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Tuesday, July 28

Gapers Block


Chicago Voz , a Japanese photographer who just published in the early 1990s.

11选5图标下载 the work of , on display through Jan. 3 at .

11选5图标下载Photographer works in the rare old medium of tintypes -- as well as made from your digital images. There's just enough time to order for the holidays.

from the 1933 Century of Progress exposition tell the story of the events and people dramatized in Chicago's last world's fair. In this , photos from the Tribune archives track all aspects of the fair from technology through entertainment.

Chicagoist got Instagram to share the . The Bean shows up twice, under both its true title and its nickname, but you might be surprised at what tops the list.

Chicago-based photographer , a major award celebrating contemporary photography. See select photographs and hear him discuss the project .

11选5图标下载Photographer happened to be in Paris during last week's terror attacks. He shared some of the with Chicago magazine.

Mike Davis recorded video of each sunrise from Oct. 1 to Oct. 30, from 4:30am to 8:30am. []

Photographer Mike Gugliuzza . The and helped him get to know neighborhoods he'd never been to.

Chicago photographer shoots auto mechanics in .

Billy Corgan just , but not before pointing people to his latest project, , a vernacular photography blog with a very specific focus.

11选5图标下载Chicago-based aerial photography company may be by the FAA for flying drones in restricted airspace above Chicago and New York.

is a project organizing and displaying more than 170,000 photos taken between 1935 and 1945 for the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information. There are . (Thanks, Bob!)

Several Chicagoland businesses housed in former Pizza Huts will be by , currently .

11选5图标下载Tomorrow at dawn and sunset, will once again be upon us. Just don't get hit by a car while in the middle of Loop streets.

captures surreal, colorful views of new and local places.

A photo posted by Reuben Wu (@itsreuben) on

and ready to hold 7.9 billion gallons of stormwater runoff.

The discovery that may help clear up regarding the photographer's work. Then again, there still may be other heirs out there.

11选5图标下载As part of the Vernacular Photo Festival, in Logan Square presents a 3D slideshow featuring vintage works from the collection of Nicholas Osborn. A wonderful immersive experience. Totally free. Wednesday 8:30pm.

Over 50,000 rubber ducks for the 10th annual

Photographer Andrew Miller of his neighborhood of Wicker Park.

A photo posted by ANDREW MILLER (@acmillerphoto) on

Photographer Peter Tsai captures surreal images of Chicago's skyscrapers .

Photographer Terry Evans and the community resistance leading to their removal by the end of the summer.

Artist collects photos too painful for their owners to look at. []

commemorates the victims of the Eastland Disaster, available for the first time alongside taken by photojournalist Jun Fujita.

Photographs of by Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann imagine a future where automated markets make human traders obsolete.

Fading are sometimes all that's left of long-shuttered businesses.

11选5图标下载As family, friends, and neighbors of seven-year-old Amari Brown mourned his killing, Tribune photographers .

On a Gay Pride weekend caught up in momentous civil rights news, let's also reflect on the past. Diane Alexander White shares in 1976, while Time Out has .

Photographer Kyle La Mere looks past the edited version of the digital self to .

Curbed profiles the , a to .

Photographer Joerg Daiber combines tilt shift and hyperlapse for a .

11选5图标下载An anonymous right before a new owner was set to take possession of the building.

Get from photographer Iwan Baan.

11选5图标下载Unique perspectives of the city captured in black-and-white by photojournalists throughout the Chicago Reader's history .

From ultrasounds to guinea pigs, Chicagoans share the on their phones.

from on .

11选5图标下载A in Logan Square done in classic postcard style is sure to become a social media standby.

11选5图标下载Chicago magazine launched a new photo essay, , documenting some of the city's most interesting workplaces and the people who work there.

Satellite magazine interviewed GB's own David Schalliol about .

A Chicago freelance photographer is one of the few for news coverage.

11选5图标下载An by a health food store employee back in April is making the rounds this week. , who said Emanuel is a notoriously bad tipper, and once tipped 37 cents on a $7 shake.

A photo posted by Albert Griffith (@gqthateacha) on

Photographer Patricia Jones captured the moment the Bean finally fought back and . []

11选5图标下载Chicago's is included in David Williams's photo series. []

Foster Beach in photos of the frozen landscape captured by frequent Bill Guerriero.

A bunch of posed for , a photography series documenting "the different body types of active skaters and the physical effects derby has on the players."

Photographer is doing an ongoing project photographing , , and outside marriage court in the County Building.

Deanna Isaacs delves deeper into now that Cook County has asserted copyright ownership. (; more background .)

Chicago Magazine has a quiz to help you decide , and if you do, why not use something ?

11选5图标下载Photographer documented dozens of subcultures as they gathered at McCormick Place and other convention centers.

11选5图标下载GB contributor Ron Slattery, one of the , made another discovery a couple years ago: the archives of , who studied under Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind. (.)

11选5图标下载 and the share their favorite photos of the year.

NPR traces the , drawing on the photos and memories of documentarian Patricia Evans.

11选5图标下载NASA and credits its natural features for the city's growth.

11选5图标下载 is back, having been purchased in bankruptcy by New Jersey-based C&A Marketing, and the is located, appropriately enough, on Eastman Street.

Rearview shares and its .

Mental Floss including views of the Great Chicago Fire, the World's Fair, and hog butchers.

11选5图标下载University of Chicago hosts , a conference exploring the relationship between photography and the American city, this Thursday through Saturday. It's in connection with the Art Institute's exhibition, .

11选5图标下载The Daily Beast profiles , who documents murders in some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Frequent contributor authored drawing from .

, photographer shows that .

11选5图标下载 from on .

You know of John Malkovich re-creating historic images ()? Catherine Edelman Gallery opens an , taken by photographer , this Friday night. The show will be at the gallery through Jan. 31.

is an online community built around . Some in there.

Photographer John Vachon on the streets during the early 1940's.

Eric Hines put together , with some great shots of the West Loop and downtown.

from on .

If you were a giant, the city might using a tilt-shift lens.

The Adler Planetarium and Lincoln Park Zoo have launched , a project to crowdsource identifying animals in photos shot by motion-sensitive cameras. []

John Malkovich , including Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, and Muhammad Ali, for a new project by photographer .

Watch the sun rise at North Ave. beach and the clouds roll over the skyline in a timelapse video of .

A year after Gapers Block reported on the , a has been filed by a photographer turned attorney .

11选5图标下载American Photo in South Side ballrooms, stripclubs, and blues clubs in the '70's, which are now .

The Daily Mail of how Chicago photographer uncovered the lives of Harry Grossmann and Edna Lehr, whose vacation slides he found in a thrift shop. An just closed at Intuit. (Thanks, Dee!) Meanwhile, the Reader tells of .

11选5图标下载Photographer visited Chicago this summer, and took some of the Bean and Oak Street Beach. []

With Instagram's release of , be prepared for to flood your social media feeds.

The Museum of Holography , but the collection and much of its equipment remained in the building. The building has been sold, though, and the museum's holdings is at risk of being sold off as the current tenant prepares to move out. .

Astronaut Reid Wiseman tweeted a picture of an illuminated Chicago he took while floating over the city on the International Space Station. []

Rare at the Chicago Freedom Movement protest provide a vivid glimpse of the Civil Rights movement's push for housing equality.

Photographer Anthony Souffle of firefighters battling a blaze in Little Village.

11选5图标下载MentalFloss shares in Chicago's history, from the 1890s to the 1930s.

11选5图标下载GB Managing Editor David Schalliol writes about his attempts to show depicted in "" through his photography and film.

11选5图标下载Photographer 's work was recently .

11选5图标下载Frequent contributor Craig Shimala captured lightning simultaneously striking the Sears, Trump and Hancock towers during last night's storm.

Back in 2010, Shimala caught a triple strike on video.

11选5图标下载 is of the 2014 , snagging first place in the Seasons category. He also came in second in the and categories, and in Architecture.[]

LIFE magazine launched a new "Great Cities" series with a . Chicagoist's Chuck Sudo wrote the introduction.

11选5图标下载The Morning News shares , from , a new book by Columbia College professor .

11选5图标下载Photographer is interviewed in about his professional development and how he comes up with his great photo series. []

Photographer Paul D'Amato speaks with Vice about his work like Garfield Park, Lawndale, and Humbolt Park.

11选5图标下载Before she was a street photographer, author and FoGB Ted McClelland , part of the colorful, frayed fabric of Rogers Park.

11选5图标下载Diane Alexander White brought her camera to Comiskey Park on July 12, 1979 for Disco Demolition Night, and . (Thanks, Dee!)

11选5图标下载Chicago photographer and contributor made of the river's emerald transformation.

Calumet Photo abruptly closed all its US stores today and . A says they're "exploring opportunities to reopen select locations to keep serving our customers." Update: their U.S. Facebook account is now closed.

ChicagoNow blogger Rick Lobes did a .

11选5图标下载Chicago's millennial generation will see some , according to Huffington Post's collection of projects that are either already underway or currently in the planning process.

shows what locales are getting the most Instagram traffic near you. []






11选5图标下载Really, in photos as you think.

11选5图标下载China's urbanization process will be , as the "boom country of the 21st century" will be home to nearly 1 billion people by 2030. In a series created by the Tribune's and photographer , the two reveal how remodeling China's cityscape impacts the most crucial pillars to urban life.

11选5图标下载Today's is of the same building pictured by Noah Vaughn .

Photographer did a little photoshoppery to see what it'd look like if Olympic figure skating pairs .

11选5图标下载Longtime contributor was out photographing the lake on Feb. 9, and stumbled upon as a couple (he thinks) got engaged at Osterman/Hollywood Beach. He'd like to give them a copy of the photo. Anyone know ?

11选5图标下载The latest in GB Managing Editor 's series for about on the South Side examines and its effects on the neighborhood and city.

Local photographer has been .

Chicago photographer Jennifer Greenberg's portraits of recently in relation to the phenomenon.

Wired profiles the pioneering aerial photography of George R. Lawrence, who of Chicago back in the early 1900's.

The that ran in the Chicago Herald-American in the 1940s led to photography that ranged from high art to high camp. []

Political activist and co-founder Michael James is . It's filled with local political figures and historical Chicago scenery -- in the form of stunning black and white photos.

11选5图标下载While Chicago reached temperatures, some passionate photographers braced the cold to capture these shots of the Polar Vortex over the city. Here are some phenomenal pictures and videos documenting the unbelievable cold from the , , , , , and, of course, . We recommend you enjoy these from inside a heated space.

"Professional feminist" Veronica Arreola launched the on , and Instagram to highlight the positive aspects of the selfie phenomenon. Join in on the social media platform of your choice.

Photographer spotted last night.

A is a "small, weak whirlwind over water (or sometimes wet land) that has drawn fog into the vortex, thus rendering it visible."

winter waterspout - photo by Nick Ulivieri

The newly launched produces limited edition prints by photographers around the globe, including Chicago-based co-founder . It's a little like , actually.

One cold night in 1968, the Circle Interchange was so busy it looked almost quiet in a long exposure. . []

11选5图标下载Photojournalist Alex Garcia of newsworthy events, arguing it's nearly impossible for a reporter with an iPhone to do the same.

11选5图标下载The NYTimes covers 's photography . He's is , which happens to be on our .

11选5图标下载Miner-turned-photographer J.C.H. Grabill in the 1880's before settling in Chicago- and vanishing from the historical record.

11选5图标下载Captured the perfect baby pic on Instagram? Or the quintessential selfie? Make it permanent with , which moves your square photos into real life, mounted between plywood and clear resin for a permanent bit of ephemera.

11选5图标下载 is the center of the Venn diagram of Vivian Maier and selfies. []

The features a picture by photographer Stephen Wilkes that . []

The New Inquiry's Aaron Bady compares taken by Chicago Tribune photojournalist Alex Garcia to pictures of those same locations in .

11选5图标下载Yes, another time-lapse film of Chicago, but by UIC exchange student Ludovico Bertè takes you to some spots not usually seen in these things.

The Tribune shares some portraits of , including an 80-year-old cockatoo that was part of the Lincoln Park Zoo's original 1934 collection.

11选5图标下载On BagNewsNotes, GB's own David Schalliol asks, ? Related: .

compiled more than 200,000 photographs to produce , a six-minute timelapse film of our beautiful city.

11选5图标下载 from on .

The is currently sitting at , about here before touring the country, taking monumental photographs of members of more than 50 distinct cultures across the country. Help it happen through .

11选5图标下载Chicago Patterns documents , the lone holdout between expressway and in its corner of Bridgeport. (Check out more abandoned buildings in GB's project.)

11选5图标下载Over Labor Day weekend, shot a gorgeous time-lapse video of the city from . []

Pictures of are the uncanny product of an advertising campaign by local photographer .

The students who were of the old Trotter's restaurant by the eponymous retired chef last week and date for their photography show. The exhibition will open Saturday at the in Lincoln Park.

11选5图标下载 will turn seven of your Instagram photos into a ViewMaster slideshow. (2-D only, unfortunately.)

11选5图标下载On the first day of school yesterday, Tribune photographer Brian Cassella and took photos.

GB contributor Julia Gray was this morning, talking about covering the ambiguity surrounding the copyright on renowned street photographer Vivian Maier's work. Also, Northwestern professor Pamela Bannos has posted that includes a heartbreaking passage from Maier's probate papers about the photographer's last days in a hospital room.

11选5图标下载The Tribune photography department put together chronicling violence in the city. Spend some time with this, and have a tissue handy.

11选5图标下载Photographer Joseph Kayne has been in Chicago and Gary.

11选5图标下载As part of its "Documerica Week" series, The Atlantic presents "," featuring the photography of , the Pulitzer Prize-winning, former Sun-Times photojournalist, who documented Chicago's black community (mostly the South Side) in the '70s.

Photographer Lenny Gilmore has been , taking pictures.

Chicago photographer recently got interested in macro photography, so he purchased a macro lens . The article has plenty of photographs, but you can .

Check out the for vintage photographs of all sorts of historic Chicago street scenes, including the intersections of and , and -- for some reason -- . []

Homemade Stanley Cups are popping up all over town, and . Have you photographed any? Consider adding them to !

The , to be specific, commissioned by CNN and shot by one of their own, .

11选5图标下载 is a place to back up and organize all your photos from your phone, computer, etc. It was founded by , who previously founded videogame design firm .

In 1985, photographer Doug Ischar . []

In 2000, more than 200 photographers documented the city in more than 500,000 photos. is now at UIC. (Thanks, !)

11选5图标下载Chicago mag shares from the .

, one of the oldest malls in Chicagoland, last week. Katherine Hodges visited for -- including one of a .

11选5图标下载Laid off Sun-Times photojournalist was "replaced with a reporter with an iPhone, so he is , but with the eye of a photojournalist trained in storytelling." Add it to your tumblr feed.

, one of the photographers laid off from the Sun-Times yesterday, was one of the contributors to , a national photodocumentary project in the 1970s sponsored by the EPA. White documented .

The National Archives have put his and other photographers' work from the project .

11选5图标下载Chicagoan and two-time Guggenheim fellow , whose photo series earned acclaim in its depiction of wartime African-American communities, yesterday at age 94.

11选5图标下载WBEZ assembled from the Navy Pier redevelopment renderings.

Photographer has been documenting the South Side for the past 10 years. Most recently, he in a series called .

11选5图标下载 Laurie Jo Reynolds and Stephen F. Eisenman report on the impact of the project () and the , which closed in January. Tamms Year Ten produced many beautiful .

11选5图标下载 contributor has been .

Zane Davis made of driving around town this weekend -- and explained how he did it on .

Some recent paint scraping on the former La Pasadita taqueria revealed . and Noah Vaughn .

, which aims to photograph citizens from every corner of the city, has added a bunch of new portraits since we .

creative director has been photographing and .

11选5图标下载The may be .

11选5图标下载The CTA tweeted some of the track repairs .

11选5图标下载 contributor recently participated in a interview with .

There's a right way to secure a bike to a bicycle rack, and there's a wrong way to do it.

11选5图标下载 contributor snapped of a peregrine falcon at Clark & Jackson.

If you're curious about that's causing all the trouble, you need look no further than .

singer Martin Sorrondegoy . For more about Sorrondeguy, check out his new photography book,

Social history photographer is to share more of his repeat photography work. Included are four Chicago sites: , , and . Each series starts in the 1980s and continues to present day.

contributor "," a 2006 mural that will be hidden by a new high rise.

11选5图标下载GB flickr pool contributor marked with Xs [PDF].


is ; owner Paul Schutt is retiring. The store's last day is Saturday.

11选5图标下载The first for , a documentary coproduced by John Maloof, one of the people who at an auction in 2007, was just released.

11选5图标下载The Local Tourist's second annual photo contest is now open for submissions.

11选5图标下载In other architecture news, a New York exhibition of Chicago-born photographer is a good reason to revisit some his iconic photographs of Chicago buildings, including of the John Hancock Center under construction. If you like those shots, you may be interested in . The NYTimes offers .

11选5图标下载GB Managing Editor went down to the site of to check out the aftermath. What he found was an ice-coated beauty amid the wreckage.

See even more photos on .

Frequent photographer spotted depicted in a mural at in Garfield Park.

11选5图标下载The has begun a weekly PDF feature, the first being , a photo essay by FoGB .

by is from his found on the streets of Hyde Park.

If you're a Vivian Meier fan, you may want to watch by .

11选5图标下载The of our documentary film series features Rev. Henry Isaac, journeyman window washer and preacher to two Chicago congregations.

11选5图标下载Astronaut Chris Hadfield photographed Chicago . []

(twice), , and (not as a Bear) feature in .

revisits locations from films, including a in and north suburban . []

11选5图标下载 concludes its documentation of 100 threatened buildings with the planned demolition of and the historic .

City-sponsored emergency demolitions make up the bulk of our second-to-last update to , including North Lawndale buildings. A notable exception is .

11选5图标下载FoGB Dubi Kaufmann created a fun tool: , which blends flickr photos by tag or photoset.

11选5图标下载The Reader's annual is out.

11选5图标下载Claire Zulkey offers tips on of your child on Santa's lap -- if your goal is to land in the Trib's "" photo set.

Local photographer 's photographs of South Side immigrant families were the launching point for a new series about Latin American immigration .

The Reader's looking for your votes in this year's .

11选5图标下载 has warning motorists of a truck's wide right turns.

11选5图标下载Buildings, birds, bridges, fire escapes and graffiti art: 's showcases and .

has turned her blog, , into , focusing first on .

Remind your favorite city-dweller exactly why they love this place. Photographer Will Byington's got some that come unframed, framed, or wrapped on canvas.

11选5图标下载With the demolition of Chicago's approaching, railfans are lamenting another area loss. contributor Duanne Rapp of the suburban . Its impending demolition was .

As Chicago's coyote population grows (), the dogs are getting -- and .

11选5图标下载Among the buildings recently added to GB's project are a , and a building whose owner seems to have been .

Celebrity photographer after collapsing outside the Drake Hotel.

11选5图标下载 showcases some of the city's best features through its beautiful images. The photos are categorized by the subject and the neighborhood in which they were taken, giving the viewer a fairly accurate virtual tour of Chicagoland.

11选5图标下载 created his short timelapse film, , out of more than 30,000 still photographs shot between July and October 2012.

11选5图标下载 from on .

Plenty of photos from this year's are in the . We'd love to see yours too!

Just in time for debate season, of the Kennedy-Nixon debates -- the first ever televised -- held in 1960.

11选5图标下载Lots...and lots....of Chicago Marathon photos, and has them.

11选5图标下载The newest entry in our series is , the former Greater Little Rock The Lord's Church. Walgreens is currently planning to build a new store on the site.

The has come and gone, but the Art Institute's is just now reaching that point. To celebrate, the museum .

Another sign of fall: the Reader's looking for submissions for its .

11选5图标下载Flickr user has collected extensive area photographs, . By the way, his name is a reference to the jazz musician , who spent a lot of time in Chicago. [Thanks, Jolyon!]

There's now in Chicago; it's been open a little over a week, but the big is next Thursday, Oct. 4.

The Alley Connoisseur takes via 's City Spaces.

11选5图标下载 photographs riders of Chicago's rails -- including the adorable .

The Tribune recently unearthed from his for tax evasion, found in its archives.

11选5图标下载 contributor photographed .

11选5图标下载 is a Tumblr full of photos from years gone by. Follow it along with , and the .

Chicago photographer is selling of her . One is still available.

11选5图标下载 contributor spied on a truck bed.

Photographer Jessica Garrett caught on Wednesday night. Her boyfriend turned a couple frames into .


Everyone had their for that rolled through Chicago this morning.

by Moe Martinez

by Romeo Banias

by Jeffery C. Johnson

contributor witnessed .

11选5图标下载Purina One dog food teams up with Pitchfork(!?) for a .

On July 24, 1915, 844 people died when the SS Eastland capsized in the Chicago River. The Tribune has and some of its victims. Lookingglass Theatre is , a new musical about it, through July 29.

Brian Orndorf took a tour of , including The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Uncle Buck and Sixteen Candles. []

takes in the latest issue of Polar Inertia.

is "the photographic census of Chicago, one street portrait at a time." It's shot by .

11选5图标下载Few photos from the NATO Summit and protests will be as iconic (and ironic) as by GB contributing photographer .

contributor of a chick being fed by its parent.

11选5图标下载The Atlantic Cities blog talked with our own David Schalliol and Milwaukee-based urban historian Michael Carriere about .

After months of , the -rated complex is currently being demolished.

has great success photographing storms, and a key to it is his ability to capture lightning. on how you can do it, too.

11选5图标下载Here's one of his shots from last night's storm:

© 2012 , used by permission.

11选5图标下载The posted of the brand new .

Photographer David Tribby is giving away a signed print of his of a snow-covered in Gary; details on how to enter .

11选5图标下载Reddit user captured during a storm last year.

11选5图标下载Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee for 100 Eyes.

11选5图标下载Todd Diederich ( ) reports on for Vice. .

Last summer, photographer April Maciborka . []

11选5图标下载Demolition has begun on the Shepherd's Temple Baptist Church building, Before the building was a church, it was the Anshe Kanesses Israel Synagogue, the largest Jewish congregation outside of New York. A photograph of the demolition is after the break.

View additional threatened and demolished buildings in .

Chicago based photographer was out of the 900+ submissions for the .

Michael Kelly, aka "" and "," is a high-rise window washer who also has some amazing talent with a camera. []

11选5图标下载Photos copyright Michael Kelly.

's new issue (and redesign) is live, and the theme is "."

11选5图标下载Local photographer 's "" project is today.

A local photographer recently - a noisy, but surprisingly even few minutes of combat.

Historians and photo-lovers have long-browsed the extensive and , but now you can . For some background, with the book's editor, .

Photographer explores , exchanging the black and white street photography of one of his earliest influences — Ray Metzker's "" — for color.

11选5图标下载Local photographer was last night.

11选5图标下载Today's entries are derelict residences located in South Chicago. Both and date back to the time when steel mills were rapidly expanding in the area -- and are victims of the region's economy collapsing.

There's . []

11选5图标下载 is part of John Crouch's of the . Each final image in the series is generated from the same initial 60 photographs.

Ink and skin are in at the Chicago Photography Center, which is hosting a special one-day this Saturday. If you're a photographer and love the way ink penetrates skin or want to hone your skills, this could be for you. General Admission is $75, $50 for members. Not a photographer but want to get in on the action? Join them later that night for a free .

contributor got close .

11选5图标下载A photo exhibition documenting life in Japan post-tsunami is tonight at 7:30pm.

Our managing editor, , is on a roll. His project is , and he has an acclaimed up in Milwaukee right now. He's talked about the latter and .

LIFE magazine held by Chicago's Anti-Superstition Society in 1940. Wait, what's today? []

, an esteemed photographer and graduate of both Columbia College Chicago and the School of the Art Institute, was featured in The New York Times' Art & Design section. The piece titled , also includes information about his exhibit, which will be at the in April.

11选5图标下载 turns Google maps into an extreme fisheye lens. This lends itself to some . []

streetview panorama chicago bean cloudgate

11选5图标下载Remember the cool we featured on ? It's now available .

Britain's Daily Mail has from the new book . (Previously; .)

In 1989, Lisa Anne Auerbach found torn up pieces of porno magazines in an O'Hare parking garage. They're now . []

Not quite every week, Jay Schroeder of a Chicagoan.

Whet Moser explains how Marshall Field, a PR man and a Civil War veteran created .

's latest political street art features a familiar .

11选5图标下载 Photo by .

11选5图标下载Photographer created a for Swiss Miss' new store. (You can also from him directly.)

11选5图标下载For the serious LEGO fan, will make you a 15"x15" greyscale mosaic of your favorite photo.

The Reader is for its annual photography issue. The theme is "money."

Always good for a laugh, it's the Trib's annual photo collection.

The photos of the in are . Just incredible. []

The Big Picture highlighted among its set of .

11选5图标下载 member Viewminder has taken of his "."

11选5图标下载John H. White photographed for , a documentary project sponsored by the EPA. (.)

11选5图标下载Nick Gerber in the classic Chicago Theatre marquee.


A truly , one of the first big stars in the early NFL, running for a touchdown against the Philadelphia Yellowjackets on Dec. 5, 1925. []

11选5图标下载The recently announced its annual print auction, .

11选5图标下载Iker Gil and Andreas E.G. Larsson's takes you inside some of the apartments in the iconic towers. It's part of an currently on view in the Art Institute's Modern Wing.


in your bathing suit.

11选5图标下载The creator of discovered his/her great grandmother's photo albums in his/her grandmother's Springfield attic. Consisting mostly of from the 1890s--many shot in Chicago photo studios--the site author speculates on the life Great Grandma Minnie might have lived back then.

11选5图标下载Hiding in the bowels of SkyscraperPage.com's forums is a from throughout the 20th century.

11选5图标下载Photographer Nick Ulivieri got to last night, capturing some stunning panoramas and conquering his fear of heights for a moment.

11选5图标下载 is a photo contest to benefit breast cancer. Take a photo of yourself in a "hand bra" (using your own hands or someone else's) and submit it for voting; each entry raises a dollar for , and could earn you a mini photo session with three glamour photographers.

11选5图标下载...In among this Denver Post ; stay sharp around #46.

11选5图标下载, but has some pretty nice , too.

11选5图标下载 is holding "," a digital photography contest between Oct. 1 and Oct. 18. Show the city's natural beauty and win a prize!

and Dmitry Samarov is , but regular Rearview contributor for Chicago magazine. The interview on which the article is based .

contributor photographed a waterspout over Lake Michigan this morning. Check it out below.

11选5图标下载Photographer has some beautiful prints made with a large format plotter printer -- including that might help you hold onto the last rays of summer. []

11选5图标下载In case you missed 's newest issue launch: is ready for viewing. The Chicago-based quarterly goes everywhere from to the .

Mike Legeros photographed every he could find in the city. []

The MSI's 70th annual is coming up, and .

places historic photos on a map; . An app by the same name . UPDATE: See also . (Thanks, !)

Chicago photographer earned second runner up in the student category of the for .

11选5图标下载 contributor uploaded a somewhat creepy 1965 Life magazine photograph of .

The pinup calendar has launched to cover printing expenses. Now in its third year on the walls of bike shops and homes worldwide, TyK seeks to support a community of confident women who bike. features this project, along with other exciting local ventures.

Chicago-based photographer 's Blurb book, 11选5图标下载, is in the running for the Blurb people's choice award in the and categories. Do you know other nominated Chicago photographers? Let us know via dcs at lyjswdz.cn.

contributor was surprised to discover that hitting the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in Picasa3 into a dogfight straight out of a WWII film.

In a world dominated by digital stitching, spends his time assembling photo collages of , and by hand.

Astronaut is up on the International Space Station right now, and took a of Chicago last night. (Thanks, !)



11选5图标下载Flickr user set up his camera .

11选5图标下载Minnesota-based photographer is interested in . Of course, the makes . .

11选5图标下载Frances Archer introduces , whose collection of photography and vintage ephemera can be found .

11选5图标下载 pores through Instagram uploads for shots of Lollapalooza.

We know a few of our readers live in the suburbs; if that's you, the Center for Neighborhood Technology's new looking for shots of transit oriented development in Chicagoland.

's upcoming includes from Todd Gray's .

Chicago music venue wants of late nights and lazy afternoons spent at the venue to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Not only do these not have to be of the professional, band-on-stage type (they're eager for casual snapshots), they're also planning on putting the photos up for sale, and you get the bulk of the sale price!

11选5图标下载Photographer Todd Diederich has for going places most people don't. Vice magazine is asking him to do it for them once a week; features Pam, a woman with a wig and a knife.

Plenty of photos of the hail damage at the have been circulating, but shot by an employee appears to be footage from inside the greenhouses before cleanup even started.

11选5图标下载By coincidence, the employee, Matthew Barrett, did with discussing the 100-plus-year-old facility shortly before the storm. The Conservatory is still to help pay for the repairs.

contributor has been busy .

Yesterday's , viewed from above. Explains the in neighborhood temperatures yesterday.

11选5图标下载The Tribune has a nice of the lower half of Marilyn Monroe -- that's currently rising in Pioneer Plaza, that is. (I kind of prefer our own .)

Eric Fischer's "" project maps geotagged tweets and Flickr photos and shows where they overlap. lights up nicely.

11选5图标下载Unfortunately, isn't the first time with that currency exchange.

Frequent contributor collects images of Chicago in films at .

Pete Anderson spotted on Shorpy, and decided to recreate it today. , right down to the pedestrians. (Related in the GB archives: .)

contributor found from the administration in a Goose Island alley.

and and and and and and and ...

11选5图标下载Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist and Chicago native Todd Heisler his father took on the NY Times Lens blog.

11选5图标下载Photographer , whose work covering the LGBT ball scene we've , is .

releases disposable cameras into the wild with instructions to those who find them to snap a couple pictures and pass it on. Eventually, in theory, the cameras get returned and the photos are developed. One was last September. (A was part of WPBMakeBelieve last summer.)

If you haven't checked out Kristie Shanley's in A/C, you're missing out. If you have, you might be interested in seeing .

shoots some here and in other cities.

Photographer visited as many of the city's public pools as she could last summer. opens tonight.

11选5图标下载 contributor spied .

11选5图标下载You probably know how downtown Chicago looked at street level (or a little higher) in the fog this week, but folks flying into the city got a .


11选5图标下载For when you on time. []

11选5图标下载In Mother Jones, Alex Kotlowitz provides on the Vivian Maier discovery saga. (.)


is on Chicago photographer 's "."

contributor got .

A rare phenomenon was spotted over Tinley Park last week, leading to some .

Night views from Chicago's tallest buildings make a striking appearance .

11选5图标下载 from on .

Photographer Nick Ulivieri's condo balcony hangs out over the neighboring BNSF railroad tracks. .

11选5图标下载The Chicago... flickr group is sharing their .

More photos of by Stanley Kubrick have surfaced (Previously). []

contributor took he says was found in a hotel wall last year. For what it's worth, "AC" is carved in the handle, and Al Capone supposedly stayed in the hotel.

One of the reasons why the Internet was invented: images of from around town. You know. Just because.

11选5图标下载This has been a for aerial photos of Chicago over time: a new book, .

11选5图标下载Photos on Flickr .

1952: "." Part of the

Expanding on , offers several views of Chicago from 1938 to 2002. (Thanks, Brian!)

Christopher Jobson interviews .

offers a from above in 1938-1941.

. []

Update: This photo was part of on The Atlantic's In Focus photoblog.

An amazing like you've never seen it before.

Photo by

Local Borders bookstores are in their final days. Here are photos of the carnage over the last couple months.

Hyde Park:


Michigan Avenue:


Lincoln Village:




, a photographer who chronicled nightlife on the South Side in the 1970s, over the weekend.

contributor found one creative way to repurpose a "no trespassing" sign with .

Square America's unfinished opus: ": An Epic Survey, Rendered In Photographs, Home Movies, Audio Recordings, and Other Assorted Ephemera, of Everyday Life in These United States and of the Ways and Customs of the American People c.1900-c.1976 (A Work In Progress)."

from above Navy Pier. []

Photographer Art Shay shared more photos from his archives over on Chicagoist today -- this time the lens is trained on .

Peruse UIC's collection of from the 1930s and you'll find shots of Lake Shore Drive , and a very snowy .

Eadweard Muybridge debuted the first motion picture device, the , at the 1893 Colombian Exposition. , including his now lesser-known, racier stuff. []

Sun-Times photographer Tom Cruze got a little too involved in the action on the ice at the Blackhawks' game on February 20th, and his fellow photographer Nuccio DiNuzzo . Like a true pro, he was back at work after some quick medical attention.


Photographer Jeff Trost took some of the skyline from near the Adler Planetarium.

The flickr pool is full of photos of vintage prints placed into their modern day settings -- including . (Related.)

In Tailgate, about his photography documenting the city's amateur boxing clubs. up close at Harold Washington College through Friday. UPDATE:11选5图标下载 If you miss the show this week, Jason says it also will be at the April 1.

Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee pairs photos and music to create the webzine . Plug in your headphones and enjoy.

contributor happened upon what is quite possibly .

In 1971, Lou Fourcher, father of founder Mike Fourcher, of the neighborhood that once existed where UIC and the medical campus are now.

11选5图标下载The and have some amazing photos of the storm, and there are many more on Flickr: , , , and of course, . Oh, and don't forget .

A local artist captures the .

11选5图标下载Minnesotan and Chicagoan for a NYTimes project entitled "."

11选5图标下载A Chicago Sojourn tours some of the city's folk art depictions of . []

Well-edited spotted by photographer Michael Patrick Perry.

A postcard-perfect , by Andy Marfia.

I want to ride my bicycle/I want to ride my bike. presents photos of people "looking good on bikes." What more do you need?

recently discovered . (Without giving too much away, I should mention the linked photograph contains some NSFW language.)

, another of the collectors Vivian Maier's work.

The discovery of street photographer Vivian Maier has gotten mounds of press, but ?

contributor posted of the en route to the museum in 1992. for video of the landing and some additional background.

11选5图标下载John Schroeder shot as he arrived home from the holidays.

11选5图标下载 did a with photographer .

11选5图标下载The Reader's annual issue is out.

At Pratt Beach in Rogers Park, Sarah-Ji found for this time of year.

11选5图标下载Chicagoist is from the archive of .

are soothing even under ice.

Craig Shimala turns with a digital camera strapped to his windshield (and a nice ambient soundtrack).

Eliezer Appleton every one of Chicago's official community areas this year and last -- all from his bike.

The deadline is fast approaching for the Reader's . Get your best shots in by midnight on Dec. 15 for a chance to be in the Reader's photography special and possibly win a camera.

and designer/programmer/photographer have created a way to make .

If your Secret Santa pick is a Star Wars fan, photographer Michael Ramova has for you.

Ever notice on Chicago's buildings, bridges and other places? It's known as "the ," and symbolizes the three branches of the Chicago River.

"Beginning on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day, I will track the homicides in the city. Once the crime scenes are processed and the yellow tape is taken down, I will visit and photograph the location of each murder." 's .

Get out your camera and hit the streets of West Lakeview. The is holding a to promote its master plan.

11选5图标下载Check out these great WWI-era photographs where people were organized to make giant on display at the . ()

Curious about just how many people an individual meets in a given year, Chicago-based photographer documented every person who visited his Pilsen studio from June 8, 2009 to June 8, 2010. The resulting photo project is on its way to self-published coffee table stardom, starting with a big party/fundraiser in Logan Square.

Photographer Ian Merritt has launched , a site devoted to automotive photojournalism. Car porn, basically.

It seems the CTA is having scheduling its trains.

Local photographers and camera tinkerers and have created Pinwide, a wide-angle pinhole cap for Micro 4/3 cameras. They want to produce it and bring it to the picture-taking masses, but .

Web Urbanist provides hellishly pictures of abandoned bowling alleys, including two from Gary. Some nights you can still hear the Phantom Bowler howling as he fails to break 300. []

11选5图标下载Historic photoblog Shorpy finds a photo of a . As noted in the comments, the plant is still there, just south of O'Hare, now producing engines for International Harvester.

Our own David Schalliol contributed photos and interviews of Cabrini-Green residents to , a "360° documentary" of life within the world's tall buildings.

11选5图标下载Frequent Rearview contributor Ian Only-Connect the Art Institute's with that captures the famous photographer's style perfectly.

11选5图标下载Patrick McDonough captures near 6300 W. Belmont this weekend. His crew from the Department of Water Management were first responders.

11选5图标下载"Throw a coin in and ."


Adam Novak, Sara Collins and Andrew Zoechbauer in a portable photography studio.

The Sun-Times must be hurting for photo illustrations, given their decision to use of one of Mayor Daley's pals .

Our own David Schalliol's "" series is featured in the latest edition of Polar Inertia. If you want to see the photos (and others) in person, during the this weekend.

As part of the EPA's DOCUMERICA project, photojournalist John H. White created a in the mid-1970s.

"," circa 1907. []

: total car porn beautifully shot by Ian Merritt. (He's got a couple other on his blog.)

One of Chicagoist's readers shares some from decades worth of Chicago history.

The Trib provides many, many of the mayor that never made the paper, including a of him as a page at the 1960 Democrat Convention.

contributor found with some interesting image capturing artifacts in Jackson Park .

There are on flickr for the query "Chicago Catzilla."

11选5图标下载Photographer Bill Vaccaro refers to himself as a "recovering Catholic." In his series "Jesus is on the Mainline" and , he explores the ways Christian faith manifests in everyday life.

In advance of , the Canadian National Film Board is asking for high-rise dwellers around the world to for a chance to be included in an interactive web feature.

Brian Doben, photographer, snapped a few at O'Hare. That's exactly how I dress whenever I fly.

In A/C, concert photographer Kirstie Shanley shares thoughts on .

will never get lost on the CTA.

11选5图标下载Chicago-based photographer 's series was .

in this year's Solo Photo Book Month is by , who created a book based around the idea of a treasure hunt.

Photographer and Paul Octavious has been visiting "" for two years, photographing it through its many seasons.

The Denver Post's Photo Blog recently complied a "." Of course, Chicago and its environs pop up regularly throughout the post. [Thanks, Bob!]

Chicago photographer, arts philanthropist and former car repair business owner on Thursday at 82.

Our intrepid photographer took some amazing shots over the weekend at Pitchfork, and we've put together his spectacular artist mosaics in an . If you haven't already listened to our artist interviews, or read our fest recap, ?

11选5图标下载Neat. took some pyrotechnical shots of a building catching fiery reflections from another building's glass.

HistoryPin is a photomapping site that and links them to their era.

Evanston photographer Jane Fulton Alt's latest series, , on the Gulf oil spill by depicting "oil-soaked" swimmers on the shores of Lake Michigan. (She also just got back from with Rick Bayless and his restaurant staff.) []

11选5图标下载Let it be known that the offers the you can get without a boat. (It's also a great spot to watch the .)

" to to ." in pictures.

at Kith and Kin, and a recent .

Local photographer is in order to fund the second half of , "a photographic exploration of Southeast Ohio and its unusually dense concentration of coal-fired power plants." If you're interested in full exhibition prints, .

11选5图标下载Photographer Serhii Chrucky explores .

A follow-up on : , mapped on the city grid. More cities .

11选5图标下载So apparently the Tribune wants to start up a between Illinois residents and those who live in Montana. Isn't that like getting involved in a land war in Asia?

Our own Dan Kelly found himself in this morning.

11选5图标下载If you missed our 7th Anniversary Party at the Metro last Friday, Time Out Chicago has a nice of what you missed. (.)

In A/C, we're holding with : Show us your personal neighborhood landmark and you could win a Southwest travel voucher to bring a friend into town! Enter by May 21!

11选5图标下载Nuccio DiNuzzo explains the challenges of for a family paper. The man is a true professional.

You can now buy shots from the Chicago Tribune photo archives on the cleverly named .

11选5图标下载Photographer Howard Simmons recently , thanks to musician and DJ Dave Mata.

Following in the , the Tribune has launched , a giant photo blog.

11选5图标下载 was born in San Francisco, moved to Japan with his parents a few years later, then returned to the states in 1939 to study architecture at Northwestern. After internment at , he returned to Chicago and joined the Photography Department at the Chicago Institute of Design. Between 1958 and 1961, he shot a number of .

11选5图标下载 contributor wants to remind you about .

is a photography project examining the bedrooms of soldiers killed in Iraq, including . []

11选5图标下载 found a "" near Kedzie and Devon avenues.

Chicago stands in for New York .

Photographer just started a new project: . Her first subject may be surprisingly familiar if you're a Cubs fan.

11选5图标下载Chicago is, apparently, one of the most . Estimates put the number of cameras watching us at about 10,000. So, relax. You're not paranoid after all.

, by .

WBEZ reporter has been for most of the month. There are some and some that are .

At least, that's what Jeffery C. Johnson while passing by a Dollar Tree.

If you didn't get a chance to see the Chicago River dyed green last weekend, you may still be able to relive the glory of .

Hope whichever utility or city service works fast -- in the Loop isn't going to last much longer.

11选5图标下载 took full advantage of living across the street from by .

Not sure which gang is tagging your neighborhood? should help.

11选5图标下载 points out this nostalgic assortment of . As the Colonel points out, #8 is especially hilarious.

Oops, . []

Alvin Shubert, contributor (and today's photographer), last night to see . Another contributor, Michelle Wotkun, .

Leo Rosen finds a contradiction between and in an Albany Park store window.

Yesterday 's section featured FofGB . You might remember George shot in Transmission in years past, and the couple run the company , among other projects.

11选5图标下载The Sun-Times Photo Archive is from the Sun-Times and Daily News on eBay. [indirectly ]

11选5图标下载A day late, but interesting nonetheless: MLK BLVD is a and examining the many streets named after the man. Here are posts about . []

GB flickr pool contributor took some of during her at the Rosemont.

Tribune photographer is a mix work for the paper and personal shots. Definitely worth checking out.

11选5图标下载Nicole Donohoe takes photos of -- faded painted advertisements on the sides of buildings. []

Photographer Merrick Brown says, "Last winter in Chicago I photographed lost gloves, hats, etc." See all 528 .

11选5图标下载GB fave presents over at The Morning News.


, a 5MP carabiner camera made by suburban-based , fits the adage "the best camera is the one that's with you." Its little cousin, the BeanSprout, is just $14.99 on Target.com in either or .

Interesting collection: . []

unveiled today a 4-foot by 180-foot mosaic made up of more than 800,000 images of the Milky Way. It's the world's most detailed picture of our galaxy, and it's now on permanent view at the museum and . []

If you're going to be out and about with a camera tomorrow, perhaps you should consider contributing to the .

11选5图标下载Get your camera out! Just one week left to enter 's , of which GB is a sponsor.

Chicago-area photographer Richard Susanto's is one of the submissions to National Geographic's annual highlighted on Boston.com's Big Picture blog.

11选5图标下载, photographer, known for his aerial shots of , New York, San Francisco, and other places, has passed away at age 98.

Michigan Avenue magazine's of in last month's issue is finally online. You can get a closer look at starting this Friday.

"Bunky's Pickle" has a nifty photo of three Chicago recording studios11选5图标下载 from a 1976 issue of the Billboard Recording Guide, all staffed, unsurprisingly, by total dudes.

Inspired by about vintage photos of Chicago, Berg with Fries went out and for a little then-and-now action. (Thanks, Amanda!)

11选5图标下载In other demolition news, the water tower at the Washburne Trade School .

If 's historical Chicago photos whet your appetite for others, here's a great shot of the from .

11选5图标下载 to two historical caches of Chicago photographs from and . If you have your own, we'd love it if you'd .

11选5图标下载Google is for off-of-the-street places for its to document. Do you have a Chicago location to suggest? Perhaps the Lakefront Path or your favorite park?

An off-duty security guard was after last11选5图标下载 Monday night's Hanson show taking the camera from a woman and then repeatedly hitting her because he thought she took a picture of him. More discussion . [] UPDATE: the security guard was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

11选5图标下载Vivian Maier was a street photographer who documented Chicago from the 1950s through the '70s. She died in April, and her archive of work was purchased at auction by photographer and historian , who is posting selections on .

The New York Times ran a about photographer Michael Abramson's photos of South Side blues clubs and their patrons back in the 70s. The photos will appear in a book/LP set, titled Light: On the South Side, published by the inestimable label.

Did you know that ? You can browse and search more than 8,500 photographs and even save items from the collection to view later.

11选5图标下载 contributor is at it , this time with a exploring at the .

11选5图标下载Did you know that Chicago's first college football team was at the University of Chicago? Led by , the Maroons , and were Big Ten champions seven times. Discovered in the Library of Congress' stash of.

11选5图标下载Andrew Gill of WBEZ.org this photo of the city, taken by Gapers Block's own managing editor . Click for a larger version.

Admit it, you've always wanted .

Hey, did you get your photo taken by Ian from at the Gapers Block Party on Friday? If so, it's .

ExploreChicago asked five photobloggers (including our own David Schalliol) to document their explorations of the city's neighborhoods this summer. Check out their shots on .

Hey! You have just a couple days left to purchase prints from the Gapers Block-curated "Chicago Week" on . Prints by , , , and are all still available.

CBS2Chicago's is an effort to, well, capture "your" Chicago in pictures. The project starts online, but will be turned into a book.

Our fourth Chicago Week feature, , is now available in . You can also .

Want your portrait made? Live in Wicker Park? For $5 you can pose for Wicker Park-based photographer Jennifer Bisbing and all the proceeds will go to , a local women's shelter. Make an appointment by emailing , and through the rest of 2009.

If you're headed to (or any other Chicago music event), don't forget you can submit photos to our . We might use them on the site!

A cool-looking car leads to a .

Big Happy Funhouse finds .

11选5图标下载The Morning News showcases by photographer .

Don't forget: Friday is the deadline for submissions for the , so get those paint brushes, vectors and camera shutters going!

11选5图标下载Lee Balterman shot in Chicago. showcases some of his best. []

A staffer at the University of Chicago recently decided to document a going on at Regenstein Library, with highly entertaining and, at times, results. []

11选5图标下载Crain's has a set of ultrahigh-res -- including . , too.

captured by our own David Schalliol.

11选5图标下载Back in 2005, contributer burned through a roll of film to get .

11选5图标下载Big Happy Funhouse turns up .

As on Friday, Chicago photographer partnered with of Girona, Spain for , resulting in trans-Atlantic double exposures.

11选5图标下载Celebrate the with these photos of vintage beachy activities from the .

11选5图标下载 asks: So far, it seems they particularly like s and s.

11选5图标下载Chicago is the , according to .

11选5图标下载The MacArthur Foundation's includes the Chicago-based , who will use their grant to "."

11选5图标下载The self-proclaimed and new YouTube star?

Despite the rain, the second annual staggered through Andersonville Saturday. Here are from the event.

11选5图标下载Collaboraction's annual , running now, inspired collaborations with photographers; .

11选5图标下载 member has captured a certain essence of the times .

As I approached the Chicago River on 18th Street yesterday, I was startled by ... and a film crew.

WBEZ wants to know -- and wants you to photograph it in all its pockmarked glory for the .

: beautiful photography of our beautiful city.

contributer Joseph Voves for our enjoyment.

member John Maloof caught .

11选5图标下载The Tribune featured yesterday. Want to catch them in action? Check out .

11选5图标下载Today seems like a good day for .

11选5图标下载Don't forget: the deadline for submissions to the GB and photo show is tomorrow. Check out the .

Speaking of photography, Chicago Public Radio to be included in a collection of Inauguration Day experiences.

As we mentioned back in December, GB and are inviting photographers of all experience levels to participate in a photo swap on Friday, February 6, and an accompanying show that will run from February 3-11. .

11选5图标下载The family of a teenager who was shot by an off-duty Chicago cop by the city in a wrongful death case. The head-scratcher? The kid was shot while he was breaking into the cop's home.

11选5图标下载In 1996, Mariana Cook photographed couples across the country. Among them were Michelle and Barack Obama, whose interview yields gems like Michelle's ""

, from "architecture of density" photographer Michael Wolf.


Street artist is from which to create a tribute. Zeman was struck and killed by a van in the December of 2007.

11选5图标下载Mark your calendars: Gapers Block and are teaming up for our third Photo Swap on February 6 -- . Additionally, an accompanying photo show will run between February 3 and 11 -- details TBA.

... and even more photogaphy (Photo Friday at GB!). The work of photographer and multimedia artist, and in particular, his stunning series.

Speaking of photography, here's a by one of the crane operators working on the Trump Tower. (Thanks, Mark!)

11选5图标下载The Reader is for its annual "1000 Words" photography issue. (.)

Scenes and signs . []

Chances are, someone is. And after looking at , you may never feel at ease riding the CTA again.

Speaking of random imagery of the city, Google is now hosting images from LIFE magazine, including .

What's ?

11选5图标下载... until there are really good, non-election-related images. So here's my last hurrah: , which includes some fantastic behind-the-scenes photos from election night.

If you didn't make it down to Grant Park on Tuesday and would like to get a view other than that of the major networks, there are some interesting alternative views of the event. The real star of the alternative coverage is WBEZ, which asked its flickr pool users to fill specific assignments. The station posted their work and other collections that . Other interesting coverage includes that of , , and, of course, the .

Chicago Public Radio's not the only place to submit photos of polling places: The New York Times has a of its own. Matt Maldre of checked with the Board of Elections regarding photo policies; the response after the jump.

11选5图标下载 Ken Menzel the Election Specialist for the Illinois State Board of Elections said in an email, "As to taking a photo when you go to your own polling place, the best advice I can give is to let the poll workers know before you do (it is simple courtesy as well as something that avoids any appearance of impropriety) and to be careful and respectful as to the other voters who have their own privacy rights at stake."

11选5图标下载The latest issue of is out, featuring a by GB's own David Schalliol.

received a nice gift recently: .

11选5图标下载Life's drama . []

11选5图标下载If you like in Rearview, you should check out from the in Glenview.

"War is Only Half the Story: The Aftermath Project," an exhibit featuring the work of award-winning photographers who capture untold stories about the aftermath of war, opens tonight at Roosevelt University's Gage Gallery. Sponsored by The Aftermath Project, it features work by artists Kathryn Cook, Andrew Stanbridge, Asim Rafiqui and Paula Luttringer. For more details see Slowdown.

The Trib has looking at summer block parties around the city.

Following up on her Edgewater Hospital photos, flickr photog Comtesse DeSpair shares . Check out her other .

in Andersonville. []

Nick Osborn, the creator of the vernacular photography blog, has coming out next week. If you pre-order Who We Were: A Snapshot History of America he'll throw a in with the book.

The Weiszes just got back from a 17 day loop of the Great Lakes, which they . If you'd like more reading about looping the Great Lakes, you may want to check out , which was .

11选5图标下载 magazine is holding a photo contest this week all about the place where you live. Just send in an original photo of your city, in all its glory, and you might just grace the pages of the magazine. .

It is . []

There's . (Thanks, !)

Speaking of photographs, the Trib is featuring staff photographers' images, both and . If you have the photo bug, you may want to .

11选5图标下载Photographer makes his way around the city, .

11选5图标下载In addition to , you may want to check out the , which gives you a shot of being featured on their .

is a delightful site of a Chicago-based photographer. I particularly love the shot of this . (via )

11选5图标下载More than 200 photos from the 1933 World's Fair that was held on Chicago's lakefront have been scanned and are being prepared for online posting later in the year by the Chicago History Museum. along with a selection of sample images.

Continuing on the aerial view theme, , by day and night. []

Between 1946 and 1948, . Buy the book . []

The honored Chicago by giving an award to . What's so notable about it? He's flipping someone the bird. What's also notable about it? It would have been so much better had the photographer bumped up the ISO rather than using a flash.

11选5图标下载Rationally, there's .

11选5图标下载Photographer documents .

11选5图标下载A collection of . (?) [, ]

If you missed the view of downtown during Earth Hour11选5图标下载, you can check it out . The Trib also has .

As Sara says, "."

11选5图标下载Chicago-based photographer goes to parties and clubs and takes pictures. Lots of them. So if you want some wonderful eye candy, enjoy his site . (Note: a tiny few pictures are NSFW.)

Following in , from the .

Chicago's celebrated today with a mass flying-featherfest in front of the Art Institute of Chicago on S. Michigan. If you didn't catch it, here are some . (Nice to see white stuff that isn't sleet or snow falling from the sky, isn't it?)

11选5图标下载Here's . (We featured awhile back.)

If you couldn't make it to the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown today, .

11选5图标下载It's a little repetitive, but here's a .

11选5图标下载Google has started putting users' pictures on the map at . Of course Chicago's most popular destinations have lots of photos, but so do neighborhoods and the suburbs. I particularly liked that have both Superdawg and the Niles YMCA Leaning Tower, as well as , taken near where I live. Flickr has a , but there aren't nearly as many photos.


11选5图标下载. The is looking for someone to curate a photography contest. RFQs are due on the 14th, so act fast!

11选5图标下载Wondering what Saturday's Lunar New Year Parade on Argyle St. looked like? Well, wonder no longer -- here's some , taken by this GB contributrix.

11选5图标下载"Faces," a new, black-and-white portrait project by local photog Jason Richardson, uses light, angle and composition to reveal people's faces as they really are (i.e., wrinkles, dots and all). Richardson needs models, so check out his and drop him a line to participate.

11选5图标下载First time contributor spotted a in Paharganj, New Delhi.

If you caught the MCA's Sympathy for the Devil exhibition this past autumn, you might recall encountering a couple of photographs by local artist . The 30-year-old Chicago photographer is now the subject of a three-page profile in the February issue of the international art magazine . The attention arrives after Schiff was recently selected for inclusion in the 2008 Whitney Biennial. The artist is currently represented by the in Chicago.

11选5图标下载If you're in the mood for some spooky photography and artifacts (a coffin, outmoded medical restraints!) this weekend, check out the opening of at the Saturday evening.

, a joint project of The Library of Congress and the Flickr photo sharing site, gives you the opportunity to describe, tag, and comment on .

. More .

Congrats to GB staffers , whose photos were picked as part of The Reader's 1,000 Words Photo Issue.

Jean Johnson was in court dealing with a probation violation when she took four photos of R. Kelly on her phone's camera. What happened next?

Teacher and photographer , .

11选5图标下载Thanks to everyone who made it out in the cold and snow for our !

, a poem in words and images by Felix Jung, for key words.

11选5图标下载Rearview contributor and excellent photographer Carey Primeau launches a . While I've seen my fair share of deserted and abandoned photography sites, Primeau really does elevate these photos to stunning. One of the more stellar sets has to be his , a building that has intrigued me for years. .

Bank of America made a when trying to convince Chicagoans it has "local commitment."

11选5图标下载The second Gapers Block/ Photo Swap is a little more than a week away, so print up five 4"x6" photographs to exchange with other photographers. Of course, there'll be plenty of free food and drinks to accompany the swapping. .

Hey, cool, you can now !

11选5图标下载The local is holding a photo contest. Local photographers are invited to submit a photo of themselves or family members doing active outdoor activities -- while wearing Patagonia clothing, of course. Three finalists will be selected to compete nationally for a trip for two to Vietnam. Bring your 4"x6" prints to the store by Oct. 31.

11选5图标下载If so, would like to hear from you. Check out the in the for more information.

11选5图标下载Starting today, a 6-minute program of changing Darfur photographs will be projected on the north facade of the Field Museum (visible driving south on Lake Shore Drive) to "provide visual education about the richly multi-cultural region while exposing the horrors of the ongoing humanitarian crisis." The exhibit will continue at the Field through October 12; through the following week, the images will appear at other Chicago institutions. to learn more and check Slowdown for .

is a photobooth project that's traveling the country; it has a different backdrop and props everyplace it stops. -- with a space theme. (Thanks, !)

11选5图标下载Photographer (whose photo was on Thursday) does some amazing things with his flickr account. , but it's best to view his archives by by .

11选5图标下载. (Thanks, Enrich.)

Photographers may be interested in the free . The Chicago event runs on September 19 and features a range of photographers, editors and buyers. to register and get more information.

, who did a fascinating set of , recently applied a similar approach to in Daejeon, Korea. [ and previously]

11选5图标下载Got a good story or photo involving Lake Michigan or another of the Great Lakes? . They're running a photo and story contest through the end of August, with prizes awarded each month. (Thanks, Hugh!)

Chicago photographer has gone to a lot of shows, with camera in hand. , and lose a little time.

A about the legal battles between Bensenville residents and Chicago over O'Hare expansion suggests visual artists could have a field day .

On Tuesday, Naz started a flickr group called -- just pictures of the things you have in your pockets or on your person every day. As of this writing, three days later, there are 630 members and 320 photos of people's stuff. Join up, or just kill time on a slow summer Friday going people-watching in slightly different way.

11选5图标下载Starting on Sunday, the , and other organizations will initiate "" at the . Throughout its run, topics will include "How We Peoples Make a People's Atlas of Chicago," "How We Grow: Self-Education and Urban Farming Gathering" and "How We Brew/Bake/Mead Etc Cottage Expo."

11选5图标下载The Gapers Block/ Photo Swap is just over a week away. Show up with five 4"x6" photographs, hang out, have some food and drinks, and then go home with five photos from other people. .

brings fresh veggies and fruits from to . With a recent nod from , he's currently taking requests for new painting subjects. Street art never looked so tasty.

Calling all family albums! The Tribune is .

Check out documenting the Belmont L station house move [window resizes].

moved to Chicago about a year ago, and almost immediately began . []

With all of the hubbub about the Olympics, there's an argument that . In a city currently alive with , and soon to have going too, . Tribune art critics provide of how art could work with the Olympics.

11选5图标下载Yesterday, All Things Considered ran of the architectural preservation photography book . Bonus: the song that plays at the end of the piece is from the album , which was composed for a Chicago theater production.

Given the inclement weather, I find it helps to think about mowing the lawn and biking to get me through the day. Fortunately, someone in Wisconsin has found a .

11选5图标下载Photobooth-o-philes, get excited! You'll soon be able to at Quimby's.

11选5图标下载As it turns out, Crain's has a pretty decent photo gallery. The most recent set documents the , while previous features range from to .

Someone smart at the Tribune asked its what prompted them to reevaluate artists in their disciplines. Some second looks include the , and .

Via and : of the in Lincoln Park.

11选5图标下载A sign of the times: , at Slats.org.

The just completed its , a major research report surveying all non-profit arts organizations in the Chicago region in 2006. In addition to being a comprehensive directory, the report provides especially fascinating information pertaining to the growth, location, composition and funding of these organizations.

Check out this recent write-up of Thomas Marlow's in the Australian media.

The Trib's on .

Here's an , circa 1985. Eerie and strange -- read the comments to learn how the photographer did it.

The Tribune offers a worth checking out in the coming months, including some out-of-the-way gems. Other informative prospective pieces include features about , , and , to name a few.

If today's Rearview photo (courtesy of the ever excellent ) bewilders you or makes you want to do the same thing, take a look at and then head over to the for info on how to do this.

If you're looking for a holiday laugh, check out the Tribune's reader-submitted . (Link pops due to window resizing.)

Photographer Lee Balterman shot Chicago in the '50s and '60s, and unlike many of his street photography compatriots, . []

11选5图标下载All summer -- until Sunday, actually -- Catherine Opie's photographs were in one of the top-floor galleries of the MCA. Now, some of them , accompanied by an interview, thanks to the Morning News. []

The annual (otherwise known as "the Art Walk") is taking place this weekend, and, as usual, the work runs the gamut. Put another way, there's something for everyone. Gallery no. 23 is hidden from view at the top of a rather foreboding set of stairs, but and Kate Dougherty both display interesting and, at times, amusing points of view. Dougherty illustrates her photos with cartoonish embellishment, while Ehly's series elucidate the patterns in architectural elements like and tease out the humor of real estate marketing with tounge-in-cheek titles for . In other words, three flights up won't kill you.

11选5图标下载, CEO of a , has a fondness for , and he's captured a number of .

Ranging from parades to street art to "Gringos out of Pilsen" agitprop and spanning several years, Flickr user Pedro Juan's takes the pulse of a neighborhood.

Did you snap some pictures of this past weekend's in Wicker Park? If you were a shopper or a vendor who braved the nice (then kinda bad) weather, you should add to the photos going up on in the . I'm hoping someone got a pic of that dude in leopard shorts on the skateboard. Update: .

11选5图标下载Photos are still getting posted to flickr from three long days of rocking West Wabansia this weekend. Check the tags , and , for starters.

As and announce new features today, geotagging looks like it's about to blow up. As of this posting, there were 150 photos displayed on a broadly defined ; expect that number to be significantly higher in a day or two, especially as previously tagged photos are . (And, for kicks, I tried the Upcoming event-tagging, using Lollapalooza as a test case. Sure enough, ! So neato.)

Just over thirty years ago, Danny Lyon joined the Chicago Outlaw Motorcycle Club and took pictures of the experience. He compiled the photographs in 11选5图标下载, released in 1968. See excerpts . []

11选5图标下载Meet another website devoted to the wonders of the Midwest: . While they have content from around the region, they recently filmed in Chicago. is in the works.

11选5图标下载The city's has prepared interactive that include photographs and important information about officially notable places. While you're on their website, check out their comprehensive and .

At Metblogs, Fuzzy Gerdes lets .

11选5图标下载If the piqued your interest, head to the of artifacts from the Tut era and 's photographs of the Tutankhamun expedition. If you have an mp3 player, don't forget to download the ahead of time.

11选5图标下载You know those cars with the crazy springs or dolls glued all over them? Well, reader Lotta writes in about her heading out to , held in Berwyn, last week where of all kinds of cars just like that.

11选5图标下载Reader Jennifer noticed an interesting phenomenon at the Intonation Festival last weekend: "I looked around at one point during a set, and realized that just about everyone in my 10 foot radius was wearing the same footwear as their neighbor." Check it out in.

I don't follow up on skateboarding like I used to so it was a pleasant surprise to hear about last week's . You can live vicariously through these Flickr photo sets: and .

Photographers Timothy Campbell and Eduardo Angel are posting a photo a week for 50 weeks at the , creating serendipitous juxtapositions of Chicago vignettes. (Thanks, Gretchen!)

Perk up life in your office today with 's from the show, which closed yesterday.

11选5图标下载Since it's likely we won't be able to see the sunset tonight, you might want to .

While they may be closing, is going out with a bang. Their last show will be appropriately titled, "The Last Picture Show" and features the work of 8 photographers and 5 painters including Rearview contributors, and , GB button designer Anthony Lewellen and . The final show goes down this Saturday, May 20th from 6-9PM at .

11选5图标下载If you're stuck in your office without a TV, you can still follow the march on (), and the Trib has

writes in with some sad news — has closed due to the financial and time constraints that come part and parcel with such a endeavor. This also means that the slated Supernatural show11选5图标下载 that we mentioned will not be happening. Here's to the future successes of both Sarah and Amor!

Apparently, of the Damen Blue Line station is not a photograph; rather, it's a "photo-realist painting" that took 2000 hours and 50 Photoshop files. Wow.

If you didn't make it to Wrestlemania, you can always check out what you missed on . And of course, you missed this . (In other Hooters news, it looks like and scaled back service from Gary. Guess they don't have great wings after all, eh?)

11选5图标下载Metroblogging Chicago discovers

is calling for entries for a juried exhibition this summer, the title of which will be "Supernatural Chicago: Seeking the otherworldly in the mundane." The deadline is May 31, with more details at . Of special note: our own Naz Hamid will curate the show, making it something like Rearview in a gallery.

Couldn't make it to John Barleycorn's for awesome St. Patrick's Day action? No sweat -- has you covered. Some stand out photos , and . And if you ask me why I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, well, . And Mike, seriously, you need to .

It's Saint Patrick's Week at Whateverland. So far we've seen , and .

I'd like to point out the , the and the . They are the eyes, ears and mouth of this fine city.

has taken a photo nearly every day since July 2002. Which gave him just enough material to make , a presentation of three years' worth of photos shown in rapid succession on three "screens," set to music. If you watch no other video today, watch this one.

11选5图标下载Here's an opportunity to pick up prints by two of the photographers regularly featured in Rearview: and will be among the artists featured at "Love-A-Palooza pre-Valentine's Day Art Show" today from 3pm to 9pm at the home of Brook Costello, 5809 N. Winthrop Ave. Apt. 3N. More info .

on Saturday the 4th with a reception. Featuring work from Rearview11选5图标下载 contributors and amongst others, you can take a look at the mysterious allure and amazing photographs that come out of little cheap plastic cameras.

11选5图标下载The second stage of the alleycat bike race was held last Sunday morning. Photographer Arielle Bielak has been taking an incredible number of pictures (including a few of ) and posting them to her site, . If you woke up to find your boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate and their bike inexplicably gone, chances are you'll see 'em here.

Fellow GB colleague Dave Elfving pointed out in the of my Rearview photo today that he didn't quite see what I saw in the photo, until I pointed it out. Incidentally, local photographer and Rearview contributor started a "" photo pool on Flickr. You can discuss this if you'd like of today's photo.

Today's Rearview photo11选5图标下载 from Cory Dalus is an interesting one. It shows the landscape of Chicago from 1979. You can comment here: .

One of our favorite places to warm up11选5图标下载 is the . Not only does Archie FlorCruz agree, he shows as much with on his Whateverland blog.

You know we're always interested in your submissions for Rearview. If, however, you're looking for additional exposure (ahem), Chicago Public Radio now features an image of the area daily on its and is soliciting contributions. Chicago Photobloggers has .

I never thought it could get better but , one of the internet's most popular photohuts, has recently added some pilot programs such as a feature, and a feature that lets you create personalized using your own pictures. If you want to create books to give as gifts, you have until December 19th to place your order to arrive before the 25th. You know, our many Rearview11选5图标下载 contributors.

11选5图标下载Sam of has a new where he's posting literary-related photos from his travels around the world. Ever wonder what James Joyce's school looks like? Sam can .

The November issue of includes an : the and the . Although the authors somewhat obviously conclude that the collections show very different views of industrialization, the photos of Gary, Indiana, are well worth checking out.

The by several local photobloggers runs through next week at the Lincoln Park branch of the Chicago Public Library. If you can't see the images in person, however, Flak Magazine has a review and a commentary-accompanied slideshow. (At least a couple of these photographs have appeared previously in Rearview, another gallery that makes for a nice visual distraction on a lazy Friday afternoon.)

takes wonderful photos of some of the lesser known or "" and posts them on his site. This makes a nice companion to the alley series currently running in the Tribune11选5图标下载 [Thanks, ].

11选5图标下载Earlier this week, a new game emerged on Flickr: .


Tonight is the opening reception for , an exhibition by seven , including friend of GB . 1150 W. Fullerton, 7pm.

Congratulations to for the . Milo's work, as well as that of six other , will be on display in a group show that's set to open next Monday. Details, as ever, in Slowdown.

11选5图标下载For your perusal on a gray day before the memories fade: photos on Flickr tagged with .

11选5图标下载Designer spent a week in Biloxi, Mississipi with his father (the pastor of a church in Orland Park) and 14 other people from Reunion Church in helping out with relief efforts. .

In a city that's completely banned spray paint, Chicago street-artists have had to take creative and untraditional routes to get their work on the streets. , the latest group pool on , is starting to document all of the , , , , , and that bring color to the all-too-often drab urban landscape.

How much has Chicago changed in 10 years? ? I stumbled across this neat jumble of today, including old maps, aerial photographs, and some especially fascinating images .

Paul McAleer, local (and former GB staffer) is featured in a Tribune about the anniversary of Nabisco's classic Oreo Cookie. Let's all raise our milk glasses in a toast!

Somewhere between a photolog, a shoe/feet fetishists dream and ground level perspective is a site called, "" that chronicles the aforementioned via photographs. And every so often the occasional Chicago city photo. And don't even ask me how I found it.

Regular Rearview contributor and featured photographer, tells us he has some photos up and hanging around the walls at , the restaurant that's next door and part of the . Since I like Matthew's photos and I like the food at Bite, I would like to find myself surrounded by those soon.

is a planned new magazine highlighting photography of Chicago. They're seeking submissions for the first issue; check the site for details.

Following the trend of local eateries displaying local artists' work (Metropolitan's Daniel Teafoe and Northside's are among my recent favorites), Tre Via is currently showing the photography of . Of the ten black and white photos, eight were shot around the city. If you come for the photos, be sure stay for the food (which is so good that you can expect a bangin' review of it in the near future). is located at 1575 N. Milwaukee. Segreti's work will be on display through August 9.

Lots of photos from the .

has redesigned, and it's lovely. In addition to having actual photos on the site, they're looking for contributors to write articles about photography and photoblogging. More info .

Should our current fuel question have you pining for the days of old Chicago, you may find some satisfaction in the Art Institute photography galleries. captured of the city as it was in the 30's and 40's. Not quite the same as being there, but about as good as it gets.

is a digital collection of nearly "4,500 photographs documenting natural environments, ecologies, and plant communities in the United States at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century." The images, which range from ecological settings, individual plants and natural landscapes, are from the Department of Special Collections at the . You may search or browse the collections by subject or geographic area. The collection includes , and, as is often the case with old photographs, you get the eerie feeling you are looking at natural environments that no longer exist.

The 36th annual Chicago Pride Parade brought yesterday. Pride is always colorful, to say the least, making for plenty of great photo ops. I've created a to consolidate photos from the parade, Saturday's PrideFest and Dyke March, and related events. Check it out, and join up if you'd like to share your pictures.

, or the fine art of , was on display last night as many people to celebrate the summer solstice. Pictures don't demonstrate the hypnotic effect of the flame spinning around - it's magical.

11选5图标下载Chicagoan biked from Seattle to New York City last year, alone, taking pictures all the way. You can see a collection of his photographs from the trip, entitled online, or go through July 10th at Country Club Chicago (1100 N Damen Ave.)

11选5图标下载, a local blog of found photography, has a really interesting series of photos up, entitled "Square America." They're all by , depicting a range of topics. and work your way forward. Really cool.

In 1949, Stanley Kubrick was a photographer for Look Magazine when he came to Chicago to work on a story with Irv Kupcinet. He shot 40 rolls, but only 11 pictures ended up in the story. The film was donated to the Library of Congress, and only recently documented and catalogued; the Tribune has and of eight of the unpublished photos. For more, go to the .

is a collaboration between the and , and it showcases the amazing work of photographer . Currently viewable on the web, you can also see the images at Millennium Park throughout the summer () or in book form (available ). (Thanks, Todd!)

Maybe in celebration of four awesome nights, or maybe because it's just really cool, , 1039 W. Granville Ave., is hosting an of thirty 3-D photo prints by . The subject of the prints? U2 on their 2001 Elevation Tour. Now that's how I like to start my morning. (On display through June 19.)

11选5图标下载 combines the power of and to create what may be the largest single repository of online postcards. So, if you're looking to share the wonder of the , the vistas of the , the sheen of , the grittiness of the , or a picture of just about any other keyword you can imagine, you're in luck. (NB: To use your own photos, you'll want to make sure that your CC license setting -- either at the or individual image level -- is that allows derivatives.)

The photography of Gary Stochl gets in the New York Times today. Stochl has been capturing images of Chicago for forty years, and his work has recently been published by the Center for American Places and Columbia College in . An online gallery of Stochl's photos can be viewed .

Slats.org and offers a glimpse into neighborhood priorities; each image features interesting differences in both the prohibited activities and their presentation. Perhaps because of these variations, the signs apparently work: in a , the Chicago Reporter described block clubs as central to the success of Chicago's .

Former GB staffer Luke has and -heads out there: more people in your photos. "Chicago is a city of 3 million people, but you'd never know it from its photoblogs and Flickr entries...The facelessness that results approaches misanthropy, and it gives the false impression that Chicago is a cold, vacant and inanimate place." Hop to it, photogs.

An ambitious photography project but stunning and vast nonetheless, deserves your attention and a lengthy look-see.

Ron of (and known friend of GB) posts a that is so reminiscent of summer. Sitting around with your buddies, having a beer, taking your shirt off. I can't decide what part is my favorite: the Pabst hat, pulled up tube socks, the gorilla, the bandage over the jeans, that man's camel tongue...

, who we had the pleasure of meeting face to face , presented a stellar slide show of his latest project, Copia11选5图标下载. Luckily for us, he also has the project on his site. .

rode the Red Line from Howard down to 95th and back up, taking photos at every stop -- and you can follow along in .

11选5图标下载 You might also be interested in a similar project, , by GB staffer Jes Davis, which appeared in the now-defunct (the accompanying audio from is no longer online).

11选5图标下载Anyone remember that skit from SNL with Will Farrell? I always sing that little drummed theme song when I think of a dog show. Speaking of which, has posted some of our fellow canine friends at the recent 2005 IKC Dog Show, which recently took place at McCormick Place. kills me!

Those of you in the audience who are planning a wedding this year, take note: Dawn Mikulich, the photographer behind , is now available for photo shoots (not just of weddings, but also portraiture and corporate events) through .

11选5图标下载OK, hopefully this is the last time around for this story: contributor Andrew Peerless about the rules against photgraphing Cloud Gate and came away with a policy that actually does kind of make sense. It's not just a copyright issue, it's also one of permits.

11选5图标下载Ron from has a new photoblog, , documenting the city's handpainted signs.

11选5图标下载Keeping in line with the coverage, one of this year's recipients, a Chicagoan named , is probably known best for his hilarious and thought-provoking . For the curious, other locally-based award winners include , , , , and . Lots of interesting work to sort through here.

the Website devoted to stories of Chicago's rapid transit systems, has finally posted (The winners were announced last November, and the pictures were on display at Darkroom, but they've only just recently been posted online.) Quite a few of the winners' names will be familiar to Rearview fans.

is huge collection of photos of the city -- not unlike , but nearly all in black-and-white, and not for sale.

So you keep a photolog in Chicago and would like to meet fellow like-minded peeps? Well you can. The are for the first time this Sunday January 9th at Puck's at the MCA. Snap a photo or two for us will ya?

, friend of GB, alerts us that the segment she did with Steve Edwards on 's 848 show will be re-airing today at 10am, which is like, now. It's in anticipation of her upcoming solo show for -- her ongoing fascination with the three subjects that dot the Chicago landscape -- which will be hung in in Wicker Park from January 14th through February 19th. Opening reception is on January the 14th from 7pm till 11pm.

Local photobloggers Rod from and Bob from have launched , a new directory whose purpose is probably clear from the title. Check it out -- and if you're a photoblogger, join up.

If you're a photoblogger in Chicago, consider checking out and contacting . Still in its nascent stages, the goal of the site seem to be fostering a community, while sharing ideas and information. The creation of the site seems to be inspired by .

is an ongoing project aimed at mapping all 300-plus videocameras that monitor our every move in the Loop. And not just city-installed cameras, either -- the vast majority of unblinking eyes are in private hands, and they're , too.

11选5图标下载 In related news, the City is in addition to light-runners. More than 67,000 tickets have been issued for running red lights in less than a year, which bodes well for city coffers if speed monitoring is added.

is requesting photos of people's workspaces for . Send yours to photoluckfaceorg.

The Sun-Times is offering some of their from their site. The categories baffle me (airshow?), but the are really neat, as are .

Since January 1 of this year, has been taking a picture of a complete stranger each day, using an 8"x10" camera. The resulting images are stunning. [Thanks, ]

11选5图标下载Have a few minutes to kill? Want to see what people in Lombard take pictures of? Or Rockford? Or Chicago? has their fotologs classified by geographic region (though it seems sorta loose - there are a lot from other places which happen to have IL in the name). The one for makes good fodder for aimless surfing.

For your viewing pleasure, a couple of local photoblogs:

Way cool: . There are so many good photos in the group. I really like -- recognize the guy on the right?

is another clubbing/ electronic music site, but what's really interesting about it is the the photo gallery , which features pictures of over 250 different DJs who have played in Chicago over the last couple years. Photography by .

In a genre where digital is the default, it's nice to see someone still working with actual film. is local (although the photos aren't always), mostly black and white, and all that grain is physical, not compression artifacts. Worth checking out.

11选5图标下载Naz, our friendly neighborhood creative director, has transformed his site, , into a photoblog. Never fear, fans of his writing -- that remains a part of the site, just moved to .

is a great web tool to share photos -- of , for instance. Or , or just in general.

Friend of GB, regular contributor to Rearview and stunning photographer Archie Florcruz launches his personal photo site, . Designed by him, built by and for you to look at. With photos like these , and , it's time for less talk and more .

Friday tends to be a slower day — you're counting down till you get to leave, unless you're on summer hours that is. To pass the time, we've got some photos for you to look at, today's theme is graffiti/stencils. Rachelle of has a neat little section on her site called . shoots graf and stencils pretty often and here's . While the photo isn't in Chicago but the photographer is, has . One of our faves, Chris has a series of .

Chicago photographer Richard Kern contributes the 4th installment of series. The temporarily-clothed model Sarah is photographed with Warren Platner, Charles & Ray Eames, and Mies Van Der Rohe designs. [NOTE: beautiful, but Not Safe For Work]

11选5图标下载Rogers Park is one of the city's most diverse neighborhoods; now it's time to find out if it's one of the most photogenic. is sponsoring a photo contest, with winners in landscape, portrait, "abstract" and youth (18 or under) categories. The deadline for entry is Sept. 12, and finalist photos will be sold in a silent auction. Check the site for details.

Chris Trott of has launched , a beautifully rendered Flash gallery of his favorite photos.

As we were visiting Millennium Park last night for the umpteenth time, a few friends and myself stumbled across a photo exhibition entitled "". Located at the northwest corner of the park, at the Wrigley Square and Millennium Monument (aka the pseudo-Roman pillars), the exhibit is open-air and is truly stunning. I'm rarely intrigued enough to really delve deep into an exhibit but I looked at all 103 photographs (selected from 1000) and read the accompanying text for each one. is Paris-based photographer 's remarkable global journey capturing portraits of families from around the world (150 countries!).

, our favorite website featuring tales of travel on the CTA, has announced a . Entries are due September 15th and must feature the CTA in some capacity. Shutterbugs, take note.

11选5图标下载The current exhibition at the features the work of acclaimed photojournalist, . On view are photos taken from her series "Twins" and "Falkland Road." Also included in the exhibition is "Ditto," work by 14 photographers focused on duplication and repetition. The show will be up until October 5.

Friend of GB, photographer was recently featured on . The feature focuses on her current project, described as "three sympathetic elements of the Chicago aesthetic.� It's a great little feature as Weimer and host Steve Edwards chat humorously whilst on Western Avenue as vans pass them by. Listen in directly ( player or required). But if you're into the real thing, radio that is, you can listen to a re-broadcast of her feature on Sunday's "" show at 10am.

If you've been soaking up all of this fine photography weather in Lincoln Park (the big grassy area by the lake, not the neighborhood) you might already be a winner. The Chicago Parks District and are sponsoring an this summer for people snapping shots of Lincoln Park. Categories include people, places, animals, and plants. You can pick up an application at the Lincoln Park Cultural Center and submit photos anytime before June 30.

Photographer has some quietly moving pictures of Chicago's disappearing high-rise housing projects: , , and .

2nd Annual event is taking place this Saturday June 5th. This year's fundraising shindig will include silent and live auctions, fabulous photographs, and many other prizes, including plane tickets and gift certificates. In addition, there will be dinner, an open bar and live entertainment. There are still a few spaces left, so hurry and sign yourself up before it's too late!

Apparently, the FBI doesn't want you photographing the city's federal buildings anymore. of a photographer who was harrassed for taking a shot of the .

11选5图标下载The features a collection of more than 500 photos of Illinois places and people, past and present. Photos are divided into categories such as Culture, Environment, Historic Sites, Chicago, and Natural Wonders. The site also includes around the state, a , and much more.

11选5图标下载Brian Ulrich takes some pretty amazing photographs. His work primarily deals with "the excesses of a consumer-dominated culture," to great effect. Take a look at , his portfolio site, or pop by his thesis show this Thursday, 5-8pm at the Glass Curtain Gallery, 1104 S. Wabash.

As the latest class of students prepares to graduate, the college will be promoting their work during Thursday's all-day . There'll essentially be running in tandem -- art, music, performance and readings -- all spread out along the South Loop Arts Corridor, with running between the five major locations. Among the myriad styles of art on display: photography, puppetry, pop, painting, product design, poetry, papermaking ... and dozens of others. All events are free and open to the public.

11选5图标下载Monday morning dreariness not quite your flavour? Take some time out to peruse photos from local photographers: , , , , , , , , and . Keep your eyes busy for a while if your brain isn't quite up to it today.

Dawn Mikulich of is exhibiting selected photos of the city currently on exhibit at the , 24 East Congress, as part of the city's program. [via . ]

Thursday morning is a little bit easier to start when there's some beautiful photos to look through. And brings the goods. Her gorgeous have recently been published in local magazine, but every single photo is well fawning over.

Browse over one thousand photographs taken by James Henry Breasted during his two trips to Nubia between 1905 and 1907. Breasted was a professor of Egyptology and Oriental Studies at the University of Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century. This digital collection, titled "," is presented by the of the University of Chicago.

We have a collection of random vintage cameras in our closet, mostly gathering dust. We're not the only ones, apparently: the has been connecting photo and camera collectors to each other since 1971.

11选5图标下载Dawn Mikulich is Chicago's biggest fan. On her photo site, , she maintains a visual love letter to her favorite city through amazing and photography. A Chicagoan will find most of her images to be of familiar ground, yet also uncommonly fresh. If you fall in love yourself, you can as a print or digital file.

Some Monday morning eye candy for you — has a neat little photography portfolio site with some excellent portraits. The site is quick, simple and lets the photos do all the talking. My favorite shot is the photo in the bottom left corner (not directly linked to since the site is in Flash) — quite Chicago.

11选5图标下载Archie at is a fine photographer. His most recent photos are incredible: .

11选5图标下载, a renowned environmental photographer, brings "Lake Affect" to our attention. Over 20 years in the making, this exhibit , but at different times of the day and season over more than 20 years. Visit the in the historic Water Tower (806 N. Michigan) this Friday through June 28.

The has an excellent online store called with some great vintage goods. The are nice, like but it's the that take my heart. You might after all want to have above your fireplace.

11选5图标下载 is a series of Chicago photographs that have had all visible words stripped away in order to "explore the nature of communication in the urban landscape as a combination of visual and literal signifiers." Plus, they look neat. (Via .)

Holy crap! has to be seen, right now! "This is the web version of a set of photographs that map chicago's famous and rarely-comprimising grid into 212 4"x6" snapshots." . [ via the ]

, the photography of Chicago photographer Brian Ulrich. People and places that look so familiar that it might even be you. Nice eye candy on a dreary Monday morning.

11选5图标下载It's not too late! The 7 week winter session of photo classes at will be starting on February 23rd, and there's still time to register. The CPC is a wonderful and inspiring not for profit organization founded by a group of photographers and students in 2002. They offer weekday evening and single-session workshops on evenings and Saturday mornings. Their facility includes darkrooms, a gallery, a lighting studio and classroom space. Visit the center on Sunday, February 22nd to check out the . A selection of the beautiful photos taken by and of the founders of the center will be on display. The opening reception on Sunday will take place from noon until 4pm at the CPC space, located at 3301 N Lincoln.

The winners of the for 2003 are all jaw-droppingly amazing, especially taken from Lake Michigan of a thunderstorm receding from over Chicago. [via ]

11选5图标下载Phineas X. Jones, inimtable maker of is selling out in true style. . If you need to seem them in person, they're up for this month over at on Grace.

presents his wonderfully amazing and beautiful at Uncommon Ground all through January. Meet him and other photography collage afficionados in the flesh at the official opening this Wednesday, January the 7th where there will be... Wine! Cheese! and lots of brou-ha-ha and general hipster elitist behavior. We're kidding about that last one but bring your Hipster Bingo Card11选5图标下载! There's bound to be a digital camera somewhere. From 5-8pm at in Wrigleyville at 1214 W. Grace (Grace and Clark).

11选5图标下载 is a new photoblog that explores the less-documented areas of our fair city: the South Side and other points along the South Shore Line.

The is just one of many battlegrounds that have emerged between the Bush administration and environmentalists. Interior Secretary Gale Norton has referred to the potentially oil-rich land as "flat, white nothingness," but Chicago Tribune photographer found otherwise. During the past year, documented eight such environmental hot spots, traveling from Alaska to Appalachia and various points in between. The results of his yearlong odyssey will appear in the Friday, December 19 edition of the Chicago Tribune, in a 12-page, full-color Special Photo Report, and online at .

No idea why this featuring photgraphs of Chicago's great architecture is called , but that's the quirky nature of the web for you. YeloDog also has an excellent page of black and white from the '70s to the present, with notable highlights including Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Public Image Ltd., Gang of Four and more.

11选5图标下载The has a small section of , featuring both things close to home and other more artsy selections.

Chicagoland is very photogenic. For those photographers who want to meet with other shutterbugs, there's the , ready to connect you to your local photog clique.

Our very own , has a stellar from around the world that's worth exploring in-depth, including .

11选5图标下载 is the increasingly less-aptly named portfolio of Christopher Schneberger, a photographer who documented the Cubs' 1998 season (the last time they made it to the play-offs).

Mr. needs your . First . Pick or or of the many amazing choices. Then drop him a line11选5图标下载. Do it. NOW.

is a photographic archive of Pulitzer Prize receiver John H.White's time taking photos of Chicago's African American community whilst working for the Chicago Daily News. He now works for the . Great stuff. Via the dense and fulfilling .

If you're looking for photographic goodness, you want to get your cute little butt on over to Phineas' , impressive stuff. I haven't been there in a while but was reminded by today's (mad props and flava!).

11选5图标下载When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself "The world really needs ." Ok, not really. But this guy is intent on seeing all the in the world. I hope he at least uses a travel mug.

11选5图标下载And now, a photographic collection of the more macabre kind, but also extensive and stunning nonetheless. (at the best URL there is) features a list of graveyards in and around the Chicagoland area and contains 826 "graven images".

An absolutely jaw-dropping of more than 55,000 images of urban life captured between 1902 and 1933 by photographers employed by the Chicago Daily News. Brought to you courtesy of the efforts of the .

Have you been to ? In 1999, Chicago's was converted into the city's "official photography gallery." City Gallery is curated by the and features Chicago-themed exhibitions by local photographers.

The current exhibition, "," features the work of seven photographers whose task was to bring awareness to the continuing importance of manufacturing in Chicago. The photos pay tribute to corned beef, Radio Flyer wagons, harps, hand tools, and Mr. Bubbles toys. Read the write-up in the , and, if you can brave the throngs on North Michigan Avenue, check out City Gallery.



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