) says that the Big Brother-ish Google Maps Street View might have caught an image of a kid with a gun and a drug deal going down here in Chicago.

Chicago 2016 on Facebook

11选5图标下载Your choice: or .

Guesstimating It

11选5图标下载 is a site for simple straw polls. Seems to be mainly the founder querying into the ether so far; give him a little company.

Is It Friday Yet?


Crime in Chicago, Then As Now

While Chicago suffers through a devastating , the Smithsonian takes a look at a murder that rocked the city and the nation... If the case sounds familiar it might be because you ran across it first.

Chicago: It's No Cowpie

In an piece in the Terre Haute , Chicago gets a thumbs-down from one woman who states a preference for corn fields and cowpies. Maybe she hasn't gone to the .

Indie Serial for Your Coffee Break


Hanging with Your Internet Friends

11选5图标下载Two ways to meet your invisible friends next week: the on the 23rd and on the 24th. If you're a member of either (or both), don't forget to RSVP.

Living Her Best Life

You may love her, or love to hate her, but no one can deny the power of Oprah's suggestion. Do the haters have reason, or should everyone join the Oprarmy? The Reader chronicles11选5图标下载 one local woman's attempt to find out.

In Illinois, We're Sittin' Pretty

11选5图标下载You can relax now: The list of "America's Best Public Restrooms" is out and, yes, Illinois has spots, including one in . You can vote for the No. 1 place for No. 1 (or 2) .


Ten people Navy Pier's annual July 3rd fireworks display.

Taste(less) of Chicago

11选5图标下载Professional curmudgeon and columnist the Taste of Chicago experience as "a sad trampling of civility" and says that it reduces the dining experience to "ashes and banal barbarism." But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Dance Dance Travelution

traveled the globe, making videos of himself dancing badly. Eventually, folks started to . It's pretty moving, actually. Chicago and the Bean put in an appearance at the 2:26 mark.

How Big is the Forbidden City?


"Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen in Chicago."

How to Recycle Anything

11选5图标下载Moving/cleaning/mending your pack-ratty ways? The Chicago Recycling Coalition maintains to recycle pretty much anything in Chicagoland.

Driven To Respond

11选5图标下载The subject of in today's paper, who complained about the hardships of not having a car, gets a bit of a dressing down by (naturally) the author of the blog

An Eventful Debut

The Chicago version of the activity-planning website kicked off today, which lets users search, set alerts for and buy tickets to thousands of local events, from concerts to street fairs to discussion groups. You can even add your own events to the listings.

The Bucket Brigade

11选5图标下载An entertaining slice of urban life or a pain in the...eardrums? Either way, the "bucket boys" are a familiar sight in Chicago and North by Northwestern has an on the ubiquitous street performers.

Another Media Source

The Examiner recently launched a , featuring blogs from , and other local writers.

New Chicago Reader Website: Drinks

11选5图标下载The Reader will be launching a new nightlife site this week: . The site isn't live yet, but .

Latest Belushi Gets Serious

Another Belushi, , joins the line of entertainers from that famous Chicago family. But this one is going for the dramatic roles, currently rehearsing for The Lion In Winter in .

Thoughts Bubbling Up

11选5图标下载Introducing , the latest project by digital tinkerer (and ex-GB staffer) .

Hybrid Owners Still Being Charged

11选5图标下载Unlike other cities, Chicago is showing no to owners of hybrid cars by giving them a break on feeding the meter and providing them with free parking spaces to encourage their use. Should we really be surprised?

Please Do

The latest issue of local literary mag is up, casting its gaze on TV and music, and featuring new .

Barack Obama, From A to Z

11选5图标下载With Barack Obama's (presumptive) all sewn up, The London Times gives the of his remarkable life. Guess what the "C" stands for? There's also an AP on Obama with photos from throughout his life.

"Operation Crooked Code," By Location

Embedded in the text of the indictments handed down by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s office May 22 charging bribes and corruption in our city’s building and zoning departments, are Chicago addresses, locations where these crimes are alleged to have taken place. EveryBlock does a deep-dive into these addresses, highlighting choice greased-palm spots such as the Starbucks at Clark and Washington.

New Local Social Network

It's called (pronounced like "socio-economic"), and it went live today.

House Hunting on the Cheap

So, you don't think you can afford a home in the city? Sure you can. Take a look at .

Yet More Missed Connections

Do we really need all these ? Isn't enough?

Whose Lifebook Is It?

There's an "" in the city -- but you're only invited if you take a called .

1:32 Scale Vroom Vroom

It seems that basement slot-car racing has quite a following in and elsewhere, according to this recent .

Nike Nation

11选5图标下载A diverse clientele gets their kicks not on Route 66 but at an across from the Sheridan Red Line el stop.

Flickring Tourism

11选5图标下载In addition to , you may want to check out the , which gives you a shot of being featured on their .

Down the 'Yogawhole' - Almost

(aka Mary Fons) documents her . Let's just say a calming environment is not the first impression.

Is Your Seatbelt Sexy Enough to Wear?

saw a for Illinois' program and thought they were commercials for an adult chat line. According to the state's new campaign, men will only wear their seatbelt if there is a sexy woman talking them into it. And of course Latinas can only seduce men into "being safe" if they're talking in Spanish. Ay yi yi!

A Different Kind of Kids Show

The Center on Halsted will host a for "Dottie's Magic Pockets," billed as the first children's program for kids in gay and lesbian families. The show features puppets as well as real-life families. Bert and Ernie approve.

Fighting Sexual Harrassment on the CTA

Members of the have gotten tired of getting groped, propositioned, and followed while riding the CTA. And they're sure they're not alone. So instead of feeling shamed and staying quiet they've decided to fight back. If you need a safe place to share your story, see the calendar for an all ages event. But if you want to just share your story fill out their survey. Maybe someone at the CTA will read this and come up with a plan to make public transit safer.

Commercial Wedding Reality TV Voting Fun Zone

A Chicago couple is competing in the Today show's Race to the Altar contest. and decide .

The News from Here – and There

What's going on on ? (Why yes, it's yet another googlemap.)

Hyde Park Goes Wild

As if weren't enough, Hyde Park now is home to a band of who have set up shop in an alley near East 62nd Street. No reports of cougars in the HP, though... yet.

Jump Back...

Only two days remain in the ! Learn yourself all about , ("I'm so angry I'm dancing up against backlit silo walls") -- and so very much more. []

Masturbation Haiku Contest

Got hair on your palms?
Did your mom say you'd go blind?
Early to Bed says, "Nope."
11选5图标下载 (Think you can make a better haiku about masturbation? Then lube up your wordsmith skills and toss your favorites over to the wonderful folks at.)

The Hot Air Over Gas Prices

11选5图标下载He usually writes about the local architecture, but "urbanist" Lee Bay and even gives the presidential candidates a free speech sure to garner them votes.

Outsourcing Gangbangers?

An circulating in a Florida community contends that is bringing in "vanloads" of gang members from Chicago to work in their plant there, some of whom are apparently fired and "roaming the streets like wild dogs." The local sheriff's office acknowledges the email, but says the information is not true.

Video Answers

11选5图标下载 is a video resource center filled with advice on everything from food to health to pets and, uh, magic.

Next Up, Hungry Hungry Hippos

One of the more bizzare pieces of cyberfluff floating around the Internet these days is Chicago's challenging several friends in games of Connect Four, of which Kanye claims to be a master. highlights his duel with actor , star of Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

How Google Works

Ever wonder how Google finds what you're looking for? .

Heineken? F*ck That Sh*t!

Bill Bramanti of South Chicago Heights loves so much, he wants to be buried in it.

My Pen! My Pen!

Did you miss the ? Were you even aware that there was a ? Apparently, some folks take pens quite .

Help Our Furry Friends in the South

Our neighbors to the south, in Marion, Indiana need some help. The is closing down at the end of May or early June and all animals need to go to a loving home. Unfortunately, any animals still at the shelter at its time of closing will be euthanized. There are some dogs whose status is urgent and photos and more details on those dogs can be . If you're looking to adopt and dog or cat and can find your way down to Marion, Indiana, please consider this an option.

The Streets of Chicagoland (and Beyond)

11选5图标下载 is an expert on data visualization. He recently created ; this shows just how dense the pavement is around Chicagoland.

Alright, Stick 'Em Up(town)

has the lowdown on some of hangouts in Uptown, including his last stop: the neighborhood funeral home.

Barrel of Awesomeness

Kids write stories. The performs these stories for audiences of kids and grown-ups. The group just launched a ... which means you can read stuff like what I'm reading: a poem that begins, "If you ever run into a piece of barbecued chicken, run away as fast as you can to China."

Cleaning Up In More Ways Than One

Chicago is on track to become the first city to have a . As the sweeper moves down the street it will take a take a photo of any illegally-parked vehicle and a second image of the license plate, relaying both automatically to the . Strictly for traffic flow purposes, you understand.

Button Up

has launched a new line of L Stop buttons for fashionistas who are interested in displaying neighborhood pride, support for public transit, or both. The buttons' bright, bold colors are perfect for springtime.

Rating the City's Website

. I'm surprised it rates even that high. (Thanks, Terri!)

"Worn in but Incredibly Hip"

11选5图标下载Threadless' is on this list of . []

Stop Looking Like a Loser Tramp

11选5图标下载, the TV show that gives shame-based makeovers, is accepting nominees from Chicago. The post says, "Do you have a friend/ family member/ sister/ co-worker that is in desperate need of a fashion overhaul?!" No word on whether successful applications must adopt the same frantic tone.

This American Cat and Girl

dissects , and finds out something that says absolutely nothing about us and the way we live.

What's Your Wicker Park Look Like?

Volunteers with the asked the people of what they wanted to see in their neighborhood. Their responses were collected in a series of photographs on Flickr: , and . A quick survey indicates a big push for a more bike-friendly area. Oh, and a toy store. Don't feel left out of the process, though, . []

Obama/Pettigrew 2008

11选5图标下载The Catholic University of America claims that the first fictional representation of a black person receiving a major party nomination for president was in a 1964 issue of their comic book, .

Dead Trees

11选5图标下载Every so often, new phone books arrive, yet this guy noticed that . (Thanks, Jimmy!)

Coach Sicko

Ugh. A basketball coach at has been for sexually assaulting two female students. It is alleged that George Turner, a married father of two children, used a vibrator on one student while in a parked car; he attempted to molest a second student in late February. The two students notified authorities together.

City of Big Talkers

= eavsedropping made easy.


Threadless launched , a new weekly video show.

New Moms, No Homes

11选5图标下载So many people complain about the existence of teen mothers, but has been doing something about it. Until this last week, they've been housing about 20 new mothers and their young children, their facility and now those moms are in temporary housing. They're always looking for donations, with a donation of $25, or more. (Hat tip to .)

Big Brother Google is Watching

I wonder what's going on ? UPDATE: Google has taken the scene down; .

This Ball Is a Seed Bomb

Despite the recent snizzle11选5图标下载 storms, spring is here, and it's time to plant stuff. Even if you lack a lawn, you can still get into the gardening spirit by "seed bombing" your nearest vacant lot. , shot in Pilsen by locals Fresh Cut Media, provides a concise how-to and tips on the latest trend in guerrilla gardening. Seed bombs away ...

Save Polaroid!

11选5图标下载Last month at the end of 2008. In response to the news, the was launched to help find a manufacturer willing to produce the film. There's also a , not to mention . Power to the people!

Who is the Colonel?

11选5图标下载Is the really behind ?

Loving Chicago

11选5图标下载Hey, is back, now as an online-only zine about the city's music, food and indie culture.

...And Everywhere

, a new webzine for "creative professionals," has launched.

Save Your Pennies, Save Chicago

Chicago cheapskates rejoice: gives its members access to a database of discounts at local retailers, then kicks a portion of the proceeds from membership fees back to area nonprofit organizations. Plus they're offering a $15 Visa gift card for new members.

Student Inventors

during . That cassette tape wallet is pretty sweet.

It's 3am...

Who do you want ?

Frankly Famous

11选5图标下载TECH Cocktail co-organizer and scribe Frank Gruber recently made of "140 Faces of Well-Known Bloggers." Gruber's name appears alongside those of bloggebrities Markos "" Moulitsas, and , among others.

Who Wants to Be a Doc Star?

11选5图标下载Fans of scantily clad Internet star are invited to a casting call being held on Saturday, March 1 from 4-8 p.m. at a Loop location TBA. E Oh Productions is conducting the talent search on behalf of a documentary project about the Tequila phenomenon; contact them .

Hot Dog Musical

Found on : by bee.

(Railroad) Bridges Over Troubled Waters

11选5图标下载Takotron takes a look at the , some of which even have .

What is Boredom?

In 1990, a , finding a connection to... castration?

White People Love Wrigley Field

11选5图标下载It's true because ?

Can Obama Just Do It?


That Fine Line Between Romance and Masochism

, a blind-dating website with helpful reminders like "your blind date is a real person," is now available to Chicagoans.

Knitting CSA

Not only does sell tomatoes, herbs, asparagus, etc. that she grows on her Michigan farm during the summer and fall at the Logan Square Farmers Market, but she's now started to sell , hand-spun and hand-dyed (using flowers she grows on her farm), from wool she shears off her sheep. This woman reminds me of all the small farmers I knew growing up. And she only has a few shares left for her April yarn sale, so get'em quick!

Become a Loser

11选5图标下载Are you and a friend or loved one in need of some self-reduction? Wanna do it on a major network TV reality show? Then show up at Chicago Home Fitness at 1555 N. Halsted tomorrow, Feb. 16 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and try out for NBC's . Come early: from casting call hosts BL4 Productions Inc. promises that the first 500 people in line will be seen, but latecomers might have to settle for listening to their iPods on the nearest treadmill.

Buy Some Merch, "Stir the Soul"

If you would like to wear your support for Chicago's 2016 Olympics bid on your sleeve (or head), a offers hats, shirts and jackets emblazoned with the six-pointed star logo and catchy "Stir the Soul" slogan. This could be just the thing for those of you who need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie.

Chicago Crushed Tomatoes (28 oz.)

In a Web populated with user-generated-this and user-generated-that, everyone's a critic. Here's an purchased at the Dominick's at 3145 S. Ashland.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Merchandise Mart and Tokyo's Imperial Hotel

What do they have in common? ! Check out to find out the connections.

Chicago - Elkhart Photography

11选5图标下载A has caused some consternation.

Yet Another Event Guide

City event-planning guides seem to be multiplying the way googlemap mashups once did. The latest is .

Sam Zell Tells it Straight--Real Straight

I suppose when you're the , to your employees about why it's okay to advertise for strip bars in your publications.

Get Your Photo Taken

11选5图标下载"Faces," a new, black-and-white portrait project by local photog Jason Richardson, uses light, angle and composition to reveal people's faces as they really are (i.e., wrinkles, dots and all). Richardson needs models, so check out his and drop him a line to participate.

Obama the Vampire Slayer?

, The Musical!

The Monsters Are on Maple Street

Have an boozehound neighbor with a yappy dog, wild children, and a rusty car up on blocks in the driveway? Is he prone to late-night drum rehearsals or screamfests with his spouse? Too terrified to confront him directly? Impotently and anonymously vent your spleen at rottenneighbor.com. Here's the .

Call 911 More Often

11选5图标下载 that two 911 dispatchers made over $110,000 last year (twice their salaries) in overtime last year. These two employees are not the only highly-paid staffers; twenty of their colleagues accrued up to $80,000 in overtime pay as well.

Chicago Crimeless

11选5图标下载, his excellent and influential . Now that the data is on , it's redundant.

Local Sites in the News

Chicago Magazine's February issue features "," a nice round-up for your reading pleasure. It's still not wasn't online, though, so . Then Chicago Metroblogging created -- along with all the ones mentioned in -- that you can dump into your favorite feed reader. UPDATE: The Chicago Mag feature went late today.

Yes, Gapers Block is mentioned in both the Chicago Mag and Time Out features. And, , we do get along with the folks at .

Some Things Should Stay Lost

, created by Chicago and director Aaron Stoller. (NSFW)

Competing for Monopoly

11选5图标下载 is going to include city names in a new edition. Apparently he's ok with competition in this case, so , and if you're really dedicated, every day until Leap Day.

Marihuana: Weed with Roots in Chicago

and the Inter-State Narcotic Association want you to beware of friendly strangers who might slip "dope" into your oolong. Also, takes on a whole new meaning.

Hole is in Your Extended Network

The Montrose Ave. sinkhole now has its own , where it promotes its own beauty and compares itself to the Grand Canyon. If you're looking for a way to throw some love its way, you're invited to join the on Tuesday afternoon, to protest the city's ruthless plan to fill it it back up.

Clear Your Afternoon

The current season of finishes up this afternoon, and it's going out with a bang: not but matches, running simultaneously. Kiss your productivity goodbye at 2pm. (I'll be needing a drink11选5图标下载 after this one.)

Don't Deep Throat Me, Bro

11选5图标下载Californian James Srodon has filed a $50,000 against the Blue Man Group after attending an October 2006 show at the Briar Street Theater. The "esophagus cam," a video camera reportedly covered in food, dirt and the trademark blue paint was forcibly shoved down Srodon's throat during the performance, damaging dental work and giving him nightmares.

It's Hard to Be a Baby in Chicago

FitPregnancy magazine rated Chicago #28 out of 50 major U.S. cities in its . The city received praise for its progressive fertility resources but got a grade of F in categories such as affordability and something known as "stroller friendliness."

City of Cards

takes this month.

In the General's North Chamber, the Future is Revealed...and it's Boring

If you've seen that odd, Blair Witch Project-ish TV commercial for that is running on the local television stations, you may have visited the website and found a lone prompt to leave your email address for a February 4th reveal of the mystery behind the commercial. What's really going on here? The most suggests that the commercial is a viral advertisement for ' presentation at the upcoming February 7-18 at McCormick Place. And If the future is a GM car, I'm sure it won't be a much-needed reprise of the .

Celebrating Women

11选5图标下载Chevrolet invites Chicagoans to nominate inspiring and heroic women to be named the . The winning woman receives a $5,000 shopping spree at Macy's and a big self-esteem boost. The nomination process lasts until March 10.

J.D. for Sale

DePaul College of Law grad David Wold is for $100,000. "This degree has been a great invitation to work at least 60 hours a week at a place where I don't want to be for people that I don't care about," he explains. As an added bonus, Wold will include his law school books, enabling the winning bidder to learn about the Carbolic Smoke Ball and other 1L in-jokes without having to attend any classes.

Citizen Powered

11选5图标下载Are you looking for a new Chicago-centric online community? , an outgrowth of the between the & the , is now available in beta. Enjoy.

Putting the Eco in Auto

11选5图标下载Chicago designer recently made the for his affordable and eco-friendly lamps and coasters, which he makes from discarded clutches, shift gears, and other car parts. Sullivan runs his own where you can purchase his wares.

Blue Island Isn't Really Blue

, by Chicago mag's Jeff Ruby.

Mapping the Familiar

is a Chicago-based designer who loves maps. The are great, especially his of Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village/East Village.

Heavy Metal Resistance Parking Lot

11选5图标下载 to a 73-year-old woman in Springfield who consistently refuses to sell her home to nearby . As a result, her home is nestled in the cozy, welcoming hospital parking lot.

Proposed Phone Tax

The Cook County Board of Commissioners is proposing a $4/month, $48/year tax on all phones — land, cell, cable and otherwise. The tax would also increase with inflation — at five years, your total amount paid would be over $250 a phone. Read more at . Update: will discuss the likelihood of the tax's success along with other taxes proposed at the end of 2007 on Friday's show. Look for Episode 68 on the main page around noon or listen to at 6pm.

To Service and Protect

Freakonomics guru and U of C prof and collaborator Sudhir Venkatesh have determined that of all "transactions" performed by prostitutes in Chicago are free samples granted the boys in blue to avoid arrest.

We Want Geeks

Organizers of Chicago's are starting the "Bring to Chicago" movement, after learning that the consumer electronics trade show -- the largest in the U.S., and underway as we type -- might be leaving its usual spot, Las Vegas. The Cocktail guys discuss their campaign for the masses as any savvy technogeek would: via . To join in on the fun, you can email the T-Cocktail guys here.

City Employee Arrested for Stealing Food

Tracy Buckley, a supervising investigator for the city , was with stealing food from a Northwest side Whole Foods this past Saturday. Buckley has worked for the city office for almost 14 years.

Studying Chicago's Prostitutes

At the 's annual meeting, held over the weekend in New Orleans, University of Chicago economist Steve Levitt and sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh of Columbia University presented their preliminary work on a study focused on data collected from more than 100 Chicago prostitutes. Some of the scholars' findings: that prostitutes work 11 to 12 hours a week and make between $25- to $35-an-hour; and that condoms were used in only five percent of 2,000 transactions. According to portfolio.com, Levitt and Venkatesh's full results will be featured in the upcoming sequel to Freakonomics.

For Want of a Muse

11选5图标下载It's easy to fall into a slump this time of year -- which is all the more reason to check out the newly launched .

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Two cleaning women were in a stuck elevator in a Niles office building for two days, surviving on two cough drops and six aspirin before an employee discovered them on Christmas Eve.

O'Hare is the Number Two

O'Hare is still the , according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Atlanta's Hartsfeld-Jackson airport has been the busiest for the last three years due to increased travel needs in the area and advertising efforts by Atlanta-hubbed airlines Delta and Air Tran (which used to be the deadly , FYI).

Watching the Intersection

11选5图标下载Chromium, a nightclub near the intersection of Halsted and Lake, had a problem with fights and drunk driving. , and caught a shooting on tape. garnered national publicity, and Chromium was closed on Dec. 3.

Takin' It to the Streets

11选5图标下载It's not every day that in the middle of a live broadcast.

Make Every Song a Holiday Song

11选5图标下载Don't think your Shellac album will go over well with the in-laws this Christmas as you play it during after-dinner talk? Never fear, is here to add a festive bell track to all your music. The results? Hilarious.

Monitor Your Carbon Output

The Delta Institute, a non-profit organization, has launched a where you can measure your annual greenhouse gas emissions, learn how to reduce your impact, and offset your carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon credits certified by the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

Not Quite as Charming as Ivy

11选5图标下载Scaryideas.com ...with Tide.

...And There's Always the Heart O'Chicago

The offers an inquisitive reader a few tips on the . Did you know the has a "swish" ground floor cafe?

Your Local YouTube

is a new video site by the Tribune, hoping to jump on the bandwagon of user generated content. Enter their and your video could appear on CLTV! (That's all they could spring for?)

Home is Where the SubZero Fridge Heart Is

A sigh of relief for those irritating people concerned that too much of Chicago real estate consists of demolishing old buildings in order to replace them with state-of-the-art monstrosities: according to a New York Times article, , bumping Chicago to the #2 spot. Huzzah!

Keep Watching the Skies... from Inside

The good people of Lisle believe they came under an during Monday's sleet storm. The FAA isn't so sure, suggesting it was the work of a . "It is mysterious. It is very ," says one resident.

Defend the Indefensible Drew Peterson

11选5图标下载Lawyers for Drew Peterson have set up a web site where you can donate money to defray his legal costs. Although the site is currently down, the following message at really tugged at my heart strings: "For the cost of a few cups of your morning coffee, you can help to ensure that Drew can afford to support his ongoing legal defense, find his missing wife and divert any remaining funds into a trust for his children." Yeah, good luck, buddy.

Have You Seen These Teeth?

Mug shots give way to . The Chicago Homicide Unit asked the ADA to help identify the teeth of a woman who was found dead in a North Side alleyway last January. The cops "would like to speak to dentists who have any knowledge about a patient who obtained braces and never returned for follow-up care."

Devin Devotees Unite!

11选5图标下载Stopping just short of calling opposing coaches chickens, pretty much DEMANDS that teams be forced to kick to the Bears' freakishly-amazing return man .

Neglected Beauty

11选5图标下载Rearview contributor and excellent photographer Carey Primeau launches a . While I've seen my fair share of deserted and abandoned photography sites, Primeau really does elevate these photos to stunning. One of the more stellar sets has to be his , a building that has intrigued me for years. .

Public Domain Images of Chicago

Happened to stumble upon these while looking for something else: images of Chicago in the public domain on Flickr. While there is the usual Sears Tower/Millenium Park/El photos, there are quite a few historical ones as well. I find of the stockyards fascinating, as well as this .

Journey to the Black Hole

Our friends at Coudal Partners spent some time at the Black Hole, a Los Alamos surplus store, and are this week. The is also available.

Fossett Dead...on Paper

11选5图标下载The wife of billionaire adventurer has the Cook County court to declare Fossett dead after his disappearance following a September 3 flight in Nevada.

You Try to Deliver All That Stuff On Time

Data released by the US Postal Service shows that , with only 94% of letters reaching their destination within one day (an improvement from last year's delivery rate).

"Everyone Gets a __________!"

It comes around every year, and even though it might annoy you, you know you're going to watch it: of Oprah airs tomorrow, and of the coveted gifts is a group of people from Macon, Georgia, as that city reportedly has the nation's highest percentage of viewers tuned in to her show.

Conversing and Conserving

The is starting a new kind of environmental awareness campaign to get Illinois talking about eco-destruction. Dubbed , the campaign centers on a Website that gives folks enough background info about issues such climate change and habitat preservation to talk about them without sounding all "you know ... global warming, like, sucks."

Like to Get to Know You

11选5图标下载Although it's reportedly unlikely, in an effort to deal with rising jet fuel costs.

Edging into the City

11选5图标下载The GLBT media scene just got a little more crowded with today of .

Vanity is Expensive in Illinois

According to , Illinois ranks third in the purchase of vanity license plates; Virginia is first, as the cost of their plates is a measly 10 dollars. Before you run off to the DMV to see if "Jordan 23" is still available, the joke is on us: Illinois also of any state for vanity ($94) and personalized ($47) plates.

Kanye West's Mother Dies

Donda West, mother of musician Kanye West and former chair of the Chicago State University English Department, Saturday night in Los Angeles at the age of 58. The cause of death is unknown at this time, and her death was apparently sudden.

Teen Sex in the WSJ

, a sex-ed video podcast, got some today. The show is regularly in the top-10 in iTunes' Health section.

Behind the Design: The Chicago Spire

11选5图标下载Not quite the expose on (also known for his work on the Milwaukee Art Museum), but , a design magazine based in the UK, of who did the collateral for . Even if you don't like the Spire itself, the praises our fair city.

Harrison Ford Would Never Pull this Crap

Actor was at the Walgreens store located at Chicago and Michigan Avenues Sunday morning for (drunkenly) refusing to leave. The actor, who will appear in the next Indiana Jones movie, will be back in town for his court date on November 28.

Boggling Joggler Blogging

Local, self-described "joggler" just set a new world record for running a 50-mile ultra-marathon while juggling three bean bags. Romanowski did it in an amazing with no more than four drops--a half hour less than the old record. Hold on there... there was an old record to beat?

The New Jargon

11选5图标下载 relaunched today with a new design and new sections.

Looking for Ghosts

11选5图标下载Chicago is a city full of ghosts, and is out to find them. There's only one problem: he's never seen one before. That's the basic set-up for , a new web-based mini-series. .

The News Grid

A new news aggregator called debuted today, with and freelancers summarizing as many as 60 stories a day. (Thanks, !)

Yet Another Googlemap, News Edition

It's been awhile since we had a YAGm, but here's , a that puts news on the map. Not sure it's any better or more useful than , but now you have a choice. (Wonder what thinks of it.) (Thanks, !)

Obama in NYC: the Lost Years?

An article in the New York Times Barack Obama's short but significant time spent in New York in the 1980s as a Columbia University student and a brief post-graduate stint in international finance. Obama says his time in the Big Apple was "pivotal to his life"; however, he declined the Times' 11选5图标下载"repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his Columbia transcript or identify even a single fellow student, co-worker, roommate or friend from those years."

Trivializing Chicagoland

and to create , a game that tests your knowledge of both the city and the suburbs.

Rossville's Got 99 Problems, But a Witch Shouldn't Be One

When set up shop in Rossville, a struggling southern Illinois town, .

Sliwinski Found Guilty in Musician Deaths

11选5图标下载Jeannette Sliwinski, the former model who killed local musicians in July 2005 while trying to commit suicide, today. Sliwinski was also deemed mentally ill, which lessened the initial charge of three counts of first-degree murder. She will be sentenced November 26.

Root for the Home Team

Our very own Naz Hamid is playing today; go root for him in !

Getting Out the Vote

is in its final week, and ex-GB staffer Brenda is still in the lead; give her a hand to make sure she stays out front by voting today! And speaking of contests, you can also vote Cubs or Sox in .

Mapping Chicago History

uses data from local churches, yearbook collections, neighborhood histories from the and information from the to map Chicago's past. Registered users can add tags, comments, photos, stories and "Chicago Places" to maps on the site.

Chicago... NOW IN 3-D

And with a soundtrack no less.

Cold Case Cracked, Cop Talk Used

It's easy to be enamored with the charms of . But today let's give some blue love to , the official Chicago Police blog. Today they give us some quality cop talk in describing . Example: "The victim was then physically beaten by his associates." Bonus: ""

YouTube Zen


More Google Views

Hypertext has collected some .

Google Stalker

We're So Street

11选5图标下载 comes to Chicago. The about the privacy issues that come with it.

Glass Cracks Down on Creative Writing at the Times

Someone needs a Journalism Ethics class! Deborah Solomon, a reporter responsible for the mildly revealing "Q & A" section at the end of each issue, among them creator Ira Glass, for fabricating pointed questions to fit dialogue spoken during her interviews.

Are You a Geek?

11选5图标下载Then you might be interested in the . Your one-stop shop for all things geek.

Click on Green

11选5图标下载Chicago graphic designer Leah Dickey of beat out 435 other entries to held by Yahoo to create a "green" designs for a taskbar icon. As part of her prize, Leah got to select which environmental-related nonprofit receives $20,000 from Yahoo; she chose the , an organization that is collaborating with civic leaders, government and media to get people engaged in making Chicago a leading environmentally sustainable city.

Another Chapter of the Cheetah Gym Drama

While we've all had our fill of the brief but entertaining Cheetah Gym Closing Scandal of last month, a recent check of a that was created by a former member intending to coordinate a class action lawsuit for recovering gym fees revealed that although Cheetah has fully reopened, the site still exists, and the former owner of the gym (or someone pretending to be him) has surfaced in the bulletin boards. The resulting conversation between him and the other folks on the board is quite interesting. And completely bonkers.

He Produces, Directs, Acts, Raps...

While the season opener of this past weekend delivered another funny , the was about local export (and SNL musical guest) Kanye West's visit to BET's 106 and Park to discuss his award show tantrums of late. To watch Kanye's music performances, click and .

Boogity boogity boogity!

11选5图标下载Excessively trusting thrillseekers may be interested in attending the , held October 26-28 at the Congress Plaza Hotel... which is, of course, billed as being "haunted."

First Serve

Good way to spend your Friday afternoon: .

Humor Can Sometimes Be Cruel

Congratulations to , which won Best GLBT Podcast in the .

Death on Batman Movie Set

A special effects technician of The Dark Knight Returns11选5图标下载, the upcoming Batman film scheduled for release next summer. Parts of the movie were filmed in Chicago this past summer. The technician was in a vehicle carrying camera equipment that crashed into a tree during a test of a stunt likely involving the Batmobile.

The Third Time Had Better Be a Charm

After stints as the head of both the Chicago and Philadelphia Public School Systems, Paul Vallas is now the head of the . A nice details his hopes for the district's future.

Make No Little Plans

has published a series of postcards that allow you to make your own miniature paper Windy City! Teeny-tiny Mayor Daley not included. (We discovered it years ago, but .)

Bucktown B&B?

While searching for a , I happened upon a very cool looking B&B in Bucktown. So if you have guests for more than a few days who might appreciate a sauna, kitchen, and a break from the same-old same-old downtown, might be just the thing. (Bonus: they have a . Take that, Palmer House!)


11选5图标下载 launched a full redesign today, and divorced itself URL-wise from the Tribune. It sure looks slick, but does it work any better?


The hotel wants to attract guests not just with continental breakfasts or chocolates on the pillows, but rather a , the . Equipped with such indulgences as a heated seat, bidet, warm air dryer (!), and water pressure controls (!!!), one wonders how this will impact local escort services.

Lost Dog

(Thanks, Ellen!)

Bored? WikiProject Chicago!

" was started on July 5, 200511选5图标下载 to coordinate work on articles related to the article Chicago in the English Wikipedia". Pick up some , browse , and edit newly-created articles like . Bonus: .

Teen Sex

Not what you're thinking: is a great video podcast put together, apparently, by in northwest suburban Woodstock. []

"Licking Chicks"

11选5图标下载I have a feeling and Casey Black are going to regret making .

Relive Meigs

The latest edition of (controls ). GB reader Dubi Kaufmann noticed that "One of the 27 airports available in the flight simulator is - FOUR YEARS after it was closed."

Staffer Alumni on Apartment Therapy

, writer emeritus for Gapers Block11选5图标下载, maker of the honorably mentioned , and his wife Emily Berman, a , had their home profiled by . Their style? "Shabby chic meets modern sleek meets budget conscious new homeowner meets avid crafter meets product designer."

On the Fly

If you've ever been down Ravenswood near Wilson, you might have seen the rather large stickered and logoed truck with bright red, yellow and black graphics that say, "On the Fly." has the scoop: is a mobile bike mechanic shop. Joe Ebervein and Rich Kwaitkowski will go where you are to get you on the road again.

Mash That Map Up

Who doesn't love a mash-up? is a site that aggregates user's Google My Maps mash-ups. Check out maps, including , and even .

Super Happy Fun Slide

A couple in Lombard left their teenage son at home alone for a week earlier this summer. He and his friends took the opportunity to build a . Potential for serious injury aside, that's pretty frickin' cool.

This American Wiener's Circle

An interesting look , courtesy of . Audio is most definitely NSFW, so throw on those headphones!

It's a Fave

is a new "Chicago neighborhood browser." Unlike most search tools, this one is a downloadable browser that supposedly doesn't transmit your search to the Internet, which leads me to believe it has an internal directory -- so it's more like an electronic yellow pages, I guess? If you're curious, they've got where you can try it out and ask more questions.

New BP Ad Buy

Apparently seriously concerned about its public image, BP has taken to purchasing (regionally specific?) advertisements via google to tout its . was embedded in a .

Nerd Love

wants to help you find love! This crew throws singles events catering to a range of niche markets. Upcoming Nerds at Heart events will match regular ol' nerds, playful nerds, queer nerds and green nerds at locales around town. Check out to register in advance.


11选5图标下载I suppose striking the is a fairly common , but that doesn't make it any less to witness.

Dark Knight x Brachs Candy Implosion!

The Dark Knight which has been filming in Chicago on and off for the past few months is doing something big. The will be imploded on August the 29th August the 30th between 10:30am and noon. The implosion will be later added digitally into the film for a building explosion. . Update11选5图标下载: Note the date and time change. .

Max! Meow? Woof?

Following the news that "Max" is the number one name for cats and dogs for the fifth year in a row, .

Beautiful Mutilation

Chicago native uses a knife to alter pre-existing media - most notably, books. I've been for the past ten minutes now, and they're absolutely taking my breath away. He and artist do things to paper I never even knew were possible. []
11选5图标下载 //Edit: Some of Dettmer's work is currently at the . Thanks, Jessi!

I do!

11选5图标下载In what might be the most elaborately, delightful case of deception I've ever seen, asks to . Congratulations and kudos!

Calling All Beyonce Ticketholders

If you're going to see Beyonce tonight at the United Center, don't forget the canned carrots! The Greater Chicago Food Depository is holding at the United Center, and the first 1,000 fans who drop off a minimum of three nonperishable food items before the 7:30 p.m. show will receive an autographed photo of Beyonce and a raffle ticket for a chance to win a seat upgrade.

A More Swedish Batavia

11选5图标下载's doing well in IKEA's , in which cities compete for having up to ten small businesses remodeled by the company. Check out , vote for them and help them do even better.

Gumtree in Chicago

, England's answer to Craigslist, is . Currently, it's an empty palette over at , so if you're sick of the white noise on Craigslist, this might be the .

Hundreds of Channels and Nothing On

A moment of web zen: "TV DX Photos by Channel seen from Macomb, IL Since 198311选5图标下载" -- in other words screenshots from stations seen with a long-distance TV antenna. []

Oh, Sh*t! Trapped in the Closet 13!

Set in Chicago, R. Kelly's over-the-top cult hit needs to be seen to be believed. To date, there have been 12 chapters created; today marks the first of ten more (that's right, more11选5图标下载) chapters with . A video recap is available, along with a helpful character map. I'm still unsure whether he's a comic genius, or utterly insane. Audio is NSFW.

Music Is The New Cotton

Friday Fun: Astronaut

11选5图标下载Our very own has created a fun little time-killer: syncs random flickr photos to appear with key words from a song by .

Old Signs of Modern Times

11选5图标下载 as his materials, creates pieces that are heavily influenced by both history and pop culture. What's particularly amazing is that all the colors in his works are from the original objects, as he uses no paint whatsoever. His work is currently at the until August 18th.

Parody Songs & Sculpture

Via the , the somewhat bizarre (It's copyright Saltator Sepulcri, which translates roughly to "dancer [of/on] graves," so I'm gonna guess they're social satire, not real gifts.)11选5图标下载 UPDATE: They're real!

GB reader Paula writes, "I wish they were social satire, but they are real and he does give them out as gifts every year. A friend of mine works at a financial company in Chicago that works with Zell and every year they get a bizarre moving sculpture piece that has a button to activate the movement and the voice of Sam Zell pontificating about something important to him. In her front office they have them lined up on shelves and they drive her nuts because guests love to push the buttons, but there’s no off switch so once you start the monologue you’re stuck until it ends. Bizarre."

Do You See What I Don't See?

, who did a fascinating set of , recently applied a similar approach to in Daejeon, Korea. [ and previously]

I Need to Borrow $99,000

80's mechanical icon is apparently being , and bidding starts at a cool $100,000. A special exo-skeleton, which controls all of the mechanical features, is also included. For an extra dose of nostalgia, check out the previously mentioned, newly available .

Break Out That Pic-a-nic Basket

is looking for someone... just like you! Participants are , then given a spot in a public park where they'll be near others who share their interests. When enough folks particiapte (the site is shooting for 1,000 per city), is generated and an email sent announcing the day of the picnic (always at noon on a Sunday). An interesting concept, and if nothing else - a good excuse for a picnic.

Secret Tribune Book Blog

Coming soon?

Ask(About Chicago)MetaFilter

There was a flurry of Chicago-related questions on Ask.MetaFilter the last couple days:

Moon Globe!

11选5图标下载Broadview, IL-based has been making globes in the Chicago area since 1931. Naturally, the are of , but, so what? , man!

Ask a Music Scene Micro Celebrity

It's getting a little crazy, but Chicago music legend is in the Two Plus Two forums.

First, Do No Harm

Expanding her focus on the plight of the chronically ill in today's healthcare system, past GB contributor Kimberly Soenen and friends have launched .


Neo-Futurist playwright Sean Benjamin recently received 21 packets of taco sauce for two tacos from the Taco Bell drive-thru. Then he wrote a play about it. Now he wants your help collecting one million condiment packets for his Condimentometer project.11选5图标下载 Because why the hell not? You have more condiment packets than you could ever possibly use, right? Bring (or mail) your packets to the Neo-Futurarium at 5153 N. Ashland, 60640, and be a part of something big and meaningless.

Knit One, Purl Two

11选5图标下载The : a group of Chicago crochet graffiti artists, keeping the streets .

I Saw You ...

Man, you indie-rock kids were really on the make at this weekend's Pitchfork Festival. Check out all of these from the List du Craig.

No, You Can't Have Ketchup on That

Following Michael Chertoff's boogity-boogity meeting with the Tribune's editorial board, Wired Blog writer Ryan Singel raised the Homeland Security Gut Threat Level system warning to the level. May God protect us from the Tijuana Danger Dog.

Opera Time-Lapse

Speaking of timewasters, the recently posted : from "Beatrice and Benedict" to "Duke Bluebeard's Castle" to "Erwartung" to "Beatrice and Benedict" again. Seven minutes of stagehand fun!

Online Documentary Films

11选5图标下载Meet , a project to preserve documentaries about American roots cultures. There is, of course, a , and at least two Chicago-related films "" and "."

"I Was Watching You ... "

11选5图标下载If you went to the Police concert, there's a pretty good chance someone posted a Missed Connection about you. Check out the of Craig's List posts from the '80s band's two-nighter at Wrigley.

Weapon Town

Monitoring local weapon news so you don't have to: the Chicago Police is getting ready to adopt a that includes "striker-fired pistols manufactured by Smith and Wesson, Springfield Armory, and Glock"; Wired says that ; and police higher-up Deputy Supt. John Risley's suspicions were right when he saw an 18-year old fidgeting with his shirt at the Taste of Chicago. .

This Entry Is Not Kosher

Soooooooeeeeeeee! In quite possibly one of the most disgusting truck spills in recent memory, the northbound Edens was shut down for seven hours after a truck tipped over, spilling out across the highway. Ironically, the spill happened near the Skokie exit.

Up, Up, and Away

"Dean" and his female associate engaged in some at the Chicago Hyatt, as have many at hotels worldwide.

H4x0r5 in T|-|3 N3VV5

, the founder of . Lots of links for further exploration in .

Everyone Collects Something

And Kevin Corr, formerly a clerk in the Cook County State's Attorney's office, collects . There are several historical tidbits (There were 41 districts before Superintendent O.W. Wilson reorganized the department after he took the helm in 1960.) interspersed with collector-specific information about patches and what they mean. And like any good collector, .

Going Out Tonight

lands somewhere between Upcoming and Yelp -- a social network for actual socializing. They're throwing a tonight at , 1575 N. Milwaukee, starting at 7pm. RSVP and more info .

Julie Thoma Wright, 1958-2007

Julie Thoma Wright, a noted designer, passed away earlier this week after a battle with colon cancer. Thoma Wright, along with her husband Richard Wright, was known for being the force behind , a Chicago auction house specializing in modern furniture and art. The Wrights were profiled last year in .

Illinois GDP Like Mexico

This map . Illinois has a GDP like Mexico. As the author points out in the notes it's somewhat misleading as there's no sense of (population) scale, but it's fantastic nevertheless.

South Side Gang Maps

11选5图标下载The asks some good questions about "where exactly are the gang lines?" and follows them up with an even better link... to . So now you know.

Typeface vs. Font

11选5图标下载Word from Films regarding their in progress film: "Kartemquin is currently working on Typeface, a documentary about cultural preservation, rural renewal and graphic design history in the Midwest.To support these efforts, we're holding a benefit on June 15th at the Center for Book and Paper Arts here in Chicago. Toad Hollow Vineyards is providing the bubbly, MJ Catering is bringing the sweets and a number of local artists (including and Dennis Ichiyama) are donating original works for the silent auction." While the much lauded opens the same night at the Siskel, it is a weeklong engagement. So, why not support the locals? .

Probably Shouldn't Have Said That

. "'I suggest with respect, Your Honor, that you’re a few french fries short of a Happy Meal in terms of what’s likely to take place,' William Smith, a partner with Chicago-based McDermott Will & Emery LLP, said during a hearing".

Four Star Pie Chart

11选5图标下载Chicago.Metroblogging's into the very cool

"Harold's 6 Piece"

. []

Chicago on Google Patents, Catalogs, and Academic Papers

Plumbing the more obscure depths of The Google: , including "", , including , and , including "." (NSFW)

Everyday is Like Sunday

If you're interested in every last detail of , check out the . Documented are the set list, crowd reactions, number of times people rushed the stage, merchandise quality, and, well, every last detail.

Web Ascent Events from 606tech.com

Chicago-based writer Kristen Nicole of and announces , set for next month. Web Ascent is "a way to recognize the sprouting technology communities in places that aren't the Valley". If you are interested in .

14,100 Gallons of Water Per Minute

11选5图标下载Now that the Buckingham Fountain is , maybe you'd like to astound your friends with . For example, it opened on May 26, 1927, and its computer's name is the "Honeywell Excel-Plus."

A Fresh Palette at "The City List"

The is a new city-focused, Digg-like community site that allows users to vote on the best food, nightlife, etc. in each city. The site just launched and currently only has content for , which leaves the completely open to manipulation– I mean contributions from PR people– I mean users.

Classic Chicago on YouTube

Here's a few classic Chicago TV clips from everyone's favorite illegal video site: Malcolm X being , Siskel and Ebert , and a couple minutes from the between the Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears.

How to Open Someone's Wallet

11选5图标下载 is a new site that allows you to set up contests for ways to open ...well, whatever you want. The creator was recently .

The Incredible Moving L Station House

11选5图标下载Check out documenting the Belmont L station house move [window resizes].

Third Grade Architectural Modeling

Elementary students at the Lab School have been building their favorite pieces of the Chicago skyline in Joyce Carrasco's class for more than a decade. from the class of 2004-2005. Dibs on the Morton Salt building! []

Hillside Landfill, Source of Odor, Is Closing

If you've ever driven the Eisenhower expressway, and found yourself saying, "what's that smell?" right between CarMax on the south and a Holiday Inn on the north, you've sniffed methane gas from the Hilliside Landfill. The . A new owner is now getting it done. Check their progress on .

Best Olympics T-Shirt Yet

11选5图标下载 I think in some circles would sell at least as well as the .

ChronicBabe 2.0

, the locally-produced website for women with chronic health conditions, just launched a redesign. New features include a and an . Additionally, if you sign up for , the site's electronic newsletter, you get a free ebook copy of How to Be a ChronicBabe: A Beginner's Toolkit.

Around the World in Chicago

11选5图标下载If you've traveled around the world "crossing every meridian of longitude in the same direction" and are interested in meeting others like you, you're in luck. Chicago has of the . Oh, and your travel doesn't have to be in the same trip.

Safety Alert: Decoy Mannequins Rigged to Explode

, as alerted via the Chicago Police Department Weblog.

1 Down, 59 to Go

11选5图标下载's Black Cat espresso is number five on Esquire's list of "." We also have to try number 35, "duck fat potatoes." []

West Suburban Blue Blood Accents?

In a classic " from the , all the old faves are resurrected: parking, taxes, stargazing. Cool. Then they go after the accent. "The Chicago accent itself is cringe-worthy. Out here, the speech is a little less blue collar, a little more blue blood."

Library of Congress Covers Chicago

11选5图标下载Spend some time poring over . Includes an 1897 film called "" by Thomas A. Edison, , and an archive called, "."

Chicago in Videogames

11选5图标下载Over on Ask.MetaFilter, there's . The list includes "," in which a jet and the Space Shuttle crash into the Sears Tower. (Fortunately, it was never released.)

A Very Small Museum

Michael Horvich is more than , he's the curator of . Unfortunately, the physical museum is currently not open to the public, presumably due to high demand because of a recent . For now, enjoy the photographs and lists.

You've Got Reusable Bags

Chicago-based eco-friendly ecommerce company is .


11选5图标下载Were you stuck at your mom's house picking Easter grass out of your chocolate bunnies? Scraping charoset from grandma's china? Sounds like you could have used some Craig's List Casual Encounters. Check out these definitely NSFW and -themed ads?

Beyond the Concert Hall

11选5图标下载The is to expand its audience and influence, notably including and .

Story Time

Keep an eye on , a new podcast which gives several different Chicago artists a title, and asks them to create their own version of the "story" it belongs too.

Tourists That Rock

11选5图标下载Rochester, NY radio talk show host and writer found himself with some unexpected time in Chicago due to an airline screw-up. His blog features a glowing, joyful account of spent in our city's embrace.

Hey, Smartypants

11选5图标下载If you want to be a Mensa member or just hang out with them, is where it's at. Learn about the official Mensa test, get recipes (yeah, recipes for food), and find brainteasers.

Your Name in Lights

11选5图标下载Good fun for a Friday: . UPDATE: Dubi Kaufmann, the site's owner, has been asked by to take down the image.

Oh, Yeah, That's the One

It's always a pleasure to see a news organization for a Downers Grove mob hit story.

How to Get from Chicago to London

11选5图标下载. Step 20 is a doozy.

Neko in Town

11选5图标下载They might be a distant second, but if you didn't manage to get tickets to see Chicago's adopted daughter Neko Case this week, and of the shows are popping up on the web.

We're #3 for #1

11选5图标下载Chalk up another strong showing for Chicago -- this time in the category of Icky and/or Clever Names for Local Makers of Portable Toilets. According to , of the top twenty names in the industry, nationwide, Chicago is home to three: LepreCAN (#12), Oui Oui Enterprises (#5) and (#3). New Orleans claims the top spot with... Doodie Calls.

Chikka Boom Is My Favorite

11选5图标下载A meandering video exposé on . Oddly therapeutic.

Jackass of the Week

11选5图标下载College newspapers may not be known as paragons of journalism, but some local schools have some trailblazing pieces online, such as Columbia Chronicle's column. Other recent college paper wackiness comes from , and .

Building a Piano (Wing)

The Art Institute recently installed a so we can put a face in our dreams of . The camera produces a new image every 15 minutes.

Chicago 101

11选5图标下载Gridskipper got it right when they called it ";" not many surprises on this list (though the shout-out to UIC's bowling alley is refreshing.) And hey, we're "twice as smart and half as nice as the folks in St. Louis and Minneapolis" here in the "capital of the Midwest." Great.

Thoughtcrimes and Misdemeanors

It's been on YouTube for two weeks, but the of Hillary's "conversations" with the famous Ridley Scott "1984" Mac commercial, purportedly made by an anonymous Obama supporter, has made since it was picked up by the Drudge Report this weekend. Obama's camp is disavowing any involvement, but I imagine internally they think it's pretty awesome.

That Doesn't Belong in a Milkshake!

Oak Brook's very own McDonald's seems to be on one of its British websites. (Unfortunately, the item on the original website is in Flash, so we can't link to it.)

Accessible Chicago

is a site that "takes the guesswork out of traveling in Chicago with a wheelchair." Their and give their take on degree of accessibility.

Do Not Feed Gum to Your Dog

11选5图标下载Don't be distracted by Wrigley's announcement that it will this summer. Their offers so much more, including an important .

Cicada Love

"It started out as a harmless fling. He was a male cicada in love, she was a female cicada with needs." Could this possibly be from a real newspaper? .

Missed Connections Report

Okay, not sure what was in the air at last week's Scissor Sisters concert, but there's a bunch of related to it on Craig's List. Let's hope this weekend's drunken St. Patrick's Day festivities are equally productive.

The South Side Chicago Board of Tourism

Convert your currency to South Side dollars while .

Help Solve a Cold Case

11选5图标下载The Chicago Police has a new section on their website for . Includes images, death stats, and chilling summaries of the victim's fates. You can submit any info you have or call (312)746-9690.

That's My $9.2 Million Home on N. Astor

11选5图标下载If you're looking for the toniest neighborhood for your next real estate purchase, maybe you should check the Chicago Business section. The feature includes maps, photos and sale prices for the most expensive homes in the region in 2006.

Parenting 2.0

magazine has redesigned its website, which now includes a whole bunch of blogs covering a variety of aspects of parenting, from to to just being a .

Everything But The Burden?

It should have come as no surprise that the slings and arrows would be in action before Barack Obama even announced a possible Presidential bid, and the past month has borne that out. Perhaps the strangest and most muddled discussion has been the one about whether the Junior Senator is for some folks. Sure, "identity politics" were bound to be an issue at some point. It's interesting to note, however, that some of the most thoughtful and level-headed punditry on the whole subject of Obama's cultural steet cred has come from music journalists. It seems that anticipated the issue back in 2004 when he published his reflections on Obama and Colin Powell in the essay "Ships Passing In The Night." Some of the points Touré made were echoed last month by hip-hop critic Oliver Wang in his over at the website Poplicks.

"Sure Is Nasty Out..."

If you're going to talk weather, at least know some . Now you know, for instance, that on this day, exactly 53 years ago, Chicago witnessed the seventh greatest calendar day snowfall total in its recorded history (!). Check out March 4, 1961 while you're there. Crazy.

Uh, No, He's in Cambodia

11选5图标下载Prospect Heights-based will construct . Given the copious amounts of stock photography and late 1990s web design, I thought this company was a hoax until I found their .

That's A Lotta Gas

11选5图标下载Monitoring the so you don't have to: Dateline, Houston. at the Auto Show. "Each finalist drew a Shell gas card and then inserted it into the credit card reader of the display gas pump in hopes it would activate the pump. Banowski was the eleventh finalist to insert his card into the reader so the excitement in the air was palpable."

City Life in the Ozarks

Here's a that references an influx of s from Chicago. Apparently the principles of supply & demand work in the Ozarks as well: "Police say dealers can also sell drugs and charge more than they can in major cities like Kansas City, St. Louis and even Chicago."

Granddad the Wii Master

Welcome to a world wherein grandparents in Lake County .

This Godless Communism

It's 1961 and the communists have overthrown the government of the United States of America. Prepare yourself for the ! What is the communists' first step? to Merchandise Mart! As , read this comic now in order to "help us recognize and detect communists as they attempt to infiltrate the various segments of our society."

Young Nun!

11选5图标下载Julie Vieira is a Chicago-based nun in the order of Sisters of the Immaculate Heart. She works at Loyola Press and chronicles her life as a modern, 35-year-old nun at her blog, . Julie was also a guest of PRI's "." Listen to the MP3 .

Peoples Energy Sure Is Keeping U Warm

11选5图标下载As the , nothing than a gauzy, website from a .

Keep Watching the Skies

Most Chicagoans may not be aware that was a UFOlogist whose remains active in Chicago. Those who find Mr. Hynek's ideas a little out there are advised not to stop by the web site of alleged contactee .

Real Estate Resources

is a relatively new site that calls itself a "real estate news service for ... the residents themselves." However, in practice, it's more for the residents neighbors, not so much for the subject of the site's news briefs, which are written . Speaking of checking on the neighbors, ever wonder how your rent compares to the rest of neighborhood? Check it on .

Winter Fun on Craig's List

Stuck inside? Left work early? Well, if you're feeling a little bored, the horndogs hanging out at Craig's List can provide company. Check out for all kinds of XXX snow-related fun. Totally hilarious -- and NSFW.

Chicago Adolescence

This month's Chicago Magazine contains a providing high school portraits of area notables like Dave Eggers, Liz Phair, Harold Ramis and Donald Rumsfeld.

The Happy Homemaker

welcomes you to his Oak Park home, which he has kindly photographed and uploaded to the Web--from the contents of his to his .

Chicago's Architectural Prestige

The AIA recently surveyed 1,800 Americans about their favorite architecture and . Chicago did well in the polls, with the third largest collection of "favorite" buildings in the country, behind New York and D.C. Some obvious like Wrigley Field, the Tribune Tower and the Sears Tower are listed, but other buildings such as the United Airlines Terminal and the Harold Washington Library also made the cut.

Durbin's $750/mo Bachelor Pad (With Three Roomies)

11选5图标下载 into the lives of our senior senator and his three high-powered roommates! Juicy tidbits include Durbin killing mice with his bare hands and his insistence on having a big screen television.

Aqua Teen Hunger (Terrorist) Force

11选5图标下载The advertisements that have been in Chicago for weeks. After all of the hubbub in Boston, most of ours were . [If you happened to snap a photo of the Chicago Ignignokts/Errs, please post it to for all to enjoy.]

IIT's TechNews Back Online

Fortunately, the irony that the Illinois Institute of Technology's student newspaper hadn't been wasn't . Oh, irony, .

"Free Portraits Inside"

Check out this recent write-up of Thomas Marlow's in the Australian media.

Questions for Seth Godin and Mark Hurst

Chicago software stalwarts 37signals are conducting another one of their -- roundtable discussions using their . This time it's marketing wonder man and online customer experience guru . .

Shopping, Now With More Green

11选5图标下载, Logan Square's proposed "green merchandise mart" has launched its website. Dedicated towards green living, the site offers , an FAQ and a to discuss the building and issues surrounding its development. [Hat tip: ]

Tense Forms Winter Showcase

11选5图标下载, the collaborative multi-disciplinary, project-based workgroup, is holding their 2nd annual at Subterranean on February the 2nd at 8pm onwards. The showcase features an (1000+), a wall of televisions screening all kinds of visual art as well as live music.

Something Fresh, Something New

11选5图标下载Increasingly needed in this day and age, is a site dedicated to in Chicago. Primarily a bi-weekly email, the site also offers articles in their for a taste of things past.

All About the Allstate Ad

If you haven't yet seen the Leo Burnett-created Allstate ad11选5图标下载 with the car that plunges into the Chicago River from the Marina City parking deck, the companies have posted both the and versions and a at YouTube. YouTube blocked at work? The videos and a "how'd they do that?" FAQ get their own , too.

Double Trouble at O'Hare

The next time you're flying out of O'Hare, check the sky for UFOs11选5图标下载, then check under your seat .

Mapping the City, Wiki-Style

Wow, since we last checked in11选5图标下载, the has really filled out. You should add to it yourself, before everything's tagged. (Sad to see the remains a battleground.)

You Just Keep Me Hanging Armstrong

Of all the things that could have popped into my head this morning, why "Liz Armstrong?" Search me, but it appears that the infamous has found gainful , doing pretty much the same thing that she did here. (PS: Someone needs to update the .) (Edit: someone did.)

Chicago of the Future

11选5图标下载The History Channel recently asked designers to submit concepts of their . Teams from Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are now facing off for the grand prize. and possibly vote for Chicago's entry from today.

Create Your Own Planets

If today's Rearview photo11选5图标下载 (courtesy of the ever excellent ) bewilders you or makes you want to do the same thing, take a look at and then head over to the for info on how to do this.

Watch Out Below!

Well, really, there's no reason to worry about the . [UPDATE: Visit Rearview for a photo.]

Pink Loves Brown

11选5图标下载At last year's recent , I made my usual rounds looking at who was doing what. The quality keeps getting better and better every year, a testament to those who organize the Trunk Show. However, one vendor caught my eye — . The goods were smart, well-designed, retro-modern and quality. Nicole Balch puts out some really nice stuff — is quite inspiring, an extension of her work and aesthetic.

"Weather Phenomenon" or Something Else?

Some United employees on November 7th, but the FAA's having none of it.

Chicago's Video Game Influence

11选5图标下载Online gaming magazine Gamasutra just released the final installment of - on Chicago game studios. The final stop is .

Squatting on Hester

11选5图标下载 is a top contender for Rookie of the Year, but the contest to squat on his name on the web has , by . At least second place, , was nabbed by .

Scared of Santa Again

If you're looking for a holiday laugh, check out the Tribune's reader-submitted . (Link pops due to window resizing.)

Holiday Choose Your Own Adventure

"Good King Lovie Smith"

11选5图标下载Some for you, mostly Chicago-related, courtesy of the Beachwood Reporter.

No, We Don't Take Myrrh (or Discover)

11选5图标下载Good to know that even Jesus has trouble shopping for some of his relatives this time of year. Check him out as . [ and ]

Experience Quimby's from Your Computer

I don't know how many times I've been to the Quimby's site, but I'd never noticed the "" section until this morning. It has audio recordings from almost two-dozen events, although the one I really wanted to hear (Al Burian) is broken.

Night Life in Chicago

.... []

The Life of a City Squirrel

11选5图标下载UIC biologist wants to know the dangers of city life in Chicago.

Like MovieFone, But Faster

Jellyvision has launched the "," a quick flash trivia game based on their popular "You Don't Know Jack" series. Press buttons and win (virtual) cash!

YoChicago's Pilsen Week

is dedicating much of this week's to , with , , and . Their YouTube is especially worth checking out.

Trim the Tree, Southpaw-Style

(Or -style, or -style.) You've only got six days remaining to bid on anything that strikes your fancy in the 's .

Tracking the Tracked

From the team behind the political aggregator comes -- as if you needed another way to keep up on . (To be fair, you can track lots of , too.)

Attendance is Optional

is a colorfully presented event calendar, with more of an activist bent to the listings.

Unspin Your City

Amazon just unveiled , a new ranking site where users rank such things as the , , ... lots here, and lots to do to clean up duplicates and typos. (It runs on Ruby on Rails, but .)

Johnny Five, Alive!

11选5图标下载A number of will soon see action in Chicago. Oh, and one of them is named "Frank."

The Virtual Quad

Since college kids don't have enough online personae to manage, what with MySpace pages, Facebook profiles and Xanga blogs, UIC is of a school-wide implementation of LiveJournal. The goal? Building community via an informal mode of student, faculty and staff interaction.

Mascara Runs on Grand Scale

Downtown ad agency is behind a that's got the internet .

"I work in a eats house"

Found in a 1913 book: who apparently worked as a waiter. In some speculate it's the work of Chicago cartoonist and animator Andy Hettinger.

Yes, Our Cabbies are That Good

One might think that 5,700 complaints against Chicago cab drivers would be a record high, but it's a 17% drop.

That's a Lot of Campers

Recent Detour subjects11选5图标下载 hit a big milestone today: of its Basecamp software.

Base Camp Best Buy

, a new, Chicago-based game console blog, carries news and will provide details about the best for the and the . And in the spirit of democratic media, you can even via email!


For its , Newcity determined celebrity the 21st century way: . Winning by a landslide, . No surprise there. The methodology does lead to some odd results: surely more people know who Hugh Hefner (19) is than Rod Blagojevich (17)? Still, there are amusing comparisons to be made. Jim DeRogatis (93) handily beats out Greg Kot (136), while Crede (77) slides in one spot above Iguchi (78).

Independent News In Training

11选5图标下载A group of graduate students at the recently founded to share their unpublished work. The stories have a , and they have particularly interesting coverage of .

The Sausage Vat Murderer vs. H. H. Holmes

How much do you know about bizarre Chicagoland murders? Take this short quiz and find out!

Where was August in November?

11选5图标下载I read recently that, in the future, search engines will be able to reveal people's whereabouts at a given time, simply by the electronic footprints they've left. For now, though, that information is mostly captured voluntarily, making it largely the provenance of blogs. So it is that, if ever asked where screenwriter was when he started a play in late 2006, you can boldly answer "Chicago" -- qualified, , "technically, Evanston." []

Going Negative 101

Regardless of who wins, tomorrow will bring some sense of relief when we finally see an end to the televised blitzkrieg of political attack ads. A couple of years ago, political science professor John G. Geer published a book in which he argued that such negative ads were actually good for the democratic process. Fair enough, as one of Geer's colleagues has , provided you don't mind wearing the target.

Project Gridiron

Our friends at have been awfully busy shipping tees. It's only natural folks would want to .

Yellow Fade Special

If, after reading this week's Detour11选5图标下载, you're curious about the 37signals mantra, you can now get Getting Real .

Beat-Bike v.1

Chicagoan Michael Una built this neat combination of for (that's October 11选5图标下载to the uninitiated). "Beat-Bike v.1 rewards exercise and coordination with funky outer-space disco beats," says Una. Who are we to argue?

In the Market for a Rollercoaster?

If so, head out to for the Santa's Village [PDF] and so you'll be fully prepared to bid.

Optimized Around Happiness

You know you've made it in the world of software when Apple does about how much you love your Mac and OS X. But that's business as usual for lately, I guess. Read up on the Chicago-based web dev. firm in next week's Detour.

Bears, Oil and the Mob

11选5图标下载If I had the inside line on a conspiracy involving , I don't know if YouTube is the place I'd turn. But that seems to be the only place Joe Weinbender is telling his story.

What Becomes of the Settling-Minded?

A follow-up on Mr. Undateable11选5图标下载: Brian Wolf of "" fame has had some luck. While they've not yet reached the boyfriend / girlfriend stage, he that he's currently seeing someone special. Hope springs eternal.

"For the Not-So-Safe Driver"

11选5图标下载Looks like the has a . At first, I thought it was real, but then I knew that any memorial like "The Brittany" had to be too good to be true. Well done, chaps.

Share Your Secret -- Temporarily

Call 773/394-2017 and confess your secret. It will then be exposed -- but only for a day -- at .

Open Letter to Criminals: Stay Away from MySpace

11选5图标下载 from our neck of the woods.

Jean Le has a posse

Have you been down by Wicker Park and seen an Asian guy dressed in rocking out on his headphones? You haven't? Well, you'd better then, hadn't you?

Navy Pier (dot com) for Sale

How long do you think it'll take the City to notice they forgot to renew ? [Update: They renewed it. for posterity.]

Podcast addicts, rejoice!

11选5图标下载 can provide you with another fix. It currently produces two programs: , a weekly news of the weird podcast, and , an offbeat arts and entertainment video podcast that is published twice a week.

What's the worst building in your neighborhood?

11选5图标下载Following the Tribune's , the is for the worst buildings in your neighborhood. There's only one nomination so far, so let the archislaying begin.

Stripping for the Lord

Via , the website of a woman whose autobiography's title only tells part of the story: . Not safe for work, obviously, and I only post it here because of a lengthy book exerpt of her .

Worst Music Video Ever?

11选5图标下载While Chicago has put out some good videos in recent years (see: ), from Jan Terri from 1993 is the exact opposite. I'm not really sure what to think: that it's actually from 1993 but looks like it's from the 80's or how cheesy Chicago looks. However, I have that chorus stuck in my head! [via ]

Undateable Chicagoan Profiled

Unable to make a love connection via existing dating websites, plucky Brian Wolf has taken matters into his own hands with and scored the cover11选5图标下载 of today's Red Eye in the process.

Murderers in Your Extended Network

The social networking juggernaut removed a profile for , who shot six kids in a Winnetka school in 1988, over the weekend. Profiles of serial killers , and are still up, for now.

suntimes.com Redesigned

11选5图标下载 Monday night; it looks swell, but they also changed the way their URLs are built, so any links to articles that worked yesterday are now completely useless. [Matt adds: I'm not sure how swell it looks, but it's not just the links that are obsolete -- the old RSS feeds are, as well, so you'll apparently need to . Beyond that, 's the site tooting its own horn.] (Thanks, .)

Pilsen in Pictures

Ranging from parades to street art to "Gringos out of Pilsen" agitprop and spanning several years, Flickr user Pedro Juan's takes the pulse of a neighborhood.

Asshand and Other Stories

11选5图标下载Learn , read a , and other stories in the latest issue of .

How and Where to Eat Bo Nuong

11选5图标下载If you've ever wondered about the proper way to eat foods like thali, bo nuong and injera, a has you covered. Watch the video and then check out the restaurants they recommend.

One Smitten Briton

11选5图标下载My goodness, it's not every day that one reads a Missed Connection "the beauty of the plains of Kenya at sunset, the peaceful radiance of Annecy surrounded by snow capped Alps and the glorious treasures of Florence" and then proceeds to say they're nothing compared to That Girl on the Pink Line, is it?

Chicago Movie Magic

11选5图标下载We all know that the was a location for , but did you know that was a location for ? , and it will show you where Gerri's was.

Walking in Chicago

With all of this walking around11选5图标下载 Chicago, why not take ?

George Ryan Joins the Nigerians

You've got to hand it to Nigerian scammers: they're on top of current affairs. using the George Ryan corruption case as its set-up. []

TECH Cocktail, the Sequel

, a social occasion for the Chicago tech scene, has announced its next event: pencil it in for October 12 at . .

6 Degrees of Bob Dylan

11选5图标下载How well do you know your Dylan trivia? Well enough to connect, say, Sid Vicious to Robert Zimmerman in six steps or less? Find out with and you could win some cool stuff.

'Fork it over

the music industry blog portion of Gawker Media's online empire, introduces a new Friday feature today: a challenge for readers to try and identify the tortuously worded sentence that was not used in a Pitchfork review. (Previous stellar example of Pitchfork-mocking: David Cross' essay11选5图标下载 on fake CDs for real Pitchfork reviews.)

So I Guess Indy Cars aren't Street Legal

11选5图标下载Does anyone know why there was an the other night?

Watch that Scene

11选5图标下载An oldie, but a goodie that I don't see that we've ever mentioned on GB: Steve Delahoyde's "" or "I Drove for Five Hours, from Chicago to Iowa City, and Listened to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' the Entire Way."

The Best of What You're Not Clicking

11选5图标下载Congrats to Chicago blogs (and FoGB) and who were as part of their list of the . Of course, we know, and we love.

Chicago: Present at the Creation

NPR's provides unique insight to some Chicago-related icons. Our fair city pops up in some obvious place like , , and , but it's also there for !

Chicago's living history

and those viewing one recent post may have noticed11选5图标下载 that Chicago's historic neighborhoods like and are . Other interesting locations include the and .

Tag, You're It

As and announce new features today, geotagging looks like it's about to blow up. As of this posting, there were 150 photos displayed on a broadly defined ; expect that number to be significantly higher in a day or two, especially as previously tagged photos are . (And, for kicks, I tried the Upcoming event-tagging, using Lollapalooza as a test case. Sure enough, ! So neato.)

Learn Japanese

is "a searchable, web-based tool to help beginning and intermediate level Japanese language learners read and write kanji." It is a free program that was developed by folks at the University of Chicago, and it is definitely worth checking out, even if you have no specific interest in learning the language. QuickTime 6.0 or higher is required to use Kanjii alive.

A Newer, Larger Punk Planet

11选5图标下载Taking another step away from scissors, glue, and late night photocopying sessions, our city's very own has redesigned and expanded its website. Of particular note is the addition of .

Psychedelia Never Died...

11选5图标下载...it just got reinvigorated in the hands of the .

What HappensThere Shows Up Here

For those who've never heard of Craigslist, there's always the old-school option: flyering Wicker Park cars looking for a girl you once met -- well, okay, kinda met -- in Las Vegas.


11选5图标下载You've been writing that article about and for a few weeks now, but it's missing that certain something. Could it be a quote from a ?

Chicago: Green Fashion Capital of the U.S.?

The city's recent appointment of Melissa Turner as Chicago's fashion czarina brought a challenge from : Designers, will you embrace the challenge?

Talk About Real Estate

yesterday, covering every nook and cranny of the city and many suburbs.

The Terra Museum (Virtually) Lives!

Those of us who miss the Terra Museum (formerly at 666 N Michigan, now the home of the temporary Motorola store) can now . The site also includes information about --part of it is still in Chicago, at the .

500 Corpses

11选5图标下载, the locally based collaborative art project site created by friend of GB (and run on a CMS by GB MVP ), posted since its relaunch today. (It's technically the 627th corpse if you count from the beginning of the site, but why do that?)

The Journey is the Destination

11选5图标下载If you're yearning for some travel (video), check out YouTube user 's atmospheric videos documenting his train and car travel throughout the country. There are too many Chicago related videos to post here, but some train segments include , , and .

Craigslist of One's Own

11选5图标下载Some time in the very recent past -- quite possibly today -- split its local listings into five regional categories: , , , , and, reaching a bit further, . Which means, of course, you'll never have to read about a Missed Connection in Palatine or rental ad for an apartment in Northbrook again.

Your Moment of Mapping Zen

", isolated from context."

Techies Meet Here

11选5图标下载Looking for a technology group to meet with? Let be your guide.

More Midwestern Pride

11选5图标下载Meet another website devoted to the wonders of the Midwest: . While they have content from around the region, they recently filmed in Chicago. is in the works.


Friend of GB, scooterist, designer and making extraordinaire, hits the open road on his scooter on a tour he calls the . Ambitious in scope, it should be quite a ride. when he kicks off tomorrow.

A Different Kind of Heat

offers an interesting graphic representation of cost per square foot for Chicagoland real estate: a "."

Today's Forecast: a Seiche

Sunday's predicts a caused by severe thunderstorms. While not uncommon, they have caused considerable damage in Chicago. In 1954, an caused by a seiche (page 24) and (page 67). But don't worry: today's seiche should be less than a foot tall.

Threadless Ink

When you really11选5图标下载 love that tshirt design so much, that you never want to take it off... .

Another Collection That Could Only Exist Online

FoGB Coudal Partners' was .

Chicago Stolen Bike Registry

Via the , a link to the : register or look up bikes reported as stolen in the city. It's a great idea, and serves a real need; however, it's not automated, and site creator Howard Kaplan has to manually send out e-mails to listserv subscribers. If you've got some web skills, why not lend a hand?

CTA Fries Electonics

At least, potentially. has updated their to reflect that you run the risk of killing your appliance via a devastating power surge, as the outlet gets its power from the third rail.

Thinking Allowed in Chicago

11选5图标下载In 2002, 's visited Chicago to do a five-part series about the city in the spirit of early . With interviews from prominent Chicago academics, musicians, and public thinkers, are surprisingly fresh four years later.

Songs: Illinois

songs:illinois11选5图标下载 is an excellent little mp3 blog run by Craig Bonell in Oak Park. There's definitely a folk/ acoustic/ singer-songwriter focus but what excites me personally is that I've only heard of maybe one artist on the homepage. A nice deviation from and the like, dig in and discover some new tunes.

My Favorite Webcomic

, by former GB film critic Gordon McAlpin, turns one year old today with its 75th strip, "Pirates of Pirates of the Caribbean."

Share a Beer

Introducing , "a social guide to beer," produced by local design team .

Priceline Hotels on Google Maps

Oh boy, there's nothing I like more than . Check out with the BetterBidding : click on a location to access information about any given hotel, including relevant user reviews and recent winning bids.

This One's for the Ladies

Gay guys don't have too much trouble finding themselves in the local queer media. But gay gals? Forget it. That's the way the founders of feel, at least, and they're doing their part to change things, offering Chicago-area lesbians an online publication "free of L Word11选5图标下载 references and [with] no naked men photos in sight."

Behind the Buildings: David Woodhouse

11选5图标下载 has a spiffy new site detailing many of the architectural projects that have come out of the studio. Based in Chicago, they're the creatives behind quite a few of the Chicago Institutions you enjoy today. , meander the buildings and find out the inspiration behind each.

No more misses, connect

You may read our Public Notice11选5图标下载 column about . If you're absolutely addicted to them, you might be interested in delving deeper behind the scenes. GB staffer Jason Maslanka created a website with audio and video (including an interview with Craigslist founder Craig Newmark) called to try to figure it all out.

Big Wheels (Little and Small) In Beverly

11选5图标下载July is going to see lots of great bike activity in Beverly. First, there will be big-wheel race for kids of 100 yards, adorably titled the "Longwood 100". Then the pros take over and race in the , where the average speed is 32 mph. Yowsers! This happens on Friday July 7th; on Sunday the 9th you can sign-up for a fun ride around the neighborhood, the where you can see the historic features of the neighborhood on two wheels. (Sorry, no big wheels on that one.)

Cafeteria Ps & Qs

11选5图标下载In small ways, Mazzone's, local purveyors of Italian ice, do their part to make the world a better place. To wit: spotted somewhere in New Jersey, the company's admonition to "."

Wikiguide To Chicago, The World

The latest mashup, , needs your help: the current oh-so-clever entry for Wicker Park is: "A favorite Chicago-area hangout for Hipsters and males that wear way too much make-up. Recomend (sic) avoiding at all costs." Cute. (Learn more about wikis .)

Hubwear: ORD > ?

11选5图标下载Friend of GB, George Aye has just unleashed his latest idea which I find frickin' cool. It's called . Hubwear are t-shirts with airport codes printed on them: the front is first part of the trip while the back is your return leg of the journey.

New And Notable Chicagobloggers

A few new cool entries on : , a great site about being a mom and still having a sense of adventure and humor; , a woman in Milan by way of Berwyn who posts delightful Italian recipes and pictures of her adventures; and , a photoblog/documentary about the Chicago Filipino experience that's as beautiful as it is fascinating to take a peek into a slice of a different world from your own.

Face of Death

Legendary bank robber: Public Enemy Number One, patron of the in Lincoln Park, and now, in death, .

Online Public Records 2.0

In an interview with the Online Journalism Review, programmer-journalist mentions that he's "been collecting various public-record data in Chicago in preparation for the launch of [his] 'sequel' to ." Sounds interesting, eh? Watch this space for more as we learn it.

Honey, United Switched the Kid

11选5图标下载Friday at O'Hare, United who was napping while he waited for his connection to South Bend; .

Manhattan 60600

Super Up-To-Date Weather

If you want up-to-date weather, and I mean, updated instantly, check out the nifty weather station installed in Uptown at . Handy if you're about to hit the bike trail and the delightful Flash display is quite fascinating. If you want other local weather, the is useful too.

Chicago Venue Search Engine

11选5图标下载A handy link passed on to me: the City's Convention Bureau has a . Looking for an outdoor party for 200? A meeting with cigar smoking for 20? It has answers.

A Missed Connection of GB's Own

Are you a "very tall gent" who attempted to strike up a conversation with a gal at the GB Anniversary Party Friday night with the classic pick-up line "How are you this evening?," only to be rebuffed by mumble? If so, .


Ever wondered about the chronology of license plate designs has been in Illinois? Me neither, but .

Put That Digicam to Use

Don't know if you noticed this or not, but a couple of days ago, . Awesome! Now's the perfect time for you to check out the slew of new features and of course, join up one of their (especially this great one called . We gotta feed Rearview11选5图标下载 somehow, right?).

Look Three Ways Before Crossing

11选5图标下载An IIT student created a small site examining one of the anomalies in Chicago's grid system: .

Maxwell Street, 70s Style

11选5图标下载An interesting photo history of . Contrast that with the .

Your Brain Will Thank You

Our fabulous staff Librarian has mentioned the before, but I do believe it's time you visit it again. Check out some of the . Stump your coworkers with your newfound Chicago trivia knowledge!

Bring Back The Draught This Weekend

Thanks to an alert reader, we've learned that previously mentioned is having a . $20 gets you a T-shirt and surely a needed lunch; extra proceeds are donated to local not-for-profits.

Slimeball's Jacket on EBay

Hey, are you a jerk? Did you lose your sportcoat after groping a woman at a bar recently? If you want it back, . . (Thanks, !)

"I Don't Need to Leave Chicago"

Crain's on Chicago's "": , and .

Thanks for the Cash!

You thought your absurd and/or nightmarish stories were only good for amusing your friends; .

Loop de Looper

is a "quasi-daily architectural photoblog generally focused in and around the Loop;" if only we could all proselytize so well about our urban environment. Read and be inspired.

"Chicago" is Good

11选5图标下载Wikipedia's has been voted "." This means the entry is "among the best...of Wikipedia articles, but...flaws [are] holding [it] back." To help eliminate the flaws, . (Thanks, Sandy!)

Not A Gas

11选5图标下载The Citizens' Utility Board has instructing Chicagoans to beware of door-to-door representatives of, who are using pushy, deceptive tactics to get people to switch gas providers. There's an account . [via ]

Choose Your Own Missed Connection


State Master

11选5图标下载Enjoy some Friday fun with statistics! is a free site that collects current statistical data about all 50 states and allows visitors to compare and view data on just about every topic imaginable. Find out how Illinois stacks up against the rest of the country. Hey, we're third in the , and Illinois comes in ninth for the . And, did you know 65 percent of the population of Illinois ? Plus, you can get your statistics fix anytime with RSS and Atom feeds on the site.

Tracking Crimes by the Tracks

You might already check out the award-winning site to see what's gone down in your neighborhood, but don't forget to check your commute. The has a story of a on a Blue Line train this week, and also the ChicagoCrime.org options of checking crimes on , , , and .

For The Commuter With Style

Dear Dude on The Blue Line with the Pink iPod Wallet, Take your powder pink iPod protection devotion to the next level. Thomas Pink's latest collection at includes this practical gem: . Pink's tie (available in Thomas' signature pink, as well as red and navy blue) has a pocket on the backside for your MP3 player and a loop to tame headphone wires. Pink's collection also includes Yours, Gapers Block Style Team

Trade Ya For It

is a Chicago-based site where people can trade used books, CDs, DVDs and videogames with other members, paying only postage and a $2 fee per item ordered — which is reduced to free if you list enough of your own stuff for trade. (Thanks, Lakshmi)

Allstate's Paying For Parking

11选5图标下载Early notice: Allstate's going to do a large media campaign in the Loop on Monday. And , as well as adding a bunch of car-themed art downtown. (Will it be as cool as the ? Probably not.) Happy Birthday, Allstate.

Now Showing

Former GB film critic Gordon McAlpin has turned his love of the movies into a great webcomic, .

This Will Clear The Roadways

Have you ever thought that a perfect counter to the over-size sport utility vehicles would be a sport utility motorcycle? One that fits you and your friends, as well as (wmv)? Even better: (wmv). Oh yes, I'm not making this up, and it's all brought to you from Ural Motorcycles, available (sans gun) at .

Want to donate that computer?

11选5图标下载While I was looking for a place to donate a slew of computers I used in a high school classroom, I came across Chicago-based . They offer refurbished computers to schools, non-profits, and churches at 1/3 the retail cost. Their dropoff location is 3350 N. Kedzie. They even recycle cell phones, too!

"Smack dab between Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular"

Before baseball fever fully embraces- slash-chokes the region, lend an ear to this for basketball as the lifeblood of the American city, Chicago included ( via ).

Can't Stop That Feeling!

What's better than an REO Speedwagon concert? A . Can't remember their hits? Check out these great . (Thanks, .)

Two More For the PMF

11选5图标下载and have been to the lineup at this year's , which surprises exactly no one. In other news, they're for a local music reporter, and has anyone else noticed that the top Google hit for "Pitchfork Music Festival" is the rival ?

Swiffer-ly Winner?

A Chicago feminist, mother, wife, and UIC employee is one of the finalists in the contest. Veronica is the 7th from the top and she needs your vote. With her help maybe Chicago will get voted "Cleanest City to Live In."

Red Rover?

11选5图标下载A reader sent in a link to a craigslist post about : anyone else see this? Email us at with details.

Northwestern Crew Team Has No Boats

The Northwestern Crew Team was on its way to compete in South Carolina when the trailer flipped and destroyed their fleet. You can and flow them a few dollars to .

City of Awesome Skylines

11选5图标下载Luigi Di Serio's web site . Not shockingly, Chicago clocks in at number two on the list just behind Hong Kong. Anyone who remembers their first drive down Lakeshore Drive at dusk can surely attest to our ranking here.

New And Notable Chicagobloggers

11选5图标下载New And Notable on Chicagobloggers.com: , a blog about playing cards that features an obsession with a rubber chicken; , a site that encourages readers to share their experiences with psychiatrists.

Disco Ghost (Sad)

11选5图标下载This is totally awesome--some by local blogger .

Keep Going to Nigeria

The latest issue of is up, and there's a useful how-to on . Better than , I suppose.

Threadless's 10 buckeroos sale

T-shirt mavens have their pretty-often going on now. Act fast!

CTA on 7" Tape

that could help a fella out? (yes, we are Chicago heavy on GB this week11选5图标下载). This gentleman found some old reel-to-reel tapes of the band, back when they were called CTA, from a show at Wine and Roses, circa 1968. Could they be thee Chicago? Maybe you hardcore fans know.

Chicago by Southwest

11选5图标下载Friends of GB Jim Coudal and Jason Fried opened SXSW Interactive yesterday -- . Also, our own Andrew Huff is also there; naturally, he's .

More Ways to Occupy Your Free Time

If Slowdown just isn't enough for you, has created , a site which has nothing to do with the sculpture in Millennium Park. Instead, it's a calendar of eclectic events around town, such as on "recycling bikes for social change." Or, for those planning ahead, .

On The Block

Thought you'd heard the last of the Berghoff? Not quite. has a rather thoughtful for the physical space, accompanied by a of photos from the memorabilia auction.

State Street, Streamed

-- you know it's live, as it's currently under a blanket of snow. [via]

Bad Hair Days

People watching in Rosemont should be extra interesting this weekend. The is happening at the convention center this weekend. Brian's tip for best bad hair spotting: go to the RAM in Rosemont. (Sadly, the aren't online.) UPDATE: The Fangoria Convention is happening this weekend in Rosemont too. This just keeps getting better.

A List Styled after Yahoo, circa 1995

Today's Tribune compiles a list of the "50 Best Web Sites"; Trib internet blogger Steve Johnson has . I doubt more than, say, five of these will be new to our readers (sample inclusions: Defamer, Metacritic, The Onion), but your grandparents may find it a good place to get started on "that internet thing." That said, the paper is taking reader suggestions, so if you've got a favorite, .

Temps Abstracted

This sure is pretty: of monthly average highest and lowest temperatures recorded for Chicago from 1975 through 2004.

Yet Another Google Map, Apocalypse Edition

Ever wonder what a high-yield atomic bomb would do to the city? You can find out with from ; Chicago is in the drop-down menu. (Thanks, Dan!)

"Inside Black America" podcasts

The has several podcasts including a speech by Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. calling black Chicagoans to "raise their 'low expectations' and demand that they receive economic and political parity from their elected officials."

More Fun with GoogleMaps

Chicagoist took and of the city — the point you see if you type "Chicago IL" into and zoom all the way in. Some other city centers after the jump.

• geographic center of the Loop:
• "Number One City Datum Mark," the point from which the heights of all city buildings are measured: Northern Trust headquarters, 50 S. LaSalle
• And the "zero point," the center of the city's grid, is at State & Madison, of course.

Craig's List Speaks

Reader Carrie points us to , from CEO Jim Buckmaster, to the Fair Housing Act lawsuit filed by the we told you about here and here. Related: Chicagoist's , the executive director of the .

This Orchid Life

Ira Glass may not understand why Chicagoans are upset about This American Life leaving for New York, but maybe that's because he doesn't realize just how rabid his fanbase is. I mean, have been .

Rod And Hair

I am absolutely obsessed with Rod's hair. It's always perfect and rivals Donald Trump's hair for yucks. So imagine how surprised I was when I found . And that , too.

Local Patents

Here's something I had no idea existed: compiles awarded to local businesses and independent inventors. If that tickles your fancy, you'd probably also like , a patent law blog.

Vid-Podcast? Pod-Vlog?

11选5图标下载The hype about podcasts seems to be waning, but that doesn't mean there's no innovation going on. offers not only a podcast about Chicago food, beer and music (and, um, hookahs), but also video of said podcasts.

Tales Of Suburban Silliness!

�After five years of looking for something romantic to do on Valentine�s Day, I thought this would be fun and different,� Dockery said. Her reaction: "You're kidding, right?" Why the negativity? Yes, . Even worse: . (Thanks, !)


For the Sunday drivers stuck at their desks: comprehensive from hometown boys . (Check out the and .)

New And Notable Chicago Blogs

A few new additions to worth examining: , the humorous rantings of a law student; , offers the other side of attorney-ness, as a lawyer who stayed home to be with her child; and , a blog devoted to mp3s. I was just listening to song that combined Ukrainian accordians with hip-hop. A few more ways to while away time while it snows....

Visit the Show from Your Desk

11选5图标下载 (to be online after 3pm).

Still More Beer

11选5图标下载Still more beer: it seems that someone has self-published a . A are available online (of the text, not the beer).

Yet Another Google Map, Six Pack Edition

Jumping into the city's already crowded booze map11选5图标下载 field is .

Hanker for a hunka cheese

Looking for yet another source of great Chicago food writing? Check out , an online magazine that also features podcasts with top Chi-town chefs. The most recent issue features an interview with Hot Doug's Doug Sohn, plus product reviews and more.

New And Notable Blogs

A few new notable blogs that are worth a glance: , the account of a newly arrived man from India(?) writing about coming to Chicago. "And you know, I started to get the feeling that Morgan Freeman wanted these Penguins to die." has a great sense of humor worth reading, too. And something from a .

Grey Lady Memoirs

What if the New York Times chronicled your childhood? In the "" series over at , John Warner is imagining just that.

Advertise And Promote Your Site

Two points for creativity: want to drive traffic to your blog? Advertise in the paper, like did in yesterday's Sun-Times. But another technique is to utilize the new feature on Chicagobloggers, either to get more traffic on your site or to see what other Chicagoans are saying. Details on how to participate are .

Craigslist 101

A Craigslist post that Shylo could surely support: (otherwise known as "Get an anonymous livejournal, you jerk").

Target's a target

Target have taken advertising to the next level. that they've started using their roofs as a huge satellite view version of their billboard (). suggests that this particular store however could be for the benefit for passengers landing at nearby O'Hare ().

MLK Day on Craig

11选5图标下载Oh, my God. We know that many of you are off work today in honor of civil rights great Martin Luther King. If you're bored, why not see what other Chicagoans are up to today? Check out of ridiculously unsafe-for-work Craig's List posts about MLK Day fun.

Ivan Brunetti in felt

links to photos of a cool-looking of Chicago cartoonist made by the girlfriend of Chicago cartoonist Can the Ivan Brunetti action figure be far behind?

Xtreme Website Makeover Part II

The saga continues. Reader and member of (who have a fantastic website by the way), Elizabeth writes in informing us that there are two Chicago based websites that qualified for the 10 voting spots eligible for a website makeover. One spot has been given to : "I don't know whether to be ashamed or elated." The goes to the (who might really need it). Vote away!

Pixel Power

11选5图标下载As the sells off , other people are getting into the act. Chicago-based claims to be aiming for a "really nice car," while is going for the local angle.


The Chicago Daily News name controversy has apparently ended. Introducing . Ignore the masthead, and read the with site founder Geoff Dougherty. (Want to get involved? Start with the .)

Work, schmerk! It's time for videos!

Work pretty slow this week? Take some of that downtime to watch some videos! You know what videos are, right? Those things that MTV used to play? Anyway, European music blog has compiled their , with interesting clips from Xiu Xiu, M83, Animal Collective and The Decemberists making the cut. A note of caution: The Aphex Twin vid gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. You've been warned.

"You can't un-taste these things."

11选5图标下载Intrigued by the ? Well, before you run out and buy a pack of them, perhaps you should take a look at this , done by a local blogger and his girlfriend at Thanksgiving.

Xtreme Website Makeover

Indeed . , a local internet solutions company, is for the worst business website out there. You can submit your website with a short story explaining why you think you'd need a website makeover. Heh.

Midway's History

11选5图标下载With Midway in the news so much lately, this great site has a lot of information about the . If that isn't enough, you can of course too.

And Then There's Bea

11选5图标下载I'll admit that Bea Arthur has not been on my cultural radar since around 1979, so I was a little surprised to find out that Ms. Arthur is a strong advocate of women's rights and animal rights. Why do I know this? Because told me. He designed and maintains a web site dedicated to the former Golden Girl. Check out .

The "OMG WTF?" Shuffle

11选5图标下载Oh lordy, lord. doing some rap and dancing with freshly scrubbed denizens of the leg warmer set. I apologize in advance [via ].

Chicago In Song

? Well wonder no more my friends. have you covered where My Kind of Town, Chicago11选5图标下载 is concerned.

Cities In Motion

Here's a delightful urban photoblog named . So many beautiful pictures from cities around the world.

Video Killed the Workday Star

Chicago music scene mainstay recently updated their website, and have added a section which houses every video made by the likes of Tortoise, Mouse on Mars, Giant Sand, and the rest of the Thrill Jockey family. It's the most visually and aurally rewarding work day time-killer out there right now, guaranteed.

Red-Line Portraits Of People

11选5图标下载. Interesting B&W portraits of red line riders from 97-98. Be patient with the navigation.

DIY Sweater Design

I'm somewhat impervious to cold, but I have to believe someone with better knitting skills than me has designed a . Any knitters out there know of an existing pattern for this? (Alternatively, you could . There's a PRIZE you know.)

It's 1987 All Over Again

Despite not releasing any new material since 1991, the band Chicago will be . The yet untitled work was produced by bassist Jay DeMarcus. Their current touring season has them in Texas with Earth Wind and Fire and there's talk of yet another tour with . Future headline: Ghost of Johnny Cash Summons REO Speedwagon To Studio For Possible Recording.

Meet Ray St. Ray, The Singing Cab Driver

I'm not big on cabs. If I were, . I'd be treated to his one-man show; an ongoing performance piece called The Singing Cab Driver Show11选5图标下载. As Ray himself would say, "it's part vaudeville, part inspirational seminar and "More than a ride...It's a trip!" Check out the videos.

Olive and Mason: Bookmark It

11选5图标下载If you thought blogs were just for people with cats, kids or catastrophes, then think again. Because (two co-workers, who are secretly dating) are here, detailing their lives of working, betting and eating lunch. Required reading.

Who's Your Fave Derby Dame?

Are you a fan of the super-hot roller derby dolls in the Windy City Rollers? Yeah? Then vote for your favorite girl today. The voting ends November 9, so .

"Let's Learn to Read!"

Copy Goes Here: Coudal Partners, the folks who help to bring you Transmission, have made .

SWM for SWF on CTA

11选5图标下载Ride the CTA all by your lonesome no more:

Songs of the Sox

The Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros were asked to [link will only work with iTunes installed]. The choices are mostly predictable (some Pearl Jam mixed in with Nu-Metal and a smattering of rap/hip-hop) with one exception. Damaso Marte's choice was Britney Spears's "Oops!... I Did It Again." Say it ain't so, Damaso!

An Orange Sticker is Hard to Find...

But, it would seem, worth it. We mentioned the UpYourBudget Treasure Hunt earlier in the week, and it turns out the White Sox weren't the only winners last night. , you're ten thousand dollars richer.

Looking for Loot down in the Loop

Sifting through the website for the is a bit of a task, but, as far as I can make out, there are $10,000 prizes to be won in various cities each week over the next month. Tell you one thing: I'll be doggoned if the doesn't look awfully familiar. May the best gaper win.

Jenga Blocks are Falling Down

Remember the Jenga Sears Tower? The Sun-Times its builder today, who reveals he's ready to knock it down and start on his next project, London's Big Ben. To that end, Bryant Varney is looking for suggestions on how best to send the Tower toppling; send yours to bvarney[at]nmu.edu.

Locating People In Groups With Frapper

Continuing the onslaught of "Cool Things You Can Do With GoogleMaps" is this new tool I discovered this morning, . You can map locations of where people in a particular group live. have already gotten into the act such as mommy-forum and the .

Dating Services Illegal In Chicago

According to on craigslist, dating services are illegal. We've all heard of stupid laws before, but I hadn't actually seen the legal code cited. And what if you're gay? (via )

Nobel Alternative

11选5图标下载With so many Nobel Laureates down in Hyde Park, we may be forgiven for thinking of science as a serious-minded and lofty enterprise; however, the folks at the are happy to nudge our thinking in another direction. . And while none of this year�s winners are from Chicago, we can be proud that �the youngest IgNobel winner ever�graduated from the . (Jillian Clarke was honored for her paper: �If You Drop It: Should You Eat It? Weigh-in on the 5-Second Rule.�)

Recent Media Redesigns

Do you do a little doubletake when a website you visit regularly suddenly looks different? That's what I did when I visited Crain's this morning, and a week or two ago at . And a bit before that at . -y goodness!

Urban Planning Is Fun Again!

The planners at present "", a flash-based game for 8th graders to learn about Chicagoland planning issues. The game challenges your knowledge of regional issues such as low density sprawl; the spatial mismatch between jobs; and affordable housing and transportation, and is even kinda fun to play whether you're a pre-teen in Elgin or a cubicle-jockey in the Loop.

Jenga Sears Tower!

11选5图标下载Holy crap! Some guy at Northern Michigan University built a out of blocks!

Another Day, Yet Another Googlemap


An "Awesomedose"

Although is temporarily off the air, if you've ever been curious about the finer points of being a Lincoln Park Chad, well, ...


11选5图标下载 has been . Hopefully this will raise this cool service's profile and encourage a bit more use .

Read Write Web

has launched , a collaborative text editing program. Read, write, share and edit at will, while all previous versions are backed up and retrievable. I know I'll11选5图标下载 be using it.

Get Tasty

11选5图标下载 is at it again. But they've moved from your t-shirt drawer to your wetbar with , launching soon. Go sign up.

What would I do without blogs?

11选5图标下载Seriously. I've begun to turn to blogs to get more and more information that I know I'm not going to find in traditional media. For example, the had a yesterday titled "Speaking So They Can Hear Us," which was all about getting feminist voices in the media. Right up my alley, right? Unfortunately the day job got in the way of me going. So today I go to and find nothing. So I turn to my bookmarks, and find . With lots of pertinent links. Thanks, Roni!

Street Art, Chicago-Style.

In a city that's completely banned spray paint, Chicago street-artists have had to take creative and untraditional routes to get their work on the streets. , the latest group pool on , is starting to document all of the , , , , , and that bring color to the all-too-often drab urban landscape.

Good food, served fast, money goes to a$$holes

And I don't mean the server. Being a server is a thankless, crappy, dirty job which very rarely gets you paid time off, health insurance, or many other benefits that most corporate drones can take for granted. And while servers run into other servers when they're having a beer and unwinding, it's hard to network so you can get the good jobs, for good owners. In comes and creates a safe environment so bartenders and food service workers can find out the dirt before they drop off a resume. And since I'm lucky enough to be a corporate drone now, I'll be checking through the list to make sure my usual haunts aren't run by "dillweeds", "jagoffs", or the like. Thanks, .

Love Chicago

11选5图标下载A neat little zine deserving of your time: . We do, you should too.

Smoke 'Em if You've Got 'Em

Recently, a friend left town to spend a year studying abroad, and I'm keeping up with his travels via Flickr. The other day, a somewhat inscrutable appeared in his photostream. It looked like a packet of candy cigarettes emblazoned with our skyline, but why? Curious to know more, I asked what it all meant. His reply: "In Germany everyone thinks that Chicagoans are so rich that they smoke chocolate!"

A Flood that Hits Home

11选5图标下载From an unlikely source, has created a series of overlay maps that show the as it would affect other U.S. cities, including . If we had been flooded, the water would have reached from Logan Square to 67th Street, and as far west as Forest Park. Just imagine your home, still standing under water after two weeks. . [via and ]

Crime Sometimes Pays

Many congratulations to for the grand prize at the Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism -- grand prize being, in fact, a cool ten grand. Holovaty's site, , has been impressing users in Chicago and beyond since it launched back in May11选5图标下载. Well done; we'll be looking forward to the sequel.

The Top Five Clicks (Allegedly)

11选5图标下载File under: "If you say so..." About.com has a list of Chicago's five most popular sites as determined by daily visitors. While I can buy Craigslist, I'm a bit skeptical that the local UVa alumni club pulls more traffic than, say, the Tribune's site, which isn't even listed. Speaking of it, though, Daywatch writer Charlie Meyerson is hosting one of chicagotribune.com's first online chats today at noon; get interactive .

Knit 1, Learn 2

Whether you're a beginning knitter, or a long-time crocheter, there's a new spot in town where you can learn some new tricks. The store just launched its website, but it's already getting into high gear with its vast selection of class offerings. There's a special class where moms can bring their kids along, others where the youngsters get to knit alongside their parents, and a number of general and project-oriented classes for all levels. Prices are reasonable, and they do offer a discount on materials. You can check out Knit 1 in person at 3823 N. Lincoln Ave. in the North Center neighborhood.

Haiku Generator

And computer creates a
11选5图标下载 Terrible haiku

Philly Swoons For Chicago's Corruption

In today's online edition, , "If Chicago is corrupt, at least it's corruption that delivers." He uses 11选5图标下载 as an apt metaphor [registration at philly.com required /gapers1].

Open Letter to a Craigslist Ranter

11选5图标下载Dear anon-86861632, It's been over a month since you posted your first five "." By now, I'm sure we've all read and forwarded them on to our friends and neighbors -- heck, you made the , didn't you? I know, of course, that suicide is no laughing matter, but, after vainly spending time on the lookout, I can't help wondering, "Where's Part II?"

Hancock = Gateway To Hell?

11选5图标下载I ran into this interesting little tidbit of info on about.com: ", in his popular work, , credited some of Chicago's paranormal openness to its architecture, namely, the trapezoidal John Hancock building, the shape of which has been traditionally known as a gateway for arcane forces." This according to the book by Ursula Bielski. In my best Johnny Carson voice, I can honestly say "I did not know that."

Friday Banjo Spotlight

11选5图标下载Did you wake up this morning and say "I feel like a little suburban banjo music?" I did, and friend, I have quite the . Listen to live versions of "Oh Susanna" and "Boil That Cabbage Down" from suburban twangers "Loose Change and Friends".

Name a Bowling Alley, Win...Bowling.

The Lucky Strike on Lincoln is , and the deadline for submitting name ideas is tomorrow. Anyone who e-mails their idea(s) gets an hour of free bowling. However, if your idea is selected for the name change, you win a lifetime of free bowling at any of the 3 (formerly) Lucky Strike locations. Dude, good luck.

What's It Worth?

Wondering what that thing your great aunt Martha left you is worth? is here to help. In addition to listing upcoming events and listings of local antique shops and auction houses, owners Ron (author of our Old Style column) and Brian will estimate the value of your antiques if you send them a photo.

Mapping the Nookie

Here's a whole different kind of map: The Museum of Sex in New York has launched an interactive exhibit, . Using good ole GoogleMaps technology, the exhibit allows visitors to virtually thumbtack their own stories to a map of the country. Chicago is already one of the most annotated cities, but there's plenty of room for more. Add your own sexcapades to the map.

Budget Living

11选5图标下载Tired of mindlessly supplementing your vintage bric-a-brac from The Brown Elephant with items you covet at from arrival to clearance price? Want to remain the homemaker your friends refer to as frugal, stylish and creative? Enter Magazine. The current issue features tips for scoring a hot fall handbag, as well as sassy chandeliers on the cheap side. And, pssst, are available. Take your sweetie out on a and tell her.

There's a Club for Everything

No, seriously, there is a club for everything. The Chicago Public Library has a for those interested in everything from soap box derby to Magic the Gathering to Esperanto. Check it out.

Chronically Cool

11选5图标下载If you wake up everyday wondering if it's going to be a pain-filled day or if you'll be able to forget about your chronic illness and have fun, then is for you. Local writer Jenni Prokopy (aka Mrs. ) has been living with fibromyalgia for a few years. Instead of sitting on her sofa whining about it, she strapped on some comfy shoes and created this kick-a$$ website which lets you go from "Waanh" to "Rowr-sexy!" in just a few posts. Yep, she's not here to tell you how to get healed, just how to enjoy life while you're living with what ails you. And if you want to support this hot chronic babe, you can buy the .

You've got ads

Let's say you're a fan of Shylo's Public Notice column (and, really, how could you not be?). But maybe, every now and again, you get a hankering for some mid-week Missed Connections. is here to help. The free service searches and sends you email alerts based on your customized settings. Never miss a w4w in Lincoln Square again! (Also works for apartment listings and more practical interests, but that's hardly as fun, is it?) [, and, as the comments note, you can do similar things with RSS feeds]


Hot on the heels of the , Chicago-based industrial designer (and sometime Gapers contributor) has an idea I can actually imagine gaining traction: the . Sized no larger than a 1" band badge, Berman imagines the micro iPod playing singles while adorning the blazer/hoodie combos of the hipster masses. Calling Steve Jobs...

Trib Calling

You know those "" ads the Tribune has been running? Apparently the song they use, "Anthem" by local commercial scoring co. , has been so popular that they're offering it as a .

Today's Front Pages

11选5图标下载 is a very neat website that allows you to scroll over maps of the continents and browse the current front pages of the world's newspapers. Comparing which stories make the front pages in various parts of the country--or the world--is fascinating. Roll your cursor over the Chicago area to compare headlines from the Sun-Times, Tribune, Red Eye, Red Streak, Daily Herald, Northwest Herald and even the Rockford Register Star. Cool.

Christmas in July - MamaMeow.com

If you're searching for a truly unique gift, I don't think you can go wrong with the catalogue. Based here in Chicago, it is over 30 pages of cat crap like you've never seen before. The killer pages are the . Don't you know a friend who wants to celebrate our freedom with a Proud or . Captivating and bizarre.

Where do you want to go today?

An interesting statistic: , "the city that works," boasts the second highest number of goal-setters on . Life can't be all work and no play, though, so those folks -- and possibly you -- will want to contribute their $.02 on why is so great at the just-launched . (And, no, neither of these sites have the slightest bit to do with , though that site might give you tips on making the work and travel plans actually happen.)

Map mania -- way cool!

11选5图标下载If you're a map geek, the new software will blow your mind. was cool, but it's nothing like seeing downtown in 3D and having the CTA, Starbucks, and highway maps laid overtop as you turn the city to a 45 degree angle. (Sadly, the Bean isn't in 3D.) Look for the 3D layers in the bottom corner for a truly rad view of downtown. (Windows only, sorry.)

Keeping Going

Local web quarterly has released its summer edition, and it looks great. Features include from 's Ken Nordine, a , and of one of my first daily online reads, .

Man in the Mural

Yesterday I pointed out a few photos of a mural at Damen and Lake. Reader sent some more info. The man's name is (I think I'm qualified to say that is an awesome name) and he's a poet who sells his poetry at the Damen/North/Milwaukee intersection. And if you're interested, apparently you can . Thanks, Dan.

We're Gonna Do A Montage

Here's a neat way to search for images of Chicago: enter a keyword on , and have it build a montage of images for you. Not surprising to see that searching for Cubs has lots of people, while Chicago has lots of objects. And Gapersblock has few pictures of traffic, but lots of Cinnamon. (wink wink)

I went on a scenic boat tour of Chicago and all I got was...

11选5图标下载 make some very very nice posters and artwork. They also have with some of the best intricate silkscreened posters I've seen. But, the best item might just be a t-shirt they have (sadly now sold out) about a certain incident in Chicago involving the Dave Matthews Band — scroll down all the way to the bottom on the right. .

Wiki wiki guide book

, a local librarian, has developed an to help out her fellow members of the American Library Association as they hit town later this month for their . In true wiki fashion, if you've got something to share about the city, all you have to do is click the "edit" link.

A DIY Fairy Tale

was recently featured on where she made a . Some girls wanted to be a princess, but I wanted to be a fairy because I wanted to be able to fly and be mischevious. Seeing these makes me want to play pretend all over again. Thanks .

Cruising the Stain

11选5图标下载It was bound to happen, but I didn't expect it to be so skeezy: some guy used Salt Stain Mary (and a lie about a brother who died in Iraq) to hook up with a beautiful Polish immigrant. Then . Ick.

Visual Chicago History

11选5图标下载This is pretty neat - has put their and they are searchable. I don't know eactly what I'm looking at, but it looks neat.

All Smiles

11选5图标下载A couple alums have created a new website, , in which a question is asked and lots of random photos flash on the screen. Simple, somewhat , definitely worth playing with.

There's a new knitter in town

11选5图标下载Or several actually. Eight Chicago-area knitters have teamed up to create . And it's pretty good and certainly worth adding to your list of knitting blogs to visit. Just because it's warming up outside doesn't mean knitting season is over. Quite the contrary, it's a good excuse for sucking up air conditioning in coffee shops.

Sam's Wine & Spirits: Web Updates

GB reported on the various violations and allegations against over the last few months. After a visit to the website to check on prices, it is apparent many changes were made. First off, the Rosen family addresses the charges in . Next up, online shopping is expanded and customer accounts allow for easier . Lastly, the has moved locations, which means our old link is no longer active.

Left behind

The Morning News handed out its today, and there's one category that especially deserves your attention: Favorite Online Newspaper Redesign. Why? Because it points out that, while the other major newspapers in the country have revamped their sites, remains stuck in 2001. The only change they seem to have implemented lately is splitting stories into multiple pages, and who likes that? Plus, they don't offer RSS feeds. Come on, Trib! Chicago deserves better! That said, on a happier note, , a venture by local web outfit , gets props as Favorite Tool for Handling Projects. If you're not familiar with their products -- , say -- there's no time like the present.

How To Find Cheap Gas

Gary must be good for something besides cheap gas, right? Well if you're just interested in the cheap gas, check out this neat Google app that searches for around a region. If you're in Chicago, think Lombard, and ignore Lake County.


Now you know that crafting is H-O-T-T-T, right? Well, Josi Hannon Madera of wants to prove how S-E-X-X-Y crafting is, too. She's creating an adult DIY magazine, called which will blend the sexy best of handmade, independent designers: "from the semi-nude to the simply silly". The first issue isn't available until November, but to get folks interested, she's challenging you to create an and send it in. The winner of the contest gets a prize, but I think the readers will be the real winners.

Stitch and Bitch Threatened with Lawsuit

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of , a common name for a knitting group that's been actively engaging stitchers in Chicago for at least the past four years and many other parts of the country as well. Debbie Stoller, editor of , has written with that title. Brenda Janish, ex-GB staffer and creator of the Chicago group, has been sent a cease and desist letter from a company called in New York City saying that her use of the Stitch and Bitch name in her is an infringement on their trademark. Think this is bogus? I sure did. So I what I thought.

Geotagged: 41.876, -87.633

11选5图标下载Yesterday, the FlickrBlog a that pinpoints properly tagged photos on . A few Chicagoans have quickly gotten in on the act, as Downtown is already . You simply click on one of the markers, the map recenters, and you see a linked description and thumbnail. The GMaps features we know and love function as usual, so you can also zoom in or switch views. The satellite images provide an interesting contrast to the photos, especially in the cases of Millennium Park and other spots that have since been developed. To join the fun, provides a handy way to find coordinates for your pictures. And, if you're looking for another way to put Google Maps to use, check out this .

Where the Buffalo Roam?

Not sure what to make of this: the project wants to turn Northerly Island, former home of Meigs Field, into a preserve on which bison would graze. UPDATE: Reader points us to for the site of the World Trade Center made in 2003.


Chicago has a healthy toy scene, with shops like supporting plushie creators like , and . You can add to that list. The sister duo make all kinds of crafty goodness (methinks Chicago is a hotpot for crafty folks) but I'm most taken with the .

Asianmack, now powered by Jeepney

11选5图标下载Your favorite local-based music filter/reviewer and mine, has returned with a fresh, fun and new design. I'm overly fond of bright, eye-catching designs that make me feel all warm inside and this new design makes the good content stand out even more. Nice job Jamie & co. They've also started making free legal mixes available for download -- a great idea. .

Sleeping at O'Hare

11选5图标下载At , visitors can share their stories about trying to catch some shut-eye while waiting to catch a flight. Airports are also ranked by the relative quality of sleeping experience. Coming in at number 10 on the "most popular airport to sleep in" list is . It is great fun to read everyone's travel horror stories, which include brillant lines like, "6 days later MY BACK STILL HURTS!!!" Awesome.

Upcoming Chicago

has to help coordinate with friends. You can now search venues, events and people, send email invites to friends and grab RSS feeds for venues and tags. Pretty cool stuff.

Heritage On Your Back

11选5图标下载Want to wear your city's colors on your back? Check out this '. (via mailing list, who also have neat Chicago swag.)

"I've Had a Good 20 Years"

Friend of GB happened to take of poet/fugitive murderer11选5图标下载 JJ Jameson/Norman Porter at last year's .

More Things to Read

The latest issue of is out, and we've come across a couple other webzines you might be interested in: is a quarterly produced by some folks on the West Side, and while has a coupla West Coasters on staff, it's mainly based here. Check'em out.

Sunrise, Sunset, Sun-Times

We linked to this awhile ago, but points us back to Jack Blanchard's "," a Quicktime time-lapse video of the destruction of the Sun-Times Building. It's now the complete demolition, and it's set to some really nice music by . You might want to follow the link to while you're there.

Nazi Landlord?

One of the contributors at needed to track down a phone number for an ex-landlord. She did a little googling, and discovered the landlord's name on (1990 entry) -- the woman is a Holocaust revisionist who removed her daughter from a high school history class in which the Holocaust was discussed. .

A Chicago Comic in Paris

11选5图标下载Recently , a French television channel, ran a series of specials on comic book artists, including one on Chris Ware. Traveling all the way from France to get the story on one of our own? Well, that's kind of cool. You can view the video (Thanks, .)

Cherry Blossoms Weep

Apartment hunting is a universal experience. So universal that some wise soul has written about it.

Otium Launches

The University of Chicago's new online prose magazine, has just launched. Otium features , , an , and . I didn't realize prose included photography, but it's good so I'll let it slide. If your New Years resolution was to get something published this year, note that they're also for future issues. Go get 'em.

Tense Forms of the Ephemeral

11选5图标下载, an art and music collective, has started a new project called "." As Josh describes it, "Each day presents a new bit of ephemera -- a poem, a joke, a recipe, a painting, a song, or whatever else we dig up. The next day it's hidden away, covered (not publicly archived), replaced with something new. Folks can bookmark the site and visit daily, but the best way to experience it is via . Subscribe to the site and there'll be a little art gift in your news reader each weekday."

Behold! the living Corpse

11选5图标下载Former GB staffer has announced the return of an online adaptation of the classic Surrealist word game Come peruse the existing Corpses (which feature work by more than a few GB staffers and friends), and if you feel worthy enough, sign up to help assemble a Corpse.

eBay fun

A little late for local needs, but maybe our readers out East will be interested in purchasing an "" on eBay. "Endorsed by the Honorable Mayor Daley!!" (Thanks, Nik.)

A9 Is Watching You

11选5图标下载, Amazon's search engine, has to its yellow pages search function. Now you can see before you go and even check out what's nearby by scrolling up and down the block in many cases. Unfortunately, the method employed -- van-mounted cameras trolling up and down streets -- often captures vehicles and people, most of whom have no idea they're being photographed. Sepoy, local author of , found this the hard way when he searched for a local pizzeria and up the block.

CTA Geek Out

Tony Coppoletta's online collection of will bring warmth to the heart of any transit nerd. He has photos from station tours, a of the CTA Voice from the el and buses, and a collection of from tokens to the ChicagoCard.

Ta-da List

11选5图标下载Everyone makes lists. Some people . All the followers believe in Lists. So, what do you do if you're a ? You make where you can host your very own lists. !

The Odds Are Good, But...

...the goods? They are odd. So we say about the bizarre 70 percent marriage rate of University of Chicago couples. Contrary to my opinion, writer Phoebe Maltz commends the U of C for being a by which she means that it is a place where girls are lucky enough to have guys within close proximity who care as much, or as little, about their appearances as they do. But have you been to the U of C? I'm not so sure this is a good thing.

Rendered Chicago

Blogger J has with the architecture of the movie 11选5图标下载, which was set in a Chicago of the future. In this , he examines the changes in city geography that occur by 2035.

Tagging Chicago

will always have their place, as hand-selected content remains preferable to lists of automatically generated links. But, 'tagging' — the process of to posts — is allowing for the quick distillation of information, grouping thoughts together around shared subject matter. You've no doubt seen the , and the , both great Windy City-related resources.

But now, the folks at have added a to their site, alllowing for the instant search of a particular theme on member blogs. Check out their , and you'll notice that it not only aggregates posts with the city as their subject, but conveniently consolidates each of the above services onto one single page. Brilliant.

You've got maille

Do you have lotsa patience? Does the idea of linking little rings together to create jewelry or even chain maille make you giddy? Then you'll want to take a gander at . Rebeca Mojica has lots of classes set up around the city, or she can give you, and a few friends, a personal lesson for a very reasonable fee. Before you go thinking that chain maille is clunky and ugly, take a look at and you'll change your mind. If you're more likely to just buy pre-made jewelry, check out by Melissa Banks. Thanks, Fil!

Stay inside all the time

11选5图标下载Ben Johnson offers timely tips for , such as "Allow yourself the simple pleasure of getting shitfaced alone in your apartment. Bars are expensive and it�s cold outside." This and many other insights can be found in , the "improvisationally-slanted digital literary magazine" at .

OMG Clothing: SkinnyCorp do it again

11选5图标下载Not content to sit on their , are once again at it with another t-shirt site, this time you don't have to be a designer — just a witty slogan will do. works like in that you submit, it gets scored and it gets printed. However, this time, you're just submitting slogans. Pretty 'effin cool we say.


11选5图标下载Speaking of wi-fi, here's a . I found out which houses on my block have access.

Gang signs

11选5图标下载Chicagoans are proud of the influence our city has on the country. We brag about our comedians, our actors, our authors, and our politicians. But the Florida Department of Corrections, breaks down how have influenced gang culture nationwide. There are also several sketches and photos of graffiti, in case you want to find out who rules your hood.

New Threadless, new contest

The good folks over at , who have been clothing those of discerning tastes, have an all new site and — $2005 cash prize for 2005.

43 Things

11选5图标下载The and have launched — a site where you can track things you want to do, or rather, goals. The site itself is similar to and (and even integrates with Flickr and other popular weblog systems) — you can see who else is trying to achieve your goal, what they do, etc. More social software, more community building.

Scared of Santa

Kids + Santa = Fun! Or not. SouthFlorida.com offers , and the first 25 photos are from the Tribune's 2003 "Scared of Santa" photo contest. (Thanks, Heather!)

It's Friday, what can I say?

I am.

Why did the chicken cross the city?

Not too far from where I live is a place where I can pick out a live chicken and have it butchered and dressed while I wait. I've wondered how many people have found a chicken building a nest in their flower garden, 'cause I'm sure at least a few of them have to be smart enough to get away. I'm pretty sure the ones found weren't all that smart, but it makes for a good story.


Tired of overhearing other people's cellphone conversations? Don't want to know what the doctor said? You may be interested in joining a new organization, the Society for HandHeld Hushing, just launched by and . Just download this and get to work on a quieter tomorrow!

ISO Craig's List Success Story

is looking for on . They seem to be primarily interested in getting a wide range of folks who have had interesting experiences with . You can write them a brief account of your craigslist experiences, along with your name and telephone number at CBS_Sunday_Morning[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Skim the Fat

11选5图标下载If you're looking for a constantly updated and comprehensive list of skateboarding videos, you need not look further than . and have (at this count) 542 skate videos. That's a lot. Some nice features include a tracklist of the soundtrack featured in a video, which as many skaters know is great because some videos don't list those and when you're trying to find out what song that was during that one skater, it's bloody nice to have that. Also send a buck in to the HQ (local, of course) and get some .

Center For UFO Studies

Chicago is home to , or the Center for UFO Studies. They have a library where they study the reports of UFO sightings and abductions on Peterson Ave. The site has some neat information if you're into UFO; they also offer advice on . Try to remain calm...

Chicago Fact Book

11选5图标下载Need to grab some quick statistics about the city? Or perhaps you've always wondered exactly how many people do live here? Or how many people live in your neighborhood? The , put together by the city, has all sorts of trivia about our city. (Oh, and as of the last census, 2.89 million people live in Chicago.)

Cataloging Sears

has launched the , an online archive of more than 100 years of photos, product info and historical documents from the company, from here in Chicago to today.

29 Days Till... Novel!

In just one month, you could write a novel. At least, that's what the folks at say. NaNoWriMo is a motivational contest, of sorts, where willing writers begin their novels only at the stroke of midnight on November 1, and stop at midnight November 30, hopefully with 50,000 words to show for it. Last year, there were 25,500 participants and about 3,500 of them made it to the goal. It's free, and once you register, you'll be put in touch with other NaNoWriMo's in your area, for information on and other activities. So get going, you're late already!

Saturnine Detractor: The Election Issue

11选5图标下载A new issue of the is up. They're calling it "The Election Issue," but don't let that scare you away; on No Child Left Behind and his experience working as a middle school tutor in Chicago is definitely worth checking out. Actually, all the articles are good this round. Get over there.


Rearview contributor (today's in fact) Alessandra Gillen belongs to a collective of sorts, called . The site deals with experimental audio and visual art (with a strong focus on the audio) and is nicely designed. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on there so ?

The Other Yellow Pages

11选5图标下载Sometimes it's difficult to open the Yellow pages and figure out which plumber, electrician, or pizzeria is going to be any good. The doesn't promise better results, but they do guarantee a smaller list to choose from.

Find Your Geek Match

Are you a geek? Do you have trouble meeting other geeks with which to share your life experiences? Perhaps it's time to check out dating service. Its retro-styled site is filled to the brim with swinging, uh, geeks waiting to meet you. And it's based right here in Chicago!

Bye, Bye 411

How many times have you been out and said "What the heck is that phone number?" or "What was her exact address again?" If you have a cell phone and know how to send text messages, you can now . Send a text message (also called SMS) to GOOGL saying "Schuba's Chicago, IL" and the address will pop back. Or, building on the fuel question about pizza11选5图标下载 from this week, say "pizza 60625" and see what they recommend. Now if they only had movie times....

Look at your Luckyface

, another (but good!) online creative endeavor, has some standout features. Of particular note, the photo essay about the is like getting small glimpses of lives you don't know and is an excellent photo travelogue from Chicago to the wild west.

Where to Meet

Want to meet new people? You could come to our GB Get-Together tonight11选5图标下载, but in a more long-term sense, you could check out , a free service to "provide a relaxed, 'non-pickup-scene' social environment for people to enjoy." It's free, and there's a ton of things to do listed, from camping trips to movie outings to just drinks. Pretty cool!

Sex toy reviewer needed

If you're looking for some freelance writing work, and are comfortable writing about sex (and porn, and toys...), check out today's listings in the . , , , and more jobs have been posted. Too bad there's no ad for a .

New Revol

11选5图标下载Ah, another issue of stellar art/design magazine is now online for . They've also got some new pins in their , My would be by killer illustrators and those hot world-peace-goodwill styled ones by Reach. Good stuff coming out of Chicago these days, good stuff.

Boston Eyes Chicago Exhibit

11选5图标下载 reports on a current exhibit at the , titled "." The reason for the mention all the way in Boston? It turns out the used to own some of the items in this exhibit. But, facing a looming financial crisis in November 2002, the (2nd item). The result of this sale is currently on display up in Glencoe .

Got An Old Cell Phone?

I was shopping around for a new wireless plan today and realized that if I do switch, I'll probably get yet another new phone. Since I don't want to let my old one go to waste, I looked into what can be done with it. Turns out there are . The phones are used to benefit victims of domestic violence -- a worthwhile cause indeed.


11选5图标下载 is an "entertainment centered" web publication for young adults, based in the Chicago suburbs. They have stories of national interest, like the current interviews with , as well as a Midwest focus, with features and concert calendars for Chicago, Milwaukee and Des Moines (Indianapolis will be added next month). Check out the recent story on .

An Urban Adventure

11选5图标下载 points us to , a site dedicated to exploration of places people don't normally get to visit. There are a couple Chicagoland features: a in downstate Manteno and , the one the Blues Brothers drove through in the movie. (More about Dixie Square at DeadMalls.com.)

Stand up and Revol now!

A new-ish online magazine (in that oh so trendy pseudo magazine rendered in Flash style), looks to be a keeper. Co-produced by a sister in Chicago and a brother in LA, they've got and the — a mixture of found objects, collages, stellar photography and miscellany — is perfect to wake you up a little bit this morning. It even features one of our faves, who's popping up all over the place (hint: he's got a feature in the new issue of ) As they say on their site, "Keeping up the fight."

Subsystence, Vol 3. out now!

Our friends at have launched a of their excellent web presence. Their events section (on the home page) is well worth checking out for quality stuff you may not have heard of around the city, and who doesn't like free downloads? I may be biased but the two photo exhibits, and kick a$$.

If you want to see your mate nipply nipple, just turn it hight and watch them blow away

Perusing the ads, I came across by a fellow in Deerfield who's auctioning off his stuff; he's moving to Japan. The descriptions! I bust a gut.

Choose Your Own Thursday Night

11选5图标下载 takes us back to childhood with a tale of a Thursday night on the town. Plus, .

That Ian, Suspended

This would have gone in the old Cool as F@#k category we used to have. A quick disclaimer: the following linked URLs lead to mature content and is not for the weak of heart. That said, it's pretty damn impressive. Some of you may know him as "That Ian" around here. 's posted a well-done and . By the knees. With hooks. Like a gapers block, we want to look away but just can't. Fascinating. Oh, and Ian is quite OK; he wrote back to me, "I'm bulletproof." But he also says "...this should never be attempted."

I did it, guilty as charged.

11选5图标下载McSweeney's delivers with ""

The Making of a Home

First there was . Then for a while, joined us here at the Block. But now, he's back on his own, or rather with his partners-in-crime (a girl, two cats), tackling a new project, . Incidentally, the site's design is refreshing and stellar. And of course, the content is good, you know, aside from that cat entry. We kid.

Another Blacklist

11选5图标下载Swell online magazine is back with their . Lots of great stuff to look at and read, featuring an interview with one of my faves, of and with our favorite designer toy store, . Head on over!

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields

11选5图标下载For your web surfing pleasure, Paul Freeman has collected information and photographs concerning across the U.S. The airfields are arranged by state, and the includes facts about the former Glenview Naval Air Station, the Sky Harbor Airport in Northbrook, and more. Although not comprehensive, this is a fun site to browse.

Speaking of EBay...

11选5图标下载, our downstate neighbor, is the brunt of many many jokes. Want to make a difference and improve commerce in Illinois? Buy , a strip club in Peoria and make that first step towards turning Peoria into a destination once again.

"Also, I'm Pretty Famous!"

You really need to by of James Hetfield thinking about Cliff Burton and a jetski. No really, you do.

606 Refreshed

11选5图标下载In case you hadn't noticed, launched their latest issue this week. Of note: on the FCC's cleaning up of the airwaves, a on psychics, and a of the author of , a female Iraqi blogger, and the city in which she lives. Get your kicks.

Abby Ryan Explained

11选5图标下载I have often wondered: who is that Abby Ryan I hear so often on the radio? Many of you know her from WBEZ, but she does other stations as well. What are Abby's dreams? Her wishes? And an important question: Does she clip coupons? gives us a peak at Chicago's #1 traffic personality.

GB Friend Gets Big Apple Shout-Out

Hey, hey, hey! This weekend, NYC must-read to check out Chicago DJ extraordinaire ! You might have caught him at a Gapers Block party or elsewhere around town. He'll be at Chicago's Cafe Lura on Aug. 18.

Third Ring

11选5图标下载 debuts its third issue today, featuring coverage of Civil War reenactments, pulp fiction reviews and Robert Downey, Jr.'s theory of a tripartite god. It's enough to keep you up nights.

The Collective Unconsciousness Project

Speaking of sending your dreams out there, frequent visitor and once-and-future resident of Chicago, produced a while ago. It's got a click interface and is wonderful to explore. It's pretty simple: "1) Create a Dreamer account. 2) Log a dream. 3) Explore the collective." It's nifty to see how your dream relates to the dreams of others and who else shares similar dream thematics.

Smells like an art project

11选5图标下载Found this one on this morning: . Call 773.486.9035 and leave a recording of a dream you had last night; if you leave a phone number, they'll call you back with someone else's dream.

Sock Monkey, That Funky Monkey!

Those wonderfully, freaky creations made from red-toed socks can be found anywhere, but did you know ? Probably not, which is why Joan Sage wants to get some publicity for the second largest city in Illinois. She's taking her seven-foot-tall sock monkey to New York to try and get on the David Letterman show (who she's been hounding for months), Good Morning America, the Today show, and Central Park. To cinch her chances of getting on Letterman, she'll be visiting Rupert at Hello Deli to give him a sock monkey as well. The odd thing is that she's using her own money to get to New York for four days. If you have a sock monkey story you want to share with Rockford's museum you can email it to Sage.

Help the Coudal

Our friends at need a little help: "We need a bit o� help at the CP/Jewelboxing World Headquarters in Chicago for the balance of the summer and into the fall. Call it a paid internship. We need a smart, talented, motivated person to help us with administration and distribution for Jewelboxing and to do occasional work on other Coudal Partners stuff too. You�ll have to do a bit of lifting and packing, etc. for . It would be a nice part-time gig (3 days a week or so) for someone in school, and it may or may not lead to other things. Writing skills would be a plus, so show them off by emailing Michele Seiler (go to the site for e-mail address) if you�re interested."

Naked Pranksters Take On Mac and Cheese

11选5图标下载A great story about a very naked and (we assume anyway) raw protest against GMO food on the lakefront. Would you too rather ? If so, you should go to the to benefit T.H.O.N.G. Chicago. No, not Trixies Hunt Out New Guys. Topless Humans Organized for Natural Genetics. (Ps to the : come back! We miss you! )

Chicagoans go to Lebowskifest

The 3rd annual tribute to the , went down a little while ago in Louisville, KY. Chicago was representing with our own who took and Halo+Horns , too, also with . Can we get enough of ? Apparently not.


The folks at are funny. Like in this article, "". If you really need some encouragement to go read that, it's worth seeing the photo of a girl with a firecracker in her ahem, behind. However, if you're more into less juvenile endeavours, you might really like with Davy Rothbart of .

12 Dumbest Comic Overs

Your Humorous Moment of the Day: brought to you by "Chicago's Finest Comic Shop", .


Everyone likes free music. I just can't say no myself. And everyone likes listening to new artists. My penchant for new, new, new is unsatiable. Well, is here to fill that void. Their model focuses on showcasing indie artists both known and a little less known and making mp3's available to download and it's all legal baby. Jointly in Chicago and San Francisco, they're here to make the world a better place with better music and .

Chicago on Wikipedia

11选5图标下载One of the niftiest things on the internet is the . It's a free open source (meaning you can add to and edit information!) encyclopedia. Since it's open source, it's kept up-to-date in real time. is a nice neat nutshell that gives one a good overview of the city. At a glance it tell you about the , , , and much, much more. The best part? If you feel it's missing something, just go ahead and add your information. Power, in the hands of the user. Related:

Korean Chicago

takes a look at a Korean-heavy stretch of Lawrence Avenue. Find out where to buy books, eat food, and shop for supplies -- all with a decidedly Korean bent.


11选5图标下载Always thought music criticism was formulaic? wrote a computer program to analyze the frequency of words in positive and negative album reviews published on . He used the data to determine which words and phrases appear most frequently in positive reviews, and to capitalize on the reviewers' collective preferences. The paper is Wilson's BA project at the .

Chicago from Space

and point us to NASA's incredible , photos of the world's cities taken from space. They've got , including some of and .

Doors Open on the Right...

, an online journal devoted exclusively to non-fiction stories about public transportation in Chicago, has officially launched. Check it out or .

Area Man Hates Spam

Rocky Mosele hates spam. But unlike the rest of us, he took that hatred and turned it into a mission: . Enter your email address at ethicalemail.com and it will be included in the start-up organization's "do not contact" database. According to the press release, Mosele plans to deliver the database of names to the bulk email houses that are responsible for billions of emails being generated on the Internet. By law, the bulk email houses will have 10 days to remove those email names from their databases.

Brutally Honest Personals

Esquire is looking for more ads. Describe yourself "without euphemisms or exaggerations or any truth-hedging." Need a date? Secure in your flaws? Apply now. [Via ]

Forever Free and Clear

11选5图标下载? And Daley really supports it?


YahooMaps now offers the ability to (at least those using Intel's wireless technology). One question about the Chicago map, though: what's up with the ?

Obama blog

US Senate candidate Barack Obama's official Weblog Check it out!

Doors Closing...

is a soon-to-launch online journal "publishing short non-fiction narratives about riding Chicago's trains and buses and all that happens when doing so." They're looking for story submissions: email your story, whether it be funny, scary or poignant, to submissionsthisisgrandorg.

Eat Bacon

11选5图标下载The GB official Humorous Moment of the Day comes courtesy of photographer and Rearview contributor, . . Yum!

Get your Matchbox cars out

is a silly site, one of those "waste your time while being bored to death at work" sites. Highly entertaining. It's international and you too can submit one, and there's quite a few from (scroll down to the US section). You'll have to see what I mean.

Google Local

11选5图标下载For those of you who love Google, there is now . It's in beta but already seems useful. This (I luuuurve sushi) displays great results and quite a refined interface. I know I'll be using this to find restaurants and local places.

Good Friday Refresher Course

The Week Behind has a little Easter story for you: "," a somewhat irreverant look at the son of a Jewish carpenter's last day on Earth. As a bonus, included is a pocket list of the 14 stations of the cross.

Landmark Hotel

11选5图标下载Purveyors of fine accommodation, , would like us to explore Chicago's hidden (or not-so-hidden) landmarks at . Not too many Chicago-related entries so far, but you can always submit your own. (Thanks .)

"I Need a New F***ing Job"

Craig's List's is usually full of petty namecalling and inane arguments, but every once in awhile, something truly great shows up. Like . "Oh yeah, lunch drinking is back!"

What're your n(k-1)/k favorite restaurants?

From the University of Chicago's , we get this about the universal problem of a group of people trying to choose a restaurant, and how to apply the art of statistics and game theory to solving it. It's like that age-old on steroids.


Need to find the address of a good local bakery? Want to know how many dry cleaners are in your zip code? Try Google's new . The results may be a little strange (searching for "" turns up an odd pairing of businesses and blog references) but we'll all probably become as reliant on it as we are all Google's other services. [Thanks ]

Recipe request

The friendly, and aromatic, folks at are looking for recipes from the customers to add to their online database. Got a tasty recipe that you just can't share with enough people? Click on their "Submit Recipes" link and tell them your culinary secrets.

Chicago Rules!

There's a lot to do in this city, which is probably why there are so many places to get info about your options. is one such place -- currently in beta -- compiling restaurant and club reviews, as well as a concert calendar.

iPods in Chicago

Proving that there are geeks of a higher order in Chicago, the iPod Lounge sports a number of in their remarkably extensive gallery.


Lori Napoleon, who DJs locally as , has begun a beautiful . Check out what she has so far.

Photos of Iraq

The features a by photographer Daniel Pepper. Good stuff.

You may already be a winner

The state government may owe you money! The Office of the State Treasurer is attempting to return unclaimed money (in the form of lost wages, forgotten bank accounts and security deposits, etc.) to its rightful owners, and to promote the giveaway released of the Illinois residents who are owed the highest amounts of cash. The values range from $100,000 to half a million dollars. Fortunately for you, Web surfer, you can check your own name at the State Treasurer's Website,

Nude Furniture

11选5图标下载, a web publication created by one of the people behind Jinx coffeeshop and the now-closed Big Brother Video, is your one-stop shop for 20th century modernist furniture and, um, naked people. (Wait till you get home to delve into this one.)

Help computer!

If you haven't already seen the GI Joe PSA's by Eric Fensler, run, dash, or sprint over there and check them out. There are new ones! And doesn't he in his Cubs uniform? "Give him the stick, don't give him the stick!"

Basecamp Launches

, Chicago's own web design and usability powerhouse, has just released , a beautiful web-based project management system aimed at the freelance and small shop crowd. It's only been out a few days, and it's already racked up . If you're looking for something to improve organization and communication among your co-workers, or beteween you and your client, consider checking it out.

The Payphone Project

is a collection of lists of (theoretically) every payphone in the world that is able to receive calls. The is pretty huge; check out .

Touring the Servers

Here's a decidedly different way of exploring the city: the was a project begun in 1995 that intended to map all the servers in a geographic area. Obviously that became an impossible task pretty quickly, and the original project gave way to a general travel site. But somebody in UofC's CS department saved the original maps for Illinois, and they offer and interesting snapshot of the server landscape. The project offers several layers of detail, moving in from to to to the .

2003: Year in Review

has collected . The lists are divided into 26 categories and include such local delights as the and the for 2003 -- both from the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Angry Waiter

Don Woolf, a waiter with 15 years of experience and a graduate of the master's program of Public Affairs Journalism at Columbia College, is angry! He's created to serve (no pun intended) as an outlet for all the other angry restaraunt employees in the world. If you want to be a whistleblower and tell the public that Chez Crape has a fly infestation problem, or that the owner of the Dog-Diggity-Dugout is a sexually harrassing jag-off, send your story to The Angry Waiter.

Google Defines City Of Big Shoulders

It's possible that one could wax poetic using Google's new "define:" keyword. (Define: turns up definitions of words, and I find them quite comical.) For example: Microsoft codename / the original version of the four-bridge deal / the well-known rock band / a bustling Great Lakes Port. Not quite the same as , which most of us are familiar with: "They tell me you are wicked and I believe them, for I have seen your painted women under the gas lamps luring the farm boys."

New Detractor Issue

11选5图标下载The Saturnine Detractor, a Chicago-born quarterly web magazine of feature journalism, reviews, opinion, fiction, and artwork, recently published its second issue. .


11选5图标下载 is a "collaborative event calendar" -- in other words, you enter concerts or other events into its database, and other members can let you know they're coming, too. In theory, as the system learns more about your interests, it will recommend events to you. is pretty thin right now, but you're going to help change that, right?

Deadbeats and Sex Offenders

The Illinois Department of Child Support Enforcement has created featuring photos and information about the state's worst deadbeat parents. And, while you're checking into nefarious characters, you may also be interested in the , searchable by city or ZIP code. The Cook County Sheriff's Department has .

Reader facelift

11选5图标下载The homepage (and only the homepage) of the gets a bit of a facelift. The "face" no longer jives very well with the rest of it's "body" though I can see an attempt to conserve real estate and add ads down the side which really in the end just takes away from the esoteric charm of the site and it's 1993 old school web design. A peek under the hood also reveals font face tags and non stylesheet use. Ugh.

Oh, boy!

IIT's helped write the algorithm behind the , this week's blog meme. Enter a passage of text and the Genie predicts the author's gender. I entered several days of Merge, the Proprietors page and the current installments of Detour, Airbags and Fuel, and the results were unanimous: Gapers Block is a boy!

Merriam Webster

You'd think , the maker of dictionaries, would be stodgy and uncool? Wrong! Much like Spinal Tap, they go to 11.

Get Your Motor Running

is, as you'd expect, all about motorcycles and riding around Chicago.

Stealth Disco

Those crazy kids at ad agency know that anytime, anywhere, "."

Craigslist anew

The is sort of revamped. Looking more like it's older and bigger siblings in and , the site also sports a new which is already being abused for all sorts of events spam. Speaking of Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, he now has a .

2 Stroke Buzzworthy

, by local scooter boy Bryan Bedell, was featured in the New York Time's "" magazine this past weekend.

No East Submission

11选5图标下载No East Web Magazine is . The site will no longer adopt a "magazine" stance with quarterly issues but is being revamped for a weekly freeform 425x600px format.

New Deadtech site + show

11选5图标下载Deadtech, the Chicago art-noise-installation gallery, has launched a with more frequently updated content and space for collective editorship. Also, check out this month's electronic music with Evolution Control Committee on Thursday the 25th, 8pm, 3321 W. Fullerton, $5 donation.

Imaginary Year

Jeremy P. Bushnell is writing a "serialized web narrative" following the lives of a group of fictional Chicagoans over the course of a year. is updated every Monday and Friday; the newest "book" begins today. Read also , explaining the philosophy behind the project.

Ground Control to Major Tom

11选5图标下载You can of the Chicago Approach frequency (via Real Audio)used for plane arrivals and departures for the west suburban satellite airports of O'Hare. The site also includes a nifty aeronautical map of the Chicago area.

Pimps at Sea

Arrrgh! Any o' you mateys who be wantin' to seize some true booty this 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' would do well t' plunk down a few pieces o' eight for . An' if ye be likin' to play the game don't ferget to . Arrgh! Pieces o' Eight! Ducats! Ducats!

Science, Art & Technology

, from the , is a website dedicated to exploring relationship between science and art within a museum setting. Originally offered as a course to Chicago Public School science teachers, the site includes sections on the chemistry and physics of light and color; art and astronomy; and conservation. You can view the original lectures online or read summaries of the lectures.


Want to hear how much a Chicago accent differs from Milwaukee or Minneapolis? The is a web repository of speech samples in MP3 form. The archive, hosted by the University of Kansas's theatre department and intended for use by actors, has several Chicago samples.


Quite possibly the Illinois has no restaurants. is total gapers' block. Hungry anyone?

Midwest Internet use flatlining

An article in yesterday's reports on the results of a study that show "Midwesterners use the Web slightly less than people in other parts of the country" (56% versus the national 59%). This latest report from the Pew Internet Project, one of the first to study differences in regional Internet use, also shows that Internet use in the Midwest has leveled off. According to the study, "the same proportion of Midwesterners access the Web now that did two years ago." The Tribune also talks to Lia Londrono, a local librarian, about her observations regarding Internet use and the digital divide. [trib login: gapers/gapers]

Chicago Web Cams

11选5图标下载 is a directory of webcams from all over the world. Check out from the Sears Tower courtesy of ; a view of thanks to ; the of the new Soldier's Field from the ; or, finally, this in suburban Geneva (Why?). Addictive, pointless, timewasting fun. Enjoy.

Chowhound in need

is an incredible repository of local food knowledge, exploration, history, and restaurant and product reviews. The user interface may be a bit of a beast, but it's worth wading through to gain access to vast amounts of information. Unfortunately, it to keep at site like that running. Lately, . So if you value Chowhound as much as I do, please consider , or otherwise the site.


McDonald's is at 60 stores in Chicago and Milwaukee. Cost is $4.95 for an hour, or $7.95 for an all-day pass; "for a limited time" you can get a free hour with the purchase of an extra value meal or premium salad. Just last week, Panera Bread -- for free -- in 16 Chicagoland stores.

Clinical Trials

11选5图标下载You've probably heard about some friend of a friend who got paid a ton of money to sit in an exam room and smoke pot while hooked up to a brain wave monitor. If you were jealous, and you think it could be fun getting poked with needles and getting paid for it, or if you're just desparate to cover the difference between your unemployment check and your rent payment that was due a week ago, consider for a clinical trial in your area.

Number 1 Stud

Sexy, sexy single ladies of Chicago! We all know that dating is a hopeless, soul-grating endeavor. All the good ones are taken, and the ones who aren't are never the ones trying to get you ripped on Jaegermeister whilst discussing current events with your cleavage. But there's hope! Just fill out and just maybe you could lay claim to and generally sharp-dressing guy, Alan Studowski, Chicago's very own ! You can't win if you don't play!


11选5图标下载 is a site for Chicago-based hackers, focusing on the community's "ethical perspective [on] technology and politics." White hats only, please.

Bowling Links

Wanna go bowling? Here's a list of , alphabetized by name or location. Strike!

CraigsList Provides Entertainment, Etc.

You're missing out by not reading on a semi-regular basis. Take a few minutes out of your day to check out a , and ads for , Mary Kay "," and .


11选5图标下载We all know the social network (what? you're not on Friendster?), but how about the new ? Or even ? While Fiendster is a joke, does anyone have a beta code for Enemyster? Drop me a line.

A New TV Critic

11选5图标下载Relatively new Chicagoan Liz Butler, a friend of the Block, is now writing a for .

WDET streaming returns

in Detroit, one of the country's best public radio stations, . The stream was shut down in February to comply with the , but DJs can now work around the rules by using a kill switch. For example, if more than four songs by the same artist are played within a three-hour period, the stream will simply be turned off for the duration of the non-complying programming.

Pomposity! Lit Rag

, a "lit rag for the computing set," is a product of a couple students in the at Columbia College. The html version is dead, but the Flash site boasts a nice mix of high- and low-brow writing.

WLS Talks!

. I gotta get me some .

Photoshop Tennis: Game On!

Coudal Partners announces the launch of . This time 'round, it's a 32-slot, single-elimination tournament. 11 spots are still open, so get your applications in!

That's Good Bingo

There's a lot of discussion going on in the current Detour article about what is and isn't hip, or a hipster, or a dive bar, or the end of the universe, or something like that. Anyway, ignore that hot air and play for real money - . (via BoingBoing)

Photo Booth Project

"" is quite similar to the , but focused specifically on photobooths. Visit one of the booths on tonight and send in your photo tomorrow!

Lincoln Park Trixies

Far from dying as the joke wore thin, the website has grown, now incorporating a discussion forum (covering such topics as "Bridgeport: the next LP?") and an "Ask Ashley" column. Get in your Jetta, hit Starbucks and read up on the unique social creature that is the Lincoln Park Trixie.

Design Geek

11选5图标下载You may be a geek, but are you a ? Our very own ponders the usefulness of objects and the way they work. It's fresh and (somewhat) new. I wish he'd put up the old archives.

Third Coast Festival

11选5图标下载Have you heard reference on WBEZ to the ? Wondered what it was? Well, it's an online festival of audio documentary works of all types, from field recordings to news features, presented by Chicago Public Radio and the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation. There's a competition component to it, and the submission deadline is coming up -- July 18, to be exact. So get that tape of your grandpa's war stories ready, clean up the sound on your live recording of Guatemalan field hands. It's time to shine.

Coudal Anew, plus Huff reads

11选5图标下载Revamped and looking good, reboots fresh. We like the new logo. They have also launched a new feature called which none other than our Editor-in-Chief, .

Birding in Chicago

11选5图标下载The site's not much to look at, but the boasts a great on bird watching in Chicagoland, including a and . Happy Birding!

Happy birthday, APOD!

11选5图标下载It's the eighth birthday of one of my favorite sites on the net: . Check out the for some stunning pictures, ranging from hi-res imaging to photographs taken by sky enthusiasts.

No East

The latest issue of , a digital magazine created by members of the group, is out at last. The theme this time is "work," in its many permutations. Enjoy.


Has anyone else noticed ? It's another urban-focused website with ultra-slick design, and it seems to be run out of Chicago and is looking to take off. Kind of like except with less words.

Volo, Volvo -- same difference

Car maker Volvo is against the tiny Volo Auto Museum in northwest suburban Volo because its domain name, , is too similar to . The museum began using the domain in 1997, three years before Volvo created its site.

Program sexes chickens authors

11选5图标下载A computer program developed at is able to based on an analysis of a text. The program is right 80% of the time.

Instant Chicago gallery

11选5图标下载While I thought it would have come back with nothing but stills from the film , I was quite awed to see some stunning images of Chicago when doing a image search for "".

Chicago Indymedia

Didn't realize this till today but has a . Some interesting activist reporting, especially with Chicago's universities and colleges it seems.

PJ Chmiel in Poland

Scooter-ridin', sometimes 'stache sportin', all round good man, returns from Poland with a gallery of more than . An amazing photographic journey of Poland, a country with a lot of history. Simply jaw-dropping.


I was browsing the section of the and came across this ad:

Scooters, ATVs, Off-Road, B2B sales, need dealers

I guess Cobra Commander and his cronies are in financial trouble. As plainly evidenced by their . Yo Joe!


Absolutely gorgeous handmade books, prints and t-shirts from . Completely inspired by this one, and best of all, they are amazingly cheap considering the quality of artwork here. Be sure to take a look at the Perilous Predicament poster set, amazing in the . Side note: Not from Chicago but too good to not link.

Acorn Fire

11选5图标下载 intern Anthony Vitagliano shot some amazing footage of the [Trib. reg: gapers/gapers] -- check it out (Quicktime video).

Jazz Era Chicago

I might be a johnny-come-lately with this, but is astounding. Copious amounts of photos, text, and historical trivia. I learned, for instance, that the loft I work in used to be a . Well worth your time.



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