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Tuesday, July 28

Gapers Block


As usual, the CTA will be from 10pm to 4am, courtesy of MillerCoors.

Uber released a list of the in Chicago. You could probably easily guess eight or nine of them.

More than at O'Hare and Midway yesterday, stranding thousands in the terminals. One guy who was allegedly stuck at O'Hare for 50 hours (really? more than two days?) gave up and .

, the CTA's new bus rapid transit (BRT) line, will , Dec. 20.

11选5图标下载The last Chicago-to-Michigan ferry , but that .

A taxi driver lobby convinced McPier to in addition to the already-covered taxis -- but almost nobody knows about it, and it's not clear if the tax is getting paid.

Airbnb rooms in Chicago will come with the beginning Jan. 15. []

11选5图标下载IDOT wants to hear from you regarding to (I-55). There's a Wednesday out in Countryside.

John Greenfield reports that a Gov. Quinn staffer back in . Curb-protected lanes on the Clybourn Corridor were just .

Reminder: Winter parking restrictions -- in other words, tonight at 3am. If you suddenly can't find your car tomorrow, check .

11选5图标下载How many fares does a CTA bus need to pick up on each run in order to break even? .

Nate Silver at the 30 largest airports in the country, and finds that is probably dragging down its Yelp rating.

11选5图标下载The City has at Midway and O'Hare -- but not Uber yet. They only submitted their paperwork on Monday. Chicagoist has of where they'll pick you up. UPDATE: Whaddya know, Uber's paperwork was processed in record time, so tomorrow, too.

11选5图标下载The Kennedy between the Circle Interchange and Edens junction was declared the by the American Highway Users Alliance, with backups often stretching 12 miles. (Not sure about those names? Consult our .)

Tomorrow is the of this year's -- which may be the only upside to all the snow we're expecting.

In further transportation news, the will return Dec. 21, the #31 31st Street and #11 Lincoln bus (from Leland to Fullerton) will .

The new on Android and iOS, letting you use your account on Metra in addition to CTA and Pace. Can't wait to hear what new insanity awaits.

If you received one of the 100,000+ traffic tickets that were issued from , you can to see if the camera that captured your plate is known for having issues.

11选5图标下载In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, on trains and platforms.

11选5图标下载Incredibly, 70 percent of Union Station is off limits to visitors. The announced earlier this year would return to use many of those formerly public spaces -- and .

11选5图标下载The Skyway was due to high winds and blowing debris. It may or may not reopen for the evening rush, depending on conditions.

11选5图标下载A man was intended for homeless CPS students, the BGA reports. It's part of an overall pattern of lax control of Ventra cards by the school district, whose budget for CTA fares has more than doubled in the past five years.

is , a victim of the economy and the inability to negotiate a new lease.

Uber is rolling out , a fee-based carpooling service, . That'll come in handy once rideshares are allowed at the airports.

11选5图标下载After a driver taunted and berated a long line of concertgoers whose cars were towed while at a concert at the Aragon -- and then assaulted and tried to run over a cyclist who tried to talk some sense into him -- Ald. Ameya Pawar is threatening to . (.)

The Yellow Line tomorrow morning, after closing in May when a rail embankment collapsed due to nearby construction. As a thank-you for your patience, from the Dempster-Skokie and Oakton-Skokie stations through Nov. 6.

A guy who tried to get a Lyft near O'Hare ended up after the cops impounded the car for picking up near the airport, even though that (because the Mayor supports it).

Illinois is relatively safe on the roads, according to . Maybe we're just better at wearing our seatbelts.

Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and presumably any future ridesharing services will in exchange for under the latest budget proposal being considered Wednesday by City Council.

11选5图标下载, meaning no fare increase in 2016 -- but only if deadlocked Springfield approves.

11选5图标下载O'Hare opened on Thursday. It'll primarily be an -- but it's far enough away from the terminal that taxiing may take 20 minutes or more.

11选5图标下载DNAinfo shows you once they left the station, as well as how many rides each station garnered in the past year.

11选5图标下载Today's cab strike , and at least to the cause. But Uber went on the offensive, pointing out that on the West and South sides than Uber drivers are.

Taxi drivers plan a "" 24-hour strike Thursday morning till Friday morning in protest of Mayor Emanuel's proposal to allow rideshare drivers to pick up passengers at the airports and McCormick Place and fare increases.

Divvy workers , and are now . Lend your support . Meanwhile, at how the Divvy for Everyone program, intended to bring bikesharing to underprivileged communities, is going.

11选5图标下载As Wednesday in protest of Emanuel's budget proposal to the airports, another battle was waged in the courtroom. A federal judge paved the way for an for treating rideshare services different from taxis.

The Museum of Science and Industry is to make room for other modes of transportation. The trains, including a horse-drawn Chicago streetcar, will be on Oct. 5.

Taxi drivers are today at O'Hare and Midway in protest of a City budget proposal allowing drivers for rideshare companies to access the airports.

Artist Genea Barnes by capturing images of ghost bike memorials put up in their honor.

O'Hare's persistent presence on lists of the worst airports in the country of the facilities, writes Nate Silver.

11选5图标下载The CTA's response to the collapse of an embankment by the Yellow Line near Skokie according to the Sun-Times, considering it could've caused a major accident.

11选5图标下载Construction will expressways during the next few weekends.

11选5图标下载Megabus drivers are if they don't get a raise.

11选5图标下载Express buses will , the City announced, with officials insisting plans for bus rapid transit on Ashland are still in the works.

11选5图标下载Mayor Emanuel announced plans to at Midway Airport.

11选5图标下载The cash-strapped City is to try and generate new revenue.

According to an investigation by CBS Chicago, as people update their address on file with the City, they are receiving a brand-new notice in the mail for old citations. And since there's no statute of limitations, any unpaid tickets are fair game.

11选5图标下载The City hopes to encourage density and use of public transit by near L stations.

Comcast is planning to the Bloomingdale Trail.

11选5图标下载New leadership at Chicago's infrastructure bank will ; the group stalled somewhat after launching to big fanfare three years ago.

Laura Washington credits Uber with while also providing job opportunities for people from underserved areas.

11选5图标下载No one knows when it started, but late at night the lowest depths Lower Wacker Drive .

Consultants involved in lining up contractors to build the Ventra system later on another project, writes Jason Prechtel in his latest work .

11选5图标下载Just in time for the evening commute: Chicago is rated as in a study by a personal finance website.

11选5图标下载While festival organizers encourage people to bike, predicting the number of cyclists and is still a challenge.

Commuters looking to spend even more time with their mobile devices are increasingly , according to a study.

The buses to bring fresh produce to food deserts across Chicago.

An from Midway Wednesday night; luckily the flight landed safely and no one was injured.

A woman busted previously for trying to sneak aboard an airplane was a day after she was released from jail.

Drivers no longer need to scramble to before the deadline after the City switched to year-round sales.

Misuse of cards issued to low-income seniors and people with disabilities is .

The average trip to work in Chicago .

11选5图标下载 will target cyclists who blow through red lights and motorists who park in bike lanes.

William Shatner is preparing to astride a crazy three-wheeled "."

While late-night commuting on The 606 is technically allowed, from the park after 11pm.

The number of , including a person killed in West Pullman yesterday.

shows where the memorials commemorate bikers killed across the city.

Restoring old police cruisers for some Chicagoans.

11选5图标下载A fake was taken down by the city, but its origins remain a mystery.

The World Naked Bike Ride .

Curious City found out what life is like .

Ever wondered what it looks like when a navigates from Lake Michigan to a destination down the Calumet River? .

11选5图标下载Gas detectors mounted on Google Street View cars that aren't dangerous but do contribute to global warming.

Chicago for moving truck rentals, with many of them ending up in the Wicker Park/ Bucktown area.

Someone is .

11选5图标下载Commuting by helicopter to fly into a new heliport on the Near West Side.

A muslim Northwestern University chaplain says a flight attendant refused to give her an unopened can of soda .

Ads , eating on the train, and committing other faux pas are aimed at inspiring better behavior on the CTA.

Chicago could through realistic changes like introducing new pricing models, writes Whet Moser.

will bring live music to El stops around the city in June, highlighting traditional music from Chicago's many cultures.

11选5图标下载Look: over the next few days, and the roads are going to be packed, so take your time.

11选5图标下载Police hope speed bumps will on Lower Wacker Drive.

Spending 24 hours in O'Hare sounds like the worst vacation ever, but writer Jeff Ruby dedicated a whole day to

after an embankment gave way near the tracks in Skokie.

Summer means more bike rides -- and more bike thefts. The Chainlink has some tips for .

The diagonal runways at O'Hare have , despite several state bills aimed at saving them and an earlier promise that they wouldn't be touched until next spring.

11选5图标下载Illinois ranked 14th in a League of American Bicyclists list of . See our , and where we can improve.

See on a map assembled by DNAinfo.

Chicago History Today explains why parts of the Brown Line (and some other lines) . []

A 63-year-old , was caught loitering at O'Hare without a ticket recently.

For many Divvy users, biking .

11选5图标下载Once upon a time, owning a taxi medallion was a great investment. But now that Uber and other car-sharing companies are "disrupting" the industry, .

The Illinois House passed a -- just not in Chicago.

Mayor Emanuel's motorcade

11选5图标下载RedEye's transportation columnist Tracy Swartz shares as she departs for the entertainment beat at the Tribune.

A Loyola campus cop busted out his baton to on the Loyola campus.

Streetsblog suggests some , including maintaining them properly and removing them from low-crash intersections.

11选5图标下载It's actually illegal to tow a car from a private lot , reports DNAinfo's Paul Biasco.

While more oil passes through Chicago than anywhere else in the country, residents are mostly if there was an accident, reports Midwest Energy News. []

11选5图标下载The man who drove his jeep off of a tow truck says he jumped into his car as it was being taken away .

CPD raided a recycling facility which authorities claim stolen from cars across the city.

The Illinois Tollway is to oases, hoping distracted drivers will get off the road if they need to text or check the Internet.

The , more than the
debt owed to New York City and Los Angeles combined, reports The Expired Meter.

Monthly street sweepings resume in April, so watch for signs or because most cars can't escape the tow truck -- .

A cyclist on the Lakefront Trail this morning came upon an

11选5图标下载A Wicker Park man through rain, snow, and sleet. What's your excuse?

Mayor Emanuel floated the idea of , saying that "we have airports named after battleships." (Um, , Mr. Mayor.)

A video shared by DNAinfo where one driver kicked and punched the other's car while it repeatedly rammed into his car.

11选5图标下载The CTA warned of should the governor's proposed state budget go through -- it would cut $170 million from Chicago-area transit services.

wrote computer scripts to flood the FAA's Airport Noise Management System complaint form with in January -- around two thirds of the total complaints for the month.

If you're flying out of Midway on Tuesday, watch parties in honor of at the airport.

On Friday, mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia announced that if elected in the city. On Sunday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that the City at 25 intersections.

A project charts the incomes of people living near each stop, showing how wealth is distributed in the city. []

The International Business Times reports Mayor Emanuel's former top congressional aide became a lobbyist for a firm representing Xerox State and Municipal Solutions to build the City's red-light cameras.

11选5图标下载Uber is for its driver partners.

After her fellow commuters seemed to ignore a man confronting Mary Mitchell on the El, she wonders if .

The City in plowing side streets ahead of April's runoff election.

Despite costing the City over $400 million and counting, the , a remnant of abandoned plans for an airport express train.

Fivethirtyeight's Data Lab , and finds them coming up a bit short.

11选5图标下载Did you know you can ? Although there's no booze on board, live music and food are allowed, leaving plenty of party possibilities.

11选5图标下载After Gov. Rauner proposed funding cuts to the Regional Transportation Authority in his state budget, the launched a to fight it.

11选5图标下载The City is looking to , although drivers would still have to return them after settling their debt.

A series by ABC7's Roz Varon takes a look at .

A speed camera in Humboldt Park keeps .

A Logan Square woman apparently by someone upset at her for violating dibs.

11选5图标下载Despite the occasional trip down Lake Shore Drive, , reporting only 18 crashes since the program started.

The City will to reserve a street parking spot on Friday.

The CTA is going to to the Loop and back, leaving Linden at 8pm, for six weeks this summer.

Watch how snow plows made their way through the blizzard with a heat map animation by the team behind .

11选5图标下载The at Cermak/McCormick Place , in time to get any kinks out ahead of the this weekend.

11选5图标下载Uber makes a lot of claims about how UberX benefits drivers and passengers alike, so .

A Ukrainian Village woman says after she parked in a spot marked with chairs.

Contrary to videos circulating on YouTube, rocking a car back and forth to get it unstuck , reports DNAinfo's Mina Bloom.

Pedestrians tired of slogging through sidewalk snowdrifts , but the City hasn't issued any citations yet.

Student reporters with Real Chi Youth followed the of a high school valedictorian.

While it may of snow, it helps if you or .

Chicago Magazine has a quiz to help you decide , and if you do, why not use something ?

11选5图标下载Chicagoans with folding chairs, sawhorses, and other random items during the Big Snow of 1967, according to DNAinfo's Ted Cox.

with red light cameras after Mayor Emanuel endorsed the idea as a way to prevent rear-end collisions.

A new by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning gives a and congestion in the region.

is thanks to a $12 million investment from .

11选5图标下载Bike messenger Nico Deportago-Cabrera strapped on a video camera and went head-to-head with a cab driver to see who could cross the city faster. []

11选5图标下载Keep your eye out for the next time you're on the El. They're the result of a by comedian Ben Larrison, .

DNAinfo found out fastened to racks and street signs.

CDOT will worth of city streets, including Lake Shore Drive from Grand to North, King Drive from Cermak to 37th, and Cicero from Division to the Eisenhower.

Check out the evolution of in five-year increments. The Southwest Side was robbed between the '60s and '80s. []

The CTA is retiring the last of its 2400-series train cars, and to commemorate, it's . The trains will be dressed up in their original 1976 decals.

11选5图标下载Why is a Cermak Road exit on the Ryan labeled as "22nd Street?" One man is on a quest to .

Whet Moser shares how biking through the colder months .

Curious City lays out to be on Chicago's highways.

, one of the city's best sites for transportation news, is due to lack of funding -- but .

11选5图标下载Did you receive a small postcard in the mail alerting you to the privacy policy for something called the ? It's not a scam, it's just the bank that handles the . Would have been nice of them to at least mention the connection.

money network ventra

Wonder where the snow plows are this morning? Check CDOT's or for like updates.

Uber to make sure they're getting into the right car with the correct pre-screened driver.

11选5图标下载Remember: which is helpful because taxis will be impossible to find and .

11选5图标下载As usual, CTA trains and buses are , from 10pm till 4am. Trains will also have during peak times.

Nearly , according to the ACLU.

A Ventra app for Metra riders, bus rapid transit in the Loop, and 4G networks on the Blue and Red lines are among the .

The City shared videos of car crashes caused by drivers running red lights to encourage safer driving, although they left out clips of .

Chicago's streets would be easier to navigate without all those pesky cars; John Greenfield .

11选5图标下载 at intersections while decreasing the number of T-bone collisions, according to a study.

The Damen Blue Line stop after two months of renovation.

Major progress has been made on the 606 (aka Bloomingdale Trail), with along the 2.7-mile route.

11选5图标下载A is raising money for a federal lawsuit against the City to make it treat cab drivers more like city employees.

Getting to the Museum Campus using public transportation is pretty tough, but a trolley service, private busway, or light rail system , according to a mayoral panel.

11选5图标下载Cab drivers will receive as much as an -- without a taxi fare increase -- under an ordinance passed by City Council yesterday.

The new at McCormick Place has been .

11选5图标下载 like the rest of us, because reindeer may get great gas mileage but parking a sleigh is impossible. You can

11选5图标下载 tracks how the City is faring in its never-ending war against potholes.

11选5图标下载when the winter overnight parking ban went into effect Monday morning.

While you were sleeping, the annual began early this morning and runs through March 31. Parking on designated arterial streets from 3-7am (regardless of snow) will get your wheels towed ($150 and an additional daily storage fee), plus a $60 ticket. Additionally, a second (but not as strongly enforced) that tickets (or relocates) cars parked on designated streets when snowfall is over 2 inches goes into effect today.

Hope your car is where you left it.


The security line at Midway Airport was this morning.

11选5图标下载Chicago's worst Thanksgiving traffic is between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Wednesday, while Saturday is the second worst day to drive,

11选5图标下载This year, the CTA isn't just doing a (whose schedule was just announced) -- there's also a , a reticulated model coated in Christmas decor, running Dec. 2-23 on various routes.

and both received yesterday, certifying that the companies' drivers meet certain training and safety requirements. Uber is still working on their license.

A small cargo plane that flew into the side of a house near Midway Airport . The pilot was killed in the crash.

Local legislators are about O'Hare Airport. Leave yours at , at or by calling 800-435-9569 or 224-585-9153.

The human on the other end of the ? .

11选5图标下载A video by the CTA . []

It's not exactly the best time for the cast and crew of superhero flick Batman v. Superman to be filming exterior footage, but that's fall in Chicago for you! , and will be until Friday. Let's hope those super and bat suits are well insulated.

11选5图标下载Graffiti removal requests to 311 are the densest along the of the CTA, tracing diagonals through the Northwest and Southwest sides.

Strong wind gusts knocked over light poles and -- so avoid it if you can.

Artist Jim Bachor's latest artistic approach to potholes () is to .

11选5图标下载RadPad maps the across the city.

11选5图标下载The CTA will soon randomly for bomb-making residue.

With Hailo no longer available in Chicago, the City is planning to .

A map coloring streets by orientation illustrates than in other cities. []

While aldermen are reviving the idea of an express train between O'Hare and downtown, that money , says RedEye's Tracy Swartz.

11选5图标下载The wants to start an advertising campaign

Buses , reports Curious City, as delayed buses give more people time to make it to a stop and leave less passengers for the next bus.

Metra claims it because tickets can be purchased using them as debit cards.

11选5图标下载The Active Transportation Alliance used crash data and community input to identify the .

Officials from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea starting Thursday.

The FAA radar center in Aurora that was reopened today.

11选5图标下载Metra officials , the second largest increase in Metra's history, in part to raise funds for new cars and engines.

UberX rides in Chicago are .

The Daily Mail compares , and while commuting via water taxi isn't typical here, the normal traffic definitely beats riding on the outside of a train.

Remember those weird spikes in red light tickets at certain intersections ? The independent reviewer hired by the city .

, viewed by many as the worst in the entire system, begin this month.

Mayor Emanuel's new plan for taxis doesn't increase fares, but it does to help them compete with ride-sharing companies.

A top official at Chicago Carriage Cab, the city's largest cab company, was indicted for utilizing fake "clean" titles to

11选5图标下载 include a bus rapid transit system in the Loop.

11选5图标下载Despite the radar problems, O'Hare just regained its title as -- in terms of operations -- for the first time since 2004.

Traffic at O'Hare and Midway is following the arson at an Aurora radar facility, and the FAA hopes to get the facility by Oct. 13.

Reacting quickly to this morning's shutdowns, created as a resource for people trying to fly in or out of town today. No doubt it'll come in handy in the future as well.

11选5图标下载The skies above Chicago were eerily quiet this morning after an closed O'Hare and Midway to flights for several hours. Flights have resumed at a "."

More parking tickets are than any other out-of-state vehicles.

11选5图标下载The first was built and driven at the at McCormick Place this weekend.

Folks with Android phones running the 4.4 KitKat version of the OS can use the phone's capability to . []

11选5图标下载A finds that only about 18 percent of drivers .

11选5图标下载Passengers will be able to ride from Chicago to Madison on of train travel.

A "shared street" on Argyle in Uptown will , providing more space for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cyclists tired of bike thefts are, searching for hot rides online and in markets, and setting up sting operations with police.

11选5图标下载Thrillist offers some useful tips for .

On the one hand, to subsidize Divvy. On the other, or any other US bikeshare service. []

The will be by Gov. Quinn on Friday. (.)

11选5图标下载A United flight was forced to make an unplanned landing at O'Hare after two passengers

Gov. Quinn on ridesharing services like , and .

IDOT is in hot water for . Meanwhile, CTA pension officials held important meetings far from the city -- .

11选5图标下载 a 175 station expansion to take place in Spring 2015, giving Chicago the most bike share stations and largest service area in North America with a total of 475 stations that cover 87 square miles.

A thief attached to it.

A of what appears to be bedbugs crawling on a Red Line train seat is circulating on social media. The CTA says it , but would pull train cars for decontamination if notified. []

A judge told city officials he has been dismissing 70 percent of red light camera ticket cases, saying , including yellow lights taking less than the three seconds required by law.

Major renovations of the Damen, California, and Western stations on the Blue Line will starting in September.

A study found , so why not look up from that smartphone and say "hi?"

11选5图标下载Many people in Cook County are , according to a study, with about one in ten lacking fast and frequent access to buses and trains.

Congress for the CTA to rebuild the Red and Purple lines.

United Airlines hopes a will attract passengers' attention; I still think .

GB's own Jason Prechtel is for violating FOIA law by not providing documents related to the Ventra contracting process. Read his in Mechanics.

Chicago Magazine takes a look at the many , including light rail, a bicycle superskyway, and expanded El lines, which Craig Berman once envisioned with a CTA Map for 2055.

Design company and frame builder teamed up to .

11选5图标下载Plans for the place it along Clybourn Avenue in Old Town.

Take a look at , mapped by distance and destination by data scientist Gabriel Gaster. []

Mechanics from area bike shops are posing as buyers to .

A local writer and improviser is raising money to .

Aldermen are unexplained spikes in ticketing by red light cameras uncovered by a Chicago Tribune investigation.

Thieves for more smash-and-grab robberies than other neighborhoods, police statistics show.

11选5图标下载 is an iOS app that shows meter-free parking spaces in the city, primarily North Side and downtown. []

11选5图标下载While it's illegal for anyone over 12 to bike on the sidewalk, why some people think it's acceptable behavior.

11选5图标下载A Tribune found some cameras recorded violations in "wild and inexplicable spikes," and a class action lawsuit is .

Two men boarded the Orange Line in broad daylight and , robbing them of their wallets, phones and jewelry.

After yet more glitches caused delays for people who waited till the last minute to get their city sticker yesterday, those people to purchase them.

11选5图标下载You can see on a map put together by the Sun-Times.

A cyclist somehow Thursday evening, though there are no reports on whether they were or not.

When construction on Milwaukee Ave. crept out into the street, drivers, cyclists, the City, and reporters at Streetsblog .

11选5图标下载Curious City looks at Chicago's role as living throughout the Midwest.

11选5图标下载Hundreds of people who paid for parking using the ParkChicago app were on their meters.

The bicycle footrest was just to waiting at red lights.

A cyclist stopped a thief from stealing a bike wheel in Logan Square last night, and -- where the community ID'ed him, found his Facebook page and discovered a pattern of bike theft.

11选5图标下载The police and CDOT began a series of yesterday, ticketing drivers who cut off pedestrians in marked crosswalks.

11选5图标下载If you didn't get your new city sticker in time, you now have . The city clerk to buy a sticker until July 7, and the grace period for not having a sticker until July 15.

The CTA's full transition to Ventra starts on Tuesday, when .

Heads up: The Division Street bridge will be ; the new bridge will open in October.

Find out which mode of transportation is the in the city on a map by the project. []

A power outage , forcing trains in both directions to share a single track and delaying .

11选5图标下载Construction on the Ohio Street bridge continues this weekend, but this time heading into the Loop, causing trouble for drivers coming from the South Side.

11选5图标下载A Southwest flight attendant delivered a to kick of a flight from San Francisco to Chicago.

A this weekend as crews demolish the Ontario Street Bridge, so it's probably .

11选5图标下载Someone , similar to another recent incident where .

Companies across the city will compete to see between June 13 and 20 as part of the .

Hearings held by the FAA on runway changes at O'Hare , a Sun-Times investigation found.

The CTA and IDOT by agreeing not to simultaneously and for repairs on the same dates.

A revamped TSA checkpoint at O'Hare to make passing through security more comfortable.

A public-interest group , even though the City itself is defending the agreement.

11选5图标下载Chicago Cards starting June 1.

is tonight, and this month there's something extra: a.

Divvy per its agreement with Alta Bicycle Share Inc.

Divvy riders took 16,259 trips on Sunday, .

11选5图标下载This , both on the streets and in the sky, so be sure to check your or the before heading out.

11选5图标下载 is this weekend, and over to pedal their way down Lake Shore Drive.

Chicago is one of the , according to a new study.

11选5图标下载Blackline shuttle service while offering leather seats, A/C, and WiFi to commuters.

11选5图标下载In order to extend the Red Line to 130th, the City may have to to make way.

11选5图标下载A group of Streeterville residents near Oak Street Beach in order to make space for .

11选5图标下载For years, over tickets erroneously issued to his license plate, which is simply 0. Now he's .

11选5图标下载TSA agent Eddie Palacios will for stopping an El train before it hit a woman who fell on to the tracks at the Chicago Ave. Blue Line.

Around when the evacuation of a radar facility halted all flights through Midway and O'Hare.

after smoke forced workers to evacuate a radar facility in Elgin. UPDATE: The smoke was caused by a bathroom fan, and flights will slowly resume at both airports.

The number of people who rode a bike to work in Chicago , according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Still, only 1.3 percent of workers said they rode a bike to work between 2008-2012.

Ventra is from 2:30 to 3:30 today. The is already lighting up with abuse.

No, , the City decided yesterday after the company sent a message to drivers telling them how to accept pickups at O'Hare and Midway.

11选5图标下载While Mayor Emanuel stressed the necessity of speed cameras to keep kids safe, they also , according to ABC 7.

The Reader's Ben Joravsky that a $320 million Red-Purple Line bypass would save commuters three to four minutes.

11选5图标下载Amtrak will be testing out allowing small dogs and cats .

City Hall is looking to in Chicago, but say new rules and restrictions on where they can go downtown could put them out of business.

MIT's project mapped (the most recent data available). []

11选5图标下载As part of the massive , IDOT is currently rebuilding the Morgan Street bridge. UIC's Urban Transportation Center has so you can watch it happen. []

The CTA to rehab the Purple and northern Red Line and extend the southern end of the Red Line yesterday, but a proposal to speed traffic at Belmont by have because it will mean as many as will need to be demolished.

as sailboats head upriver towards Chicago's harbors like (very expensive) birds returning for the summer.

Part of Lake Shore Drive was shut down yesterday after reports of a "suspicious object," but a police robot .

The CTA announced plans to and extend the line South from 95th to 130th Street .

A pothole in Logan Square revealing a piece of metal track beneath the street is like a concrete window into the past, .

previously found to be the most dangerous for pedestrians on the North Side.

Starting this week, anyone parking in the West Loop can as part of a test of the new .

11选5图标下载Divvy is , starting with 700 cycles for the 300 stations around the city.

, a joint project of the and , have announced a for the Chicagoland region. It has of many civic leaders; now to secure funding.

11选5图标下载Yesterday the CTA sent out a notice warning that the Addison Red Line stop would be closed northbound for repairs today, just in time for the Cubs' home opener. Fortunately, -- the station will be open from 10:50am to 2:45pm.

caused by potholes were filed at this week's City Council meeting.

11选5图标下载A man before it reached a woman who fell on to the tracks at the Chicago Avenue stop.

11选5图标下载Police suspect that by people connected to a towing operation.

11选5图标下载Tribune photographer Bill Hogan followed artist Jim Bachor as he .

11选5图标下载CPS is now accepting suggestions of .

11选5图标下载Chicago Magazine looks at the .

11选5图标下载Public service reminder: starts April 1, and the City is planning to to start. Use to get reminders of when to move your car.

While many saw Chicago's red light cameras as an attempt by the City to make money, revenue from them continues to decrease as.

A study observing Chicagoans behind the wheel found , violating the state's ban on talking or texting while driving more frequently than anyplace in Illinois.

11选5图标下载Just a guy out for a , having a nice chat on his cell phone while heading towards Lake Shore Drive.

Someone is .

The CTA's , interrupting service between the Logan Square and Western Avenue stops from 10pm Friday until 4am Monday.

Crain's shares some of the who fly out of O'Hare as they travel around the world.

Author, artist and former cabbie recently , from 641 (north of Howard in Rogers Park) to 935 (Hegewisch), that the ride terminals in taxis use.

Construction of the much-needed will . While the lakefront trail is supposed to remain open throughout construction, .

A man who says he was conceived at the Des Plaines Oasis after his parents went to a Phil Collins concert by chaining himself to the door.

Yesterday's led to as motorists found ways to get off the road. A at Hollywood and Kenmore this morning closed the Hollywood entrance to the Drive during rush hour.

Facing pressure from legislators, Uber and Lyft have announced for their non-taxi drivers.

Holdouts be warned, the CTA is finally forcing your hand. will be the only payment option .

11选5图标下载The City will test later this year, Mayor Emanuel announced Monday. It'll be tested in before being rolled out elsewhere.

Over the weekend, a demolition crew so that it can be replaced with the Ashland Avenue bridge in a few weeks. .

CDOT is to see if they've been more prone to potholes this winter. (Don't forget to to help get'em fixed.)

11选5图标下载 took Divvy's to play with its data and created , which shows which neighborhoods people use the service to get to.

, Vancouver's new Cubic-built will cost more than many low-income riders and social service agencies . Unlike Ventra, Vancouver agreed to sell discounted-ride packs to agencies .

11选5图标下载Three hundred hitting CTA bus stops in May, each fully equipped with 10 surveillance cameras and better safety features. The new buses, priced at about $493,000 each, will feature cleaner diesel fuel, bigger windows and "a sleeker body design."

11选5图标下载Drivers whose cars are damaged after thunking into one of the city's 600,000 potholes can get money back from the City .

Cyclists are as they travel around the city as insurance against bad drivers.

11选5图标下载The first phase of the CTA's with track improvements between the Damen and Logan Square stops.

11选5图标下载With most of the roadside snow melting, garbage collectors and other city workers are going to .

A Metra Union Pacific North line train was forced to stop near Rogers Park after passengers and jumping between the inbound and outbound trains.

The average weekly commute of African American low-wage workers in 2011, according to a new study.

Marketplace takes a look at the (or at least just running), much of it state of the art- back in 1932.

11选5图标下载"Sneckdowns," the areas where the wintry mix on the streets isn't worn away by traffic, can serve as , say some activists.

11选5图标下载The CTA is moving forward with a plan to boost phone and data service by in the subway tunnels of the Blue and Red lines later this year. The infrastructure currently in place throughout the 24 miles of tunnel space between the two lines was installed in 2005.

11选5图标下载A top aide to Mayor Rahm Emanuel called for a halt to talk of making North Michigan Avenue a , referencing the failed experiment of closing State Street to traffic in .

Uber is facing a bit of a bumpy road as and consumers cry foul over ."

11选5图标下载There's an accident every 36 hours on the Kennedy, not to mention major congestion, so state officials are between I-190 and Harlem Avenue.

In December for both on-time arrivals and departures, with O'Hare not too far above it in both categories.

11选5图标下载Active Transportation Alliance wants to , with including a protected bike lane on Clark Street downtown, closing Humboldt Drive in the summer, and turning lightly-used streets into dead ends.

Divvy has released a dataset of the first 750,000 bike rides, and . Entries in by March 11.

Valet operators with , causing some drivers to get surprise tickets in the mail.

11选5图标下载A water main break on the North Side .

Uber is offering to the Chicago Auto Show this week.

11选5图标下载A North Center resident on a parking spot, tacking a sign on to some chairs reading, "I will break your windows if I see your car in this spot."

11选5图标下载CTA is satisfied enough with the performance of Ventra that it is going to Cubic Transportation Systems Inc., and start to move towards an all-Ventra system.

A new study found Chicagoland mass transit systems are doing , with commutes often taking over 90 minutes due to a lack of planning and coordination between the RTA, the CTA, Pace, and Metra.

11选5图标下载An NBC5 investigation found at least one block in the city apparently.

Ald. Ed Burke in Chicago, even while admitting it probably won't go anywhere.

The City is set to , and you can .

11选5图标下载Mayor Emanuel is like , and , requiring companies to keep closer tabs on drivers, pay a licensing fee, and be more transparent about fares.

After more than 52 inches of snow -- more than double what we usually see by this time --Chicagoland suburbs are , although CDOT says it's .

An NBC5 investigation into found the Red Line stop at 95th and Dan Ryan led in the number of violent crimes, while the Red Line's Jackson and State stop had the most thefts, mostly of smartphones and other gadgets.

A record 20 million passengers through Midway last year, an increase of 5 percent from 2012. O'Hare's passenger traffic grew only slightly.

11选5图标下载's Steven Vance created a in the city. []

11选5图标下载A Chicago man was on I-94 near Michigan City, Indiana, .

A former employee of red light camera company is on the company, which the City fired amid a last year. (Redflex is for some of the city's cameras, though, while ramps up.)

11选5图标下载, the Canadian supplier for Divvy, Monday. It , though.

Cold weather means

11选5图标下载It's pothole season, so if you see one you can report it to using the City's or even turn it into a work of art, . []

United Airlines is as part of a plan to cut $2 billion a year from the airline's budget.

A new proposal would make it easier for drivers to , so long as they can provide a proof of purchase showing they bought the sticker before the ticket was issued.

An online step-by-step guide shows , so you don't have to fumble with your wallet to get it out.

The on city streets means . You can report any really bad potholes to CDOT . []

11选5图标下载A Southwest flight that left Midway airport heading for Branson, Missouri .

The speed cameras near schools and parks in their first year of operation, bringing in just 2 percent of the $15 million predicted. The City says it's because installation was delayed and the cameras issued warnings for longer than originally planned.

While Divvy has all this , they should of the service, says Steve Vance.

11选5图标下载Over 500 people stranded by ice and snow outside of Chicago.

The CTA says the majority of problems with Ventra cards not being read is due riders not knowing where to tap their cards. So they're to guide you in.

Mayor Emanuel appointed CTA planner Rebekah Scheinfeld as .

11选5图标下载You're out of luck if you wanted to use a bike today. As of noon, .

11选5图标下载CTA train operator Michael Powell, loved by Red Line commuters , .

CTA officials said Ventra's equipment issues gave free rides to over 930,000 people, , and the City is seeking reimbursement from Ventra's parent company.

11选5图标下载Amtrak will soon offer .

11选5图标下载The 2014 was to help fund 's calling for fairer regulation.

Two consecutive Blue Line trains had mechanical problems this morning, leading to during the morning commute.

Last week, the Tribune ran about Ventra customer service. This week the call center worker who took the call in question , sharing that she'd been fired for giving correct information and garnering the service "bad press." []

The blog Nerd Stew talked to local bike store workers for their .

Get that public transportation lover practically anything from the CTA [click "Chicago Transit Authority"]. The bizarre range of items includes train speedometers, fare counters, clocks, train driveshafts, a bus stop and even whole L cars.

A small yoga room at O'Hare will while they're waiting for a flight.

Some aldermen and businesses say the deal Mayor Emanuel made to make parking meters free on Sundays is because people are leaving their cars in one place longer.

After CTA cuts eliminated morning and afternoon cleaning positions often held by ex-offenders, L train cars will now .

11选5图标下载Divvy is for where to put the next 175 bike stations they're adding in 2014.

The Blue Line is next in line for a major upgrade. Mayor Emanuel announced a that will cut the time it takes to get to O'Hare and add 4G Internet service along the entire route.

WTTW's Chicago Tonight is planning a live town hall where with the CTA's new payment system. []

11选5图标下载The bike lane on Dearborn tops one , while Milwaukee Ave. came in at #7 on the list. []

11选5图标下载Undocumented immigrants anywhere in Illinois starting today.

11选5图标下载The starts at 3am Sunday, so be careful where you park Saturday night, or you may end up paying () parking tickets or towing fees.

The is out -- and the first trips are on the Green and Orange lines.

As you'd expect, Chicago ranks in the , though Weather Channel says it'll be than last year. (Thanks, Dee!)

11选5图标下载Ventra is on their cards during the transition, letting them still get access to trains and buses, but will eventually send collection agencies for the outstanding amount.

11选5图标下载The long wait is over: the . You may now move on with your lives.

DNAInfo's Alisa Hauser in Wicker Park, a crowded corridor where the dangerous car door vs. cyclist accidents seem to be increasingly common.

It's now easier to from the City Clerk -- just in time to order a stack of for family and friends visiting for the holidays.

Red Line trains were briefly delayed on Saturday by calling herself the "goddess of the train." She until police removed her from the train at Granville.

As , "maybe these incidents are happening because people aren't getting the quality mental health care they need." Artist Justin Younger took the incident as inspiration for .

11选5图标下载 doesn't provide bike helmets for its riders -- and . How long do you think before we can expect helmet vending machines?

Keep your eye out for flight attendants around town this week. They're , limo rides and other stuff as part of an "" marketing campaign.

11选5图标下载Ventra stations during last night's evening commute, apparently due to a "server failure," adding to the pile of problems with the system. In Mechanics, Jason Prechtel gives an Ventra parent company Cubic has had with systems in other cities. Meanwhile, the Chicago Reporter dug further into .

11选5图标下载At the end of August, one very unfortunate bike rider found herself in about the wrongest place possible: during the afternoon rush. []

CTA has released surveillance footage of a woman who boarded the Blue Line Nov. 1 with a who was found later that day hiding under an escalator at O'Hare. At least, I hope it's the same baby alligator.

Cyclists securing their rides to road signs or "sucker poles" , who pull these anchors out of the ground and ride off on the bike, lock still attached.

11选5图标下载When CTA turnstiles accidentally charge your debit card instead of your card, double-charge you or any number of errors, earns interest on the collected cash. Just one of several ways the company is .

A federal grant will help the City build 75 more Divvy stations next year, potentially making it .

11选5图标下载What will be the legacy of outgoing transportation chief Gabe Klein? . (.)

that CTA will announce today that riders will not be required to transition to the Ventra system, and can continue to use the current Chicago Card Plus/farecard system.

Aldermen are calling for City Council on CTA's Ventra card rollout problems.

Chicago Transportation Commissioner is , effective the end of November.

At the Beachwood Reporter, Natasha Julius offers some suggestions on in Chicago. Step one, . (Craighton Berman's CTA map for 2055 is also worth another look.)

Divvy bikes , except during severe weather.

11选5图标下载, the section of Clybourn Avenue near Larrabee will be , in honor of the cyclist who was in May. Tonight is also , and the route will likely swing past to pay respects.

A new two-mile stretch of South Shore Drive, through the old US Steel site, this weekend. If Dave Matthews ever brings back to Chicago, it'll now be easier to get to. []

11选5图标下载Deadspin shares a note , telling him he's "parking like an a-hole," but in a nice way.

11选5图标下载Aldermen are playing with the idea of and take a safety course to ride in the city.

WCIU put together a , from its inception by Daniel Burnham to the movies filmed on the two-tiered road. []

11选5图标下载Is ridesharing like prostitution? That's made by a writer in the Chicago Dispatcher, the city's paper for cabbies.

A truck crashed through the median wall on the Dan Ryan and near 68th Street last night, damaging the third rail less than 24 hours after the southern portion of the line after months of construction. Trains are being on the single northbound track.

Now that the Bloomingdale Trail's construction , the police warn they will .

The new runway at opens today, allowing planes to take off or land .

11选5图标下载The CTA's project is nearly complete, and the line will reopen on Oct. 20 -- on time and on budget. Meanwhile, a construction manager has been chosen for the .

Enthusiasm for trains seems to be high in Chicago, with , but Steve Rhones says amidst ongoing controversies, (the organization, not the trains).

11选5图标下载Starting October 27, you'll be able to travel through the . The Trib has , and an earlier aerial is embedded after the break.

11选5图标下载The nine speed cameras the City has installed so far have already since Aug. 27. They're giving out warnings for now, but those busts would have netted $13.9 million in fines.

11选5图标下载A local company is with commuters looking to shorten that trip from the L to the office. []

The CTA announced today that it will continue to while they fix the many, many problems with .

With all of the hair-pulling over , keep in mind it could be even stickier. We could have .

11选5图标下载With a revised price tag of $60 million per block, building a park over the Kennedy Expressway on the Near West Side for the City.

, which runs vintage Pullman railcars on Amtrak's City of New Orleans line, will have musicians from the .

11选5图标下载Today's a significant milestone in the transfer to Ventra cards: that magnetic stripe cards will no longer be sold at CTA stations, and Chicago Card users will no longer be able to put money on their cards. (Chicago Card Plus users still have some time to auto-load their cards.)

Officials finalized 100-feet-tall electronic billboards Mayor Emanuel touted as a new source of revenue for the City.

There won't be any need to put down that smartphone during your commute -- unless you're driving -- once .

Lots of people still haven't received their new card from the CTA (I finally got mine on Tuesday). .

11选5图标下载The City announced it is from intersections around the town, just as the new speed cameras start issuing tickets instead of warnings.

11选5图标下载City officials hope their at Washington-Wabash will encourage more people to take the El downtown.

State troopers pulled over people during Monday's morning commute. Between 7am and 9:30am they ticketed 135 people.

11选5图标下载An apparently-empty Blue Line train stopped at the Harlem stop this morning, .

11选5图标下载A 3-year-old lawsuit challenging the legality of Chicago's red light cameras .

11选5图标下载While it may be than other ways of getting round the city, it gets less scary with experience and if you .

The fall commences Wednesday; be ready for morning delays as sailors bring their boats in for storage. Meanwhile, the for the next two weeks for emergency repairs.

A small plane flying out of made an Sunday. If only were still there...

Photograph by contributor .

11选5图标下载The City estimates on Divvy bikes since the program launched a couple months ago- far enough to pedal to the moon and back, twice.

11选5图标下载Illinois State Troopers will soon be carrying when they make traffic stops.

11选5图标下载's ridesharing service, UberX, is , if you use the coupon code #CHILOVESuberX. There's also a bunch of attached.

11选5图标下载The CTA is the tracks following an increase in on-track fatalities and reported cases of people jumping down from platforms, often to retrieve their phones or other belongings.

According to from the , travel from Chicago to New York would take about six hours by high speed rail, and about 12 hours to LA. []

Yesterday, Kevin O'Neil detailed to activate your new Ventra card (carefully read the emails that the CTA is sending you!). More concerning is RedEye's report that so don't be keeping your Ventra card in your wallet!

Ridesharing services like and tout $1 million insurance policies that cover their drivers, but actually seeing a copy of the policy -- and participating in the services could put drivers' own insurance coverage at risk.

11选5图标下载' online ticketing system was letting customers yesterday afternoon, due to an error on the part of some employee who is no doubt now fired. United says it hasn't decided yet whether to honor the free flights.

11选5图标下载Buses will now make a , after Mayor Emanuel and Ald. Beale criticized the CTA for not extending service to the store in time for its grand opening.

11选5图标下载A new ordinance passed by increases fines up to $1,500 for throwing trash from car windows and gives police the ability to impound vehicles of drivers caught littering.

The at Kinzie and Milwaukee has set up a to help passing commuters -- and encourage them to pop inside for a drink or bite.

See how your Divvy Bikes use compares to other riders with .

In an effort to reduce sidewalk collisions, a City Council committee advanced a to raise fines for cyclists caught riding on sidewalks to $200.

Not11选5图标下载 spotted on that blog we last week: . Looks like he just got to that one part.

The latest version of the iOS app has been around town.

11选5图标下载A man claiming to be a member of the Board of Trade recently in a Metra quiet car after talking on his phone. Not sure how being a trader qualifies someone to "cut you in half."

NSFW audio, so put your headphones on.

11选5图标下载The Emanuel administration for Midway Airport after one of two bidders dropped out of the running. The Trib provides a .

A proposal aimed at reforming local public transit amid ongoing scandals would , potentially saving millions of dollars.

Wondering why your bus stop started beeping? .

11选5图标下载In case you missed the news on Friday, Mayor Emanuel announced locations for the to be placed around the city. .

11选5图标下载CDOT launched a new portal, , that hopes to of all the projects the department is currently working on or planning.

The Illinois Tollway Authority posted a list of 157 "," individuals and companies that have racked up the most non-payments on Chicago-area tollways. Eight have more than $100,000 in unpaid tolls and fines. Not surprisingly, the list is from those on it.


The Illinois Tollway will the "Top 100 Toll Violators" who owe the most in unpaid tolls by listing their names on its website.

11选5图标下载Don't want to to take the Blue Line from O'Hare? The Trib's Jon Hilkevich , although it's not exactly quick.

City Hall closed on a $288 million federal loan to begin upgrades on O'Hare Airport's "." The $800 million project, slated for completion in 2016, will include a consolidated rental car facility, parking garage, Metra transfer station, automated transit system station, and bus plaza.

11选5图标下载Remember that car with more than ? The City with the owner for .

Lakeview condo owners have after a bike station was placed in front of their building at Addison and Pine Grove.

The new is only in effect in rural areas of Illinois -- or as well, depending on how the law is interpreted.

11选5图标下载's was by four men in a purple Chevy Tahoe while she was riding north on Kimball, grabbing her bag and dragging her until she hit a parked car.

Kinsman sustained significant injuries to her arm, although no broken bones. She was told by police that they are considering the case a hit and run. If you have any information that would be helpful to the investigation, call 311 or text the tips line at CRIMES (274637) and reference case number HW415248, on Beat 1412.

11选5图标下载Additional reporting: , .

11选5图标下载UPDATE: of people coming to the aid of Kinsman after she crashed into a parked car. A has been established to help Kinsman with medical expenses. As of 1pm on Aug. 21, it has collected more than $4,000.

Here's a Storify by one of Kinsman's friends, collecting her tweets about the attack.

The RedEye's annual is now open for nominations.

11选5图标下载The planned speed cameras near schools and parks could net the City , based on results of the 30-day test run conducted earlier this year. The first permanent cameras will be , with by the end of the year.

11选5图标下载The last of the Blue Line's accordion-doored 2200-series train cars will be after two "" featuring 1970s-era advertising and exterior decals.

11选5图标下载Becka Joynt's is one sweet ride.

11选5图标下载The CTA's payment system went live yesterday. Tracy Swartz reports on .

11选5图标下载The CTA seems to have learned its lesson after introducing its series L cars to and for a quick review of the changes.

11选5图标下载RedEye reporter/punster Tracy Swartz that chairman Terry Peterson rode the system eight times from the start of this year to the end of June.

11选5图标下载Milwaukee-based just as a way for chronic parking ticket receivers to pay tickets automatically before late fees rack up.

Got a ? There's this Saturday.

11选5图标下载Let alone in the NYTimes: "Today, the Chicago Metered Parking System is considered ." Naturally, folks have .

11选5图标下载The Secretary of State has redesigned in hopes of using placards to get out of paying parking meters.

Today is the without paying a late fee -- and the last day to get one on your windshield without getting a ticket.

registration has been since it opened June 24, but most bike stations for most of the city's black and Latino populations. The Tribune has
a map

in most of the city are free on Sundays , excluding the central business district within Roosevelt, Halsted, Division and the lake.

Ever wonder why some CTA buses tend to bunch together? So had Transitized, so . The top three worst bunchers are the 66, 49 and 134. While is part of the equation, it's not the only factor.

Divvy, John Greenfield rode to in one day, and somehow lived to tell the tale.

launched this weekend with .

11选5图标下载As of today, the CTA has of taking the Blue Line from O'Hare to $5 for everyone except .

After much hoopla and delays, launched today, with 700 bikes available for rent. The program has before it serves the whole city, though.

The CTA and Pace's new payment system will , with .

Speaking of pets, United Airlines is opening a of its kennel at O'Hare this weekend. []

11选5图标下载Thirty-two percent of construction contracts for the have been .

The meter machines in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd and 25th wards will be -- and pay till 10pm every other day -- configuration starting this weekend. The rest will switch over on July 1, assuming the change isn't sooner.

Crain's got a , construction of which was shut down in 2008.

Friday's planned launch of the is being for more equipment testing.

11选5图标下载Today the Active Transportation Alliance [pdf] of user perceptions of the lakefront trail. In a surprise to no one, by the sections between Fullerton and Division and over the river. How's that coming along?

11选5图标下载A opened at State and Jackson; it's a to see if allowing pedestrians to cross in any direction every third light cycle will help reduce accidents and congestion.

Has your bike been stolen? Solomon Lieberman tells you now.

11选5图标下载 is moving to O'Hare, which will leave yet again. Allegiant's last flight out of GYY is Aug. 10.

Tonight at 5:30pm at the , George and Sarah Aye of () host a discussion of the future of bus rapid transit. It's free, but space is limited; .

memberships are now on sale; Streetsblog .

, the locally grown, nonprofit alternative to Zipcar, has been , and will be incorporated into the rental company's . Zipcar was in January.

The CTA has e and a much of other fees from its new Ventra card system and its . []

CDOT for the [PDF] this week, a little ahead of schedule.

Heading to O'Hare tomorrow for a long weekend out of town? Crain's shares some on how to kill time during the inevitable delays.

11选5图标下载This year's city vehicle stickers are now on sale, or . After last year's , this year's sticker looks like it was designed by a machine.


Don't forget (and if you're affected, how could you?), the begins on Sunday. If you haven't figured out an alternative route yet, the CTA's might help.

11选5图标下载The first female flight attendant on a Chicago-bound flight.

11选5图标下载The CTA's web app got today -- including a right now.

The Chicago Inspector General's office released an and found that CDOT is , and can't prove that cameras are being installed based on safety concerns.

Firefighters will be along the planned for the project.

SF-based is the already fairly crowded ride share market here.

near the Armitage stop, injuring one rider and halting CTA train service in both directions between Grand and Belmont.

Mayor Emanuel proposes for both cyclists who violate traffic laws and motorists who "door" cyclists. The proposal has the of the Active Transportation Alliance.

StreetsBlog Chicago of pro-drivers' rights .

11选5图标下载The customer service workers in-house and ending contracts with most of its private security companies.

Sundays will be once again thanks to a settlement between the City and Chicago Parking Meters LLC, announced today. On the other hand, metered parking hours will extend to 10pm -- or midnight in some areas -- to offset the move.

Don't forget, the second half of the begins tonight at 10pm. The bridge and therefore Brown and Purple Line service will be closed until May 6; prepare for extra-crowded Red Line trains next week.

The City will , called Divvy, in June. It'll cost $75 for an annual membership or $7 for a 30-minute ride. It'll start with 75 locations in the Loop and River North; suggest locations for more on the .

Congestion on Chicago's roads last year, according the research company .

11选5图标下载The CTA's , which gets under way May 19, will close three stations in Englewood for several months, but there are other projects that aim to bring to the neighborhood and hopefully boost the local economy.

Peoria Street turns into a pedestrian bridge over I-290; here's a plan to make it , north to Harrison.

The CTA has chosen for its . The first phase will run between Cortland Avenue and 31st Street.

Inspired by of median income along subway lines, Moacir P. de Sá Pereira , and did a little digging into when looked at through this lens. []

Steve Vance has updated his Chicago Bike Map app into a full chock full of new features.

Streetsblog Chicago has created an to go along with the Complete Streets Chicago plan released .

11选5图标下载The Atlantic Cities digs into the new from and finds .


[pdf] with the proposed realignment of the Elston, Damon and Fullerton intersection to improve safety and traffic flow. Visit Alderman Waguespack's website [pdf].

11选5图标下载City Council year-round city vehicle sticker sales, which means you'll be able to get yours anytime you like (starting mid-May) on the .

11选5图标下载Chicago is one of four cities to to develop bus rapid transit.

The second half of the doesn't start until April 26; which gives you plenty of time to watch of the bridge leaf being floated down the river.

The annual from Purdue University and Wichita State University in customer satisfaction, although in general air travel in general has been better lately.

11选5图标下载Under a new scheme approved by City Council yesterday, motorists parking in garages could pay , up from $5 now.

It's for CDOT this weekend, and tickets are free! Just call/type in a report on your neighborhood pothole(s) to , and you're in. (It's worth reading on this, for all the music-related puns.)

IDOT has plans to to be more efficient, but neighborhood residents are that would bring ramps within feet of their homes.

11选5图标下载This year's Burnham Prize challenges you to in Chicago. []

IDOT wants to to either side of the Kennedy out near the River Road toll plaza in hopes of relieving the bottleneck there.

Two of the service fees -- including the $10 one for calling to dispute a charge -- have been the CTA is introducing alongside its new payment system. But they could sneak back in anytime, according to the contract.

11选5图标下载City Council to Norfolk Southern so the railway company can move forward on the expansion of its . The expansion will eliminate an existing neighborhood, as earlier this year.

, a new app-based service that , just launched in Chicago.

in the Jefferson Park neighborhood this morning. Police are blaming it on some early morning road rage. Both drivers are hospitalized with injuries.

Robert Bacon created a .

11选5图标下载While some are of the CTA's new payment system, it looks like there is a good amount of on the system's prepaid debit card, not to mention . (Jason Prechtel dug into in Mechanics back in February.)

A man was on a Green Line station on Saturday, while on a Red Line train Friday night. One man was arrested in the latter incident; police are still investigating the former.

You have questions about the CTA's new payment system. The RedEye's Tracy Swartz .

11选5图标下载The Wells Street bridge is half replaced (replacing the other half will in April), but you may be interested to learn that the old bridge .

Maybe it wouldn't be such an issue if someone's style to begin with.

11选5图标下载The CTA tweeted some of the track repairs .

11选5图标下载There's a right way to secure a bike to a bicycle rack, and there's a wrong way to do it.

noticed that . Sound familiar?

If you're not a person and are preparing for spring riding, you may find .

11选5图标下载The CTA is going to all manner of lengths to pretend that it's not increasing ride costs with its . How far? .

After trouble keeping new protected bike lanes clear of all manner of debris, , with taking the new responsibility of plowing the lanes.

If you're curious about that's causing all the trouble, you need look no further than .

The recent bribery scandal involving prompted to ask the city to .

Though it didn't quite arrive on time, today's snowstorm has already ruined many plans: . That number should climb.

Don't forget: .

How long? .

If you're willing to give Metra a try for your commute (assuming there's a station near you), you could . []

11选5图标下载As , the new "open fare" system for CTA and Pace, rolls out this summer, the cost of a CTA single-ride ticket if a new plan is approved.

The CTA plans to , increasing its already impressive number of surveillance cameras. But on CTA tracks the past two years .

11选5图标下载We've on the questions as to whether the in high crime neighborhoods actually reduce crime (short answer: doesn't look like it), so this news doesn't come as much of a surprise.

WBEZ's history blogger, , narrates a in 1981.

Yet another potential effect of the sequester: , says outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

If you've ever wanted to know what it takes to put together a major auto show,. (But turn off your sound; the music is terrible.)

11选5图标下载The CTA will begin repair work on the in March, seriously messing up Brown and Purple Line riders' daily commutes. Disruptions will occur March 1-11, then again April 26-May 6. []

The state put a in Chicago after IDOT voiced concerns about about how the configuration affects traffic flow and accident rates.

The CTA hopes will curb crime. The announcement comes on the heels of of passengers waiting for trains and buses.

WBEZ's Curious City tackles several questions about Chicago's .

11选5图标下载The opens this weekend; if you're willing to pay, you can get a "" tomorrow night.

According to a new , Chicago-area drivers should to get somewhere in free-flowing traffic, because "If you plan only for average traffic conditions... you are going to be late at least half the time."

If you get doored while riding your bike, depending on whether the police know about an obscure state law that puts responsibility for the accident on the cyclist.

A flew out of Midway last year.

11选5图标下载Illinois received nearly $29 million in federal funding for in Chicagoland, including several within the city.

A plans to build an on Sheridan Road in Rogers Park, on land currently occupied by the (which is moving to the West Loop). Residents are .

O'Hare will small rooms equipped with a daybed sofa, television and desk, for $30 an hour or $120 a night. The suites have proved popular at the three other locations, and are a fine alternative to sawing through metal armrests to make your own bed.

Ever want to create your own CTA info display, like you've seen in some businesses around town? . []

The city wants 2,000 more cab drivers, so Olive-Harvey College is hosting a free Feb. 7. Interview with cab companies and learn what's entailed to get licensed.

The CTA has put up a page explaining what happens and what to do "" on a train or bus. []

Those new parking meter rates that would make Chicago the US city to park in? .

11选5图标下载John Greenfield and Steve Vance, the co-founders of , are to the new starting today.

11选5图标下载 will launch luxury rail service from Chicago to New Orleans in restored Pullman railcars attached to Amtrak's beginning March 29. Prices range from $500 to $2,850 per passenger, each way. []

It's not too cold (especially this year) to ride your bike to work. Celebrate that fact this Friday with . Get free Eli's cheesecake and Caribou coffee, tea and hot chocolate in Daley Plaza from 6:30 to 9am if you're on your bike.

So although CTA rates on multi-day passes , there are a number of retailers still selling passes at the old prices to clear out their stock. RedEye is building a .

The service won't be getting any better, but most CTA fees are higher ; the last price increase was in 2009.

11选5图标下载Undocumented immigrants will soon be able to , once Gov. Quinn signs the bill that passed the House yesterday. The law makes Illinois the to provide undocumented immigrants licenses.

The new site allows you to by viewing live snapshots of the road from 15 cameras. Unfortunately, it's only for toll roads, so 290, the Edens, Ike, Kennedy and Dan Ryan aren't covered.

11选5图标下载 the percentage of the last ten years of fatal traffic accidents where alcohol was a factor, and .

11选5图标下载Forgotten Chicago shares a feature on the written by Greg Borzo, author of the new book .

11选5图标下载While demonstrates that most people in the U.S. don't know much about electric cars, Chicago residents are the second most likely to want one.

Chicago's downtown parking meter rates will become the when on Jan. 1. The lowest rate in the city will rise to $2 per hour.

11选5图标下载Mayor Emanuel announced -- with significant differences from Daley's plan, but still another example of the piece by piece.

Investors must have a hard time parking in Chicago. They've in and in in the past week.

Great, now we have to worry about while riding the train.

11选5图标下载A new set of by aims to promote a the Arabic word that means "struggling in the way of God," not just holy war.(.)

The CTA's "" went into effect today, so if you ride the bus, .

will determine whether the Chicago's regulation of taxis means that cab drivers are , and therefore entitled to minimum wage.

11选5图标下载The Loop gets its this afternoon, when officially .

11选5图标下载 is a new web app that tells you what the closest CTA options are for your current address (assuming it can be pinpointed) and when the next bus or train on that line will arrive.

11选5图标下载A new study commissioned by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce suggests that unless Chicago's public transit systems invest $2 billion a year for the next decade, .

11选5图标下载 now hosts more than two years worth of Critical Mass GPS ride plots, including an . If you want to see routes earlier than that, you can still .

11选5图标下载Fare increases, management reforms and a new union contract mean the CTA's doomsdays are all behind us, .

that the Holiday Train is making its only trip on the Pink Line today, starting at 2:45pm. Make your plans quickly, Pink Line passengers!

Take on the Brown Line.

has warning motorists of a truck's wide right turns.

11选5图标下载Upper and Lower Wacker Drive should in time for the evening rush hour, .

11选5图标下载Print magazine collects (and its predecessors).

On this day in 1895, Chicago hosted . The course ran from Hyde Park to Evanston, and the winner -- one of two cars to complete the entire race -- clocked in at seven hours and 53 minutes.

11选5图标下载 shares video of its satellite tracking of transit systems around the world -- including . []

Warning: mute your speakers or be subjected to awful midi music.

11选5图标下载With the demolition of Chicago's approaching, railfans are lamenting another area loss. contributor Duanne Rapp of the suburban . Its impending demolition was .

11选5图标下载Handy for the holiday season: you can now for real-time information on traffic, incidents, road work and lane closures. Follow , , or .

The City has four locations from Dec. 3 to Jan. 3 before a broader roll-out.

Here are the approximate addresses of the cameras:
• 2223 W. Pershing Rd., next to McKinley Park
• 6541 N. Western Ave., next to Warren Park
• 6340 S. King Dr., near Dulles School of Excellence
• 1446 W. Division St., next to Near North Montessori School

11选5图标下载View in a larger map, or .

to figure out which options are cheaper under the price increases for passes.

The Active Transportation Alliance is updating its , and .

Chicago will be the first city to -- the city has signed on for 20, to huge future savings in both cost and noise.

, but monthly and daily passes will get more expensive in the 2013 budget announced today. Single-ride tickets from O'Hare will also increase to $5, because hey, why not soak the tourists?

11选5图标下载The CTA has released for this year's Holiday Train. First run is next Friday, Nov. 23, on the Brown Line.

11选5图标下载The parking meter deal because the city is benefiting from it, a judge ruled in a lawsuit. Despite Mayor Emanuel's bluster about the deal, City attorneys sided with Chicago Parking Meters LLC in the case.

Speaking of , the northbound entrance ramp from Michigan Avenue onto Lake Shore Drive will tonight.

11选5图标下载Wacker Drive between Jackson and Adams will at 2pm, and Jackson will reopen between Franklin and Canal. The whole project is expected to finish by the end of the month.

Negotiations between the CTA and two of its unions have stalled, and CTA President Forrest Claypool is as part of his 2013 budget.

Need to ride your bike to a L station, then transfer from the CTA to Metra, then grab a Pace bus? The Regional Transit Authority's . Based on , your route options come complete with weather forecasts, turn-by-turn directions, and attractions near your destination. It'll even calculate your carbon footprint for you.

The Active Transportation Alliance launched today, a rewards program encouraging Chicagoans to use public transportation, cycling, walking, carpools and other greener methods of travel in order to reduce traffic congestion.

London-based today officially joins and other services that help you find a taxi in Chicago. Meanwhile, Uber is that could kill its car service business.

Two co-workers from the ad firm recently broke the record for riding the entire L train system in one day. has posted a suspenseful play-by-play account of their journey, which took 9 hours, 12 minutes, and 39 seconds.

Plans continue for a despite Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s continued absence. Meanwhile, the on practically empty Gary/Chicago International Airport. []

11选5图标下载Terry Gaskin is building a in his basement. Hear him talk about it on the podcast.

Hurricane Sandy's effects are being felt throughout the Great Lakes as high winds kick up waves as tall as 33 feet. has been issued for the lake shore from 1am tonight through 4pm Wednesday. Meanwhile, have already been canceled at Midway and O'Hare. Whet Moser passes along a couple ways to on local weather.

11选5图标下载The Illinois Department of Transportation is trying a new kind of scare tactic: saying that a seat belt protects you from any unexpected scenario - .

The TSA is now denying you the momentary thrill of being seen sort-of naked by a security guard every time you get on a plane at O'Hare. because they take too long -- radiation and blurry nudity notwithstanding. (The scanners will , though.)

Vehicle stickers may soon be from the City Clerk's Office, in a system similar to the state's license plate renewal process.

The Chicago Tribune reports on a plan to add dedicated express lanes for buses on , which may be the closest we're going to get to a "circle line" for a while.

11选5图标下载The City has to collect suggestions as to where to place bike-sharing stations, and will also hold to discuss the bike share service.

O'Hare's international terminal will get a that includes a .

11选5图标下载CMAP has introduced a plan for on Chicago area tollways, in which the cost of driving on the tollway would vary based on vehicle type and time of day.

11选5图标下载In the latest chapter of the parking meter drama, Mayor Emanuel has ordered that Chicago Parking Meters LLC be to make sure it's living up to its side of the bargain.

11选5图标下载Noyes Street Station, one of the northernmost stops on the , will be this weekend. Commuters traveling to or from Evanston will not be able to access the station between 10pm on Friday until 4am on Monday.

, claiming the violates city regulations about how many cabs are on the road.

11选5图标下载Although failed, Greater Good Studio is developing its transit navigation app anyway -- and they're from you.

11选5图标下载Ticketing for a lack of a current city sticker is this year so far, The Expired Meter reports.

The CTA for its renovation of the . There's a scheduled for Oct. 11 for public input.

In honor of , stranded motorists in the Chicago area who utilize AAA will be rescued by for the remainder of 2012.


11选5图标下载Tonight's isn't just any old traffic-clogging fun ride. It's also the of the movement in Chicago.

WBEZ producer Robin Amer shares the during today's edition of the Morning Shift. "As a pedestrian...you can be doing everything right and still be hit and killed. Which I find terrifying, frankly," says Amer.

Starting next summer, , a smart card that can also be used as a prepaid debit card. By 2014, will have replaced all existing cards, and most trains and buses will be able to handle (microchip-equipped) personal credit/debit cards and cell phones as means of payment.

11选5图标下载As if the and Fullerton ramp reconstruction wasn't snarling traffic enough, on Monday CDOT will begin at Oak Street, at the north end of Michigan Avenue. CDOT also began work on the intersection of today. (.)

11选5图标下载The to create public art work for seven soon to be rehabbed North Side Red Line stations. Proposal submissions are due by 3:30pm Oct. 10. has rounded up some examples of current public art on the CTA.

11选5图标下载 is an app that lets you take car sharing to the personal level by putting your car up for rent by the hour. So far, 104 cars are available in Chicagoland, for between $5 and $25 an hour.

American Airlines Tuesday as pilots mounted a "sick-out" in advance of a strike; 100 pilots are expected to picket at O'Hare on Thursday. Meanwhile, United is being investigated by the US Dept. of Transportation over for longer than the legal limit on July 13, which was due to the big storms that nearly shut down .

The to create work for seven rehabbed north side Red Line stations. Local, national and international artists are encouraged to apply by Oct. 10, though there will be community meetings to discuss the project both tomorrow and Thursday. []

submitted bids for "Chicago's speed camera automated enforcement program" on Monday. The contract to place 300 cameras around Chicago is a lucrative one, but not without the .

in the Uptown neighborhood contain ideas for utilizing solar energy and radiant heating, among other green initiatives, to help not only the station's energy needs, but those of the neighborhood as well.

11选5图标下载John R. Schmidt shares pictures and details on to create subways and bus-ways throughout the city.

photographs riders of Chicago's rails -- including the adorable .

11选5图标下载CDOT released the , a document aimed at "improving all aspects of the pedestrian experience and increase pedestrian activity."

, "Chicago's commuter comic," makes light of your daily ride on the CTA.

Two sections of Lake Shore Drive, from Sheridan to Foster and from Belmont to North, will be , Sept. 5. CDOT promises not to obstruct any southbound lanes during morning rush hour (6-10am) or northbound lanes in the evening (3-7pm), but all bets are off at other times, day or night till they're done with all eight lanes -- which should happen sometime in November.

View in a larger map

The might be getting , pending a few design and funding decisions. (un)Fun fact: the Circle Interchange is home to three crashes per day, as well as 25 million hours of delays every year.

The first commercial flight for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner will be a on Nov. 4. Meanwhile, Ron Akana, a United flight attendant, retired this week after .

Tonight at 6pm at the at 28th and Hamlin, there's a bilingual discussion of biking issues in the Little Village and the City's new bike plan, as well as the anti-violence marches in the neighborhood this month.

BP's finally released where the "" fuel from the Whiting plant was sold. If you think you have a problem, .

Crain's gives a good overview of the city's .

The CTA will provide on the first day of school next week, thanks to a from the Sun-Times. And 500 students at five high schools will get through a $50,000 grant from philanthropist Wendy Abrams.

The new blog shared plans for and surrounding area, to begin next year.

11选5图标下载As you may have heard, between Grand and North avenues for about three hours last night due to flooding during Sunday night's storms. Portions of Western, Roosevelt and Ashland were closed as well.

11选5图标下载 to illustrate which lines would be affected by the .

11选5图标下载Whet Moser puts the over bicycles by looking at Chicago in the 1960s.

11选5图标下载The CTA is floating a "decrowding" plan that would but add more trains to most of the L lines. Tracy Swartz thinks , if it's done right.

John Kass proposes in the city, complete with a "Rahm-PASS" electronic toll thingy. Folks at bike forum are suitably bemused and dismissive. (Meanwhile, the Sun-Times' Mark Konkol behind parody.)

Megan Nolan was forced to pay $810 for allegedly removing a Denver boot from her car -- except it was a car she didn't own. and managed to win despite harrowing odds.

11选5图标下载CTA crews Monday on the city's first "bus rapid transit" line, which will run for 16 miles . Service is expected to begin this fall.

11选5图标下载Crain's breaks down the $49.7 million dispute between the City and Chicago Parking Meters LLC in .

Eric Martin, a Columbia College film student and a cab driver, is working on a documentary, , about the exploitation and corruption he sees in the city's taxi industry. He's to help fund it.

the Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy docking at Navy Pier as part of . They're on the first scheduled Naval cruise of Lake Michigan since 1999.

11选5图标下载An unmarked police car at the Kedzie Brown Line crossing after a Loop-bound train passed -- and was . The car's driver and the conductor were taken to the hospital, and are reported in stable condition. The CTA is running a shuttle to take passengers between the .

kedzie cta crash
Photo by redditor

The police have been this year, but revenue is up... because LAZ parking attendants are picking up the slack.

11选5图标下载The launch of Chicago's bike share program has been , in part due to software glitches in Alta Bicycle Share's system. The same problems have in New York. CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein that it will be better anyway to wait until next year to launch all 400 planned share stations at once, rather than just 50 this year.

11选5图标下载The CTA has decided that, since it's already ripping up on the north portion of the Red Line anyway, why not too, while it's at it. That work was originally planned for 2015.

MillerCoors of the CTA's annual "Penny Rides" program on New Year's Eve through 2015. (.)

11选5图标下载The RedEye's Tracy Swartz wants to know , Division on the Blue or Sheridan on the Red?

11选5图标下载It's been a tough week for MegaBus, first with a that killed one passenger and injured 38, and now with a who later from her injuries.

contributor spied on a truck bed.

11选5图标下载A Yale University study showed that to keep strangers from occupying the neighboring seat -- "pretending to be busy," putting on an iPod, claiming the seat's being saved, even making a "'don't bother me' face." Obviously this study didn't include .

aims to serve all your parking needs. Meanwhile, is another site (in addition to ) that helps remind you when to move your car for street sweeping.

The map of the city that could potentially be covered by cameras under Emanuel's "Children's Safety Zone" ordinance was , and it's as bad as everyone thought it might be. Fortunately, only 50-300 of the possible 1,500 cameras will be installed -- for now -- under the agreement City Council made with the mayor.

11选5图标下载WBEZ reports on the ongoing saga of at Devon and Rockwell.

recently contributed an unlikely product to the Lincoln Park Zoo: . [Thanks, Chris!]

Do you peek into apartment windows and backyards as you trundle past on the train? .

11选5图标下载 chronicles both cyclists and motorists whose bad manners endanger those around them. Courtesy of .

11选5图标下载The CTA plans to , to the tune of $205 million.

Ever wonder where they're measuring from when a highway sign says it's X miles to Chicago? .

11选5图标下载The elevated train system is outdated, and has a plan to update the El for the 21st century: replace those rails with asphalt for a road system in the sky!

The Expired Meter got City Clerk Susana Mendoza to demonstrate from your windshield. This is to .

11选5图标下载Last night 's George and Sara Aye to develop a new, innovative CTA app, and they want your help to create it. Read more about the project in with the Ayes -- and see more interesting Chicago-based projects on .

How much would you pay for Illinois license plate 1? Gov. Quinn wants the plate, which has been out of circulation for a decade, , with the proceeds benefiting programs for veterans.

, as illustrated by time-lapse video.

11选5图标下载Metra finally . It's only available on at the moment (bottom left), but hopefully smart phone apps will soon follow.

The Lakefront Trail gets pretty squeezed around Navy Pier, where cyclists, joggers, pedestrians and tourists on Segways all come together. But is a $45 million "flyover" the best solution? Steve Vance proposes on Grid Chicago.

11选5图标下载Chicago taxi drivers if they don't get a fare increase to help offset the increased cost of doing business due to upcoming new regulations. At least one alderman is .

CDOT installed on Clark Street in Andersonville, and more are on the way across the city.

11选5图标下载Private car service recently added taxi service, and to mark the occasion it's till the end of Wednesday.

Are you a Mac user? Do you use Orbitz? If so, the Chicago-based company .

That Groupon for CTA passes we was coming? . Get yours now.

11选5图标下载 are up -- and also down.

11选5图标下载The CTA will be this weekend, so that bridges over Dempster and Grove streets can be replaced. (Thanks, Dee!)


Installation of electric vehicle charging stations in Chicago is , and the City is investigating "financial irregularities" with the contractor.

Today marks the beginning of the fourth and final stage of the Wacker Drive reconstruction project, which brings another handful of .

Tonight the CTA is holding the first of what will surely be quite a few discussing the planned , which will close the Red Line south of Chinatown for five months next year. There's another meeting on Thursday.

Groupon will be offering sometime this summer. The passes will be $9 instead of the usual $14, and will be limited to four per person.

The , allowing crews to replace a bridge in a mere two days. How? Well,

11选5图标下载The starting tonight at 8:30pm so a new bridge can be installed at Greenleaf Street in Evanston. Shuttle bus service will be available at Howard. (Thanks, Dee!)

is next week, and there's still a little time left to sign up for the .

11选5图标下载 from on .

11选5图标下载Two Sun-Times reporters decided to for next summer's Red Line South renovation to see how the commute time compared.

If "Forrest Claypool made me do it" is a defense, that is. at a press conference about for five months in 2013.

Crowd-sourced website ramped up recently in order to help document all of the work now underway on the north end of the CTA's . Check out photos and posts from various stations slated for work this summer, or contribute tidbits of your own.

Illustrator Aaron Krause has . Hopefully the CTA will be hanging these soon.

11选5图标下载The CTA will be south of Chinatown/Cermak for five months next spring, so as to replace the tracks along the Dan Ryan portion of the line. Shuttle buses will take commuters over to the Green Line during the closure. Full details about the project are .

Remember the Kinzie Street protected bike lane? Yesterday, it was the site that national nonprofit chose to announce their new: a two-year initiative to create dedicated, inviting bike lanes throughout Chicago and four other cities.

After considering it in , 200811选5图标下载 and , the CTA is offering the opportunity to buy .

The finalized as been ().

If you buy your this year by July 15, you could .

For those interested in braving the downtown area the next few days, the Tribune has a featuring motorcade delays, parking restrictions, waterway delays, etc. (RedEye put together a a few days ago)

11选5图标下载The RedEye's Tracy Swartz has tips for how to while the NATO Summit and protestors are in town.

DePaul officials are for stolen CTA train maps after the DePaulia published about the "rite of passage." You can directly from the CTA. []

Driving with a dog in your lap seems at least as distracting as being on the phone, but Illinois legislators disagreed, that would have made a ticketable offense.

released its "Chicago Forward Action Agenda" today, which maps out a vision for the city's transportation needs over the next two years. Grid Chicago about the plan.

11选5图标下载By the Expired Meter's back-of-the-envelope calculations, Chicago will it received in the parking meter privatization deal over the course of the lease. Emanuel's for the latest bill is only a drop in the bucket.

is this Saturday, May 12, and there are .

11选5图标下载Are plans to back on? Looks like it might be, despite Emanuel campaigning against it.

11选5图标下载"When it comes to rail traffic, Chicago is America's speed bump." NYTimes reports on Chicago's rail freight problem, and the aiming to fix it.

American Airlines used to sell a ticket for unlimited travel for life. As it got expensive, the company shut it down -- and .

Remember that "hometown discount" Allstate was giving to Illinois residents? Yeah, those days are over. The company's by 3 to 5 percent later this month.

11选5图标下载The 's Bike Commuter Challenge is coming up next month, and you can as a team leader or participant for your office. Over 500 companies throughout Chicagoland took the challenge last year. Even a partial commute counts towards participating, so you can give it a try by riding your bike to the CTA or Metra, too.

Chicago Parking Meters LLC is asking for in "lost" compensation, putting the total at $28 million. This time, though, the City is fighting back.

11选5图标下载Of the , only four are within Chicago city limits. But those four... watch out.

Steven Vance's wants to encourage more cyclists to use lights when riding at night. Vance is to garner more donations to help fund its June light distribution event -- donate by May 31 and be entered to win a set of spoke lights.

11选5图标下载A map of Chicago overlaid on the CTA rail system, which manages to be fascinating, terrifying and depressing all at once.

The on the Yellow Line opened for passengers at 4:45am this morning, and a surprising number of people were . (Thanks, !)

Walk Score ranked Chicago's public transit system in the country -- but we're still fourth for (). []

11选5图标下载Early warning: The first over the Chicago River occur at 9:30am next Wednesday, May 2.

11选5图标下载The awkward intersection at Milwaukee, Wolcott and Wood will , causing far fewer pedestrians to wander into traffic.

Today at 12:15, the Chicago Architecture Foundation hosts a as part of its Wednesday series -- and this one is being in case you can't make it in person.

11选5图标下载Chicago magazine's Jeff Ruby commissioned , and got a certain Star Wars villain.

Image courtesy of Chicagomag.com. .

11选5图标下载This year's revised city stickers were finally , simply featuring the logos for the CPD, CFD and paramedics. (.) City Clerk Mendoza says she's not decided whether the high school design contest will return next year. You can buy yours online .

is in Chicago, moving beyond private cars for the first time.

After much debate, the City Council , aka the speed camera ordinance, 33-14. The council also approved an .

11选5图标下载City Council will be considering the speed camera ordinance tomorrow, and CDOT has provided some ward-by-ward accident data for them to review. and provides some analysis.

11选5图标下载The City is getting sued over not one but two , the Sun-Times reports. Whet Moser adds .

11选5图标下载The Tribune has a hopeful update on the (you pick). The trifecta of congestion-causing construction operations should be letting up over the next few months.

11选5图标下载A City Council committee to consider the proposal to install speed cameras near schools and parks. The Expired Meter reports that many aldermen have and Geoff Dougherty indicating the cameras are a poor means of curbing speeding. Meanwhile, the Active Transportation Alliance has come out . UPDATE: The ordinance and will go before the full Council next week.

The Tribune Co. and DirecTV , so you'll be able to watch the Cubs home opener on WGN today -- but if you are coming in from the suburbs11选5图标下载, out of town for the game, the CTA Tattler has some to the stadium.

11选5图标下载Though electric vehicle owners can charge for free at multiple-hour 'Level 2' stations, 26 quick-charge stations have been installed in the Chicagoland area, . Full list of stations, fast and slow, can be found .

Would you from Wrigley to 11th and Michigan in blazing summer heat? You might if there were $200 in it for you.

11选5图标下载The CTA in its ongoing renovation of the Red Line. , on May 11.

Gas prices hit a in Chicago, and is the most expensive in the country. So news that has to its car sharing service comes at a good time.

A Muscovite compares the CTA to .

Details for the were revealed last week.

When the last trolley bus ran in 1973, it might have seemed like a step forward -- but in 2012, its

For those who deal with the wreck that is the Wilson red line stop -- good news! Quite a few of the upcoming improvements were discussed at the 46th Ward Town Hall meeting (purple line stop?). The Uptown Update has

In an effort to make a few extra bucks, the CTA is seeking formal bids for to a few major untapped assets including the CTA Bus Tracker, Train Tracker, the Holiday Train, New Year's Eve Penny Rides, and a program offering free rides on the first day of school to CPS students.

11选5图标下载, according to analysis of a CDOT safety study by UIC professor .

are starting to roll out of city hall, including that the cameras would be in operation by the end of the year.

11选5图标下载You might have noticed the disappearance of the new 5000 Series CTA cars -- they were pulled in December

A bill being considered by the state senate would at intersections with red light cameras, which studies show would reduce the number of red light violations. Interestingly, IDOT is opposing the bill.

In our monthly classical music column, , you can check out upcoming affordable concerts from composers around the world, performed around Chicago from grand concert halls to the Adler Planetarium. Read about it all in .

The police department is getting some , and they're .

Chicago's gas prices are , as local refineries clear out the winter weight gas inventory. Unfortunately, .

Whet Moser has dug into traffic this week, of the City's speed camera plan and examining the correlation between .

John Greenfield and Dany Resner rode the rails to , beating the previous record, set last year by a visitor from England.

11选5图标下载A promises to hold cab companies liable for repeat-offender drivers. The law will go into effect in the summer and is expected to make current laws surrounding cab drivers, which are typically circumvented, easier to enforce.

Newcity takes a through the city's underground pedway network- an odd, sprawling area littered with shops where the city's own map is out of date. (Our own pedway tour11选5图标下载 could probably use some updating, too.)

The Volo Auto Museum from the early 1980s film . Don't forget your skivvies and sunglasses...

A CTA asks travelers to voice their opinions on over 200 possible — and randomly generated — fare scenarios.

11选5图标下载Amtrak's City of New Orleans train from here to New Orleans thanks to freight traffic.

So now the runner up in the city sticker design contest in light of the controversy, so the City Clerk's office will instead.

The 's has some pretty great short videos, including .

11选5图标下载The City has decided to amid concerns that its imagery includes gang symbols. No word yet which of the other designs will be substituted, nor whether the 15-year-old student who designed the winning sticker will be forced to give back the $1000 bond he received.

11选5图标下载Overwhelmed by the 2012 Chicago Auto Show? The Tribune has put together a for those feeling underprepared.

WBEZ history blogger John R. Schmidt explains , others avenues or boulevards, and where there are some anomalies.

11选5图标下载Are there design? Police blogger Detective Shaved Longcock makes that the sticker features symbols for the . A gang member source of the Expired Meter .

11选5图标下载The RedEye considers a few different- much needed, as both lines had 20% of their track under slow zones last month.

11选5图标下载This year's has been revealed.

Grid Chicago's Steven Vance had trouble keeping tabs on developments with for Chicago, so he created the to give a being made.

is an Android app that helps you with you.

11选5图标下载Researchers at Purdue of riders on Chicago's "L." They found no one really says anything positive, but negative comments spike during delays. (Tweet to if you're currently stuck on the "L" or want to say something nice for a change.)

11选5图标下载 is pretty much what it sounds like. []

11选5图标下载The intersection of the Edens and the Kennedy will soon be known as the , after the CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. But everyone will continue call it .

The City's new is great, but Derek Eder and Forest Gregg's takes it a step further and shows you where the plows have been, for a better idea of what progress has been made.

Redditor northsider1983 , and . []


with the MTA lines in white for comparison.

11选5图标下载The fuel surcharge on taxi service if the City Counsel passes an ordinance that made it out of committee yesterday, but that doesn't mean cab drivers are making any more money. the taxi industry overhaul proposed by Mayor Emanuel.

11选5图标下载Tracy Swartz rode CTA bus routes over the past two and a half years, and .

If getting rid of your car was your New Year's Resolution, the has an offer to sweeten that deal: if you before February 29th, you'll get a discount on the I-GO application fee and a $50 credit towards CTA fare.

As part of Grid Chicago's , John Greenfield recently , and discovered all sorts of interesting stuff.

and cabbie Dmitry Samarov on Mayor Emanuel's proposed . Chicago Dispatcher has .

11选5图标下载 customers in Chicago and elsewhere got if they used the private car service on New Year's Eve: "" that as much as 6.25 times the regular price. Not surprisingly, the reaction was uber negative.

Now until Feb. 29, you can get a year's membership to I-GO car share for just $15 -- and receive a $50 CTA fare credit when you .

11选5图标下载The CTA to its Train Tracker -- starting today you can text "ctatrain" and the station code () to 41411 and it'll text you back an estimate of when the next train will arrive.

The next phase of the "" project , Jan. 9. Wacker will be closed from Monroe almost all the way to Jackson until sometime this summer, but Madison will reopen.

11选5图标下载Chicago's Department of Transportation in streets, highways and alleys in 2011. That's a new record.

On Monday, street parking rates will increase again. .

11选5图标下载All CTA train and bus fares become from 10pm to 4am tomorrow. Celebrate that!

11选5图标下载Starting Sunday, passengers in the back seats of vehicles will be , too. Taxis are exempt.

11选5图标下载 has a downloadable list of Chicago traffic maven Sarah Jindra's favorite tweets from the past year. .

11选5图标下载 who were killed in a gruesome truck accident on I-80 near suburban Hazel Crest. In their efforts, they cite a 2007 law allowing family members to request the installation of memorials for drunk driver victims. IDOT says it's not going to happen.

Apparently there is a publication that is "The source for convenience store news online," and it .

Local startup put together in major cities.


11选5图标下载 gives a glimpse of what it's like, .

MetaFilter explores and the song it inspired.

11选5图标下载 car sharing service is with solar-powered recharging stations for its fleet of electric cars, and just announced that it's on the Brown Line.

11选5图标下载Never thought about it before: the goes through the subway, not just up on the elevated tracks. CTO John Tolva caught this weekend; he'll be jingling down the Red Line tracks today and this weekend.

The designer of next year's has a pretty great .

11选5图标下载LAZ Parking sent the City a for lost revenue due to people using disabled parking placards or plates to park for free at meters.

11选5图标下载Don't forget that vehicle peril can come from above, .

11选5图标下载Some intersections around town now have while crossing the street. It's part of a CDOT campaign for .

11选5图标下载When Santa's not in a sleigh, he's totally a fan. Don your fuzziest of red hats or your elfiest of shoes and head out to the bike ride on 12/17 starting at the Twisted Spoke downtown. Only fully-dressed Santas, elves, or dreidels are allowed (homemade costumes are completely fine). .

The has provided developers, and those with "some computer savvy," the tools to create their own . Great for businesses who want to create a waiting area inside their warm establishments, or others who just want to shelter public transit users in a storm.

11选5图标下载Parking tickets are this year compared to last. Booting is down 2 percent, though.

Congratulations Chicago, you've been paying over three dollars a gallon for gas , with the highest area average in May of $4.469, .

Thanks to the power of the Internet, you too can for (delayed) delivery.

11选5图标下载Three tow-truck drivers have been arrested and more are being sought by police after an investigation found multiple cases of , often selling them for scrap.

Poster Plus carries a limited number of and for Chicago-centric decorators, and transit travelers, alike.

across the city. The stations will consist of a 4-space canopy with 44 solar panels- the whole project capable of saving 17,000 gallons of gas annually.

Don't forget, Chicago's winter overnight parking ban starts tonight at midnight. Here's , and the Expired Meter shares plenty of .

A parking enforcement aide was recently charged with to make a ticket "go away" -- in 2009.

Visitors to Buckingham Fountain will be pleased to know that they can once again .

The CTA highlighting its shiny new "5000-series" railcars. They have hydraulics -- but not the exciting kind.

11选5图标下载O'Hare is first and Midway is seventh on The Daily Beast's list of the

Michael Salisbury takes.

11选5图标下载 from on .

The Expired Meter has a revenue suggestion for the City: , now that in Cook County now have handicapped plates and placards.

11选5图标下载Aaron Kraus drew

The CTA unveiled an online gallery of . []

11选5图标下载Or it will be, along with credit cards, if a proposal for wins approval. UPDATE: .

Trips to and from the suburbs are getting more expensive: Metra approved a roughly today.

11选5图标下载The newest L cars went into service at 2:30 yesterday. if you weren't one of the few to ride it.

11选5图标下载The proposed speed camera program could net the City than the red light cameras, according to research obtained by the Expired Meter.

is another iPhone CTA tracker app, with the distinction of being very good looking.

The CTA secured a to . The tracks between 18th and 95th will relaid and the Wilson and Clark/Division stops will be completely rebuilt under the plan.

11选5图标下载Well, sort of. The City is looking to to create "runway protection zones" -- buffers at each end of the runways in case a plane overshoots.

11选5图标下载Air travel may not be particularly environmentally friendly, but the is .

Just as the state is thinking about , .

Grid Chicago has -- really, more of an that share a focus on active and sustainable transportation options.

11选5图标下载The CTA's launched today, as part of the agency's renewed efforts. There's a , too.

To avoid -style traffic jams in the future, the City is causing one for a couple weeks: Construction began this morning on .

11选5图标下载The state senate to be installed in safety zones across Chicago. If it passes the House, we could see monitored by the cameras.

The City is looking at for the first time in 20 years with an eye toward "greening" the fleet. Coupled with continued high gas prices and a City Council proposal to , the upshot is taking a cab is getting much more expensive soon.

11选5图标下载Mayor Emanuel wants to to the city streets in addition to the red light cameras. Aldermen are just as upset by the idea as most of you probably are.

Nearly is "structurally deficient" and in need of repair or replacement, according to a study by .

11选5图标下载On Oct. 16, 1943, . (Of course, even then it wasn't the downtown.)

Remember how the Kinzie cycle track was supposed to be for bicycling? Someone needs to tell .

11选5图标下载The News Cooperative notes that the city's planned bike paths are , while only one is planned for a lower income area. Christopher Gray touched on this issue in his June Tailgate article about . UPDATE: Steve Vance that community meetings about bike plans are now in the works.

According to Crain's,

Grid Chicago's Steve Vance assesses .

article mentions , a Chicago car dealership that became one of the most important in the muscle car era. Among its products was the famous .

The CPD is trying out a new that speeds up the whole traffic ticket process.

11选5图标下载You can't at the same time anymore.

11选5图标下载In Mechanics, Ramsin Canon and John Fitzgerald share by 2020. It's so un-crazy, it just might work. Further reading: Craig Berman's from back in '05, and Chris Gray's on the impact of the Red Line extension plan.

11选5图标下载City Council will tomorrow making it illegal to text while on a moving bicycle.

11选5图标下载If you've been paying attention, you've noticed a bunch of contradictory rankings of how bad our traffic is. .

11选5图标下载 -- and it only took 2,500 hours.

Domu takes a crack at explaining . You might also like to Chicago traffic reports, or traffic reporter (). Meanwhile, apparently a little bit.

Michigan Avenue from Illinois Avenue to Oak Street will be among Streeterville streets . The Mag Mile will be torn up through mid-November -- but hopefully done before Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Some major renovations , including updating the Red Line's Clark/Lake station, consolidating two stops at a new Washington/Wabash station, and more.

Not all of is strictly good.

a private car service you set up via web or phone app, officially yesterday. Now, for a , you can press a button and a black car will show up out front to pick you up.

The Circle Interchange () is the in the country, according to . The 90-94 junction got on the list both northbound (#8) and south (#32).

The City is requesting bids for similar to the private , aiming for 3,000 bikes downtown and in the neighborhoods by next summer.

11选5图标下载Hopefully you like I just did.

The CTA recently added the spots under the Blue Line tracks in Wicker Park to its list of . Problem is, it barely spread the word .

11选5图标下载Apparently the Trib thinks we can't cut it in the new job market, so they've selected .

11选5图标下载Unlike CTA and Metra riders, users of won't see price increases or service cuts for the 2012 year.

11选5图标下载City Council's proposing to , under the logic that the "common-sense ordinance" should apply to drivers of any vehicle.

We have either the in the country or the , but either way, it apparently much.

Larry Klairmont is with more than 350 cars. .

, Chicago's advocate for year-round cycling, is selecting its 2012 sticker. To help choose, take a look at and then .

11选5图标下载A South Side man recently got a red light ticket in suburban Willowbrook for a car that was supposedly . When he checked at the lot, he was informed that the car had been destroyed, despite the fact that he was paying off fines on a payment plan.

Gas prices in Chicago are the , which may curtail Labor Day weekend travel.

11选5图标下载Ford and Zipcar yesterday that brings the hourly car rental service to Chicago colleges. Ford is pitching in a discount on Focus and Escape rentals, and the first 100,000 new Zipcar members will get their annual membership for $20 instead of the usual $30. I was asked to offer (click the CHI tab) -- and they've offered up a contest for Gapers Block's readers.

Zipcar is offering a free Zipcar membership for one year, and Ford is offering $250 worth of driving time. To enter, send an email to contests-at-lyjswdz.cn with the subject line "Zip it" by 5pm today -- make sure to include your full name in the body of the email. Good luck! UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats, Margaret!

Disclosure: I was paid for my time on the video.

11选5图标下载 the last weekend. Second place was another parking-oriented app, .

11选5图标下载 is among the projects created for Moving Design's 's , a multidisciplinary gallery exhibition and public engagement campaign on the advancement of bicycle safety showing in the Comfort Station on Logan Square this Sunday.

11选5图标下载In Mechanics, Christopher Gray takes a look at near the proposed Red Line extension on the South Side.

for introducing the all-electric in Chicago by a year. Now the cars will be available as early as October.

The just launched a new advocacy program called as "a voice for riders who want to boost transit funding and encourage transit-related projects that will benefit your community." Fill out a for a chance to win a $100 gift card and to learn how to get involved.

11选5图标下载Check out the minimalist, typographical transit maps of .

11选5图标下载Imprint also recently took a look at the Green Hornet and other in Chicago. (Thanks again, Dee!)

11选5图标下载The Metropolitan Planning Council released a feasibility study on yesterday. The CTA proposed a bus rapid transit line for Jeffrey Boulevard .

tells you when your street is scheduled for sweeping next, and can send you an email to remind you to move your car. It was created by FoGB Scott Robbin, who also built ().

Nearly nine months after an investigation showed on recently renovated Brown Line platforms, nothing appears to have been done to address the issue. Residents are . (Thanks, Shylo!)

11选5图标下载BMW brought its to Chicago to this week.

: that's where most pedestrians are when they're hit by vehicles, according to IDOT research. The tells the tale.

CDOT is testing capable of filling the average pothole in less than 60 seconds. .

11选5图标下载 will allow express buses to utilize the Stevenson's shoulder when traffic is moving slower than 35mph.

CTA chief Forrest Claypool said there this year, but maybe in 2012. Perhaps the approved for CTA stations are helping keep fares down.

11选5图标下载The last 72 electronic parking meters were installed earlier this summer in of the near South Side, to the tune of at least $430,000. The Expired Meter spot-checked three of the meters at random and found that in five weeks.

The picked up its pace this summer with , the . If you can't make it, fill out an online "."

11选5图标下载According to compiled by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 32 of the most frequently delayed flights in the past year departed from or arrived at O'Hare. Newark has of any airport with 40 flights.

President Obama will be in town later today for an early birthday party/fundraiser at the Aragon Ballroom. As a result, you won't be able to enter or exit at the Red Line Lawrence stop between 5:30 and 9:45pm.

Now you can take the cycle track to .

11选5图标下载The test "" program that let you pay for parking by cellphone has been . You probably it even existed.

Loyola University unveiled for its namesake Red Line station. Work may start as soon as next month. []

11选5图标下载A cyclist named Carly was involved in a hit-and-run accident with a Nissan 350z this morning at Milwaukee and Ogden, and has to collect information about the fleeing driver. (Seems like this could be a service, as often as it happens...)

Chicago officially completed its on Kinzie Street between Milwaukee and Wells on Monday. The lane separates cyclist traffic from vehicle traffic by using flexible posts and painted pavement signals; read about early reactions to the lane in Tailgate. Next continuation plans are expected for Jackson Street between Halsted Street and Damen Avenue.

Remember ? Me neither. Its and others from , and are among more than a thousand in . []

11选5图标下载Parking your car, that is--Logan Square alderman Rey Colon was able to introduce and successfully pass a new ordinance that allows for free parking along Kedzie and Logan Boulevards for up to 16 hours each day that will go into effect in the coming weeks. .

has ranked the "walkability" of thousands of U.S. cities. Out of the 50 largest cities, Chicago comes in 4th. The most walkable ? Printers Row.

11选5图标下载Postal workers don't care that the is off limits to motorized vehicles; if they damn well please.

11选5图标下载There's a movement afoot to transform a in Washington Park .

11选5图标下载A new blog, , is looking for your stories of mishaps and misbehavior on the CTA.


11选5图标下载Today's the last day to get your new city sticker for your vehicle. The Parking Ticket Geek has a to get it done today.

11选5图标下载Meet , an Chicago-based automotive industry consultant who on Saturday became the first passenger to on United Airlines.

and other smartphones are skyrocketing on the CTA.

11选5图标下载 shows how far you can get in the city on public transportation or foot within a certain amount of time -- such as .

11选5图标下载There were once more than 227 miles of elevated train tracks in Chicago. Forgotten Chicago digs up what remains of over the years.

Starting January 1, 2012, all Illinois car passengers, regardless of age or where they're seated in the car, have to buckle their seat-belts. Not a requirement just for drivers and front seat passengers anymore, you back seat drivers better get used to buckling up (except in buses, cabs, and emergency vehicles). .

, Chicago's first mayor, was for his work making the city one of the nation's railroad centers.

A about the venerable led me to , a 2006 PS3 game simulating the Brown Line. You can on Amazon and elsewhere, but it's not cheap.

11选5图标下载 is a new blog by frequent GB contributor and transportation planner , covering "sustainable transportation in Chicago and Illinois." They recently answered the question of .

Now that is finally almost ready with its , released its and for the first 787s to enter a carrier's fleet.

A new bridge is being built from 57th Place to 69th Street, but it's not for pedestrians or cars. .

A Southwest pilot's about having to work with a Chicago-based flight crew composed of "gays, grannies, and grandes" was accidentally transmitted over the air traffic control frequency in March. The pilot was temporarily and required to take a diversity education class, which I hope was led by an overweight, older lesbian.

11选5图标下载Gold Coast drivers, watch for pedestrians tonight; the to enforce crosswalk rules. (It's illegal not to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, you know.)

A new specialty license plate reminding drivers to has been approved, and will be printed as soon as the state gets 1,500 . The Illinois League of Bicyclists currently counts 1,185 reservations. []

FoGB created a great app from that I hope I never have to use. works online, or from your smartphone browser.

11选5图标下载Got an extra parking space? is a new startup that'll help you rent it out -- or help you find one to rent if you need one.

WBEZ's Kate Dries was surprised when handed a bus delay slip from her bus driver Wednesday morning, .

Honorary Sam Cooke Way will be this weekend. Read our feature on . []

In Tailgate, John Greenfield reports on cyclists' and neighbors' reactions to the new .

The city's first major separated bike lane, a , is under construction in the Fulton River District, and .

The CTA is the most romantic transit system in the country, .

Two Metra trains this morning, injuring 12. A passenger on one of the trains shared . Meanwhile, a "" possibly caused by a blown fuse, filled the Red Line tunnel with smoke and sent riders into a panic.

In other city services news, today is the first day to for your car. Buy yours .

Beyond lending street cred, helps its owner with pesky questions from tourists. (At least it's easier to reference than the last one11选5图标下载 we linked to.)

11选5图标下载Wicker Park will be the first neighborhood to get this summer.

11选5图标下载This year's city stickers now, than last year. (And presumably stickier, too.)


11选5图标下载 will soon be .

The Expired Meter looks into the in Wrigleyville.

11选5图标下载It's time once again to sign up for the from the Active Transportation Alliance.

11选5图标下载A new, sadly unofficial sign greeted CTA riders at the Wellington stop this morning.


rejected by Florida's Republican governor. The bonus will go to the Chicago to St. Louis high-speed rail initiative.

11选5图标下载, a startup private car service, is soon.

AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report , the highest they've ever been. For comparison, the average price was $3.112 a year ago.

11选5图标下载 may have just granted her first miracle. Damen-Elston-Fullerton, that most frustrating of intersections is finally on it's way to an update, and it's a big one. on a reroute that might actually work and appears to keep the hallowed Elston Ave bike route intact.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology has created a to show how much rising prices affect a household's transportation costs. Short answer: .

11选5图标下载The NY Times recently reported on a developer in far north suburban Richmond who's with his homes. Grist's Sarah Goodyear couldn't help but of enticing folks with a car for the 50-mile commute when gas is .

11选5图标下载I wish that title was sports related. Unfortunately, it's a record I'd gladly give away, .

11选5图标下载Good news for bikers: The state is going to . So next year Steve Vance's () will be much more robust.

On a day when a caused all sorts of snafus, Mayor-elect Emanuel .

11选5图标下载...is apparently down the block from Union Station, waiting for a cheap ride to Des Moines.

The Art Institute has (sort of) in certain CTA cars to promote its exhibit "." Snap a photo of yourself sitting in one and to enter the "Royal Treatment" contest.

If you live in the 1st Ward, you have a weapon against street sweeping tickets: .

The 2-D kind, but nonetheless wonderful and detailed: put out by 's Rod Hunting.

The winter parking ban , which means you can park on all those major thoroughfares again. Unless street sweeping signs or up, since that at 9am.

11选5图标下载The Center for Neighborhood Technology rounds up in a post connected to its transportation cost tool.

this week takes a look at the CTA's Red and Purple Modernization Plan and how those train lines could be improved today. (You might also be interested in our own CTA Map for 2055, back in 2005.)

11选5图标下载The Red Eye's Tracy Swartz has been riding the CTA's many bus lines since 2009, and this Friday will be . To commemorate, she's giving away 100 single-use fare cards -- on Twitter for clues where to get them.

Joseph Askins is riding the Red Line with a video camera, profiling each station for YoChicago. First off is .

46th Ward aldermanic candidates James Cappleman and Molly Phelan hold a joint in Uptown tonight at 7pm in Gill Park, 825 W. Sheridan Rd.

Mayor Daley isn't spending his last months in office just sitting around. He's to try to draw new business to Chicago, and is still lobbying for his .

We last year, but into the first car race in America and finds an interesting angle: it was also pitted gas versus electric. The magazine shares a first-hand published account of the race, too.

BLDGBLOG's recent interview with identifies Chicago , in contrast to contemporary cities which may soon be direct responses to their airports.

11选5图标下载Ideas for the long-term overhaul of the northern section of Lake Shore Drive .

11选5图标下载Today we release the second feature in GB's short film series . "" explores the construction congestion at Congress Parkway through the music and activity at Cal's, a nearby hangout and liquor store.

The 1950s were an important era for transportation in Chicago.

A plane crash at Midway, 1955:

A Rock Island Line promotional film from 1950:

Street scenes in the 1950s:

The Parking Ticket Geek shares news of a to restrict red light cameras.

11选5图标下载If you biked through the winter, you deserve to celebrate -- and even if you didn't, the 14th Annual Art Show, opening this Friday, promises a good time. makers will be on hand to demonstrate some of their delightfully impractical creations, and more than 50 artists' work will be on display. .

11选5图标下载The has started a new Twitter feed just perfect for cyclists who want to know what to expect on the lakefront paths. Follow for the latest information, or .

Peruse UIC's collection of from the 1930s and you'll find shots of Lake Shore Drive , and a very snowy .

11选5图标下载Google is taking another stab at on Google Maps, with Chicago as a test. Check it out

When it comes to flights landing at O'Hare and Midway, the O'Hare's planes usually get priority. Midway and Southwest Airlines are that'll hopefully eliminate some of the delays. Meanwhile, still hopes to take some business away from both Chicago airports.

What, you don't know where that is? That's because 22nd has been Cermak Road since 1933. Someone should .

The five-minute grace period on parking tickets is set to expire April 1 -- but Ald. Scott Waguespack has introduced an amendment to .

Carfree Chicago lists the city's ; unsurprisingly, they're all on the South and West sides. []

Speaking of bicycles, the newly released will be used to guide the City's plans to make Chicago more bike-friendly in the next four years. []

11选5图标下载The Chicago Department of Transportation is ; you'll be heading down to Stony Island Avenue between 69th and 77th streets to try it out once it debuts... in 2014.

The CTA Tattler checked into the major mayoral candidates' , and found Gery Chico strangely silent.

11选5图标下载The is showing a different kind of vehicle at this year's auto show: .

Streets & San will start disposing of old chairs, cardboard boxes, plastic penguins and whatever else you leave in your parking space .


If you're a lady who likes to bike, and want to meet up with like-minded women, check out .

11选5图标下载The 2011 opens to the public today. We've got in Tailgate.

If United is really hurt for business, they might consider bringing back from the 1950s -- though a women-only version would most definitely be in order as well.

the chicagoe executive

11选5图标下载City clerk and mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle believes the parking meter deal , and has asked the attorney general's office to investigate.

11选5图标下载The warm and fuzzy feeling of has ended now that the snow is (somewhat) under control; enforcement begins tomorrow at 9am in the central business district (the area bounded by Roosevelt, Halsted, Oak, and Lake Shore Drive), and everywhere else in the city by 9am on Tuesday.

11选5图标下载GOOD has released that compares the country's five largest transit systems. Where does the CTA rank?

Crain's reports that American and United Airlines think plans for an O'Hare expansion amount to a

11选5图标下载, the anti-dibs campaign, is organizing a in Bridgeport this afternoon from 1 to 3pm.

11选5图标下载Parking enforcement has been (unofficially, temporarily) due to the havoc the blizzard wreaked on the city's streets. The City also gave tacit -- for now.

11选5图标下载Dmitry Samarov tells from behind the wheel of a cab.

Motorists whose vehicles got stuck on Lake Shore Drive last night , the City says. If you were one of them, call 311 to find out where your car is.

The Tribune gives you a sense of regarding transportation, utilities and hospitals today.

11选5图标下载You know those signs that say "No Parking When Snow is Over 2 Inches"? Well, : the City has put that rule into effect in advance of the blizzard.

11选5图标下载The CTA says it has to the Red or Purple lines.

11选5图标下载The maritime prelude to the Chicago Auto Show, , is at Navy Pier all weekend.

11选5图标下载The CTA is considering the Jarvis Red Line stop -- as well as in Evanston. Voice your concerns at tonight and tomorrow.

11选5图标下载Starting today, you can order for your car. You could already get ; no word on when Bears, Sox or Fire plates will debut.

Traffic congestion is now than in Los Angeles.

Don't forget: today is !

That guy who got a parking ticket while being filmed paying for parking? .

Lawrence Avenue between Ashland and Western will be (one in each direction and a shared left turn lane) in a trial to reduce the size of the city's streets.

11选5图标下载of the , giving train riders the same opportunity to compulsively check their smartphones that bus riders currently enjoy.

A.V. Club's Marah Eakin explains to and on the bus.

The aims to "argue and advocate for the expansion of subways, elevated lines and light rail throughout Chicagoland." They've got a . (We have one of our own.)

contributor posted of the en route to the museum in 1992. for video of the landing and some additional background.

11选5图标下载If you're a little short on details for the new car and pedestrian routes around the latest in the Loop, then this by WBEZ traffic reporter Sarah Jindra is for you.

Yet another proposed Chicago-to-Wherever passenger railroad line may not get built. This time, it's .

As I , taxis will begin adding a $1 fuel surcharge (up from 50 cents) to fares .

As Brown Line riders already know, its $530 million renovation has had some significant problems, .

11选5图标下载The CTA will finally , similar to its popular , in January.

Get ready to pay extra to cab it in 2011. If the price of gas prices average $3.20 or more for seven consecutive days, Chicago cabs can add a . Gas went above $3.20 on Dec. 22 and has stayed above that mark ever since, so that surcharge could kick in on Monday at midnight.

Why Monday? Well, the 24th and 31st are considered holidays, so they don't count for the seven business days. Which means that, assuming gas prices don't drop below $3.20 before Monday, the surcharge will trigger at 12:01am Tuesday, Jan. 4. According to the , which the City uses as the official record for the surcharge, the average as of today is $3.304; puts it at $3.324 and stable.

A spokeperson said the City was "98 percent sure" the surcharge would go into effect, and was preparing for it. Cabs are already tacking on a 50-cent surcharge because the price of gas is above $2.70; this lower-tier surcharge has been in effect since Oct. 29, 2009. The new surcharge adds an additional 50 cents, and will remain until gas prices dip under11选5图标下载 $3.20 again for seven consecutive business days.

11选5图标下载Dmitry Samarov, an who documents his experiences driving a cab, doesn't like the surcharge. "There are several problems here: when drivers add extras to the meter, many riders get suspicious and our tips suffer, [and] the surcharge is unfair to riders going short distances, as they're charged the same as longer fares." He said most drivers would like to see a fare increase enacted, "but the recession gave the city cover to kill that." In November aldermen Ed Burke and Carrie Austin to help correct city budget shortfall. But none of that fee would go to taxi drivers, ignoring months of for a 22 percent fare increase.

11选5图标下载Parking meter rates are set to on Jan. 1, cementing our position as the most expensive city to park in.

Holiday travel may have been hell this weekend, but people with disabilities faced .

Remember that ? The federal just levied its first fine ever for the violation: .

11选5图标下载A couple alderman are encouraging the CTA to to support the burgeoning commercial district east of Western.

11选5图标下载 at , 10 to 15 percent of whose executive charter flights are for pets.

Thought you'd stick it to the city by taking a cab instead of feeding a meter? Aldermen and are one step ahead of you. The Finance Committee's considering a that "could generate upwards of $70,000,000 in much needed [sic] annual revenue for the city."

11选5图标下载Time to vote on next year's . Voting ends Dec. 12.

11选5图标下载With the advent of our first snow, launches.

The City snagged in the first night of winter overnight parking restrictions.

And in other driving-related events happening tonight that you should know about, the Halsted Street bridge at Division is closing tonight at 7pm. The bridge will be replaced with a new structure, but the work means that the bridge will be closed for a year. At the WBEZ blog for alternate driving routes.

The RTA's "seniors ride free" program is by people using borrowed or resold passes, sometimes originally held by dead people, FOX Chicago and the Better Government Association found.

Should you need to, you'll be able to from O'Hare, rather than having to throw it out.

by a group of thugs in Humboldt Park11选5图标下载 near the United Center this weekend, but managed not to lose his bike. The MO of the attackers sounds exactly like .

11选5图标下载Learn how to fight parking tickets (and avoid them in the first place) at a next week, presented by The Expired Meter and Ald. Scott Waguespack.

Five Thirty-Eight's Nate Silver examines told by the new full-body scanners at airports, and compares them to Chicago's .

11选5图标下载The City has of the company that manufactured the .

11选5图标下载American Airlines launched today. Still not as nice as ' from last year, but better than what they had.

11选5图标下载The remodeled Grand Red Line stop has , but it might not be ideal.

Booking domestic holiday air travel? Now, through the end of 2010, if you check in for your flight on your , you'll get .

It's been talked about , but it's finally happening: to its stations and train lines. (Gee, I wonder what the North & Clybourn stop .)

Mapnificent11选5图标下载 shows you where you can get to in a given amount of time (say, 15 minutes) on public transportation.

It's never too early to start planning your trip on the !

The will be to the east end of [PDF].

The Kennedy Expressway . Back then it was the Northwest Expressway and was both "the greatest highway in America" and "a scar 400 feet wide and 16 miles long that tore up one home after another."

Think there are too many permit parking zones? You're not alone, and now you have .

is a new site asking, "What would encourage you to walk, bike and take CTA more often?" Answers so far range from filling potholes to cleaning up CTA trains to "a million hairy babies."

Photographer Ian Merritt has launched , a site devoted to automotive photojournalism. Car porn, basically.

It seems the CTA is having scheduling its trains.

Blackhawks fans can now wear their pride . The will cost you an extra $40

If you've ever thought that Chicago garage parking rates seem high, you're right. that Chicago is the second most expensive U.S. city for first-hour parking rates and a top four member for other measures of cost.

The new Apple Store at North and Clybourn , and the first 4,000 people will get a free t-shirt. One of the benefits of the new store? A renovated Red Line station that includes new .

11选5图标下载You're this year, but if you have a couple on your record, you're more likely to get the boot.

11选5图标下载 just as Mayor Daley's name will begin to slowly fade from signage.

So far in 2010, have left Midway Airport more than 15 minutes late, according to the USDOT. That's more delays than any other airport, even O'Hare. Congratulations?

One of the passengers on the #6 bus that over the weekend has . []

11选5图标下载City Council may soon consider the recommendation of the Inspector General.

11选5图标下载Which CTA stop are you going to? Just .

11选5图标下载How much do you spend on transportation? from the Center for Neighborhood Technology shows you what the monthly average is for your neighborhood.

WBEZ's traffic reporter, Sarah Jindra, has put together a to figuring out what traffic reporters like her are talking about. Gives me a convenient excuse to link to our .

Chicago has the , apparently.

11选5图标下载, ideally one that will let riders pay fares with RFID enabled credit and debit cards, as well as proprietary transit cards.

The [PDF] on the Chicago River is out. will be this Saturday.

: total car porn beautifully shot by Ian Merritt. (He's got a couple other on his blog.)

11选5图标下载The has been [right side of screen]. This time their building was spared, but they lost 400 bikes. If you'd like to help them rebuild, you can make a donation to the group through .

How many are there now? Anyway, is one for Android users, available in free and $3 versions.

11选5图标下载Oak Park is currently considering making some changes to their taxi ordinance, including a ban on drivers wearing "."

' commissioned a . It comes with its own luggage set and .

There's no truth, however, to the rumor that DHH bought an Italian villa just so he can drive the Zonda HH in Italy. He will, however, have to travel to Italy to drive it: the car isn't street legal in the US.

Going somewhere this weekend? .

Dmitry Samarov's what taxi drivers have to go through after getting into a traffic accident.

out of 200 on Allstate Insurance's annual .

It's the last Friday of the month, which means Critical Mass hits the streets for tonight's commute. in Tailgate.

If you have some free time today and are itchin' to do some design work, is . Check out to get you going.

11选5图标下载, at Clark and Kinzie, is . The parking garage features twelve helical wind turbines, but might still have trouble shaking the irony of their slogan "Chicago's first earth friendly parking garage."

The Center for Neighborhood Technology's transportation cost data , making your in Chicago even more accurate.

11选5图标下载Make sure you pay the meters: the CPD was just told to .

CTA buses average .

is a Twitter account where cyclists in the city can share tips, alerts and other bike-related info. Just tweet at the account and it automatically retweets to the list. (Thanks, !)

11选5图标下载 is a new bike shop serving Humboldt Park and West Town. Much like , Ciclo Urbano offers refurbished rides in addition to parts and service.

11选5图标下载The Sun-Times reports on the parts of the city you're most likely to get ticketed for .

If you missed seeing the new CTA cars zooming on the and lines, now's your chance. Today the ten prototype 5000-series train cars will be tested on the , and they'll be equipped with security cameras, door sensors, and electronic display maps.

11选5图标下载Chicago launched its own bike-sharing program today, called , starting with 100 bikes in six locations all near downtown. (.)

11选5图标下载If you haven't yet gotten a city sticker for your car, you have .

The Active Transportation Alliance has launched a , currently , to help you deal with a bike crash. (After you call 911, obviously.)

United Airlines gets at O'Hare, but is the real story here that 9-year-olds are cool enough to be self-proclaimed vegetarians?

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning's , a plan for the Chicago area's next three decades, is available to read online. You can for CMAP on the plan's site through August 6.

The next time you slip and fall on an icy L platform, .

If you're navigating downtown this weekend, keep in mind that and . (The shooting tumbles into Wacker Dr. next week.)

11选5图标下载 will be the third U.S. city to become the of a . Last November, the went undercover with one of Michelin's (in)famously anonymous inspectors.

about fixing a spot at the unmanned Polk Street Red Line entrance where could squeeze through for a free ride.

Following , . Maybe it's time to look at a certain pavement contract.

11选5图标下载Speaking of near a particular train stop, we're reminded that .

Carfree Chicago is developing of restaurants, shops and activities near each CTA, Metra and South Shore Line stop in the city.

across four two southbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive between Roosevelt Road and McCormick Place, closing the road to southbound traffic. Expect major traffic headaches to come. UPDATE: OK, the Sun-Times got a little hyperbolic with its initial report. The road has , and crews expect to have it fixed by Tuesday morning.

11选5图标下载If you're thinking about driving to the fireworks this evening, . Some North Side parking lots , and many more are either occupied by the police or full now.

There's a Pontiac GTO headed our way on Route 66 -- which wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't .

11选5图标下载Haven't gotten your city sticker yet? For once, you're not too late. Due to an adhesive issue, the City is for getting a 2010 sticker for your vehicle until July 15, and bumping the grace period to July 30.

11选5图标下载The will be in Chicago this October; registration just opened.

You'll soon see many more plying the city's streets now that Ford had . More Chrysler 300 limos, too -- the Lincoln Town Car is also gone.


11选5图标下载Chicago-based artists can submit a design for one of 12 CTA and Metra underpasses needing some beautification in the (Rogers Park). (PDF) are due by July 16th.

11选5图标下载 bike sharing service is with 100 bikes in six locations around the city. Like I-Go or Zipcar, you buy a membership and then get access to a bike when you need one for an hourly fee.

You've heard about , but have you ridden in ?

Parking meter enforcement . The Parking Ticket Geek to show how even with just a few ticket-writers on patrol, it adds up to big bucks.

The CTA train that derailed today was (no wonder we didn't hear much about it). It's not the apocalypse; there have just been eight disaster simulations over the last five days.

11选5图标下载The weather may not cooperate, but the Active Transportation Alliance has tips and resources for .

Whether or not you're going to , if you're going downtown, be aware that .

11选5图标下载, a new bike shop in Logan Square, offers a : if you get a flat tire between Addison and Chicago, Kedzie and Halsted, call the shop and they'll send someone out to fix it for you.

In the Reader, Robert Loerzel takes a look at the era . Do you think Chicago should privatize the CTA? in Fuel.

Another transit app for your consideration: . (

The red light cameras installed around the city might actually be rather than preventing them, one study claims.

The Active Transportation Alliance has teamed up with the Tawani Foundation and Pritzker Military Library(!?) to produce an . As a result, there's now a .

As mentioned in the recent , is one of the best CTA bus tracker apps out there -- and if you ride Metra, you'll be interested to hear about , its sister rail schedule app.

Designers take a crack at re-imagining some , including that of Illinois. ()

How does a car avoid getting tickets despite repeatedly being parked by a yellow curb in Boystown all day? , and are on the case.

The Cook County Board voted to in response the state's new immigration law -- but not before signing a contract with Scottsdale-based for .

The deemed . The FHWA hopes the trucking companies will use the information when planning routes. Here's to fewer trucks!

11选5图标下载 has new for fancy electric cars like the roadster and the . The charging stations will be free until Aug. 1, excluding parking cost. The cost to charge will be $1 to $2 per hour after the initial free period. Not a bad deal -- "filling up the tank" for say, six to 16 bucks. []

11选5图标下载It's again: time for vehicle owners to buy their new city stickers. They're .

The removal of many of the Eisenhower's traffic travel sensors has caused IDOT to seek a new way of measuring traffic speed: .

After more than a decade of legal battles, , the operator of the mine , is to .

Well, , and . Great...

If you've filled up lately, you're not imagining things: Illinois gas prices are the .

Guess who's got his own Facebook page? That's right, .

is Saturday, May 8, and there's lots of stuff planned for at Union Station.

11选5图标下载Crain's and other sources are saying United and Continental will on Monday. Chicago would likely remain the headquarters.

Illinois measures up well when it comes to . []

New service will alert you if you get a ticket and remind you to pay it. []

11选5图标下载A cloudy Chicago serves as an initial port of call for the in .

Getting stuck waiting for a freight train to pass sucks. And it sucks a lot in Chicagoland: an independent audit found that of 10 minutes or longer in the last two months of 2009. CN's own audit reported just 14. They've got some to do.

11选5图标下载Check out this ad from the good old male chauvinist pig days. Trapped on a plane with a bunch of drunks, all smoking cigars and pipes and stuffing themselves with steaks? Uh, I'll take the train.

11选5图标下载The first along the Chicago River is tomorrow; expect delays on both the roads and the El lines that cross the river starting around 9:30am.

11选5图标下载 is a new $10/year service that alerts you by text or email the day before street cleaning comes to your block, so you can .

The needs $2 billion to fix I-90, and .

The CTA is about to rollout its new fleet of L cars which pretty snazzy.

A great collection of . []

11选5图标下载New electronic meters are in park district parking lots. The good news is, they're much cheaper than street parking.

11选5图标下载The is pleased to report that Metra .

11选5图标下载The Red Eye's Tracy Swartz is on a mission to ride every CTA bus line in the city. .

11选5图标下载In too good to be true automotive news, supporters will supposedly in hopes that doing so .

is a great success in Chicago, and so the Active Transportation Alliance is taking it a step further with tomorrow, April 2. Good thing the weather is cooperating.

If your commute involves the Eisenhower Expressway, expect things to get even slower than usual starting April 1, when on a 27-mile stretch of 290. The construction will cut lane counts from eight to four in some places. The work includes badly needed strengthening and reinforcing of the ultra-busy

The new "grid" based street sweeping plan would mean , Aldermen Joe Moore and Vi Daley say. It also takes the sweepers . A special City Council session is scheduled for Wednesday to discuss the plan.

11选5图标下载Eleven red light cameras made the City $2 million or more between 2007 and 2009. Here's . []

11选5图标下载 within the city if 450 state troopers are laid off due to budget cuts.

11选5图标下载 are planned for Saturday. And don't forget to read piece at the economics and sustainability of the meter deal.

, that is. London's Heathrow and Beijing's Capital International.

The and , the bus worker union, are during their fortnightly "deep cleaning." The time for 40-foot busses will be halved to two hours, while 60-foot busses will be cut a third to four hours.

Those of you flying out of O'Hare today may be .

The newest feature on Google Maps provides bicycle directions for many US cities, . While some features like helping cyclists avoid steep inclines may not be particularly useful here, does point out some helpful tidbits.

11选5图标下载The red light cameras were hotly debated in today's City Council meeting. Ald. Ed Burke that does little to improve safety. Meanwhile, there's a proposal to , in part to pay for driving classes for violators. Share your thoughts on the red light cameras .

11选5图标下载Activists against red light cameras are in support of a bill that would ban the devices in Illinois.

11选5图标下载The rubber speedbumps the City has installed in some alleys apparently have -- in some cases putting metal spikes into tires and the bottoms of cars.

11选5图标下载Paul McAleer finds it frustrating that Metra's train schedules are so hard to get to online, so he for each one -- for your convenience as well as his.

Sick of waiting in the cold, only to be overcharged and/or harassed by a sketchy cab driver? to help you get where you're going quickly and safely.

Look out for at the .

11选5图标下载Yesterday City Council for a one-time five minute grace period on a parking ticket -- but . Meanwhile, one alderman is trying to make it so every parking ticket comes with of the violation.

Not by the CTA itself, of course, but by the , Tracy Swartz. She, Max Shron and Luke Joyner will be starting at around 9am today.


11选5图标下载Recent U of C grads and given the existing system and the proposed service cuts. Particularly interesting is that while most neighborhoods see slight reductions in service, some neighborhoods see significant changes, particularly late at night.

11选5图标下载The CTA has approved the ," a flatbed train car topped with a garden. The project's next step is to get non-profit status and begin fundraising. (.)

A former mayor of Indianapolis turned Harvard professor looks at Chicago's parking meter privatization and says it's a . (Further comments .)

Illinois has been $1.23 billion to improve train speed. The money is from the $8 billion earmark set aside for high speed in last year's stimulus package.

Mayor Daley CTA service cuts are unavoidable.

The north-south leg of Wacker Drive will get , after which automotive and pedestrian traffic should move more efficiently. The state estimates 4,000 jobs will be created by the project.

With the 24 recently installed cameras at Green Line stations, with more on the way!

Tesla Motors officially over the weekend.

11选5图标下载Chicago is the only major city that under new anti-smog regulations proposed by the Obama Administration.

11选5图标下载While Illinois unemployment , 1,200 jobs will soon be added to plant, where production of .

The Sept. 17 death of a disabled man was caught by the on-bus security camera; , if you're morbidly interested. []

Here's some productive tagging for you: is crowdsourcing the placement of informational stickers or signs on all the CTA bus stops, to help people take better advantage of the .

Always-opinioned local blogger Mike Doyle (who are fighting against ) and explains why they deserve no one's sympathy. How strong are his feelings? He posted them in text AND video form.

what you'd already forgotten about: The CTA superstation underneath Block 37 is still mothballed, and there are no plans to revive it.

CDOT says so far this winter compared to last year. With the weather warming up, however, that gap seems likely to narrow.

11选5图标下载If you're still in search of a 2010 calendar for your wall, the CTA has . It's chock-full of pictures from throughout the CTA's history, plus lots of glorious Helvetica.

A few months after to privatize Midway, the city is with interested groups.

Ever wonder what it'd be like to travel the entire CTA train system in one day, from terminus to terminus? .

A by a southbound Brown Line train tonight near the Francisco stop. He was transported to the hospital in serious to critical condition. There are . Please be safe out there!

that this week marks the end of the Brown Line expansion project, finished on time and on budget by the CTA.

11选5图标下载It's New Year's Eve, so it's worth a ride on the CTA from 8pm until 6am.

11选5图标下载AP travel writer Beth Harpaz includes the pair of Blues Brothers statues at the House of Blues store in Midway Airport as . I would have chosen the at O'Hare, myself.

Don't forget, from this Friday onward, you'll get a ticket for . (Then again, how many people actually get tickets for using their phone while driving?)

11选5图标下载Those new Pace buses that serve Bolingbrook, Schaumburg and Harvey () have it all: plush seats, leg room, even bathrooms.

11选5图标下载Curious (or irate) about some of the CTA's ? []

11选5图标下载If you're still trying to figure out a gift for that special someone, the Parket Ticket Geek has for you -- as well as of the automated parking meters' better attributes.

11选5图标下载City-Go-Round is a site that collects for Chicago and other cities to help you get from here to there. []

There are some interesting , including a not-so-satisfying explanation of why we don't have a "train tracker."

Red Hen Bakery and eight other shops along Milwaukee Avenue are for the 56 bus on in-store screens, so you don't have to wait outside in the cold.

11选5图标下载Bike racks don't have to be generic metal brackets simply bolted to the ground, or even . The Village of Algonquin is looking for artistic types to design for the community. Get the info

11选5图标下载The frigid temperatures have revealed the latest insult in the parking meter debacle: . Reports of are coming in from all over the city.

11选5图标下载Super-cheap travel purveyor is currently offering for the first 100,000 people to book trips between Jan. 6 and March 10, 2010, using promotional code "GETAWAY." Even with a 50 cent booking fee, you could get across the country for less than a CTA ride. []

11选5图标下载If you can get your boss to let you off a little early today, you might want to: the , and with wind gusting up to 35 MPH, it's going to be a fun one on the roads and CTA.

Drivers, on what kid's art will grace your windshield next year. []

11选5图标下载The Chicago Department of Transportation has created a , sortable by zip codes. (h/t: )

The winter overnight parking ban has been in effect for just two days, and the City has already towed 398 cars -- and . In case you're wondering, here's .

The A.V. Club Chicago's Andrew Reilly creates a very North Side-centric list of . Predictable comment flamewar ensues.

11选5图标下载Don't forget, the city's winter parking regulations at 3am tonight.

As we , the Chicago Music Commission is asking for new local music to play at O'Hare and Midway. What's more, you can by terminal, time and date on their website. For example, .

11选5图标下载To entice shoppers to this holiday season, the Chamber of Commerce is offering reimbursements for parking or CTA rides up to the neighborhood if you spend $20 in a local store. .

11选5图标下载Fox News Chicago discovered that it's easy to get past TSA security at O'Hare and Midway . Just need a credit card with the same name as your ticket. []

When Becca's iPhone was snatched from her hands on the Green Line, on her blog and quickly realized she wasn't alone. According to a few of the comments and an employee she spoke to at the Oak Park AT&T store, iPhone theft on the Green Line . As always, stay alert.

Block 37 may be , but one thing's good: The Blue Line / Red Line transfer at Washington is . (Thanks, !)

Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are beginning to make appearances on city streets, and launched Chicago's first electric charging station this summer.

11选5图标下载With days getting shorter, the evening commute is getting darker. is giving away free bicycle headlights from 5pm to 7pm tonight at the Milwaukee/Damen/North intersection. The catch: You have to be on a bike to get a light.

11选5图标下载Unsurprising news of the day: . And since , they're the gift that keeps on giving.

11选5图标下载The CTA Holiday Train returns this weekend. check out for some idea of what to look for. []

11选5图标下载The has , clearing another obstruction to O'Hare's expansion. If you want to hear it from the horse's mouth, here's the village's [PDF].

One car, .

We know Route 66 "officially" begins at , but it's recently been decided that it ends at ... which is fudging, actually, though aren't complaining.

The CTA and Pace will under a deal brokered by Gov. Quinn -- but .

Don't believe the traffic reporters or myriad online maps? Well then . TrafficLand has .

11选5图标下载 thanks to the new meter boxes -- and possibly to someone other than the CPD being in charge of ticket-writing.

11选5图标下载Google is for off-of-the-street places for its to document. Do you have a Chicago location to suggest? Perhaps the Lakefront Path or your favorite park?

11选5图标下载 is recommending that all drivers avoid downtown expressways for at least 24 hours because of a "" that's closed all but one northbound lane on the Kennedy.

11选5图标下载 and bus fare to $2.50 ($3 for express buses) as the CTA once again tries to close its budget gap.

brings an eight-car art installation to the Loop this Saturday. []

Greg Krause arrives home in Chicago today after in Zambia.

In the "sick and wrong" files, . It's commonly accompanied by ethnic hostility, reports the .

The Sun-Times does some digging into , noting we're less likely to think about floating cars and more likely to think about high speed trains than in days past.

11选5图标下载Record-high public transit ridership in 2008 (along with, no doubt, all the bikes I see streaming by on Milwaukee everyday) . In the from advocacy group , the group says that's equal to the amount of gas from over 450,000 cars.

11选5图标下载CTA employees who clean busses typically need to turn on bus engines to provide light, temperature controls and other power while they work in them. thanks to a new $1.5 million federal Recovery Act grant.

11选5图标下载Speaking of driving... Even if you can't go , maybe try car pooling. Chicago has , according to IBM's annual "commuter pain" survey.

Tomorrow is Chicagoland Car-Free Day, a day when people pledge to ditch their autos and try an alternate form of transportation. It's sponsored by the Active Transportation Alliance, who's partnered with local communities and public transportation systems, and is all part of . Take the pledge on their , and you'll get a $1 coupon off a large drink at Caribou Coffee.

11选5图标下载Tomorrow is , a multi-city event that turns parking spaces into temporary public parks. This year, is on Southport near Addison, and is sponsored by architecture firm . and its new connotations after the parking meter scandal on WBEZ's "Eight Forty-Eight."

is a week away! Take the pledge not to drive on Sept. 22, and you can print out a coupon for a dollar off a large drink at area Caribou Coffee locations.

, despite supposedly being updated every night -- meaning your meter receipt might not show the correct time. Clock experts say in LAZ's explanation of the discrepancy.

If it's been a while since you've been on a water taxi, .

The CTA is going to install , starting with the Green Line. []

Behold, the power of the intertubes, Metra riders! Starting today, Metra's 312,000 commuters can use the to . Not only that, but those riding the rails can plot out their trips and receive e-mail alerts when trains are running late.

Whether you're heading to Oprah's big Michigan Avenue , or trying to avoid it altogether, and the have the lowdown on the best way to get around downtown as you head back to work tomorrow.

11选5图标下载IBM released its annual today, and to fourth most painful in the country.

11选5图标下载Sex sells, right? That might explain the unexpected image Transmission staffer Liz McLean Knight noticed on .

Today's best headline: "" reads the Sun-Times' scoop that Daley will admit the City "totally screwed up" the parking meter privatization deal due to its desperation for money.

From Detroit to Chicago by rail in four hours?

The CPD will be continuing its in the coming months, with .

I've had photos of this sitting in iPhoto for more than a month, but Chicagoist finally posted photos of an in Lincoln Square.

11选5图标下载Taking the bus to classes in Hyde Park? Maybe not anymore. The , and cut hours on two more.

11选5图标下载The has behind calls to the CTA's customer service line. 2009 is shaping up to have a lower volume of calls thanks to the end of 3-track operations on the northern L lines and the wider implementation of .

11选5图标下载Apparently the "smart" electronic parking meters used in Chicago and other cities are . []

11选5图标下载 maps out the city's bike paths, with a convenient trip planner to help you take advantage of them.

if you'd like to see the City Council fix the parking meter privatization deal. UPDATE: .

The firm that leased seven oases on the Illinois Tollway -- and turns out to have made big campaign contributions to Blago to sweeten the deal. []

11选5图标下载Local writer and editor Robert Burnham writes , slices of life on the Metra rails.

That's the name of , running on Metra's UP-North line.

11选5图标下载Yet another unexpected fall-out of the parking meter privatization: after LAZ cut costs by switching away from sticker-backed paper.

The , including 38 managers, and has decided to cut the program by the end of the year to save money. Sounds like a good idea.

Speaking of , Wisconsin just ordered two high(er)-speed trains that . They have a top speed of 110mph, but . The current limit of the line is 79mph.

to reducing freight train delays in Chicago. In the end, perhaps items won't be taken off of trains on one side of Chicago and then put trucks to be taken to another train on the other side ... just to save time.

11选5图标下载If so, you may not be alone. Approximately 3,500 members had and need to contact the CTA for a replacement.

11选5图标下载Today's breakthrough study based on research on Chicago commuters, among those in three other cities, is that .

that the deadline for purchasing your city sticker is this Wednesday. After that, you face a $40 late fee and a $120 ticket. For information on where to get your sticker, see

Yes, everyone's still pissed about the parking meter deal. And a group called is doing something about it -- to have the deal scrapped. []

11选5图标下载The Parking Ticket Geek suggests some from your windshield.

11选5图标下载The and determined urban centers receive far less than their share of the GDP. As of July 2, Chicago has received 2.57% of the overall funds while contributing 3.68% to the country's GDP.

11选5图标下载While the , a South Side coalition is pushing for a for the games and after. The Gold Line would connect the Metra and the CTA, and serve key Olympic venues.

The , its .

11选5图标下载The CTA just got a little bit greener with the , bringing the hybrid fleet total to approximately 200. I hope they turn out better than the last publicized articulated busses...

is a handy site that lets users compare daily and monthly parking rates based on neighborhood, address, cross street, or attraction. Previously only available in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and D.C., the site Chicago to their system.

and how.

The U of C's Main Quad will be , including converting its streets into pedestrian thoroughfares. A map is also available .

At least in Humboldt Park and Ukrainian Village early this morning.

11选5图标下载FoGB, , (and ) George Aye of his special Lollapalooza edition CTA transit cards which are showing up in station vending machines now. He snagged his at Logan Square.

11选5图标下载The ongoing battle between (some) taxi drivers and their customers who want to pay their fare with a credit card might be a thing of the past, thank to some

11选5图标下载The Reader's Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke continue their outstanding coverage of the parking meter privatization scandal this week with a report on . Read their previous stories and .

There's at Alderman John Pope's office tomorrow morning. Protesters want to make sure some new meters don't go into their neighborhood, in light of the meter deal debacle.

The most interesting thing about the Tribune's story about is the chart of ridership changes at the end. Roosevelt (Red) up 165 percent, Clinton (Green) up 157 percent, Rosemont (Blue) down 22 percent.

that the CTA is hoping to work out some glitches in the screens displaying next train times at six El stations. No word if fares need to be increased to help fund the fix.

Time Out Chicago's website has links to of the Chicago version of the held over the weekend. We're guessing it's NSFW.

11选5图标下载The rodeo's in town this weekend--the Rail Rodeo, that is. As part of the , rail operators and maintenance teams will compete to see who's the best in North America. The competition takes place tomorrow morning on the Yellow Line, which, of course, means that the permanent weekend Yellow Line service this week won't be happening until Saturday afternoon. []

A headed northbound towards O'hare was this morning. Yes. Really.

11选5图标下载 of reporting on Chicago transit.

. Gmail in the station!

11选5图标下载O'Hare isn't just an airport. . []

The Active Transportation Alliance serves free coffee to those who ride a bicycle to work (or to Metra) next week. Stop by a -- throughout Chicago and at .

The CTA is holding public meetings tonight and tomorrow regarding . You might want to take a look back at Craig Berman's CTA Map for 2055 here on GB.

11选5图标下载...and into 's car. []

Business honchos in Green Bay are pushing for an between that city and Chicago, with an eye toward getting some of those possible 2016 Olympics bucks. And it will make it easier for Bears and Packers fans to personally.

The nifty bike valet at Millennium Park is in jeopardy of closing this summer due to chief underwriter Chase Bank's "."

Not really. Due to a rash of , Police .

The for and airports so old-looking that someone decided to build .

11选5图标下载Your downtown commute may get a little more interesting around 6:30 this evening thanks to the throngs of participants and spectators expected for the 28th annual . Detours are being considered for that run in the general vicinity of Grant Park.

11选5图标下载Chicago's Circle Interchange makes an appearance in (). Don't know the Circle? Read about it and other local road jargon .

The Chicago Reader's politics blog , and provides links to the parking meter contract and .

11选5图标下载In the seemingly endless barrage of transportation news is a another change to the way the city handles cars. Among other changes, the main city vehicle sticker .

11选5图标下载One of O'Hare's runways in just one 8 hour shift last week, as part of a project to cut down on planes cutting across each other's paths at the airport.

11选5图标下载Chicago Critical Mass aficionados likely already know about the , but Andrew Bedno recently created , set up gallery style.

We already know the parking meter privatization deal was a bad one -- but three months later . And in the meantime, . Great.

The RTA has launched , a where you can work out how to get from one place to another on Metra, CTA and roads.

11选5图标下载... the Trib for its coverage of Chrysler closing 789 dealerships, 44 of which are in Illinois: "."

On May 18th the CTA Bus Tracker project will be !

With so many broken parking meters out there, it's important to know that you can't be fined for parking in a spot with a broken meter. Just in case, take an extra step and explaining the law to whoever's handing out tickets these days.

11选5图标下载LAZ Parking officials have come to the oh-so-surprising conclusion that .

11选5图标下载Chicago fits right in on . []

11选5图标下载One of the approximately 60 WWII era aircraft remaining in Lake Michigan for inclusion in a New Orleans museum. The plane crashed on Nov. 24, 1944 while attempting to land on an aircraft carrier during a training mission.

You'll in that scary-yet-exciting accordionish corridor thingy again. UPDATE: Actually, only one type of articulated bus is being decommissioned; the CTA just recently . (Thanks, !)

Crime is on the rise on the CTA:

11选5图标下载Times are tough, but not too tough for , a pets only airline that will begin service .

in Chicago Public Radio's Adopt-a-Side-Street project. The winning pothole will be the subject of a news story.

Eight Midwestern states have united to reinvigorate plans for the as a way to . If the plan succeeds, you know who will be in the center.

The system of signals behind CTA farecards is more complex than you might .

The Trib visited and to get and how the companies who operate them interact with the city.

The Reader's Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke take a look at with such ease.

is not the usual way we greet out of town guests. [Thanks, !]

11选5图标下载A protest about road conditions in Englewood was foiled by a Department of Transportation road repair crew who, following months of complaints, . Right.

If so, tell them to get in touch with Amtrak, . The NY Times has .

The RTA improving fare collection on buses and trains, the goal being "to allow customers to travel on different parts of the transit system with a single fare payment." []

11选5图标下载The Paulina Brown Line Stop morning (if you're counting, that leaves just the Wellington stop closed and Fullerton and Belmont still under construction). All weekend long, various businesses in the area, including , , , , , and , will have specials to celebrate.

11选5图标下载 (and it's OK to admit it's your favorite website) reports that is reintroducing to the Chicago-to-Boston route. So if you had plans to head to Beantown anytime soon, you can now do it flat on your back.

11选5图标下载WBEZ wants to know -- and wants you to photograph it in all its pockmarked glory for the .

There are a lot of bridges over the Chicago River -- but .

Since the City is more interested (apparently) in repaving park district roads, maybe we can some of .

The Expired Meter uncovers following the LAZ takeover -- including an effort to .

It's not a competition, but if it were, the L would be the Metra in which one is the more high tech train service.

Given recent complaints about parking meters11选5图标下载, it should come as no surprise that some people are ... however unsuccessfully.

11选5图标下载 wants to help you get your street fixed. Just to send in a picture of your street's issues. They'll then track how fast it gets fixed (or not).

Oh, here's a surprise... Apparently, .

11选5图标下载Thousands of potholes on our city's streets, and . Thank the Olympic bid for your smooth ride to see the duckies.

The CTA might have some new local competition. A Sun-Times story says it's , in some cases, to take Metra to the Loop rather than the L or bus.

11选5图标下载Since December, the city filled more than 200,000 potholes, leaving -- supposedly -- .

, the company behind the electric Tesla Roadster, is here in Chicago. []

Besides not mentioning the CTA Daley still hasn't revealed much11选5图标下载 of his wish list from the stimulus package. Not that it mattered since any project for funding. With all the distractions in Springfield its easy to forget there is work to be done.

Chicago continued to rank third in the US for traffic congestion on . Cook County has . Throw in thousands of potholes, and we've got a whole lot of lousy driving.

Apparently complaining about red-light cameras .

11选5图标下载Red light runners aren't the only ones whose anymore.

Developing Story: from this evening's rush hour commute after a structural crack was discovered. Right now, there's nothing posted to the at the CTA's site. UPDATE: the Trib reports will be affected immediately.

Yesterday, , leaving more than a few students a little less confident about the CTA.

The lightning-quick towing of Chicago drivers who defy the overnight winter parking ban thanks to the city's 2009 budget eliminating nearly all of the field vehicle investigators whose job it is to seek out and ticket illegally parked cars. Of course, this also means that the city's losing out on a lot of fast revenue over the winter months.

Pedestrian deaths . Prevention funding is also up, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Thanks to the economy, the now-annual CTA doomsday call .

11选5图标下载More bus trackers are on the way, . As things are now, about 75% of all the CTA bus routes will be on the bus tracker system by the end of March.

You can show just how much you love our home-town president with some (they're only valid for two months) from, of all places, the .

Jon Hilkevitch reports that Chicago's Olympic bid book -- only shuttle service between train stops. You can review the whole bid book by . Let us know what you think of the Olympic bid in Fuel.

It's taken a while, but the new parking rates will .

The Polk Street entrance to the Harrison Red Line stop for the first time in .

11选5图标下载The city's ticket amnesty program, which gets you reduced or waived fees on certain outstanding parking and red-light tickets, ends on Saturday. Check for a full list of eligible tickets, as well as an option of paying online. (tip from )

11选5图标下载The City has due to budget cutbacks. Navy Pier will continue to run its own trolleys to and from the Grand Red Line stop, but otherwise the only trolleys you'll be seeing from now on will be full of .

11选5图标下载InterContinental's new O'Hare hotel is part of a . It has amenities like an art gallery with in-house curator in adddition to an overall contemporary design.

The Expired Meter reports that on traffic and parking ticket court hearings. If you're not up for the hassle, you can .

Speaking11选5图标下载 of the CTA, the Damen Brown Line stop recently reopened, featuring some . (That leaves just still closed, incidentally.)

11选5图标下载Top CTA managers did pretty well last year income wise; nonunion executives got . Ron Huberman says it was necessary to keep the high caliber of talent. Hmmm, so how much does it cost to get executives that get the trains to come on time?

11选5图标下载The CTA's Red Line disruption of service alert .

11选5图标下载If the Gov is indeed ousted today, the Illinois Tollway will almost immediately proclaiming Rod's awesomeness (). Then they'll take them down.

Dorval Carter until a permanent successor to Ron Huberman is found.

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning has released in Chicagoland. to learn when not to hit particular problem areas.

Every time a CTA bus driver gets caught running a red light the .

The City is cracking down on the "dibs" tradition, or have it removed for them. The you can print out and give to your neighbors if you'd like.

11选5图标下载Unfortunately, that one thing is cost. It's , according to by Citizens Taking Action.

11选5图标下载 that although the sale of the city's parking meters was pushed through quickly, the actual lease deal is taking a lot longer. Don't expect the switch-over till around March.

11选5图标下载Chicago, meet the . .

CTA ridership is this year. According to a press release:

The CTA today announced that 2008 combined bus and rail ridership increased by 26.8 million rides, a gain of 5.4 percent over 2007 ridership, for a total of 526.4 million rides. It is the highest ridership level since 1992 and the highest single year ridership gain in 34 years.

Southbound Metra riders, be warned, your trip home will be slow. An , cutting off three lines.

Perhaps it's one of those Jerry-Lewis-is-big-in-France deals, but for some reason the is , receiving 15,000-plus hit from that country, more than any other country outside of the U.S. *Incidentally, the headline translates to "Was that a 22 or a 36?", a pretty popular phrase among CTA users.

11选5图标下载The Expired Meter finds two weeks into the leasing of the city's parking meters. Meanwhile, the Trib reports that there will be in the near future.

11选5图标下载Saturday was Improv Everywhere's on trains around the world. Chicago's entry ; photos from the event are .

Power to the southbound tracks on the CTA's Blue Line downtown has been shut off after a woman was by a subway train at 8:15 this morning. Blue Line customers are being advised to use into the Loop.

Following a federal appeals court decision, it looks like are on our way.

11选5图标下载Our city's freaky up-and-down weather has one bone-jarring side effect: . As of Monday there were more than 1,100 dotting the city landscape and threatening to bust axles. The city says it's on it and you can for any damages. Incidentially, if you're driving east past the Heart 'O' Chicago motel, don't let that shallow looking puddle on the right side of the road fool you. Trust me.

Chicago Carless follows up on his story breaking the CTA's homeless ridership crackdown with .

Hope you're not headed out of town today -- the weather has snarled pretty much every mode of transportation: , and . .

The CTA on Saturday, much to the relief of commuters. Meanwhile .

Unfortunately sometimes public indecency is a fact of life on public transportation. CTA Tattler has a one particular lowlife and some suggestions on what to do if you become a victim.

First they , now on parking spaces downtown. Proceeds would theoretically go to the CTA for service improvements.

launched today: donate to through the site and an angel will match it, so that two bikes can be purchased for needy people.

The CTA debuted a today (you may need to hard-refresh the page if you've been there lately.) The site is a big step forward in the agency's effort to standardize messaging and streamline information. Service alerts are made clear and are .

11选5图标下载The will be giving out tonight at Chicago and Wells from 5:30-7:30pm.

prettifies the for your mobile device, but also allows you to save favorite bus routes and stops.

11选5图标下载The that in 2009 the CTA will begin construction to add a new stop to the Green Line at Morgan Street. This will help close the massive gap that goes Clinton to Ashland with no stop in between. Construction is expected to be completed in late 2010 or early 2011.

Just when you thought that parking meter privatization deal couldn't get any worse, : all parking holidays will be off, and no free parking on Sundays, either. City Council ; call your alderman. UPDATE: .

11选5图标下载The CTA unveiled new that plug into an electrical outlet at night and run on battery power for most of the day. The move is estimated to save the CTA almost $7 million annually in maintenance, labor and fuel costs by retiring aging buses.

It will cost you considerably more to in the near future. But don't worry: You probably won't be able to from in front of your house anyway.

11选5图标下载The good news: some downtown bus shelters are going to have warm air piped into them over the winter. The bad news: it's not part of a CTA improvement program, More details in

The CTA appears to be -- just in time for winter weather -- by posting signage at train terminals reminding passengers that they must pay for another fare to ride a train board a train going the opposite direction. The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless has of homeless people by CTA employees.

Tired of dodging the city tow trucks thanks to that fistful of parking tickets you've collected? The Department of Revenue is giving you .

The CTA is once again mulling offering . The RedEye's ; I always thought Dunkin' Donuts should sponsor Library -- where the Pink, Orange and Brown lines stop. GB readers had some other good ideas in Fuel back in 2005. (By the way, if you're interested in discussing the proposed Red Line extension below 95th, there are .)

Crain's examines the linkages between Chicago and Detroit and .

11选5图标下载Hopefully you remembered not to park on snow routes tonight, because whether there's snow on the ground or not, go into effect at 3am Dec. 1 -- very late tonight or very early Monday morning, depending on your perspective. Hope you don't wake up to a missing car!

11选5图标下载Believe it or not, you can get gas in Chicago for . Not in a nearby suburb, not across the Skyway in Indiana, but actually within the city limits, specifically at a BP and Mobil station at 76th Street near the Dan Ryan Expressway.

11选5图标下载Whether they're called HOT (High-Occupancy Toll) or , four (to be determined) Illinois toll roads are going to be in 2010. , commuters will be rewarded for driving with a buddy (or 2, or 3), or taking the bus, with access to a designated lane for vehicles with more than one passenger.

Commenters at the which CTA bus route would get the "Bunchie" for slowest and least reliable service.

Looks like the trusty Chicago Card may become obsolete in the near future. The CTA is claiming that will be accepted for payment of bus and train fares in about a year. Seems like a rather bold prediction, but it could mean more money for other improvements if it pans out.

The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation has , to reflect a broadening of its focus beyond bikes.

Because I'm going to need it when the by 25 cents starting in 2009. An unrelated upside to this news is that , as oil prices have declined; however, cab drivers are lobbying for a 16% raise in their base fare.

11选5图标下载It looks like CTA is going to .

" is a network of groups devoted to supporting the work & play of women who identify as geeks."

11选5图标下载The blog Hyde Park Progress explores the available to the area from a U of C (ex)undergrad perspective.

If Chicago ever becomes a , we've already got the for it. Or at least the design for the station.

A pool report of President-elect Obama's highlights what many of us already know about downtown traffic.

11选5图标下载Some riders recently had a surprise guest engineer: .

Construction shortcuts on the new brown line stations result in . Expect things to look uglier as winter sets in.

While it's running short on funding, Metra says . That said, if it doesn't get some cash soon, service will be "slower, bumpier and less reliable."

Starting today, CTA riders can sign up for to alert them to construction, delays and changes in service. OMG.

The found an interesting paradox in its recent transportation study: .

Wondering what to make of the CTA's budget proposal? The as well as .

iGo car sharing and the CTA where iGo members will be able to use one smart card for both their iGo and CTA rides. Pending board approval, the program should be in place by the end of this year.

. It'll be a $75 fine, rising to as much as $200 if you get into an accident.

11选5图标下载The CTA released its proposed 2009 budget today, and it's Apparently "" is the new "doomsday."

Life's drama . []

11选5图标下载In an effort to balance the city budget, Mayor Daley announced today that to an outside group who will operate the airport on a 99-year contract.

Want to show some love to your favorite El stop (and if you have favorite El stop that might be a sign of something altogether different)? The CTA its new with items featuring various city stations. And who doesn't need a train system ?

11选5图标下载If you use , you can now follow your favorite El line, buses or the CTA as a whole, and send updates to the group thanks to created ex-GB staffer Dan O'Neil, who also created the cellular and works at . .

11选5图标下载 stating "Someone opened a door and killed my friend" have been popping up on parking meters and signposts around town, courtesy of .

GB staffer Sandy that there's been a street cave-in on Lawrence just east of Western . Buses and traffic are being rerouted.

Add another voice to the debate over a third airport for the Chicago area: the FAA chief who says another in addition to the $15 billion expansion at O'Hare.

11选5图标下载While we spend plenty of time fretting about our public transportation system, the reminds us .

11选5图标下载Fortunately, hit administrative staff and not service. But that doesn't mean we won't see that later this year or next.

We've mentioned it previously on GB,11选5图标下载 and here's another reminder/warning: to help ease overcrowding, will start showing up on rush hour El trains starting in late October or early November.

11选5图标下载There's some disappointment with the for car-free streets in October. John Greenfield traveled to NY to experience their version of '' and on why New York's worked where Chicago stumbled.

comes this weekend.

11选5图标下载For the third year in a row, declares Chicago the for the Labor Day weekend. And if you do choose Chicago as your vacation destination, a site tells you the best way to spend 48 hours here.

Speaking of nightmares, four buffalo escaped from an area just outside of Joliet and found their way onto 55, which .

The good news: Lake Shore Drive north of Irving Park is finally being resurfaced, saving countless tires. The bad news: for the next few months.

is passing around instead of three.

11选5图标下载Does look like a UFO to you? Read a report by the on the infamous [PDF].

The Sun-Times reminds drivers . Why don't they? Well, 7% said they want to "add excitement" to their trips. Hm.

11选5图标下载The Windy Citizen to cover Bensenvile's plight in the O'Hare expansion. Particularly interesting is .

11选5图标下载Want to figure out how much your next cab ride should be (or want to make sure you're not getting ripped off when cabbing it in other large cities)? TaxiWiz estimates fares for a handful of cities, among them , , and . I calculated some standard trips I take, and was very surprised by the resulting accuracy.

11选5图标下载The Chicagoland Bicycle Federation is launching a new program called , which will give riders and pedestrians in Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Garfield Park, North Lawndale and Little Village the opportunity to bike through their neighborhoods on streets without cars.

With gas prices still above $4, . Did you know that Chicago is home to ?

A new says that congestion and gridlock in the Chicago area is costing us more than $7 billion in lost time and wasted fuel.


Just got notice from Drive-Thru Editor Robyn that the Grand Blue Line stop is closed due to a fire in the area as of 4:45pm. Details as we get them. While we're at it, the between Racine and the Medical Center from 9pm to 4am tonight. Southbound trains will run on the northbound tracks -- won't that be fun. UPDATE: No details ever emerged. I assume it's back to normal.

If you'd like to learn more about what the city is doing to improve bicycling, attend a discussion at the Chicago History Museum this Tuesday. Titled "," a representative of Chicagoland Bicycle Federation and the Chicago Cycling Club will pass on tips for Big City Biking as well as tell you more about what to expect as more Chicagoans move on two wheels.

The CTA added its popular to , and a little birdy (FoGB George Aye, now working at the CTA) let us know that .

Prompted by a on the lakefront bike path congestion, architecture critic Blair Kamin resurrects a of his which shows that nothing much has changed. On your left...

The city has . They plan on installing 25 more. They expect to collect more than because of them. If gas prices weren't enough to make you ditch the car, this might do it.

The work on the CTA Blue Line track between Rosemont and O'Hare Starting tomorrow, Blue Line riders will get to experience the thrill of Blue Line trains going to O'Hare at 55 mph. Yee haw!

Introducing , live tracking of CTA trains.

High gas prices has created a rise in the number of incidents here in Chicago, which in turn has resulted in a rise in the sale of

11选5图标下载The TSA at O'Hare will soon have .

11选5图标下载This fall, the CTA's going to .

We just got notice that the Red Line is currently shut down southbound from Howard to Argyle Addison for "an emergency situation" at the Argyle stop. We'll keep you posted. UPDATE: from the CTA. UPDATE 2: Service down to Granville has been restored, and shuttle buses are running between there and Addison. UPDATE 3: As of 5:50pm, according to the CTA, Red Line service has resumed.

11选5图标下载Good news for bike riders who use the trains: at 4 of its El stops where demand for bike parking has exceeded supply.

11选5图标下载Don't forget, today's the day that the CTA is starting so that the CTA can work on the track between the two. Train service to O'Hare is expected to resume July 28.

O'Hare continues its stellar rankings among large airports, . As usual, Midway fared better.

On Monday, an Air Nippon jet dropped about 1,450 gallons of its fuel into Lake Michigan. The Trib asks .

Attention all "playas": You may want to think about removing the tint from the front window of your (do they still call it that?). The city is considering for having a tinted front car window from $25 to $250. Now as for that booming bass...

Jessainthebox creates . []

is a blog devoted solely to Chicago parking tickets. And yes, there's plenty to say on the topic.

Beyond calling the taxi company, if you lose something in a cab, you might want to put a listing in the , the weekly newspaper for the taxi industry. The paper's covers all your bases.

GB staffer Jenni reports that there's been some sort of accident at the . Rumor on the street below is that someone jumped in front of a train. We'll keep you posted as details come out -- this might affect the evening commute. UPDATE: Still no details on what happened, but the . .

The in Chicago is long gone, but leave it to a gas crunch to get about bringing back the "Green Hornet."

The subject of in today's paper, who complained about the hardships of not having a car, gets a bit of a dressing down by (naturally) the author of the blog

11选5图标下载Today, announced it's following the trend set by a few weeks ago, and will start to for that first checked bag. Analysts expect other airlines will follow suit with similar fees, as well as some others popping up for luxuries like selecting your seat ($10 for a window, $5 for a middle).

Me neither.

Due to rising project costs the .

As of 5:106:44pm today, after a train hit killed someone a robbery suspect (who was fleeing a store he had just tried to rob) on the tracks near the Chinatown stop.

Clinton Miceli was when he was doored by an Xterra and thrown into oncoming traffic on North La Salle. This morning, a cyclist was struck by a CTA bus in Lakeview. Please, please, please be careful out there, drivers and cyclists alike. This week is Bike to Work Week, so let's be extra vigilant.

The Sun-Times profiles Elmhurst resident , who runs her car off of vegetable oil.

designed to remind drivers they need to stop for pedestrians at all crosswalks.

11选5图标下载Well, it really began on Saturday, but if you're a Monday-Friday commuter, now's your time to shine. Get information about bicycle commuter stations and events at the .


Unlike other cities, Chicago is showing no to owners of hybrid cars by giving them a break on feeding the meter and providing them with free parking spaces to encourage their use. Should we really be surprised?

11选5图标下载A CTA train derailed for the second time in a week -- near 95th.

11选5图标下载Drivers looking to get the "lowest reported gas station prices" can call the city's new hotline at 312-742-4427 or . The website is also where the city asks users to report gas station prices.

Planning on flying to Buenos Aires or Honolulu before the year is over? Better move that date up. announced it's from Chicago to those two cities on September 3 and January 5, respectively.

, injuring about 10 people.

Apparently , thanks to rising fuel costs and shrinking pocketbooks.

11选5图标下载Post your .

In case you've forgotten since the last time this article was rolled out, the Sun-Times would like to remind you that . (This time there's video.)

11选5图标下载Flickr user BlueFairlane when cycling ... and why cars drivers need to watch what they're doing.

If you're trying to get to work today via the I-80, you're already well aware that early this morning. Although crews had successfully brushed the last of the crumbs to the side of the road by 6 am, the morning commute for those going eastbound is still totally dunked.

Currently . Personally, I'd like to know where to find gas at the city's average of $4.07/gallon.

11选5图标下载From the , a project to help understand patterns in comes this : "I locked my bike up very well to a metal pole/street sign in front of my friend's house... When I came out at midnight, the pole had been sawed through and thrown into the alley and my bike was no longer there." (Note: if you own a Specialized, be careful. They seem to be very "hot" lately with thieves.)

at the best and worst of the CTA trains.

The CTA Tattler has Due to work on the elevated tracks there will be some serious re-routing in the Loop. You might want to check out the details if you're planning to be downtown.

The publishers of Grand Theft Auto 4 over those GTA ads that were pulled from buses in April. The ads were originally supposed to stay up for six weeks between April and June.

This Wednesday is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day! and the want your help thanking the crossing guards who keep kids safe as they walk or bike to and from school. So buy the crossing guard in your life something sweet or a new whistle this Tuesday.

with "."

11选5图标下载IDOT is so overwhelmed by the volume and severity of potholes that it's . Meanwhile, to help reduce congestion downtown.

The federal government . Among the options to be considered are increased parking charges in specific locations and , which notably recently went out in a blaze of glory in New York.

11选5图标下载Beginning today, taxi drivers will be adding to cab fares to compensate for rising fuel costs.

A around 5:20pm today; reportedly two people have been killed and many more injured. If you're heading that way, take an alternate route, as the area is swarmed with emergency response and the trains are delayed. Very sad.

If you haven't been to the in a while, it's worth visiting even if you haven't lost a bike. While you're there, check out the and to help you know what to look out for and where to be particularly careful. Given 99.34% of the listed thefts were unrecovered, being careful is probably the way to go.

has launched a new line of L Stop buttons for fashionistas who are interested in displaying neighborhood pride, support for public transit, or both. The buttons' bright, bold colors are perfect for springtime.

Amtrak says a rail line would carry , for a $55 million investment. National security and energy efficiency concerns have made rail lines an increasingly attractive alternative to flight for regional travel.

Remember yesterday's blue line snafu11选5图标下载? Check out via the NYTimes.

11选5图标下载The city has put together a about where you can recycle/donate your old unused bike (with some helpful suburban locations too) as well as link to a company who's willing to recycle bicycle tires. Since tires aren't supposed to go to a landfill, this is a huge help!

In July 2006, after the and started a small fire near the Clark/Lake stop, 85-year old Elfa Lari suffered major injuries. Today, on the same day that the Blue Line once again had to be evacuated near the Clark/Lake stop, the agency reached an agreement to .

Hope you didn't need it today: , and it's shut down the line. Read a first-person account after the jump.

Shylo Bisnett reports: "My morning commute was cut short just outside Clark and Lake. The stuck-train issue was complicated by anxious passengers, some who waited more than 90 minutes or more, who opened the trains doors and took to the tracks. After a lengthy wait, the conductor of my train finally let us out onto the catwalk. We all emerged, dirty from the handrail, via a Fulton & Jefferson emergency exit. Best quote from the conductor: 'This is what happens when you have 40-year-old trains.'" Time Out has .


CTA announced that ; the signs will also display advertisements, which the CTA expects could earn millions in revenue for their coffers.

Popular Mechanics listed the Circle Interchange and O'Hare as two of the "." Not sure how you'd fix the Circle, but Daley's right ... right?

has with the to make a whole lot easier.

Today begins the for a handful of routes, with more to be added in May.

Because . Or ever again.

The CTA permanently added two cars to all brown line trains yesterday, though . Sounds like you might score a seat if you head for the ends of the platform.

Wondering how much that cab ride is gonna be? Check with . []

11选5图标下载The has successfully sent a 24-year old for spray painting the outside of an El car back in December. I think vandalism sucks and all, but couldn't time and money have been better spent hiring some cleaning crews for the inside of the cars instead?

CTA will be soon be the selected bus routes that will have GPS tracking ability, with riders able to track routes online by April 7. ChicagoBus.org already has a of the majority of the routes on hand, among them the Western 49/x49 line.

...by plane, anyway. A week after they started flying to Gary-Chicago, (its only service) in half. Not to be outdone, on May 5.

11选5图标下载Wake Great Uncle Billy: for seniors began today on the . Get the details on the program .

11选5图标下载The CTA will be for six months beginning April 27, claiming that Pink Line service to the same terminus has gobbled up the rider share and made the 54th/Cermak Blue Line the least-used in the CTA network. Along with making several experimental bus lines (78, 170-174, 192) permanent additions to their schedule, CTA claims that it will increase operating hours and service on several bus lines, and up the Forest Park and O'Hare Blue Line train service as a result.

Good observational skills are required; trench coats and spy glasses are optional.

11选5图标下载As Ron Huberman says, "."

11选5图标下载Due to rising fuel costs, If you have a flight that will be impacted by ATA's departure, you can visit the airline's for refund information.


11选5图标下载The city is . They've only announced six locations, but two are likely regular intersections for driving GB readers: Belmont and Lake Shore Drive along with Belmont and Halsted.

French company is offering to renegotiate its bus shelter contract in order to bring .

The CTA is going to this spring, one garage at a time. (Didn't know there was such a thing? .)

NPR shares Chicago's scourge with the nation: .

11选5图标下载Yesterday, the heard as far as .

You'll always know where you're going in . []

11选5图标下载And what does Phase 2 mean, I hear someone ask? has all the details; 20% reduced capacity on the Red Line (boo!), larger trains on the Brown Line (yay!), and the southbound trains will start to share a single track, while northbound trains will have access to two tracks (boo! yay!).


is a new traffic reporting service built on . Follow Chicago's traffic patterns .

Once again helping provide cheap posts for city-focused blogs all over the country, US News and World Report published a list of , with O'Hare coming in at #1 (lots of delays & very full flights).

Got a complaint about the TSA? , developed by Chicago programmer . (Thanks, Paul!)

Wednesday, Mayor Daley, who has given "salutes...in the Chicago way" to motorists who have perhaps dangerously impeded his progress as a cyclist, to as much as $500 for turning right in front of a bicyclist, opening a door into the path of a cyclist or passing too closely.

11选5图标下载Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, the League of Illinois Bicyclists, and Trek Bike Corp. are sponsoring a for Illinois fourth- and fifth-graders. Winners will receive Trek 820 mountain bikes and helmets for submitting the best essay. All entries must be postmarked no later than March 31, and must be 100 words or less.

The 100th annual opens Friday, so we here's a couple things to get you ready: , , the derivatively named intern blog, and the 8th annual . After the jump, links to car blogs' CAS category archives.

11选5图标下载 • Cars.com's

That beautiful fog that swathed the city in film noir magic last night? It also canceled about at O'Hare and Midway.

11选5图标下载CTA art isn't usually all that interesting, but looks amazing, at least online. We'll have to wait for the Armitage stop to reopen to be sure.

11选5图标下载The REI Bicycle Friendly Communities Grant Program has awarded the with a in recognition of its mission to make Chicago a more bike-friendly city. The Federation will use the grant to fund , a program that provides traffic-free biking on selected city streets during weekends and holidays.

that will roll into service in 2010. The cars feature live video security cameras, flat-screen monitors that display the train's current location, state-of-the-art diagnostic systems, and stain-and-smell resistant seat fabric. The new trains can run up to 70mph, unless you're in a beloved slow zone. Sadly cattle prods to move doorway loungers into the cars during rush hour will not be included.

Chicago rapper to on the Canadian MuchMusic blog. []

If you were hoping transit funding from Springfield would stave off Metra fare hikes, .

11选5图标下载, a new mapping service developed by two Loyola students, tries to give you an idea of how long it'll take to get from one point to another using the CTA.

. Relief is in the air - provided Blago doesn't veto. If you'd like to give the Gov your two cents about transit, call (217) 782-6830 or , asking that he sign the bill.

The Chi-Town Daily News looks into the lives of .

Folks flying to Columbus will soon have other than Southwest at Midway -- at Gary. (I think I'll stick with Midway, thanks.)

You may want to .

How bad is the CTA's budget crisis? . (Thanks, Jill!)

11选5图标下载Wired reports that all the major airports suck in terms of delays, but . (O'Hare is toward the back of the pack, naturally.)

If you're planning to go out tonight for your New Year's Eve celebration, keep in mind that the CTA will be increasing the frequency of some downtown bus lines and all train lines. Full details over at And if you're saving up your pennies for those famous "1-cent fares," you might want to read for the startling truth about penny fares!

11选5图标下载A little birdie told me about this shindig, especially if you're into bikes and bike people. Ring in this New Year in high style at Holy Roller's New Year's Eve. This dance party benefits . The evening's entertainers include Matt Roan + E, DJ Andrew Foster and DJ Coyote DG. Enjoy a midnight dance-a-long with Chicago's own Team Band. There's a secret location that you have to RSVP for, as well as some other fancy spy like stuff. .

11选5图标下载 for this week. Included were millions for CTA Circle Line development, Brown Line reconstruction, Metra expansion and bus and train service statewide. (Thanks, !)

11选5图标下载The CTA's Holiday Train will be finishing its 2007 run this weekend, so if you haven't caught the train yet, it's your last chance! The train will be running on the Yellow Line today, and on the Orange Line this Saturday. See for a schedule, and check out

11选5图标下载The grant program has awarded $10,000 in mini-grants to four causes that advance bicycling, including and .

A new study sponsored by (a male grooming brand) finds that flight delays can lead to romantic connections. Thanks to its poor on-time percentage, O'Hare places a respectable 13th on the list of major US airports; Midway limps in at number 31. The best matchmaker? Philadelphia International Airport. Start rearranging your connecting airports, people.


wants pedestrians to be as safe as possible. So they're offering a new PDF "" (PDF) to keep you out of danger.

Frequent flyers take note: O'Hare and Midway will be this year.


As if the city could predict the arrival of the , the December to April go into effect tomorrow morning. Check your street (or these ) for the , and don't count on any leniency from the tow truck drivers if you're car's in the wrong zone come 3am.

11选5图标下载 You'll feel the biggest hurt parking in the international lot at O'Hare, where the daily rate leaps from $30 to $50 per day. , unless you roll big and valet, which will run you $45 (as opposed to $32). All this plus proposed city and county tax hikes? 'Tis the season!

11选5图标下载A mere 12 days after the of two planes near Chicago, announced Tuesday in timely fashion that it will be the first Illinois school to What a great job: "marked by high stress levels, bad work hours, little glory and the fear never far from a controller's thoughts that one mistake could kill a lot of people."

Apparently, it's national news , a.k.a. "the hub that has been the scene of so many traveler nightmares."

We wondered what the mayor's plan was for the CTA. Well .

11选5图标下载Facing a $4 million shortfall, containing a series of 10% fare increases along with a weekend rate jump to $7 a pop. The still has to sign off before the rates are set.

Illinois drivers' understanding of traffic laws ranks .

Well, there's one cut the CTA hasn't made (yet): the Holiday Train11选5图标下载. Get your fix of twinkle lights, garlands and Santa all while moving down the tracks on your favorite CTA line. The Red and Purple lines get the train first, starting this weekend. Check the for a of when the train'll be at your station.

The what the Mayor and the folks in the Hall are doing to prevent a CTA meltdown -- besides, of course, hiring to come up with a show-stopping number like

Although it's reportedly unlikely, in an effort to deal with rising jet fuel costs.

, is "a free community generated parking guide that connects motorists with on and off-street parking". Somewhat useful, especially in finding garages and getting the , but areas covered are severely limited thus far.

According to New York magazine, is on ATA from Laguardia to Midway. The worst? Kennedy to O'Hare on Delta.

11选5图标下载Not that anyone thinks airports are safe, but and relating to Chicago operations sure make the look even more incompetent.

The newest CTA doomsday date: January 20, according to 81 bus routes eliminated, 2,400 employees laid off, 3 garages closed, and new fare pricing structure.

11选5图标下载Looks like Monday will be , in more ways than one. and have accepted short-term assistance from the Governor. Again.

11选5图标下载The now annual is back again, November 10th. What is it? "Sadie Hawkins Day Race/Style Ride is an on-street, in-traffic, point-to-point bike adventure for couples or pairs... There are prizes for the fastest couple, fastest tandem team, fastest out of towners, best dressed, and more." Last year's inaugural event drew people from out of town, generated a ton of missed connections and suffice to say, there were a few couples that are still together to this day.

In an unlikely application of high technology, 10 Chicago Shell gas stations are getting . Expect a locally as well.


A pitiful email from CTA President Ron Huberman with the subject line "Please Prepare for Next Week" appeared in my inbox tonight. "I ask that you take the time to prepare for next week's commute," he begged me, asking that I review the and expected to begin this Sunday and create a new transit plan, if needed. Given the on this , I'm grateful for the update. Someone get that guy a copy of !

11选5图标下载Not as civil as , but a good venue for transportation woes: .

11选5图标下载USA Today reports that . LAX did worse -- missed 75% -- while SFO missed only 20%. The says the the high failure rates stem from increasingly harder tests.

11选5图标下载Dmitry Samarov blogs about his experiences as a Chi-town cabbie over at . He even draws his passengers. The Sun-Times this Soviet immigrant turned driver, including some fun quotes about getting propositioned.

The City of Chicago just launched a . Drivers pre-pay an initial $15 either at City Hall or and they get the device for free. The rate will depend on what zone the meter is located, and you have to call which explains all the . It's a pilot program limited to 1,000 people.

The City ordered the "" to , meaning there's one less interesting ride home.

The FBI is from Metra tracks near 100th Street and the Bishop Ford.

11选5图标下载GB alumni and fellow Luke Seemann during the team's weekly Saturday morning ride up to Highland Park and back on his excellent . Clearly an attack on the riders who were paying attention to the rules of the road, the culprit turned himself in and is now facing felony charges in court. Luke has further details on .

Maybe the reason the CTA changed its mind on the Chicago Card is because its president, Ron Huberman, .

Good news for Chicago Card holders who were going to have to jump through CTA's hoops. The CTA is .

If you want to check out the undeniably nifty then you've missed your Chicago chance for a test drive -- the came through in June. But they'll be in Louisville if you fancy a roadtrip, and St. Louis on Oct 3rd.

When it takes you a half hour to get from the circle interchange to Roosevelt you may not need a national study to tell you Chicago traffic is one of the worst in the nation. Well anyway.

Since pinching pennies is the rule of the day with the , make sure your pennies stay right where you put them on your Chicago Card. If you ran out and got a card when they were first offered four years ago, your card might be expiring as early as October 17th (note: this doesn't affect Chicago Card Plus users). To check the status of your card, and to replace it, talk to a customer service agent in person, go or call 888-968-7282.

11选5图标下载The Tribune sent a reporter and photographer along with two employees to ask the question in an . Of course, they find out what most of us already know: cars mean trouble. Go ahead and , if you're so inclined.

The juggernaut-like O'Hare expansion plan won another victory when the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals the notion that relocating 1,600 graves in 158-year-old in , to make room for more runways violated the . "We are very excited about this decision," said our not-at-all-ghoulish mayor.

The plan to increase sales taxes in Cook and neighboring counties to raise funds for Chicago-area mass transit systems Supporters hope to build more support for the plan in the days to come, but service cuts and fare increases loom on September 16. As GB reported earlier, it's probably a good time to get your Chicago Card.

Given the pending fare hike, the CTA is for the and until Halloween. The cards will make riding 50¢ to $1 cheaper, depending on the time of day and location, so it's worth the effort to [pdf] or use the separate online ordering sites for the or .

, to the surprise of nobody. Crain's reports that the city is now in talks with the same firm that leased the Skyway to privatize the CTA station below the block.

Tonight's bicycle rally ended with , including . Bikers were turned away from the planned route to 12th St. Beach by police, who came by paddywagon, ATV, Segway and even bike to stop the throng. Visit to upload your personal ride report.

Chicagoist answers a question I've been wondering the last week or two:

If you've ever been down Ravenswood near Wilson, you might have seen the rather large stickered and logoed truck with bright red, yellow and black graphics that say, "On the Fly." has the scoop: is a mobile bike mechanic shop. Joe Ebervein and Rich Kwaitkowski will go where you are to get you on the road again.

is a blog by taxi driver and artist , created as a companion to his pretty amazing website. Check out his other "," a minicomic about his day job.

11选5图标下载A signed by Gov. Blagojevich this past weekend gives bicyclists something to be happy about: more room. allows bicyclists to move further into the travel lane to avoid getting cut off by right-turning cars. It also requires drivers to give bikers three feet of room when passing. To aid in communication, the new law allows bike riders to signal a right turn with the right arm (effectively letting you point to where you're going).

11选5图标下载The CTA Tattler runs down .

11选5图标下载The Sun-Times' Transportation section features about some of the more random stuff found in the CTA's lost and found. So, if you're wondering where your porn, bicycle, or prosthetic breast (all items mentioned in the story, btw) ended up, now you know.

If recent talk11选5图标下载 of some riders wanting to disband the Chicago Critical Mass has you riled up, you may want to on the matter.

11选5图标下载I found out about the hard way this past weekend: on the weekends of July 14 and 21, as well as August 11 and 25, CTA trains will not run between the O'Hare line's Western/Milwaukee and Clark/Lake stations (on August 11, the Jackson/Dearborn station will also be closed). Instead, a bus shuttle will run between all closed stations to substitute for the faster, more convenient train service.

The of the 10th anniversary of Chicago's Critical Mass ride may also be the marking of its end, in the Sun Times. The large draw of participants dedicated to showing the benefits of cycling is apparently causing more problems than displaying productive transit solutions; apparently no one likes a group of loud, drunk folks on bikes (but if you've seen a Critical Mass ride, you know that hardly describes the majority of riders). Before you start crying in despair, note that no formal plans have been made to shut down the ride, which is scheduled for the last Friday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in Daley Plaza.

and to bring high-end service on regular Amtrak routes that primarily involve Chicago. Of course, a luxury train ride isn't cheap; routes start at $789.

11选5图标下载 directs our attention to a I've not heard of before. The made a case for tearing down the Loop's elevated lines and replacing them with subways that connected with the existing lines in the rest of the city. Unfortunately the project ended up $500 million short so it died before it ever got off the ground. But I think Lee is correct in asking if the city will ever dream that big again.

11选5图标下载Hope you didn't try to fly out of O'Hare on United yesterday. Nearly all of the Chicago hometown's computer system crashed, bringing the fleet to a screeching halt., UAL COO Pete McDonald blamed it all on one guy. Wonder if his last name is

As of today, Cheikh "Bamba" Dione is in Chicago. Oh, and if you , you may be lucky enough to watch David Hudson receive CCC's Cab Driver of the Year award and then witness his hand print and signature rendered in wet cement for CCC's "Walk of Fame."

11选5图标下载Happy birthday to The blog celebrates

is a nearly real-time database of Chicago vehicle towing. Keep your eye on those . (Thanks, Pat!)

The CTA may suck in a lot of ways, but at least there's one employee willing to .

11选5图标下载 site has pointed out an article by Taryn Luntz that reveals the city paid as much as $7 million last year settling lawsuits for . Especially mind-boggling: $6 million of that went toward settling two separate accidents in 2001 and 2003.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation has a special treat for Bucktown and Wicker Park residents -- and, no, it's not the usual orange one. The city is testing out that will signal when it's ok to park on a street after it's been cleaned.

11选5图标下载Car, that is. A couple of weeks ago, IIT's Armour College of Engineering in the student . They in overall points, but more than doubled their previous speed record. They have their eyes on first place next year.

The is offering starting June 4th. The service runs from roughly the opera house to just past Columbus Ave on the North side of the river, with stops at LaSalle Ave. and Michigan Ave. too. (Of course it isn't free, but the of downtown is pretty amazing too.)

11选5图标下载Despite our huge number of highways and interminable construction, , according to the annual .

Perhaps you've already noticed, but Google Maps has . Handy if you're lazy like me and can't remember the web page.

As part of the , the City of Chicago will be adding several green colored bike lanes at several new locations this summer, including at Dearborn and Chicago, Elston and Division, Halsted and Roosevelt, Lincoln and Webster and more. Get more info at .

A revolt is underway in the suburbs. The target: . After all, with sidewalks, "who knows what you'd be encouraging to come through?" The Trib's online readers are having none of it, with approximately 90% saying sidewalks in neighborhoods are "a positive addition."

The needs your help in making Chicago biking a little more friendly. On Wednesdays, when you encounter a fellow biker on the road, give a wave. It's that simple!

Check out documenting the Belmont L station house move [window resizes].

Even if riding bikes downtown on a Friday isn't your thing, Chicago's Critical Mass is also a dance party, , a showcase for taking bikes out of the trash and . Like from one of Chicago's more innovative bike designers.

11选5图标下载The Tribune has an interesting (with an inexplicably capitalized headline).

11选5图标下载Starting this summer, the CTA has announced that it will expand its to all that come into contact with the three-track operations on the Red, Brown and Purple lines.


11选5图标下载If you've had your eye on a , it seems you're among friends. Today, Zap announced a $79 million deal with Northbrook-based . , it's the largest order for a consumer fleet of electric cars in history. (Thanks, )

After years of feet dragging, it looks like the CTA, Metra and Pace will finally .

This is a real-life flesh n' blood forum discussion about the proposed — a community effort to give communities safe spaces to interact with neighbors. Inspired by Columbia and Mexico, in essence they are traffic-free times on weekends and holidays for pedestrians and cyclists to interact on selected streets. This Wednesday, April 11th from 6:30 to 7:30pm at Richmond Hall in St. Sylvester Church, 2156 N. Richmond St.

11选5图标下载From the establishment of the Hull House Theater to the World's Columbian Exposition, the Sun Times lists their take on " ."

The will be holding two southside meetings to discuss the possibility of extending the Red Line from its existing south terminal at 95th Street to a new terminal at 130th Street. For more information contact, DCP: 773-928-2500 or LVEJO: 773-762-6991 and here are more about the April 10 and 11 meetings.

11选5图标下载Instead of mindlessly kvetching about the CTA construction on the North Side, four intrepid WBEZ reporters did an experiment as to which mode of transport is the fastest: car, bike, Metra or CTA. Not surprisingly, the car won, but the bike came in second. .

A great reminder of the possibilities of regional travel at an affordable rate, recently announced that starting on April 2 you can go to 5 additional cities in the region. The company known for its sliding scale and often very cheap11选5图标下载 tickets will now take Chicagoans to and from the cities of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Columbus, Ohio; Kansas City, Mo.; Louisville, Ky. and Pittsburgh. This makes 13 total regional cities accessible via the express bus line, joining the previously serviced cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Toledo, Ohio.

11选5图标下载Speaking of the NYT, the Grey Lady , and noted its "precarious" funding situation and crumbling condition.

Plane watchers will be pleased to hear the O'Hare tomorrow.

IIT is about to boost the Chicago 's [pdf] with a . The city will decide whether it wants more of the cars after a four to six month trial.

The for flights leaving from both O'Hare and Midway. Precisely what you need to stay calm and relaxed while waiting for the train.

11选5图标下载It seems that the Millenium Park Metra Station (nee Randolph St. Station) is now complete. To celebrate, at that station on Friday.

Love biking? Want to advance the cause? And get paid or valuable work experience? The wants you to know about a few key opportunities. Apply to be a bike ambassador, , , and more. Put your wheel where your, um, mouth is.

11选5图标下载O'Hare and Midway that will email or text you with up-to-date flight information. That'll help, right?

CTA Brown Line renovation update: one week ahead of schedule, and the Southport station will close on April 2 for up to one year of work.

Or so recalls Mary Wallace, the CTA's first-ever female bus driver, who of keeping people on the go. Thanks to Wallace's trailblazing, today 24% of the CTA's bus drivers are women.

11选5图标下载Just in time for the , Google Maps has launched real-time traffic information for , including .

The Chicago Police have a new weapon in their arsenel: the , capable of scanning thousands of plates an hour and checking them against stolen vehicle reports. And, one would imagine, expired plates.

Awesome story at CTA Tattler of .

that instead of pissing and moaning about CTA problems, you call write and email Governor Blagojevich and tell him to support the RTA's budget requests. Here are his numbers: 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121. You could take it a step further by looking up your local, state and federal reps at and bugging all of them. (Thanks, Will!)

, a company that specializes in designing alternative and fuel-efficient automotive systems, its at the Chicago Auto Show. Priced at $10,000 with an operating cost of one cent per mile, it could certainly be a high-value commuter car.

Now that Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee are , a Milwaukee historian has we have with our neighbors to the north.

On February 4, 1977 there was a terrible crash between two CTA trains in the Loop. Eleven people were killed and at least 250 passengers were injured when the trains crashed near the train track curve at Wabash and Lake. on the terrible day in CTA history.

If you have visited a friend in Oak Park or happen to have a friend who lives in Oak Park, then you probably know that Oak Park has some major rules about parking on the street. The law that prevents people from parking on the street in front of their home was passed in 1929 and some folks are finally considering repealing it, starting with . And since Oak Park is only distributing this survey online (boo! hiss!) go fill it out for yourself, your friend, or mine. Thanks, .

11选5图标下载Subway Knitter knits one and purls two in Boston, but one of her projects, the might suit frigid users of the CTA's . Keep your hands toasty warm while taking the first steps toward your inevitable conversion. Resistance is futile.

Check out this recent write-up of Thomas Marlow's in the Australian media.

Thanks to , you don't have to get off of the train or bus to meaningfully express your frustration with the CTA. Power up your phone and text cta[your zip code]@npjt.org to send to Mayor Daley, as well as your alderman, state representative and state senator. Their website also offers the means to spread the word.

11选5图标下载, a lively anonymous weblog maintained by a Chicago police officer, asks " ...with Streets and Sanitation?". In typical SCC fashion, the pile on details about the post (unmarked police cars being ticketed and towed)-- naming names, giving locations, mentioning companies-- and also fly off into a bunch of rewarding off-topic directions. It's like being an in a cop bar. Careful, though-- there's no way to know that the commenters are bona fide . SCC also reports that upwards of 40% of their traffic comes from outside the state of Illinois most days and there are "a number of remote computers that seem to monitor the site for inordinately long amounts of time, one of which is based in Springfield and another at Champaign-Urbana". Wonder who that could be...

Why, lots of things! Crain's offers some explanations in an .

Tell your friends and family overseas: , a no-frills, low-cost airline, . Right now Oasis offers a nonstop flight between London and Hong Kong for as little as $150 (plus tax and fees) one way, so it's fair to expect highly affordable tickets.

Via , an invitation for you to let CTA Chair Carole Browne about recent developments (and maybe refer her to Fuel).

After last year's small success in Chicago, we've heard word that the will be back again. Currently, founding director Brendt Barbur and co are looking for new submissions for the 2007 round of film festivals set to take place in up to 15 cities: "We are looking for films with a strong theme or character of bicycles. This includes all mediums and styles such as animation, experimental, narrative, documentary and music videos." The deadline is February the 17th so you have about a month to get going or fine-tune that piece you've been working on. Details at the or take a look at the .

For all the trouble at O'Hare11选5图标下载, it looks like .

that Alderman Joe Moore will call for City Council hearings on the continued devolution of CTA train service. Full text of Moore's resolution .

The next time you're flying out of O'Hare, check the sky for UFOs11选5图标下载, then check under your seat .

Oh, good.

11选5图标下载Like it's sibling in the summer, the Winter edition of Bike to Work Day coming up features hot beverages and goodies at Daley Plaza this month on the 19th (Friday) from 7 to 9am. The hosts activities, a raffle with prizes and the chance to congregate and meet up with your fellow cyclists.

A group of Chicago cyclists (myself being one of them) have organized a ride to raise awareness of the growing number of cyclist fatalities in the Chicagoland area. Named the "", the ride will start at the Thompson Center at 6pm tomorrow, January the 3rd and will ride to Diversey and Pulaski at an easygoing and respectful pace. The goal? To highlight how important driving and cycling are to Chicago and how the two require attention and respect. A PDF flyer can be viewed, downloaded, printed and passed along from .

11选5图标下载Some United employees on November 7th, but the FAA's having none of it.

11选5图标下载As in past years, you can until 6:00 AM New Year's Day. (Also note extended hours on some routes.) Happy New Year!

is another site to help you find a parking spot, with a rating system and distance gauge -- find a parking garage within a five-minute walk of your destination, for instance. They're rolling out a new "marketplace" early next year, which will allow drivers to reserve and pay for parking spaces in participating garages online, well before they arrive at the ticket box.

Expect trouble tonight if you're heading out on the Orange Line train to Midway, or the Green Line. Around noon today, an on the northbound tracks near the Roosevelt Road station. Around 150 people were safely evacuated via the fire department's "snorkel basket" (who knew?), and no one was seriously hurt, but is not going to be pretty tonight.

11选5图标下载Anybody else spot on the Red Line this weekend?

11选5图标下载 Apparently I've been undertipping for years.

Following the recent sentencing of an Urbana woman who killed a cyclist while driving and downloading a ringtone to her cellphone, the parents of Matt Wilhelm the deceased, to lobby for a law and education to reduce distracted driving. Looks like that cellphone ban hasn't been working out too well.

11选5图标下载A reminder of something we've posted before: the CTA, Pace, and Metra have teamed up to request more money from the state for public transit infrastructure at . They've announced the public meetings where citizens can provide feedback on the effort; . (Note to CTA et al: It'd be nice to have at least one "community dialogue" at an evening time too, not just from 1 - 2 pm.)

. She gets the maximum penalty... for improper lane usage! Six months probation, $1K fine and traffic school. Oh yeah, she has a . A bizarre, tragic and ridiculous event.

While you were asleep, it snowed. Then it snowed again, and it's still snowing. The Illinois Department of Transportation has asked Chicago area residents to if it's not necessary. Many and most flights from O'Hare are canceled. Stay home, Chicago, but if you cannot, the CTA and Metra are running mostly on time.

11选5图标下载Don't forget that as of 3am on December 1 (tonight), go into effect. Some streets sport the complete ban on parking from 3am–7am Dec. 1–April 1, regardless of snowfall. Other streets let you park as long as there's less than 2 inches of snow on the ground, but if it snows enough, you can get in trouble any time of the day. Take care, check the , and move your sweet ride before the city does it for you.

Attention there, Loop commuters. As of 3:51pm this afternoon, the to a rather sticky problem with the northbound Red Line at the Jackson station which is rippling north. Northbound Red Line trains are (as of this posting) being rerouted onto the elevated structure between Roosevelt and Fullerton, with no additional shuttles running. The current stops are as follows: Roosevelt, all stations along Wabash and Lake, Merchandise Mart, then trains will run express to Fullerton to resume regular northbound routing to Howard. Southbound Red Line service is not affected. [UPDATE: As of 5:24pm, , but still expect some delays.]

11选5图标下载Should the proposed Peotone airport ever get built, .

courtesy of the Chicago blog Keep your eye on for more shots, and your other eye on to see when to catch the train.

But Chicago vehicle stickers are mandatory, so it's nice that you can have some say on what will adorn your windshield. "Green Scene Chicago" and you can vote for your favorite of the student-designed contenders between 9 AM and 5 PM today at the City Clerk's web site.

11选5图标下载 that the CTA can't afford to fix the problems that create the slow spots on its train lines. CTA president Frank Kreusi puts the figure at fixing all of the problems at $500 million; as a comparison, the amount of money in next year's CTA budget for fixing some Red and Blue Line slow spots is a mere $35.7 million. So expect delays for several years.

11选5图标下载Apparently a move prompted by a defective Red Line train that had damaged about 100 feet of the third rail. The CTA Tattler has that should give you some idea of what to be prepared for in the event of a shut-down train.

An organization called aims to fix the city's ills -- but first they might want to fix their website. Only two pages are available right now, but one is a pretty darn useful to cityfolk with cars: and get an email alert letting you know when the street sweepers are coming by, so you don't forget to move your car. (Thanks, !)

Each month, I look forward to another 30 minutes of CTA propaganda in the form of Connections11选5图标下载. I say "propaganda," but that's tongue-in-cheek: the show has actually taught me a lot. It runs nightly on several municipal channels, but if you don't have cable or you want to watch it "on the move," download or stream it from . []

11选5图标下载Here's a downside to those parking meter kiosks that are popping up around the city:

is a fictional day from a L'il Abner strip. However, it is now also organized to encourage women of all kinds who ride bikes to come out and race for fun, as well as to benefit the . There's a pre-race fashion party on Friday, Nov 10th in the Fulton Markets with the race happening on Nov 11th, followed with a post-party the same day. Want to race? Want to have fun? .

alerts us to a new blog devoted to documenting women's stories of being harrassed on the streets (the blog was inspired by ).

How else would railfan Tony Coppoletta say "Happy Halloween" but ?

. Sweet.

Yesterday, discount airline that they will start flying out of O'Hare no later than January 2007. They've been trying to get into the airport since 2002, and now have FAA approval, but haven't yet announced destinations for their four daily flights. (At that time of year, I'm hoping that all their planes go someplace nice and warm.)

11选5图标下载Looks like the has a . At first, I thought it was real, but then I knew that any memorial like "The Brittany" had to be too good to be true. Well done, chaps.

It's almost time to to the from the to Michigan Avenue. So break out your camera and sepia processing and take some old-time photographs this winter.

11选5图标下载Rush hours in the Loop are gonna be a little tougher in a couple of weeks, as the Washington Red Line stop ceases operation in preparation for Block 37 Superstation construction. Starting October 23, there'll be no train access, and the Blue Line tunnel will also be closed (transfers will only be available at Jackson). The CTA .

"The Midwest's Greasiest Hot Rod Show," , is this Saturday at the historic and fairgrounds. Fast cars, fast women and fast music -- if you like traditional hot rods this is the show for you. (Thanks, .)

The renovation of the Fullerton El stop, already pretty conspicuous with all the new construction next to the existing tracks, becomes even more inescapable for commuters this Sunday, as Although the station will still operate as usual throughout construction, the main station building will be closed for renovations through December of 2008, so this weekend might be a good time to take some pictures of the structure, just so you can do some before-and-after comparison in a couple of years (or whenever it really does reopen). More construction bulletins are available, as always, at

11选5图标下载Eisenhower a bit slow for you this morning? , leaving Blue line without power. No word on injuries yet.

11选5图标下载Want another cut on the? Try this .

For a happier take on transit, we turn to today's Going Public column. You may have read about Joe Benarroch and Jason Fournier's love connection on the 146 on your own commute this morning. A surprised Fournier read it under different circumstances -- aloud over a breakfast with friends and family. The story's end is a sweet one: as captures, Bennaroch proposes, Fournier says yes. [Edit: The RedEye informs us Fournier remarks "this isn't a good picture" prior to reading the article; he does not comment on the paper as this item originally read. Apologies for the error.]

Forget about Denny11选5图标下载; let's talk about Kruesi. The editorial page at Crain's "off with his head" -- more politely, of course. To wit: "An outsider with proven expertise in repairing broken transit systems must be brought in with authority to overhaul the CTA from top to bottom, both financially and operationally." Too right. []

11选5图标下载Capping off a day of North Side disruptions on the CTA, a woman was by a Brown Line train at Wellington. Amid this morning's slow-moving chaos, a bemused customer a joking translation for the transit agency's acronym: "Certainly Takes Awhile."

Bikes are fun! Find out exactly how fun they can be at tomorrow's Bicycle ride. It's free, and gets underway at 5:30 at Daley Plaza. The theme is likely to be "Oktoberfest", so lederhosen are highly encouraged!

11选5图标下载The RTA (CTA, Pace, Metra) have announced a new effort to improve the lot of the region's commuters. Their new site, , lays out the case for why additional transit is needed and what their plan is to make that happen.

11选5图标下载On Friday, Thrown for a Loop was hoping for an easy flight home. Because of bad weather at O'Hare, that didn't happen. Alas, ...

If you'd planned your weekend around the 's , well, make other (other) plans. Due to forecasted heavy rains, the CTA's betting it . The stations will be open, and as a result, the free shuttle that was going to take passengers from Western to Kimball has also been cancelled.

11选5图标下载On a day that saw in the middle of rush hour, the Beachwood Reporter , line by line.

Who needs a car when you have public transport, a bike or a fine pair of working legs? Today is World Carfree Day11选5图标下载. Folks in more than 600 cities across the globe will participate in getting where they need to be, without getting behind the wheel. Give it a try!

The last line of John Hilkevitch's column11选5图标下载 on the misery that is the Red Line these days is nothing if not an indictment of CTA management: "It was assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that the CTA learned during its clumsily executed overhaul of the Green Line more than a decade ago that poor service begins the death spiral of plummeting ridership."

11选5图标下载Starting tonight, Edens Expressway users will now get a taste of what the Dan Ryan commuters have been going through, as on the Edens from Lawrence Avenue to Lake-Cook Road. The project, which will cause a series of weekend and overnight closures on the Edens, runs through mid-November, so start getting used to having only one lane open on the Edens on the weekend. (As a reprieve for Northwestern football fans, the closures will not be in effect when NU plays some home games in the next couple of months.)

Ride a scooter? Or love someone who does? You best be headed to this weekend, then. The 12th annual running of the Vespas (and other scooters) is this Saturday, while a pre-party gets the ball rolling tonight at Liar's Club; details in Slowdown.

A Lincoln Park high school teacher has a lesson for you: are more permissive than the . He has a to prove it.

It may not be , but is the in the battle between and area airports.

Sandra Gray is a master's student in urban planning and public administration at UIC. Her thesis project discusses CTA customer service, particularly on the Red Line. If you're a regular rider and have something to say (who doesn't?), she sure could use your help. Take her survey .

11选5图标下载The is looking for volunteers to help out with the 18th annual on Sunday, September 10, 2006. You can help guide riders along the route, ride as a safety ambassador or feed hungry riders at our rest stops.

CitizenShay's -- details available at -- seems like it'd make a great gift for a transit enthusiast. Or for someone who just likes this fair city. (If the onscreen images aren't enough, see the work in person at Sacred Art, 2040 W. Roscoe Ave. Or at the next month. Options. So many options.)

finally has predictions for ticket prices departing from O'Hare and Midway to major destinations around the country. The beta service predicts whether ticket prices are likely to rise or fall, and makes recommendations on whether to buy now or hold off on that round-trip to San Francisco.

Today the Sun-Times checks up on the exhibit of the first Chicago train car built for public transit (previously mentioned on GB in January, when the museum was moving the car from Skokie to its building). In addition to the car, built in 1892 for the Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Co., the museum will also have on display The exhibit will be part of the museum's "City on the Make" exhibition, which will be seen by the public when the museum, completing a $27 million renovation, reopens on September 30.

. When they updated the in-train maps of the system to reflect the Pink Line, lots of mistakes crept in. Such as the wrong phone number for the CTA help line, and typos like Bemont.

Like any event these days, the reopening of two CTA stations couldn't go unFlickred, and indeed it hasn't: Phineas Jones covers , and Tammy Green's got .

maps all the private parking lots and garages downtown (from 1100 North to 2300 South). The Java is a bit clunky, but boy is it comprehensive.

11选5图标下载Ben Husmann saw on the platform of the Oak Park Green Line stop. No telling what it is, but he's right: it sure looks like a Matthew Barney sculpture.

11选5图标下载Now you can check out your vanity license plate ideas through the Secretary of State's Just head on over to , type in a prospective plate, and see if it's taken.

Who needs an airplane lavatory when there's space between train cars? Today's CTA Tattler a reader's almost-impossible to believe story of sex on the 'L'.

If it's seemed like CTA trains have been slow this summer, the good news is . The bad news is, not only are you not imagining things, it's actually going to get worse. (If you've got something to say about these recent developments, is probably a good place to do it.)

this morning, resulting in one overturned truck and a three-mile back-up during rush hour. Jon at of the accident scene from his car in the midst of it all.


The CTA has rolled out a new Website for tracking buses called, not too surprisingly, It only tracks the #20 Madison bus right now, but you can watch a street map updated in real time with the locations of various buses along the route. that if this pilot program goes well, all other bus routes will get the same tracking ability in a few years.

If you're yearning for some travel (video), check out YouTube user 's atmospheric videos documenting his train and car travel throughout the country. There are too many Chicago related videos to post here, but some train segments include , , and .

11选5图标下载It's the news you've either been waiting for or dreading: An added bonus for Verizon and Sprint customers: 911 calls for those companies' customers will also work underground.

Ever walk through O'Hare and wonder what it's like to be on one of those planes bound for India instead of Indianapolis? The destination is surely more interesting, but do the ends justify the means? Ben Mutzabaugh of USA Today decided to find out, and he the 15+ hours it takes for American Airlines Flight 292 to get from Chicago to Dehli.

This could come in handy, especially when you want to minimize your waiting-in-the-heat time: helps find the quickest route between one address and another on public transportation. [] (Thanks, !) [Matt updates to add: Chicagoist , but it mapped my trip from home to work just fine. In other words: it's new; results may vary.]

Friend of GB, scooterist, designer and making extraordinaire, hits the open road on his scooter on a tour he calls the . Ambitious in scope, it should be quite a ride. when he kicks off tomorrow.

All about . []

The Chicago bicycling community is up in arms about a possible that is stealing bikes in the Loop. has a lot of the details. In the meantime, if you ride on two wheels, remember to use two U-Locks, not a cable lock, and if you can, . putting your name and address in the seat-post tube since some unsophisticated thieves might not look there. Also, add stickers, duct tape, and other markings to make it distinctive and thus less attractive to thieves.

You may have used the developed by Ed Knittel in the past. But, now that you can search by address, it's probably worth another look.

11选5图标下载The Oak Street Curve on the northbound side of Lake Shore Drive is a notorious accident spot, but people keep speeding into the curve and hitting the wall or each other. , including some optical illusion paint lines. explaining the changes.

11选5图标下载Been to Midway lately? Seem like Southwest has every gate in the airport? Well, .

Transit buff extraordinaire Tony Coppoletta is playing skipper to the "Soul of Chicago Express" next month: he, with help from Chicagoist, has chartered a private 'L' train to take passengers on a Sunday afternoon tour of five CTA rail stations. Interested in participating? See for details on registration.

What, , can the CTA do better when it comes to communicating with customers?

now has some competition in the car-sharing business: . []

Despite the recent uproar at foreign ownership of domestic ports, to dominate the bidding for Midway. Subject, of course, to aldermanic approval.

11选5图标下载With gas prices so high, Vespas and other scooters have shot up in popularity. There's only one problem: . (Little tip for the guy in that article who needs a tune-up: .)

11选5图标下载Manuel Tenecota, an Ecuadorian immigrant, was by a CTA bus earlier today. He was just two blocks from his home. His death is the in as many weeks.

Just a reminder to drivers (or, more accurately, parkers): if you haven't purchased your , you've got but three days until the old one's expired and you become an outlaw-although you probably won't get ticketed until after July 15, the end of the official renewal period.

11选5图标下载You know those cars with the crazy springs or dolls glued all over them? Well, reader Lotta writes in about her heading out to , held in Berwyn, last week where of all kinds of cars just like that.

, Chicago's number one source for transit scuttlebut, has .

Recent changes on the CTA have the hopping with discussion: (including the initially jarring addition of the cross-street to some stations; no more "This is Grand," for example); (subway lines are no longer indicated; rush period lines are); (yes, US Cellular now works underground); and, not new, but a useful reminder: (when the system carries its highest daily passenger load of the year). [More: today's "Pop Goes The World" picks five favorite films11选5图标下载 that feature the 'L'.]

A CTA Tattler reader on North Side Red Line runs, describing a public masturbator she and her roommate have encountered repeatedly. "If we all take care of each other," she says, "we can catch this guy and stop him before his exposure fails to excite him anymore and he has to go to further extremes."

. And I mean never.

I only recently learned that it's allowed (and depending on your traveling companions, encouraged) to drink alcohol on trains. But it's worth noting, as my conductor did this morning, that Metra restricts carrying alcohol and/or glass bottles at night and on weekends during the big downtown festivals, including this weekend's Blues Fest. of blackout dates (pun intended).

Just in time for next week, the Millenium Park Bike Station has been renamed the . That doesn't mean the facility is any less handy than previously, but seriously, McDonald's?

CTA Chair Carole Brown soon-to-come enhancements to West Side transit options and shares of the winners of the contest that will, in a matter of weeks, give us the Pink Line. More information, including a Polish language run-down of coming attractions, available .

Speaking of airports, designated "cell phone lots" . The idea is to ease congestion at the arrival gates by allowing drivers a free place to wait for a call once passengers have retrieved their luggage (whether this will work is anybody's guess).

On 10 June, the kicks off Bike to Work Week, to encourage more Chicagoans to commute on two wheels. If you haven't biked to work before, it's a great time to get started. Next Monday, CBF is offering a class for novices11选5图标下载, and during Bike to Work Week CBF is hosting Bicycle Commuter Stations through Thursday morning, the 15th, with free refreshments and bike chain lubes. You can find out more .

The CTA has posted of a PowerPoint-ish presentation about its forthcoming 5000-series railstock. There are all sorts of details, but one of the more interesting (and possibly reassuring) is that operators will be able to shut down the ventilation system in response to, among other things, a "biological incident." []

11选5图标下载Simon Garber, president of definitely wins this week's Good Boss award: that work for his company. The gift cost Garber nearly $32,000.

After the death of a very young pedestrian at the intersection of Belden Ave and Lincoln Park West this weekend, Eric Zorn features for improving safety for walkers and drivers. He also points to the website for America Walks, which has a number of affiliated groups11选5图标下载 if you're interested in (foot) traffic safety activism.

11选5图标下载Friends and Chicagoans Andrea and Ira saved money for a year, resigned from their jobs and left for the open road a little over a week ago. On their bikes. They're riding around the country for a year. You can keep up to date and check up on them as . Earlier posts are informative — lots of information on prepping for such an adventure. I'm jealous too — they look insanely happy.

11选5图标下载Couple of quick bike-related items I just noticed: is a new site for Chicagoans to discuss cycling issues and a useful local outlet for discussion if you don't like mailing lists; Stephen Wagner is about to begin a trek around the world again on a bicycle, perhaps you'd like to to help him?

Reader Marge Simpson (!) wrote to ask where to buy a used bike. As the weather has gotten nicer, it's a prescient question. I have a few recommendations...

If you're looking for an affordable bike for getting around, local charity on South Western is the place to go. You can get a decent bike for $50 if you don't mind it being a bit older. And if you want something nicer, I'd recommend in Uptown. It's a little more money, but they have new bikes as well and one of the best repair shops I've worked with. If you're looking for something closer to home (whereever that is), there's also a database of bike shops in Chicago at . Chime in with your own recommendations in Fuel.

11选5图标下载In 2001, the developed , a boardgame-like tool for examining transportation and other needs in a community. They've recently created , in which you can allocate a $2 billion budget toward such things as building new train stations and bike paths.

11选5图标下载As those who have ridden the metros in just about any of the world's other major cities know, the front-to-back seating on the 'L' is the exception to the longitudinal rule. But, with its new railstock order the CTA is embracing the industry standard, and, as and an make clear, the change -- not scheduled to roll out for another few years -- has some people riled up.

Ah, Spring. When the weather warms, the days grow longer, and .

GB alum , who's given a lot of thought to Chicago's transit system, went to one of the CTA's community meetings about the Circle Line and regarding the several potential routes currently on the table.

With spring on the horizon and in the wake of a pretty unfortunate Critical Mass last Friday (some discussion of that ), it's as good a time as any to reacquaint yourself with the of cyclists in Chicago. If you get arrested on your headlightless, brakeless fixed-gear, don't come crying to me.

The weather is getting nicer and Chicago will be filled with (even more) bicycles soon. If you're looking to purchase an old-school Schwinn or similar affordable ride, you might check out . If you can't make it, don't forget the good work that the volunteers of do as well, and they also sell vintage cycles. Don't want a used bike? This site has all of the , and feedback on what people think of the service.

Next week, the CTA is holding a series of public meetings to gather input on the proposed Circle Line. According to , "The meetings are part of the Alternatives Analysis study — the first step in pursuing federal funding for major transit projects. The Alternatives Analysis study is designed to examine all the transit options available and determine a locally preferred alternative." The meetings are 6-8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

11选5图标下载If you've given up on receiving CTA Wireless Alerts, well, wirelessly, you can stay abreast of developments at your desktop with . []

Fellow cyclist and friend Mayonnaise (a moniker) is having at the loading dock of from 1 to 3:30PM this Friday (4/28)11选5图标下载. Stop by for a quick in n' out bike tune up. He's doing it out of the goodness of his heart but he'll have a mayo jar for any donations to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. [Apologies for the date mix-up!]

11选5图标下载The city bidders must submit as they compete for naming rights to various aspects of the Chicago Skyway, including the road itself, in an auction budgeted to raise $3M. According to an announcement by , this represents "a unique historical opportunity for a prospective bidder to be the first corporation in the United States to own the naming rights to a major bridge and roadway." Doesn't quite have the same ring as being home to the first skyscraper, does it?

11选5图标下载Speaking of getting from one place to another, Tony Coppoletta has just launched , a site consolidating information about CTA outages, delays and more. It's just the trains right now, but there are plans to deliver bus information soon. He's looking for volunteers to help update the site; check the to get in touch.

11选5图标下载The Wall Street Journal commuting into the city. The attachment some people have to their cars is a little frightening.

11选5图标下载Chicago is one of around a dozen locations selected by for its BikeTown USA promotion, which will give away 50 bicycles in each "BikeTown." Just fill out and pay special attention to the box that asks you to explain "how you would use a BikeTown bike to change your life." Of course, there are strings attached: if you win you'll have to sign a )...

11选5图标下载The planes won't actually go faster, but you may not have to arrive at the airport so darn early. The Transportation Security Administration is looking to at both Midway and O'Hare. The screeners, who would make for a larger work-force during peak times, .

11选5图标下载Speaking of our roadways, Eric Zorn one year after the miraculous mineral stain appeared on Fullerton Avenue, and found she's mostly still intact and still receiving flowers.

Today, RedEye offers : a ticket to ride is not a ticket to eat. Rather, for CTA customer Matt Smith, it turned into a ticket for eating. Smith dug into his 65 cent bag of Cheetos after stepping on board a train and got smacked with an unappetizing $110 fine.

11选5图标下载Taking "flight" on the streets of Chicago this summer: .

Poets of transit
Inspired by the CTA
Have composed haiku

that there was a minor derailment on the Red Line tracks earlier this morning, and the CTA has cut power to the Red Line tracks between the Fullerton and North & Clybourn stops. There's that says they're rerouting southbound Red Line trains to the elevated tracks (i.e., the Brown/Purple Line route) and stopping at some downtown elevated stations (see the CTA site for a complete list of stops). Shuttle buses are also running between North & Clybourn and State & Lake. As always, expect delays on the trains. Update:11选5图标下载 but you should still expect delays.

Apparently, of the Damen Blue Line station is not a photograph; rather, it's a "photo-realist painting" that took 2000 hours and 50 Photoshop files. Wow.

The Pink Line has elicited strong opinions from Chicagoans on , and lots of other forums. Sound off for yourself on today's Fuel.

11选5图标下载Can't the (which begins tonight) get a little love? Apparently not. "Our long, hot summer starts now," the Sun-Times, while the Trib at IDOT, and IDOT itself justs wants you to from 90/94 altogether (especially you, ).

11选5图标下载In an effort to lure displaced Dan Ryan drivers, the CTA has again during which are available at no cost. Considering how often they run this promotion, the CTA ought to do away with the fee altogether and just be happy they're making interest on all the balances they hold in escrow. But, until they make it that easy, May 31st is the new deadline for fee-free switching to "the Go Lane." (In more sensible news, the agency's board approved a to offer passes to convention-goers, starting with the Gay Games in June.)

When the CTA asked Chicagoland area schoolchildren to nominate a color for the new West Side elevated train line, they should have known they'd get a pretty kid-friendly color. was the winner, nominated by a K-8 student in an essay contest. The new line will run along the current Cermak branch of the Blue Line east and then connect via a current service track to the Green Line. Pink colored or not, the line change isn't without a little from West Side residents who'll lose some direct routes to UIC and to O'Hare.

The Tattler's Ten Commandments for CTA riders.

The CTA has donated a lot of their outdated signage to the in Union. They're selling them to help raise money to fund this nifty museum in Union. This from the seems cool, as do some of the system maps. (via )

It's getting warmer, which means you may be traveling more, which means, you can already see an . Word on the street is that the price of gasoline is already up 13% in Chicagoland, and you can expect it to only go higher as we near the "busy summer travel season". Better tune up the bike and the now, folks.

, a website dedicated to subway stations around the world, has a great page titled "," which compares station announcements in subways in dozens of international cities. According to the list, "in Kyoto, the subway plays beautiful guzheng (sort of an Asian violin) compositions for its door-closing tones," while Lisbon, Portugal, subway riders hear a "buzzing before the doors close." And in Chicago? "A very friendly, pre-recorded male voice is somewhat verbose and talks almost permanently to the passengers." Some city descriptions even include audio files. Check it out.

Who needs a Google map when you've got something as nice as this. Not sure where the nearest parking is? The has you covered.

Via in the Cincinnati Enquirer, meet , a transit service that gives Greyhound a run for its money by charging a buck a seat from Chicago to several Midwest destinations. The shuttles start running in a few weeks; with prices so low, how long they can keep running is anyone's guess.

If leisurely cycling down Lake Shore Drive (that's the expressway, not the path) is your idea of a good time, registration for the (May 28) is currently . (Check out some pictures of past years on .)

As this week Mother Nature did what aldermen and citizens could not -- temporarily put off Brown Line closings for this weekend only, due to rain in the forecast. Enjoy!

Despite their Jenny Holzer/Barbara Kruger-like quality, those were placed as ads, not art. I'd been curious, so I asked John Blunda of CBS Outdoor -- turns out they're promoting the soon-to-open McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum.

In a , members of the CTA's union local voted last night in favor of striking by an overwhelming majority: 1,029 to 11. The union's president will meet with the CTA's management on Friday; things are already not looking good as Frank Kruesi disputes the union's right to call for a walk-out. The the CTA hasn't experienced a strike since March 1979 -- whether another will happen in 2006 remains to be seen.

There's been some activity down in Springfield that points to , much like the Skyway privatization in 2004. Does run airports?

On the heels of the anagrammed Metra map, . Or should we say the CAT?

We've posted before about Archana Siriam11选5图标下载 and her unfortunate encounter with a Hummer. I recently discovered that I knew her peripherally and found out that she is recovering well and in good spirits but is unlikely to walk or get on a bike for about three months. from one of her friends at the and an uplifting photo at the end of a bruised ndd beat up but smiling Archana. The driver of the Hummer is still unidentified and .

Remember the Silver Line11选5图标下载? Well, don't get to attached to it -- the name, that is. We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that its color might change, and, sure enough, the CTA has announced a contest for local K-8 students. Children are invited to submit a color and an essay explaining their choice; the winner will receive a $1000 savings bond.

Using the left-hand entrance ramps on the Kennedy downtown scares the bejeezus out of me. I'm always afraid someone's not going to be paying attention and nail me as I merge into fast lane traffic. It'll be a bit easier in the future, though: , and the Monroe ramps — the shortest of the lot — will be closing for good.

Did you know that more than 160 bicyclists and pedestrians are killed in the Chicago metropolitan area every year? To find ways to combat hit-and-runs the is teaming up with the to have a news conference tomorrow morning at 8:30 am at the intersection of Sherman and Lake Street in Evanston (1450 Sherman Ave). Not only will there be "bigger picture" discussions related to traffic calming and tips on getting info on hit-and-runs to give to authorities, but there will also be requests to help track down a yellow Hummer H2 which seriously injured at the intersection on February 16th.

Inspired by , and mass transit riders who have made up alternate maps of their cities' subway stops, local blogger Pete Anderson made up where the station names are anagrams for the original names. This probably can't be done with what's an anagram for "63rd"?

Seen a yellow Hummer with damage to the front corner? If you do, , then call the cops: on Monday morning, to school by a yellow H2 that ran the light at Sherman and Lake in Evanston. The driver took off, while Sriram ended up in the hospital with a broken jaw, hip and leg. (Thanks, Mike)

11选5图标下载Handy link for to keep around when the weather gets better: the route map from . Of course, isn't bad either, and is even better since they added a stop at the Milwaukee airport.

11选5图标下载Monday marks not only Presidents' Day, but also the start of the . The for a varying (and sometimes unknown) amount of time over the next year, starting with Kedzie and Rockwell. Riders will have to walk to the closest open stop or make . Think riding the Red Line will keep you safe? Because of switching and track upgrades, riders will see an increase in delays at Fullerton and Belmont throughout the year (and probably until the project is completed in 2009). Raise your hand if you're super psyched!

No, not Coor's. The CTA has unveiled plans to , though the color may change. The plans call for a new section of line called , which will run the new line up to the Green Line tracks. Here's .

You brag proudly about how you love not having a car. As your friends complain about scraping their car windows in the morning, you wave your transit card at them. But occasionally you want to go to the burbs or you just want to make a massive run on a grocery store. has been in Chicago for a while, but now they have a blog called . It's a great place to keep up on chicago transportation issues while keeping your carless pride. edited 2/16: I-Go doesn't permit pets unless they're in a carrier. Good news for the pet allergic, bad news for those with a Fluffy or Fido.

The Mac nerds are all over with its shots of the new Jackson station signage gone, well, off the rails, really. That Windows XP -- if it knows anything, it knows you need anti-virus software and/or a firewall. One or the other.

If you're involved with local Chicago cycling happenings, you may well be aware of and the that the Chicago Bicycle Federation and other parties have been trying to elminate. The is that the bill passed 6-4 in the Local Government committee but is now facing tough opposition from the City of Chicago (which started on the 9th of this month). While it may be a little late, it can't hurt to voice your concerns to the Mayor. .

On a day that has seen more than the usual of , IDOT has released its most recent list of . Recent data shows the intersection of Higgins and Roselle in Hoffman Estates saw more crashes than anywhere else in the state in 2004. It seems malls and tollways are to blame.

Lake Shore Drive can be pretty dangerous, especially that cool curvy bit by Oak Street. The Trib's about it (eerily timed on a morning with a pretty big crash on LSD at Irving Park Road) comes with a cool [PDF] though. (Thanks, Dan!)

The started last year as reminders and memorials to cyclists who had lost their lives tragically to drivers. The first Chicago Ghost Bike . Photos of the bike have appeared on taken by April Jacobs ( and ) and by Payton Chung, . The driver was charged with vehicular homicide in mid-January. More photos from around the country of ghost bikes .

11选5图标下载We tied with Los Angeles in the rankings of , but we've got them beat (narrowly) with only five of the nation's (LA had six). Our worst: the .

There's a Metra fare increase scheduled to take effect next month (i.e., Wednesday). And although Metra officials would really like you not to, you can even if you're not going to use them, because Metra tickets are good for 1 year after the sale date. For the full list of increased Metra fares see

Starting in April, you can be among the elite to test what may become the nation's first on the . The service will use the train line's existing fiber optics, and technology created for drivers. Still, the zone will be limited to just seven miles of track for now, while the problem of maintaining a wireless connection at 80mph is worked out.

11选5图标下载Yes, the CTA Tattler , train cars with longitudinal seating are still coming. Just not very quickly.

The first car ever built for Chicago public transit (for the Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Co. in 1892) from a CTA storage facility in Skokie to the Chicago Historical Society at Clark & North. In a moving project reminiscent of the 2004 move of the MSI's U-505 sub, the car will be slowly moved down Chicago streets, avoiding viaducts and overpasses, in a journey that should take at least 3 hours to complete. Once the car reaches its destination, it will be renovated and be put on display at the museum by late September.

has suspended without pay a conductor on the line to Harvard, who added his own editorial to a warning that smoking would no longer be allowed on train platforms in the city. , "the conductor used a vulgar sexual epithet over the Metra train's public address system to describe the city officials who enacted the ordinance."

11选5图标下载Western Avenue as I've known it, is a pretty fast street — the wannabe hot rodders streak their cars up and down Western and you're left playing chicken even if you've got a walk sign. , a 50 year old cyclist was last week. You might remember 's tragedy on Western as well. Be careful on Western. There's just something about the avenue that's like some kind of imaginary line drawn in the sand...

11选5图标下载All you clever people out there who park your cars in garages and think you don't need a city sticker: the free parking's over! On Wednesday the City Council introduced an ordinance to However, the city is only allowed to investigate cars in garages that are open to the public, so all you car owners with private garages have been spared. For now, that is.

The are up, for those of you who metra. Highlights include some new trains to O'Hare in the morning and service to , aka The Land Past Geneva Somewhere (Thanks, !).

11选5图标下载On Friday, Tiffany Chancellor was to have filed a lawsuit against the CTA because she was paying higher cash fares after unsuccessfully attempting to procure a Chicago Card. (Although recent fare changes were announced months prior to their implementation, presumably giving riders time to avoid the hikes, there's been an apparent rush on the cards; stores all over the city have .) Today, the Chicago Defender , the suit will likely be amended to a racial discrimination complaint.

The Citgo/CTA controversy continues, as several local politicians yesterday to question the transit agency's decision. For his part, Frank Kruesi has to explain why the CTA didn't move on the proposal; he says the fuel wouldn't be compatible with some buses and would generate increased emissions in others.

One story we mentioned previously11选5图标下载 but that continues to make the rounds of many mailing lists is that the Venezuelan government offered if they gave away many free tickets to low-income riders. The CTA has reportedly turned down the offer. (And as someone has mentioned, it wouldn't matter much anyway - gas costs make up a small percentage of the CTA budget.)

The CTA is not the only one raising fares -- Metra's rates are going up in February as well. But Metra is quietly expanding too. In addition to allowing bicycles last summer, or adding new stations to three lines.

If you're one of those Metra to CTA commuters, you found out this morning that your express fare is no more. Instead of the buck you've been paying to go from Ogilvie and Union to the lake, now you're paying regular CTA fares. Thanks for keeping that under wraps in your , CTA.

11选5图标下载If you're going out tomorrow night, know that the CTA is offering penny rides from 8pm until 6am on New Year's Day and will see extended hours of service. Get it while you can; once 6 strikes, the new fare structure goes into effect (SaveChicagoTransit.com has an about that).

When it comes to those increased fares11选5图标下载, the NewStandard offers of how they might have been avoided. (Thanks, .)

It's just a few days before the new CTA fare structure kicks in (happy 2006, Chicago!). If you rode it this morning, you probably saw this RedEye story that attempts to explain it all. If not, we can digest it for you in two words: . (Also, as pointed out in the chicago_el LiveJournal community, there seems to be an error in the article: although rail fares will increase a quarter for users of magnetic strip cards, they will still be able to transfer for $.25.)

11选5图标下载If you're flying in the next couple days, you might want to check out the website. It provides flight information for or based on the same info as the arrival/departure screens in the terminals, and current parking conditions for both airports are listed right on the . (If you're a regular flyer, you might even want to sign up to .)

11选5图标下载Today's the last day the CTA's Holiday Train will operate this year. There will be two southbound Red Line runs from Howard, one starting at 2pm and the other at 5:30, and two northbound trips from 95th, the first at 3:40 and the second at 7:05. Exact station-by-station itineraries are at .

Much of New York's subway system runs underground, but some routes operate on elevated tracks not unlike Chicago's. As anyone who lives along CTA lines knows, the noise of the trains is a constant, if distracting, companion. Ironically, with the MTA transit strike continuing, some New Yorkers find themselves more distracted by the quiet. Which is just one more reason to hope Chicago's not faced with the "nuisance" of noise-free living any time soon.

11选5图标下载Here's something cool: You know how you're not supposed to bring wrapped presents through the security check at the airport? Well, between now and Friday, you can take advantage of on the other side of the x-rays from 2pm to 5pm at O'Hare and noon to 4pm at Midway.

11选5图标下载Aww, you spent twenty minutes digging your car out of the snow last week? Get over it. The Tribune that, starting Monday, the Streets and Sanitation Department will start hauling away your lawn chairs, ladders, and other space savers. "The snowstorm we had is history," says the Department, and there you have it.

The just north of Sedgewick on Saturday night. Friend of GB happened to be on the train, and .

Starting next year, your booty will have a little more room on CTA and Pace buses. Both are are ordering wider seats for hundreds of buses, making our seats the widest in the country. The CTA and Pace are trying to couch the move in PC jargon, but face it--we're not just the city of Big Shoulders anymore.

The CTA that those wireless communication points in the Red and Blue Line subways weren't just for better emergency response, after all. Within a few months, you'll be able to tell who's a US Cellular customer; until other providers get on board, they'll be the only ones yapping away underground.

CTA tattler that your favorite local transit authority dispatched this message via their Thursday night: "Due to airplane blocking 55th Street at Central, #55 reroute is WB: 55th -Cicero-Archer-55th - Central.EB:Reverse." Can nothing faze them?

I didn't even realize that the Chicago taxi cabs had been redesigned recently, but apparently in 2001 the lights on top of the cab that indicate whether or not the cab is available were changed. A veteran driver took and found out that they nearly all thought that the pre-2001 design was easier to see. So now what does he do with this information? Well, now that Mayor Daley is interested in obviously the lights are going to have to be redesigned again, so why not return to a design that people prefer?

11选5图标下载The annual competition of world's busiest airport is heating up this year between Chicago's O'Hare and Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. due to flight restrictions imposed by the FAA and rising fuel costs. O'Hare officials are hoping that December will pick up for Chicago; the holiday travel season is typically busier for O'Hare than it is for Hartsfield-Jackson. Check in at the end of the month to see if Chicago retains the title.

Today is the day to vote for the next design of the city stickers that we'll all have to buy next year. and vote for your favorite by this afternoon at 5:00. The winning design will be seen on windshields citywide in 2006-07.

11选5图标下载Given that the CTA's fare structure is shifting to favor use of in January, it's probably only fair that they're giving the things away for free again. Starting today and running through the end of March, the $5 fee will be waived.

First, there was ; look soon for . Today's Times has on emerging competition in the car-sharing market and the "free satellite radio, iPod connections and access to convertible Mini Coopers" that come with it.

Do you like to find your car still in the place it was last parked? Of course you do! Therefore, you might want to take note that the take effect on Wednesday night at 3 a.m., unless you want to pay $150 for the tow and $50 for a possible additional ticket. Time to pull out those buckets, lawn chairs, and any other junk you have lying around that you can use for "spot saving"; the winter parking games are about to begin.

We can all be thankful no one died in of a Metra train with several cars last night: looking at the wreckage depicted in , it almost seems a miracle.

It's best not to mess with Mimi Smartypants. Or, at least, best not to mess with yourself while in her Red Line car. She's seen this kind of thing before, and .

If you thought that the city had finished work on the Chicago Skyway at the end of last year, you're in for a surprise; as a series of viaduct repairs that had been postponed in 2003 are now scheduled to occur. Said one transit official after hearing of the new construction, "Didn't the city just rebuild the skyway?"

Today the CTA approved starting in January. The CTA will also stop giving transfers to people paying in cash. Time to get yourself a and make sure it's always got money on it!

that the CTA today received its first , which may replace half of the current fleet. Twenty of the new buses will be diesel-electric hybrids. (.avi) of the bus pulling away from this morning's press conference.

11选5图标下载Tired of late-running buses, or buses that arrive in bunches? Take some action against the problem! a group of people trying to improve Chicago's public transportation, is starting a new study of the reliability of CTA buses. In 2004 the group released a study called (PDF link) which documented the problems people have with the buses (late arrivals, bus bunching, etc.). This year's study will attempt to find out if there've been any improvements since the previous study. See at Chicago Indymedia for details on how to volunteer your time on the study to hold the CTA accountable for its problems.

11选5图标下载New York taxis never die, they just ship out for Chicago... Follow their journey in and in today's Times. (Bonus fun fact: when it comes to cabs, yellow in the Big Apple is different than yellow in the Big Shoulders.)

While this was , a radio piece produced by that features me waxing poetic about fixed gear bikes will air shortly on . If you miss it, I'm sure the otherwise, .

If you're the type who wants every. little. detail. planned when traveling, you'll be happy to know that the regional airport system is now posting information about parking availability on its website, . And there's no need to worry about things changing after you've left the comfort of your 'net connection. Nope, to receive mobile alerts, and you're all set.

Germophobes, take further note: the CTA won't introduce train cars with aisle-facing seats for another few years (assuming are to schedule, at least), so you're probably not a rush hour straphanger just yet. But, once the switch happens, you may want to remember the , which, if its makers are to be believed, "dramatically enhances the public transit experience" -- especially when you've forgotten your travel-size Purel. []

If high oil prices are making you think about trading in your gas guzzler for a two-wheeler and cycling to the office, you might want to attend Wednesday's lunchtime roundtable on commuting by bike. Details in Slowdown.

11选5图标下载Cyclists who have been using can now rejoice: the trial period is over and today's meeting . Cheers all round!

10/10: posts regarding lack of communication during outages.
10/16: .
10/17: .
10/17: CTA board chair for "holding our feet to the fire."

Today was the tour we mentioned last month, but let's say you couldn't make it. While you won't be able to hear the attendant commentary, thanks to the interweb you can at least see the sights via . Update: And .

If you live or work within sight of a Chicago harbor, you may have noticed the sailboat population beginning to dwindle. Except for holders of "late leaver" permits (who can stay till November 15), boats need to leave their harbor moorings by October 15. Which makes for , if you live or work within sight of a Chicago River drawbridge.

11选5图标下载You can take your bike on only till 30 October. If you want to be able to do so throughout the year, give Metra Chairman Philip A. Pagano a piece of your mind. The recommends you send him a thank-you letter if you took your bike on Metra this summer, and .

The CTA announced which -- but only for people not using the . In related news, the CTA has in response to the threat to New York's subway.

It's easy to complain about how bad certain CTA stations smell, but how many people are willing to go clean them up on a Saturday morning? The residents of Edgewater are tired of waiting for the CTA to fix up the red line station, so they are . From 9 to noon this Saturday, October 8th, they will be entering the station to clean, paint and fix up the North side stop themselves. If guerilla cleaning is not your thing, the also has a list of .

With its , the CTA takes another step toward plastering every available surface with advertisements.

11选5图标下载But hey, shows the train lines in their appropriate color! Which is pretty cool. (.)

that Red and Brown line trains are running again, after an early morning train derailment disrupted train service between Belmont and Fullerton. Purple Line service between Evanston and the Loop remains shut down.

11选5图标下载Ever wonder what the little messages that pop up on CTA turnstiles and bus fare meters mean? The Tribune .

I love my Prius. While everyone else complains about the high price of gas, I get to gloat about filling up only every 350-400 miles. And thanks to I can boast a little more openly about .

Many groups in Chicago such as and are organizing a demonstration downtown on Wednesday to protest Chicago's Traffic Management Authority (TMA) policy of ticketing pedestrians. You can see the flyer , or read the Trib's article saying that yes, . If you want to join the protest, it starts at 5pm at Daley Plaze on Wednesday.

Like the idea of but don't like the crowds? The is a nice alternative with a smaller group. Plus, they usually go out to dinner afterwards so it's a nice way to meet other cyclists on the Near South Side. (If you can't make this one, it's always on the 2nd to last Friday of the month.)

After tackling such menaces as people who drive in the passing lanes too long and people who talk on cell phones while driving, Chicago may tackle yet another menace to drivers: The city is considering a crackdown on jaywalking during morning and evening rush hours in the downtown area. A fine has not been specified, but the all-purpose misdemeanor fine ranges from $25 to $500. So you'd better think twice (or at least check for nearby cops) before crossing the street against the light in the future.

11选5图标下载Reuters that one person died and 76 were injured by the derailment of a Metra train this morning on the Rock Island District line. The Tribune has , while CBS2 has . Rock Island service to and from Joliet was disrupted but is expected to resume its ordinary schedule by 2:30pm; Metra updates are available . Those looking for information about passengers on train run 504, which was due into LaSalle St. at 8:45am, can call 311 (in Chicago) or 312/729-6100 (outside the city).

will be hosting its 7th annual tour of �L� stations next month, visiting various stations by old-school train cars and offering lectures on CTA architecture and history. Reservations are required and can be made via [PDF], which also provides the tentative itinerary. Experience past tours virtually . Or, if you're not quite a trainspotter, but you're still mildly interested, check out the . It's touristy, but free, and it runs Saturdays through the end of September.

Planning is beginning to create a along famous Route 66. In places it will diverge, running through the town nearby rather than the road. This would be a great bonus for Illinois -- the flat countryside would be a great place for a historical bike trail. Not that there aren't already ...

After the city made it illegal to use a cell phone without a hands-free device while driving, to Chicago drivers for breaking this law in the first 6 weeks. So here's another friendly reminder: GET A HANDS-FREE DEVICE.

11选5图标下载When I saw on 's a couple months ago, I didn't realize that they were the ones behind it. I'm tempted to pick up a pack.

Don't forget that today is . While it's technically just a bike ride, it's absolutely a ton of fun. 5:30 at Daley Plaza. Bring a bike and a smile.

Chicago police wrote 60,000 fewer parking tickets last year than in 2003, and . It's a good thing the city raised the cost of a ticket, otherwise they'd be losing money. Still, you'd better keep your meter filled, your city stickers current -- the rest of the year is probably going to be tough on street parkers.

Late last week, Fuel asked whether you feel safe. Today, the Sun-Times profiles a key figure in Chicago's effort to make sure the answer's yes: the CTA's vice president of security and training, Pat Daly.

Just as Mayor Daley he's "sympathetic" to cab drivers' request for a per-ride surcharge in a time of $3/gallon gas, rising fuel prices are hitting the CTA, as well. at their monthly board meeting yesterday, the Transit Authority could face $10mil in unexpected costs. Revenue from riders has risen recently, but not enough to off-set the uptick. As such, the possible fare increases and service cuts we thought we'd escaped for the year are creeping back into the conversation. In our Party Line email11选5图标下载 yesterday, Brian pondered the idea of staying put on any given Sunday; might not be too long before that starts seeming like the way to go. Or, rather, not go.

Since our humble elevated has usually been a great but not beautiful11选5图标下载 way to get from one part of town to another, I wasn't surprised to see that Chicago wasn't included in this list of . With all the money problems the CTA's been having of late, it's hard to realistically suggest that this might be one way to increase ridership: make it beautiful. More people might take the train if it were a pleasant aesthetic experience. Design matters, especially on subways.

If you signed up for the unofficial CTA alert system, chances are you've encountered some frustrations. Earlier this week, Kevin O'Neil a few etiquette suggestions, but that hasn't stopped people from sending insipid texts like "OK." The beauty of the distributed messaging is also its potential downfall, so the CTA's apparent interest in the effort is encouraging. The Tattler SMS/e-mail alerts will be a topic of discussion at tomorrow's board meeting. If you have thoughts about the program and its potential, public testimony starts at 10am.

The shock I received while driving past my regular cheap gas station this morning almost made me wreck my car. Luckily, there are a few websites where you can search for cheap gas prices, and even report ones you discover around the . has a local component, , which covers the city, suburbs, and nearby towns. There's also a cool Google application11选5图标下载 we told you about last spring. Unfortunately for drivers, it looks like Chicago gas is still well above the of $2.52 per gallon.

Ever wonder why the El is so slow in some spots? Well, won't exactly tell you why, but it will tell you where 11选5图标下载you can expect to crawl -- it shows all the slow zones on the CTA map. (Thanks, Tony)

11选5图标下载So I'm sure you've heard that our Prez was in town yesterday to . So if you're wondering "What improvements can I expect in the next 5 years from this?" scroll to the bottom of the article--there's a list of the projects by county. Damen/Elston/Fullerton underpass, 43rd St. pedestrian bridge, Milwaukee Ave. repaving, and river walk money are just a few Chicago projects that jump out at me.

11选5图标下载Say you've succumbed to the omnipresent Apple advertising on the El (or, perhaps more likely, you didn't need any convincing), and you, like everyone else on the Belmont platform, have that personal audio device known as the iPod. You know it can play more than music, but how often do you refer to its built-in address book? Well, assuming you've got one of the new-fangled variety that has a color display, provides a functionality you might actually use. the site's on your 'Pod and never forget which direction the Purple Line runs through the Loop again.

As Anne mentions, there's the new mobile RTA planner, but another way to put your phone into action is evolving at the grassroots. CTA tattler have created an to disseminate information about service interruptions and other details of interest to transit riders. The system will be unofficial and rely on the input of users, but, as it grows, it seemingly has the potential to meet a real need in real-time.

The has just you can pull up on your internet-ready cell phone to help plan your trip in the Chicago area. Just type in the website (www2.rtamobile.com) and you'll find a fairly familiar screen of options (time, day, starting and ending address) to fill in to figure out the best route. The problem is that, unlike the CTA's current online , you can't select from a set of popular destinations if you don't know the address of, say, Midway Airport or Navy Pier. There are plans for access to bus and train schedules through the RTA Mobile site in September, but until then, better start memorizing some addresses, or just call the RTA up at 836-7000.

11选5图标下载I actually was planning on writing a thank-you email to Metra today for the Bikes On Trains program - it's been a real benefit to my morning commute. Despite a $486 million dollar budget, Metra doesn't have an email address yet. Neither the page nor the commuter newsletter list an email address, even though the and pages do.

11选5图标下载Lakeview hastens home tonight now that the horrid, law-busting, anarchist bikers will continue to rule the streets. Right. Sarcasm aside, the in Lakeview because... someone's on vacation.

, a CTA executive who blogs, tells the other . Executive summary: yes, more ad revenue would be nice, but it's just an idea and only one of many many ideas under consideration. She throws her preferences into the fray in good humor too: Selsun Blue (less dandruff than any other line) Line. Nice to see a sense of humor poke out.

In an effort to boost usage, the CTA has lately waived the $5 purchase price for . That was too good to last forever, and, indeed, tomorrow, July 31st, is the final day you can get either version of the card for free. Surf on over and sign up. Too late!

Slate has an article by explaining like O'Hare -- it's not just too many flights. In related news, the city's plans for O'Hare expansion yesterday.

U of C economics professor looks at behind traffic jams at the nation's busiest airports, and he offers a few tips on how to avoid delays at O'Hare. Sadly, having read through the alternatives Goolsbee lays out, I'm left with the impression that we hardly have any alternatives at all.

With New York introducing baggage checks on the MTA, the CTA tattler : "Are we next?" The post sparked spirited debate among commenters, particularly about privacy in the face of screening. Slate explores that very topic in its latest "," noting a number of variables affect the legality of such an operation. Meanwhile, that the man shot and killed by police yesterday in London's Underground had no terrorist connections can only underscore how difficult the problem of transit security really is.

We noted yesterday the city's plan to increase enforcement of traffic laws for cyclists. If writers to Eric Zorn are any indication, the issue has lots of people, ahem, exercised. Among Zorn's correspondents, the has been more vocal than , but what do you think? Join the discussion in Fuel.

Consider yourself warned: , and they're making sure bicyclists are aware that they're subject to the same traffic laws as cars -- with warnings for now, but in August they start ticketing. No more blowing off stop signs, at least when there's a cop nearby. Read more on .

11选5图标下载The city is conducting a in August: there will be a new right turn signal to let more cars get around the corner before the wave of pedestrians closes the opportunity. If the test works, expect other corners to be similarly outfitted.

The CTA hired a consulting firm in March to analyze its operations, and to make suggestions on how to increase productivity and revenues. Among the suggestions that the consultants presented at a CTA board meeting yesterday: outsourcing real estate management; adding more ATMs to stations; and ... CTA Prez Frank Kreusi says that the ideas presented "need to be explored further", to see how much money they could generate. (And, hopefully, how many consumers would react negatively to having to ride a train line named after a corporation.)

Life on the CTA has been a nightmare over the past few days, with the Trib reporting on the Purple Line during this afternoon's rush period. The incident follows on the Brown Line Sunday and of the Red Line at Berwyn last Friday due to an unattended suitcase. There was also a Red Line stoppage yesterday, but it was for reasons happier than potential acts of destruction: a passenger went into labor at Morse. Update11选5图标下载: Or apparently not. As information trickles in, Kevin O'Neil has updated the post again. In contrast to the claims of one of his commenters, the Sun-Times has now that the Morse delay was in fact another threat, this time from an on-board passenger.

11选5图标下载Following this morning's apparent on the London transport grid, the Trib that the CTA and Metra are putting additional security in place. As always, riders are asked to contact appropriate staff or emergency services at 911 if they see any suspicious activity.

A recent Fuel11选5图标下载 asked about gross things readers had seen on local transit. Today, the CTA Tattler on who's to blame for one of the many complaints we heard: the El's replacement of molded plastic with upholstered seating.

Cell phone users, don't forget that this Friday a new city law goes into effect that forbids the use of the phones while driving, unless you're using a hands-free headset. (Use of the phone will cost you a $50 ticket, which goes up to $200 if you're using your phone during a traffic accident.) But, as local stores have been running out of headsets, so you might want to start looking around today to get your headset by the end of the week.

Although the situation has remained up in the air, Carole Brown announces "" in her blog. The RTA has voted to fund the roughly $55m shortfall in the CTA's budget, meaning that it can forgo service cuts, layoffs and fare increases in 2005.

11选5图标下载According to the Sun-Times, if Pace officials go ahead with their plan to take a portion of the cash that was meant for the CTA bailout. Gaaaaahhhhh. (tip from of course)

11选5图标下载IDOT has gotten a lot more strict about speeding in construction zones. Instead of putting up signs and the occasional police officer, to catch speeders in construction zones. At $375 for the first ticket, and $1000 for the second, this is serious. And how long will it be before the ? I hate speeding and the carnage of cars, but the proliferation of cameras is sorta spooky. , here we come.

The has a new board chairman, James R. Reilly, and he says . That's a relief. In the meantime, Peter Davidson might be a way to help fund the El. (Thanks, spindlechuck.)

This week is in Chicago. The has info on how to join the masses who are biking to work. And if you're not sure which way to go, the city has the , or you can pick up a copy for free at most libraries or .

(gee, thanks, CTA!), but won't make any promises about next year. So tune in next year for another round of dire predictions of service cuts unless the CTA gets funding, etc. etc. etc., ad infinitum.... (Tip from who adds )

You CTA commuters who have already invested in will no doubt be thrilled to learn that the CTA has introduced on 10 bus lines and 8 train stations. See the story for the full list of routes and stations with the new "Go Lane" entrances. (And for those commuters without a Chicago Card, the CTA is waiving the $5 purchase fee for the card through July 31, to encourage people to get cards.)

We all know the CTA's in a bind. As the Christian Science Monitor makes clear, though, . Across the country, cities like D.C., Philadelphia and San Francisco have seen the same ultimatum: fare hikes or service cuts. And, according to William Millar, president of the American Public Transit Association, while either option is apt "to make riders leave," the combination can be disastrous. So that's good.

This is just not turning out to be the CTA's year. Despite an increase in ridership, and is using that as further incentive for a bailout from state legislators (a move that the state is still looking into, as to make sure that the CTA really is $55 million in the red). Meanwhile, (over $4,000 in uncollected fares so far), and as early as next year.

In the wake of the latest development in beleagured United Airlines' bankruptcy restructuring, The New York Times wonders, briefly, just to let the airline fail. Its 61,000 employees might have something to say about that. In the Trib, meanwhile, .

The start of the CTA's Brown Line expansion project could be delayed even further, as that the CTA has purchased less than half of the properties it needs for station improvements. The paper's report also includes a list of dates that each station would be worked on, which range from this August (for the Belmont and Fullerton stops) through 2007 (for the Paulina and Wellington stops). Oh, and don't forget the which are scheduled to go into effect on July 17. Happy commuting!

The recently proposed ban on hand-held cell phone usage while driving by the City Council. It goes into effect July 1.

According to the latest national , Chicago in one of those contests no one wants to win: annual traffic delays. Based on 2003 figures, local drivers spent 58 hours in gridlock during peak travel times, which is three hours more than in 2002. If that sounds high, count your blessings you don't live in LA, where you'd have waited in traffic for 93 hours. Of course, if the proposed CTA cuts go through in a few months, I hate to imagine what our roads will be like. Given that the study's authors, the , estimate Chicago's road congestion cost a cool $4.3 billion in wasted time and fuel, one might think that the Legislature's coughing up a few extra bucks for transit would be money well-spent. Or not?

11选5图标下载How high of a commodity is downtown parking? Well, last night 23 parking spots were auctioned off, and the total amount of cash raked in was.... Gaaah. Guess we better stick to the CTA, right?

11选5图标下载The great Chicago transportation blog has an anonymous contact inside the CTA, and is starting to field questions from its readers for this CTA insider to answer. Today's question: If you've got a burning question that only a CTA insider can answer, check this site out.

11选5图标下载Tony of points out that CTA Board Chairman Carole Brown has to "answer some of the questions people have been asking about the CTA's funding situation. We on the board have asked many of these same questions, and we want to help get the word out." She includes an email address where you can direct questions and comments.

is a new site providing information about the current CTA budget crisis -- which will help you bone up for the taking place today at 3pm at City Hall, corner of Clark and Randolph. Bring your bullhorn. (Thanks, and .)

11选5图标下载 has using -- provided you use . It changes the map of the city from Google's map to the CTA version. Don't let the scary techie stuff scare you, it's really easy to implement. (Thanks again, !)

11选5图标下载I have a friend who can identify a car by sound -- the purr of the engine, the growl of the muffler. He'd no doubt enjoy , a relatively new blog about automobiles. (And did you know the author of is local?)

11选5图标下载 reports that the CTA board today voted to slash service and raise fares, unless they get a $55 million cash bailout from state lawmakers in the next few months. Check the article for the gory details, which include severe crowding and doubled delays for rush hour commuters, a 68% increase in average wait times for all services and the elimination of over 50 bus routes and the Purple Line train from Evanston. (Thanks to for the tip.)

The group behind the has launched , a site where interested parties can find a carpool. The goal is to help reduce traffic congestion by reducing the number of single-passenger vehicles on the road.

11选5图标下载It's been a busy and stressful week for the CTA. At a public meeting to try and drum up support for their to deal with budget shortfalls, and instead called for CTA officials to cut their own pay.

11选5图标下载 Meanwhile, Mayor Daley said on Wednesday that he just wants funding for education and the CTA, and did not rule out to get it. And Alderman Eugene Schulter and state rep John Fritchey, not wanting to rely on funding just from the state budget, are going to be asking Illinois' two US senators for so that the CTA won't have to temporarily shut down stations during construction. Oh, it's going to be a long hot summer for CTA riders.

Today the CTA Board will hold . The meeting is open to the public and will be held at CTA offices, 567 W. Lake St., at 4pm. If you can't make the meeting you can submit your comments through Friday via email at ctaboard[at]transitchicago.com. Reader Sarah Southcott also offers to compile letters and notes for those unable to attend. Email them to her at southie[at]gmail.com and include your full name, address and phone number so she can try to make those opinions heard.

The city is moving closer to Drivers would be permitted to use hands-free devices, and would be allowed to use handhelds while parked or while calling 911, but use of a regular cell phone while driving would cost a $50 ticket ($200 if an accident is caused by a cell-phone-using driver). Not surprisingly, cellular service providers Sprint and Verizon Wireless objected to the plan, saying the city should enforce reckless driving laws instead of cell phone bans.

11选5图标下载This is almost too cool to be real: Google is , which shows you the . Check the map and see whether there's a cab nearby, then call the provided dispatch number to bring it to your door. There are only three cab companies participating right now, but that should change quickly. (Thanks, Atul!)

11选5图标下载As a former resident of Wrigleyville, I was gladdened to see that Tom Tunney is looking into the problem of so that they can park on the streets during night games. The parking over there is bad enough as it is!

The CTA's train system gets plenty of attention online, via , , the , etc. Meanwhile, the CTA buses have been ignored. Well, not anymore: is your new one-stop site for all things bus. You may be particularly interested in the , containing .wav files of your favorite announcements.

The highways got even more congested than normal this morning thanks to several accidents happening at once. On the Kennedy, , closing three inbound lanes for hours; onto the Indiana Tollway and halted South Shore Line service; and reader Jeremy wrote in to report a semi got stuck under the Metra tracks near Damen and Webster on the Dan Ryan, gumming up traffic in that area -- the semi's load of Spam and canned mushrooms was spilled all over the road. Not to mention the nice weather bringing on the start of Construction Season... hope you got to work on time.

Could the Chicago area get its own version of The Big Dig? While the expressway wouldn't go underwater, a panel is studying the fesability of between Harlem and Austin. The new land would be used for parks, buildings, and - I'm guessing here - at least one Starbucks. Three variations of the plan are shown in map form (, , .) This all may be several years off, but seeing more green is something to look forward to.

On Monday, Mayor Daley unveiled which contains such items as self-adjusting traffic lights, carpool lanes for streets leading to and from expressways, and tow trucks dispatched within minutes to remove disabled vehicles and delivery trucks that are blocking lanes. Before you get your hopes up, though, the article says that this plan hinges on installing cameras and sensors at 2,800 intersections in the city, a plan which could cost $200-700 million and could take anywhere from 15 to 50 years for complete installation. Some of the less costly changes, such as the fast-tow program and ticketing of vehicles using bus lanes, will be implemented later this year.

According to the , Metra has bowed to the pressure of the Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn and has agreed to allow bicycles on Metra during non-rush periods. Reverse commuters (like me) have special cause to celebrate, since we can take our bikes on the train during rush hour.

No, they really mean it this time: today the CTA unveiled if they don't get the funding they've been requesting from state legislators. And the plans are terrifying; rush-hour fares of $3 and up, increased waiting time between trains and buses, and the elimination of many bus routes and weekend and overnight service are but some of the details that the CTA listed to try and get politicians to act on funding requests. The CTA is planning to start cutting service on July 1, so this might be a very bad summer for commuters. Stay tuned...

11选5图标下载Congrats to Chicago's very own Steve Fossett, who just becoming the first person to fly solo around the world without stopping or refueling. We always knew he'd make something of himself someday....

11选5图标下载The CTA held a public meeting last night to talk about the station closings during the Brown Line expansion. that more than 400 people showed up to the meeting, many of whom blasted the CTA for waiting so long before announcing budget cuts in the project that necessitate temporary closings of stations during construction. Among the people there was Chicago blogger Leah Jones, who has (Thanks as always to for the tip.)

Contributor isn't the only person working on plans to expand the El into a network. Here's .

The Tribune ran a yesterday, which included a of the various public passageways throughout the Loop. Our resident librarian Alice Maggio gave a guided tour (part one, part two) of the main burrow almost exactly a year ago. (Oh, and here's another , for those who want to explore.)

Some neat pictures of this in black and white.

11选5图标下载A few bicycle items of interest. As usual on the last Friday of the month, today is the ride. Gather at 5:30 in front of the Picasso. Bikers today will have a small victory to celebrate, as HB467 - Lt. Gov Quinn's initiative to on trains at least during non-rush periods - passed unaminously and moves to the Senate. And finally, if you have any cute pictures of yourself as a youngster on a bicycle, the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation wants 'em! They're looking for .

11选5图标下载Pay attention the next time you board a CTA bus. Does the seating arrangement look different? The CTA is currently testing to make passenger boarding easier, on two downtown routes. The new buses are based on a redesign that was originally for the L trains, but the CTA is also testing the seat configuration on buses, to see if that improves passengers' bus-riding experience.

, the suburban bus transit system, has implemented a real-time system named were you can check to see when the next bus on your route is going to appear. The schedules on the site are updated with information from the bus as it is traveling, so if the bus will be early or late, you'll easily be able to check. Supposedly a similar system is in the works for the CTA...

at the Chicago Auto Show on Saturday. Of course (found via )

Crain's Chicago Business is reporting that the on a new "premium" express train line from the Loop to O'Hare and Midway. Premium is right -- it'll cost an estimated $15 one way. But you'll get from here to there in about 20 minutes, and at that price there probably won't be too many vagrants sleeping in the seats.

Thanks to for pointing out that the CTA is holding a public meeting to discuss the Brown Line renovation project, focusing on the work planned for the Belmont and Fullerton train stops. If you're going to be affected by the closures, this might be a good time to make your opinions on the subject heard. See the CTA site for full details.

According to my sources, DOT Secretary Mineta was late today for his meeting to discuss the ... because he was stuck in traffic. And why is no more Amtrak is going to be good for us? Well those silly Amtrak trains won't get in the way of the commuter trains of course! Mind you he didn't actually meet with the public, he just met behind closed doors and ignored the 100 or so protesters, according to my sources who were there.

11选5图标下载Word on the street is that Secretary Mineta is going to be at Union Station tomorrow at 10am to explain how eliminating Amtrak is going to be great, just totally great.

11选5图标下载The has of a suicide at the Loyola Red Line stop last night. Chilling.

11选5图标下载The is only a couple days away, and are starting to come out. You can even follow along as .

The CTA reported in 2004. There were a total of 444.5 million rides last year, up slightly from 2003. This increase in ridership, of course, hasn't deterred the CTA from their plans to close Brown Line stations during construction11选5图标下载 or to prepare an emergency plan that calls for if they finally get the long-promised funding from the Illinois General Assembly. Oh, and starting Friday, Red Line riders won't be able to get out at the Lake Street station on weeknights or weekends;

We all know what people say about . Well, those ever-industrious gents over at have a new / / public service they'd like to share. provides bumper stickers that you are NOT supposed to put on offending vehicles. No, really. [via ]

The Tribune's transportation reporter, Jon Hilkevitch, published today about the CTA's continued pouring of money into a project to provide cellphone reception for train riders underground, at a time when CTA officials are talking of serious cash shortfalls and closing train stations11选5图标下载 during Brown Line construction. (Thanks to for the tip.)

O'Hare ended up with when compared to the nation's 31 busiest airports. 30 percent of arrivals and 73 precent of departures were late into/out of O'Hare. There is hope, though; the FAA is making O'Hare cut flights back on peak arrival times, in the hopes of easing congestion. The reductions went into effect last November, and December did see a bit of an improvement (66 percent of flights were on time, up from 60 percent in December 2003). And in case you were wondering about Chicago's other airport, Midway fared a bit better in the rankings; it was ranked 17th, with only 21 percent of its inbound flights and 22 percent of its outbound flights delayed. Something to keep in mind next time you're booking a flight.

In the Illinois General Assembly is a new bill that would allow bike riders to during off-peak hours and weekends. For their part, Metra officials are saying that making provisions for bikes would cut into the seating capacities of their trains, and are hoping to work with the bill sponsors and local bike organizations for a compromise.

Late-breaking news at the CTA has officially announced that 15 Brown Line stations will be closed anywhere from six weekends up to a full year during renovation of the stations starting after September. Criticism of the CTA's announcement came quickly; Alderman Gene Schulter and State Rep. John Fritchey said that the CTA "dropped the ball" when they failed to consult with city officials until only recently.

caused an evacuation of a train late last night. On the scene (and on the train) was none other than CTA enthusiast Tony Coppoletta, whose collection of CTA Stuff we pointed you to just a few days ago. in the Chicago El community at LiveJournal. (Thanks, !)

More for the public transportation buffs: this CTA Roster site has photos of the different trains and busses used by the , listed by model and year, as well as a few streetcars.

Last September, GB mentioned11选5图标下载 that Chicagoans spend an average of 56 hours per year stuck in traffic. Well, Mayor Daley is in LA this week, learning about to ease traffic back-ups.

11选5图标下载 LA has seen road delays reduced by as much as 30 to 40%, and Daley is hoping for similar improvements with a Chicago computer system modelled on the one in LA. The bad news: such a system would be an expensive process that could take years to implement, according to the Traffic Management Authority. So for the time being, you're still stuck with the crappy commute times.

Angered at the city's stalling on a taxi fare increase (the Chicago cab rates haven't increased since November 2000, while gas prices and insurance rates have gone up), a group of cab drivers is planning to call for in March, during which they would not respond to radio calls. Consumer Services Commissioner Norma Reyes counters that the rate hike that cabbies are asking for is too high. There's a City Council meeting coming up on February 9th, at which Alderman Tom Allen says he hopes to have "something together". It might be a good time to reacquaint yourself with ....

11选5图标下载Tony Coppoletta's online collection of will bring warmth to the heart of any transit nerd. He has photos from station tours, a of the CTA Voice from the el and buses, and a collection of from tokens to the ChicagoCard.

11选5图标下载Protect your valuables when you're on the train or bus! while overall crime in the city decreased. CTA boss Frank Kreusi said the increase was just a "blip," and noted that CTA crime has fallen 32% since 1997. Still, commuters should watch out for theft on the CTA, especially pickpockets working in the downtown train stations. The stations with the highest theft rates: State and Lake; Clark and Lake; and State and Chicago.

The Sun-Times reports today on a consequence of the threatened Brown Line station closures that I didn't even think of until they pointed it out: by the loss of the majority of their commuting customers.

11选5图标下载As this , Chicago is waaay behind the rest of the country in allowing bicycles on trains. The Lt. Governor's Office has started an to force Metra to allow bikes on trains during "non-rush and weekends". Finally. Sign-up today!

11选5图标下载The CTA continues its dire threats/predictions on what will happen to service if state lawmakers don't come through with increased subsidies for mass transit. According to the CTA is toying with such lovely options as: increased fares for people who pay with cash; increased rush-hour fares; different fares on buses and trains; and a 40% cut in service (up from the 20% cut threatened last year by the CTA). Meanwhile, the Sun-Times has mentioned yesterday. The line's stations may be closed during construction anywhere between 4-6 months and 10-12 months. Oh, it's not going to be a happy year for commuters.

11选5图标下载The CTA, facing skyrocketing costs for its Brown Line renovation project, is considering as construction affects them. The cost of working on a train station while keeping it open is apparently too prohibitive, and the CTA warns that, without closing stations, construction costs would use up funds needed for other CTA amenities, such as bike racks and escalators. Says 32nd Ward Alderman Ted Matlak, "If they close the Paulina stop, we'll be picketing. Where's [CTA President Frank] Kruesi's house?"

On that freshly launched , Carlos Segura about trying to test drive (and perhaps buy) a . Because I absolutely hate when businesses are complete pricks, let it be known that North Ridge Ford and especially TV-ad-saturated Al Piemonte Ford fall in those categories. At least if you're trying to buy a Mustang. Tsk, tsk.

Chicago-based designer , the man behind and custom CD house , has just completed another project entitled . Labeled as a "personal collection of images, comments, links, information and general interest related to cars and motorcycles," this is a well-executed, comprehensive resource for the vehicle aficionado. Now, if he could just make appear in the US sooner, we'd be all set. [via ]

Heard at the rumor mill: is expected to announce legislation to require Metra to allow bicycles on trains on Thursday.

In the spirit of better late than never, check out these tips from for . Among other things, they advise you "keep the gas tank at least half full to prevent frozen fuel lines and to allow you to drive an alternate route to safety or run your car's heater if you get stranded."

The Tribune posted concerning Chicago's ever-growing love affair with cycling. It's a nice read for those interested in bikes, but also a love letter to Chicago's strong cycling past.

I'm not sure it does much good for people actually on11选5图标下载 the roads, but you can now get an from , which has a pretty good visual , too.

11选5图标下载The CTA has announced that it will indeed be offering its "" this New Year's Eve, and has extended hours on some trains and buses. It's quite the community gift, given the CTA's notoriously bad financial situation. Catch a ride on the for just $.01 from 8 p.m. Friday night until 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Just do everyone a favor and try not to boot in the train.

You knew this was going to happen: . Starting February 16, you'll pay $2.50 to the trolls under the bridge, instead of an even $2. At least they're waiting till after the holidays.

11选5图标下载Every year, in cities around the world (and even Antartica), people dress up like Santa, get drunk, and hold a . Last weekend saw one such event, and this weekend the kind people at are hosting another. The meets on Saturday at the Twisted Spoke to get started. I think it's one holiday tradition we can all get behind.

It's official: the CTA board voted to which were set to go into effect at the beginning of the new year. The board voted unanimously to delay these cost-cutting measures until July 1, encouraged by promises from Illinois Senate President Emil Jones and Governor Blagojevich. So now it's up to state leaders to come through with additional funding by the summer, a plan which CTA board members weren't exactly enthusiastic about (Chairwoman Carole Brown used words such as "faith" and "hope for the best" when talking about the plan). CTA President Frank Kreusi warns that, if this gamble doesn't pay off, "then we are really, literally are in the process of dismantling public transit in this region ... a terrible, terrible loss." Keep your fingers crossed, commuters...

11选5图标下载The service cuts and layoffs that the CTA has been warning us all about if it doesn't get additional funding may be put off for a while, according to Illinois Senate President Emil Jones said that funding the CTA is going to be a "top legislative priority" for next year, and with this promising development the CTA board is expected to delay cost-cutting measures for at least six months when it holds a meeting tomorrow.

Winter is descending; if you work downtown it's time to consider the pedway again as a slightly warmer means of getting around. Last year, Alice Maggio did a two part article on the pedway that's worth revisiting. Or, if you want a printable version, check out .

If you've been following the rivalry between O'Hare and Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for this year's title of the world's busiest airport, good news for you! that O'Hare pulled ahead in November, and is set to hit a record of nearly one million flights this year. Of course, with this number of flights there are still quite a few delayed flights, and O'Hare will also take the title of world's most delayed airport with nearly 30% of its flights delayed.

The CTA's Holiday Train has been but there's another CTA holiday transportation option: the Christmas bus. Check out courtesy of Chicago blogger

Remember when you heard that you might be paying double at Illinois tolls if you don't have ? Well, you will, starting January 1st. Motorists who do not have I-Pass will pay $.80 at Illinois tolls in 2005, so folks are out scrambling to before the year's out. Problem is, it . Those folks will have to get an I-Pass that screws into their license plate. That sounds like a fun way to spend New Year's Day.

Two days ago we were mourning the loss of the CTA Holiday Train due to the transit authority's well-known budget issues. Turns out that if you threaten Santa, CTA board president Carole Brown gets pissed11选5图标下载. Thanks to Brown's intervention, . Apparently threatening to lay off 1,200 employees and to cut bus routes and overnight train service is all cool, but Santa? Don't f$ck with Santa!

11选5图标下载While looking for something else, I stumbled upon this: to fly to Denver, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. With departures from Rockford and Gary, who could resist the appeal of Hooters Air? Pluh-eez.

Apparently, the impending CTA budget cuts left no funds to support this year's Holiday Train. No more poles striped like candy canes. No more elves manning the car doors. No more Christmas music pumping through the PA system inspiring riders to clap their hands and sing along. Ah...I think my commutes will feel just a little bit safer this holiday season.

Don't forget that December 1st also marks the day when the speed limit on Lake Shore Drive is . And natives know the police love to pull people over on the Drive, so slow down! The lowered speed limit remains in affect until April 1st.

11选5图标下载Think the requests to have CTA riders complain to legislators and the city about threatened service cuts and fare increase is a bunch of hooey? The folks at aren't the type of people to complain about something, they're the type of people who do something about it. What do they propose? A fare strike on December 15th.

The goes into effect today. No parking on designated snow routes between 3 and 7 AM. If you do, you're looking at a $150 towing fee and a $50 ticket. And do you really want to tangle with Chicago tow trucks right about now? No, you don't. Also be aware that there's another parking ban that goes into effect for the 500 miles of Chicago's snow routes, barring people from parking on them when there's at least 2 inches of snow on the street. $30 ticket for that violation.

Jonathan Messinger, of , offers his on the 's report on the CTA. I've never found a grenade on a train, but how about no more than two Brown lines per Red line at transfer stations in the morning? Any morning in which I don't have a man's front area rubbing against my rear area with no room to move even my hand, let alone my entire self, makes for a pleasant CTA experience.

11选5图标下载The Sun-Times staff must be checking out boingboing.net, because today they printed a story about apparently by fans of the Colorado jam band String Cheese Incident. This phenom was covered last week at among other places. Be careful, SCI fans (and ); defacing a city sign carries a maximum punishment of a $500 fine and 30 days in jail.

If you've ever wanted to have a say in the designs of the Chicago vehicle stickers, here's your chance. included the 10 finalists by artists from local high schools, and today you get your chance to cast a vote for the winning design at You can also cast your vote in person at City Hall (121 N. LaSalle) or by phone at (312) 744-2506. But hurry to cast your vote; the polls close tonight at 5:00 PM. The winning design will net its creator a $1,000 savings bond.

You've probably heard by now that in time for Thanksgiving travel. But the Skyway isn't the only travel route that's getting a test this holiday weekend. O'Hare will be experiencing its first major holiday season after on November 1. (You may recall the news from last summer that the FAA was forcing O'Hare to reduce flights into the airport, because delays at O'Hare cause delays at other airports nationwide.) On the bright side, there's apparently already a noticeable improvement in O'Hare's on-time performance this month. You'll still probably want to bring that paperback book to pass the time, though; airline officials are still advising customers to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight.

The is trying to help CTA riders control their transportation destiny. Check out their PDF report on whether . (Short answer: no.)

The Illinois General Assembly has postponed talks on restructuring transit funding until the middle of next year at the earliest, which means that the CTA may proceed with massive service cuts in January, as CTA prez Frank Kreusi has asked state lawmakers to rework the Chicago mass transit funding formulas to improve the CTA's outlook, but this is considered a longshot strategy. So get ready for decreased bus and train service in January...

The , the region's primary bicycle organization, has released their for the coming year. Apparently CBF is doing really well and is looking to expand beyond their bicycle roots to include pedestrians. They have some goals you would expect - bikes on Metra, safety campaigns - but they also have some exciting new ideas. They are looking to have some city streets shut-down for automobile traffic on Sundays to encourage bicycling as well as reaching out to encourage cycling among minorities and women.

Yesterday, the CTA held the first of four public hearings on the subject of which were announced as a possible way of dealing with budget shortfalls. Another possible method of dealing with the shortfall is another 25-cent fare increase, which CTA board members asked their staff to investigate. WBEZ reported this morning that the rate increase could be set to happen as early as next year. Meanwhile, an in today's Tribune offers other ideas on how to save funds, including charging customers for how far they travel and encouraging private competition for the right to run the bus lines. The next public hearing on the service cuts is next Tuesday, if you want to attend and make your opinions known.

The "Doomsday" scenario, the coming from the CTA, was announced earlier this week. This promises to touch the lives of just about everyone riding the CTA; to see how the plan will affect just a portion of the NW side, . Some items include: complete elimination of at least 7 bus routes, major cuts along many routes and overnight Blue Line service eliminated between 1am and 4am. City officials say the voices of the people are absolutely necessary to put this doomsday budget to bed for good. Refer to the website for a schedule of upcoming hearings, and watch the GB events calendar as well.

11选5图标下载The Sun-Times has just published lists from the CTA detailing the if they cannot make up their $55 million budget gap. Among the bus routes to be cut: the 11 Lincoln and the 88 Northwest Highway. All together, the Sun-Times reports "the CTA's proposed doomsday budget would slice service by 20 percent, eliminate all overnight L trains, kill 30 bus routes and cut 1,000 union workers." Read the .

Just what we needed: The CTA is threatening if it doesn't get more state and federal funding, and . "Sometimes, you don't have any money. What are you gonna do?" the always eloquent Daley said. (On the plus side, starting today your .)

Ever wonder how you would find your car if it were towed? Fortunately for you Web-surfing types, the Department of Streets and Sanitation has put together a Web interface for their list of towed cars. If your car got towed by The Man, you can to see where it's being stored, and the phone number to call to get it back. Expect to pay either $150 or $250, depending on the size of your vehicle.

In addition to all the other cameras Big Brother... er... Mayor Daley wants to put around the city, he's also proposed putting ; not for the safety of his constituents, but to catch scofflaws who ignore the "no parking" signs on street-cleaning days.

In the wake of , now comes word that we might be seeing some new surveillance on the L. The CTA is currently looking at bids for 366 new rail cars. Talk includes . The CTA already installs cameras on buses, as part of a plan to curb vandals and criminals.

11选5图标下载Chicago's bicycle community (and frankly the bicycle community in general) is in a total uproar right now because of the that many Kryptonite U-Locks can be picked with your basic ballpoint pen. Here's the . No clear solutions have been posted yet (greasing the lock seems to help, but it's a sure prevention) and there has been only a lame reaction from despite numerous phone calls.

The original poster started here in this . There are movies and photos in there if you're intrigued. Only two of Kryptonite's locks in their arsenal do not use the cyclindrical chamber lock but most do (the other two use a flat key design). Word on the street from various sources is that there have been reports of Bic pens jammed in locks. Local bike shop owners in Chicago have been debating the issue and seeing what they can do.

Flying to a foreign destination and wish you could take your bike with you? Want to visit a suburban destination on Metra and wish you could peddle those few miles instead of drive? Folding bikes give you freedom and flexibility that many other bikes don't. The meets tonight to talk about food, nutrition and cycling as well as, well, obviously folding bikes. Meet other folding bike enthusiasts and drink beer at the Handlebar. Starts at 7pm and runs til 9ish.

The sun's starting to set a little early and the kids are back in school. And while you hardly need an excuse to Bike Fall, you might need a little motivation to Bike Winter. is a site that provides lots of info on how to dress for cycling when it is cold out, as well as staging lots of events. Things officially get started on Oct 1st, but the planning is happening now if you'd like to lend a hand to make Chicago the best city in the US for bicycles.

John Kass, Tribune columnist, about an IIT chemical engineering grad student who was fined recently for sleeping on the CTA. When he had to be awakened by police at the end of the Orange line, the officers lectured him about CTA safety and issued him a $50 ticket for sleeping on the train -- a legitimate offense in the CTA rule book (who knew?). Kass offered to pay the man's fine if he loses his bid to contest the ticket in court, but everyone else is on their own.

Ever wonder how you can get to O'Hare by non-motorized means? With the acres and acres of parking and garages, you might wonder if the planning department ever figured someone might walk or bike to the airport. (Answer: No.) But here's the story of . Summary: it ain't easy, and you have to pretend you're a taxi for a little bit.

in two separate El stations (the Western Avenue blue line stop, and the Lake & Cicero green line stop) and have plans to open 10 more stores by the end of the year. Even better, additions to the El stations will include more than just snack shops; the will be adding newspaper stands, photo processing and shoe repair stands and express mail stores at 33 separate stations.

11选5图标下载The Chicago-Indiana area ranks 8th in a list of the longest commutes in the country, according to Ranked at #1: Los Angeles (surprise!), with an average of 93 hours spent in traffic during the year 2002. Also ranking high on the list: San Francisco-Oakland (73 hours) and Washington DC (67 hours). Chicago's average was 56 hours, which sounds pretty bad until you consider that you could be living in LA and spending even more time stuck in traffic.

11选5图标下载 that Ted Matlak is working on a speed-reducing solution for neighborhood streets that works better than the unpopular speed humps. The latest speeder-stopping technology is a mid-block island (which sounds like a roundabout in the middle of the block) that Matlak says he'll name after himself if it works and keeps speed humps from proliferating in the 32nd Ward. Aside from speed humps (and Matlaks), transportation officials are toying with other technologies to stop speeders, including installing cameras at stop signs and radar guns with cameras to automatically catch speeding drivers on side streets.

But not at Wrigley Field this time. Early Tuesday morning some chunks of concrete from the 33rd Street overpass. Inspectors were able to remove enough loose concrete from the structure to fill a wheelbarrow. Yipes! And here's something else to worry about: in posts holding up parts of Wacker Drive, less than a year after the street's $200 million renovation project finished. Although IDOT says these cracks don't affect the structural integrity of the roadway, it's yet another indication that this summer is turning out to be Chicago's Summer of Structural Integrity.

Starting January 1, you�ll , that is, if you don�t have I-Pass for your vehicle. This comes in an effort by the state to raise funds for more road work in the area, which, as we all know, is plentiful. Maybe this is also their way of getting us to at the tollbooths? This plan still has to be approved, but that could come as early as next month.

In another example of imitating the , the Chicago Tribune has put out a call for Chicagoans' tales of CTA woes and frustrations. Oh, wait, excuse me - they want The rants will go into a regular column in the Transportation section called "Commuter Follies." Hmm... rage... follies... sounds like someone's got their wires crossed.

Ever wished you could take that $20 you put on your CTA fare card and use it on Metra? Or that you could use the same ticket for all transit systems here? The RTA is considering adding a , and have commissioned a study to find out if it's feasible. If this becomes reality, you might actually be able to buy a train ticket from a vending machine and avoid the huge lines at the train stations.

11选5图标下载Metra is one of the last rail agencies in the country that doesn't allow bikes on its trains. This is the missing link in making Chicago the best city for bicycling in the country, but now there's hope. Word on the street that the biggest prevention was the stalwart director of the RTA, Thomas McCracken. (pdf) and it is expected that the new director will be more friendly towards allowing some bicycles on trains. In the meantime, are still allowed on Metra anytime.

While you were sleeping, the Red Line between Belmont and Howard was shut down both directions, from 2 to 6 a.m., while police investigated the discovery of "body parts on the tracks". Only has any details on the death, which are few: the body probably belonged to a 30-something male who was probably struck near the Morse stop. Note to the CTA: something like this probably11选5图标下载 shouldn't be such a mystery.

11选5图标下载You know the wire system above the Skokie Swift trains? That's called a "catenary system," and the Skokie Swift is the last CTA line to use it. Well, the catenary system has fallen into disrepair, and instead of fixing it, the CTA is replacing it with the more conventional third-rail system. In honor of this passing, the Central Electric Railfans' Association is , on , Sunday, September 5. Three two-hour trips will depart from the Yellow Line Dempster stop at 9 am, 12 pm and 3 pm. Tickets are $20. Info on reserving seats can be found on .

11选5图标下载Oh, and by the way, apparently two stores : one in the city, one out in La Grange. You could buy one for around $4,000, or you could rent one for a couple hours from . So anyway...

11选5图标下载 the amount of parking tickets issued this year is down by 60,000 when compared to last year's numbers. The main reason: two recently completed construction projects, the Wacker Drive reconstruction and 11 Street/Columbus Drive, which brought in loads of parking violations for the city.

After about a year of trying, a Schaumburg woman has her new vanity license plate -- the number as immortalized in the Tommy Tutone hit from the 1980s. And yes, the woman's name is Jenny.

11选5图标下载The CTA voted Wednesday to that will put (car sharing) cars at five El stations, including the Damen blue line and Western brown line (yay!). Studies have shown that car-sharing programs increase use of public transportation, and it stands to reason that putting cars closer to the El will increase use of car-sharing programs, so—hey!—everybody wins!

Paul Karas, administrator of the Gary airport, to Chicago’s airport congestion problem. Instead of spending $500 million and 10 years to build a third airport in Peotone—under debate for more than a decade and still pending FAA approval—Karas believes a $90 million expansion is all it will take to make the Gary airport “Chicago’s third airport.”

The $530 million was scheduled to begin this past Spring, but was put on hold because construction bids were too high. , but the CTA will be asking for new bids soon. Until then, our much-loved neighborhood under-the-El businesses (e.g., Beans n Bagels at Montrose) are spared the wrecking ball for another few months. CTA officials assure us the late start won't delay the projected completion date of December 31, 2009.

It's a great day when you get a story like this: the tour bus driver for the Dave Matthews Band denies that his bus was the one that on Sunday. An eyewitness to the accident gave authorities the license plate for the bus, but when he was talking to reporters the driver coaxed a police sergeant to inspect the tank (how'd you like THAT job?), who then told reporters that the tank was indeed nearly full.

that delayed flights at O'Hare improved in June, with on-time arrivals increasing from 64 to 69%, and on-time departures increasing from 68 to 70%. That puts O'Hare ahead of Atlanta's Heartsfield-Jackson in improving flight delays, but the airport still needs to cut back the number of flights, according to the FAA.

In an effort to combat ever increasing delays, the FAA has scheduled a for all domestic carriers serving O'Hare. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the airline executives will enjoy a lunch of reheated chicken served in little plastic treys, and a small cup of orange juice sealed with foil.

Speaking of traffic and construction, the provides a regularly-updated almost real-time color-coded traffic map. Or just listen to on the eights if you're not near a computer. 

11选5图标下载There are a number of construction projects happening this summer on the highways between Chicago and northwest Indiana, and they've all combined to create for drivers going to or coming from Indiana. Unfortunately, it's not going to get any better anytime soon; the bulk of the work is scheduled to last for three years. Just keep this in mind, next time you decide to take the Chicago Skyway. Perhaps an alternative route going through Kentucky?

As previously mentioned, O'Hare has been processing record numbers of flights and passengers in recent years. Unfortunately, they've also been having record numbers of delayed flights (14,500 delayed flights in the month of May alone!), and obviously those delayed flights can cause further delays in other airports. So the FAA wants O'Hare to and will come up with some flight reduction numbers by Monday. Does this mean that O'Hare will lose the World's Busiest Airport title to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International? We shall see.

Craig of has posted a "". In layman's terms, a rather cool suggestion () of additional stations that would make sense on the Green Line. That's putting it too simply but on why these stations would make sense on existing infrastructure.

In case you've ever wondered just where those fancy red light cameras are at intersections around town, now you can track them down on the web. lets you look for intersections across the country that have installed cameras that photograph and then ticket drivers (by mail) heading through red lights. Chicago has quite a few listed, and the database is growing. You can also join a about red light cameras, or compare ticket prices for other big cities. Chicago's ticket prices are similar to New York City's, but less than a third of what you'll pay in San Diego.

A section of Clark Street, from Polk to 15th Street, will be and remain closed at least through June 2005. The main plan is to lower the road, so it passes underneath Roosevelt Road, and to widen the street to allow more traffic. One of the reasons that this project is under way: a new Target store is opening on the intersection's northwest corner in October. So... perhaps they should have started already?

11选5图标下载If you were planning to bike down to the tonight to see "The Birds", you don't have to worry about finding a safe place to park your bike. Bank One is offering , at the NW corner of Lake Shore Drive and Monroe, every night of the film fest. Safety checks and basic repairs will be provided on-site by the .

Which is the busiest airport in the world: Chicago's O'Hare, or Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International? Depends on how you define "busiest," according to O'Hare has handled the most number of flights in the first half of 2004 (nearly a half-million), but Hartsfield-Jackson is handling the most number of passengers (12 million in the first 4 months of 2004). Either way, that's still a huge amount of traffic flowing through the two airports. We'll have to check back with this story near the end of the year, to see which airport will win the coveted title of World's Busiest Airport. (I think there might be a trophy of some sort awarded to the winner.)

The lakefront path is popular for bikers in the summer and sometimes, a little too popular. If you'd care to avoid the bladers, the joggers, the walkers and the kids whose parents don't seem to hold on to when walking the path, always refer to the for various routes around the city. Dan Hosek has a with descriptions going east-west and north-south. It gives you an idea of what a proposed bike route might be like.

Today's the deadline for getting your Chicago city sticker purchased and stuck to your windshield. (Although you can still buy them after today, you have to pay $40 extra, and if you're caught without one after today, it's a $120 fine. Amusingly enough, some cops have already started ) If you haven't bought one yet (or if you did buy one and had it ), then get yourself to (or buy it online). And if you DID buy one, but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet, then you might wish to check out the list of that were returned to the city by the post office.

Good news for the transportationally challenged: will expand its fleet to Millennium Park this month and Lincoln Square in August, bringing the number of to 13, including two cars installed in Lakeview in June. They simplified their and are offering a $50 discount on membership, so now's the time to get yourself some eco-friendly wheels (no hybrids yet, but they're on the way).

UPDATE: Honda Civic Hybrids will arrive at the Millennium Park location on July 20. Sweet!

that Mayor Daley hasn't ruled out another hike in CTA fares to solve its financial crises. He would only say that the CTA is "looking at many alternatives," which at this time seem to be (1) increase fares, (2) cut service, or (3) both. Hey, on the bright side, if the fare goes up to $2, we can all start using those super-cool

The CTA, having installed signs and special metal rings surrounding the emergency contact buttons that are in each train car, have now added an additional feature to identify the buttons: The blue light should make it extremely easy to spot the buttons, which were installed to allow passengers to contact the train driver. (But only in emergencies! So don't be pushing the button just because you're lonely and need someone to talk to. And if you accidentally push the button, just let the driver know it was an accident.)

11选5图标下载The renaming of 1-88 to the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway/Tollway is complete: The Illinois State Tollway Authority for their portion of the road (it's maintained by several state and local agencies over its length) yesterday. The former East-West Tollway is not to be confused with -- US Rte. 14, which most people still refer to as Northwest Highway.

11选5图标下载Just weeks after is launched, a competitor appears. offers short vignettes and snippets of conversation witnessed on and around the city's train lines. Interesting.

that the CTA's plans to renovate the Brown Line are currently on hold, after they realized the construction bids that they received for the project were way too high. This means that businesses near Brown Line tracks that were due to be demolished for the construction have a bit of a reprieve (I'm looking at you, ), although the CTA's Frank Kreusi promises they'll still be done by the original 2009 completion date.

that a new tour company is offering a three-hour, seven-mile tour of the Chicago lakefront on a Segway. $65 gets you access to one of the scooters, which you can use to visit Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain and the museum campus. You also get an instructional class on the Segway's operation -- and a helmet, just in case.

Before you hit the road this summer, check out the website for , a non-profit, volunteer based organization, operated in conjunction with the . Car-Safety.org includes information about the proper installation of carseats, a vehicle features buying guide, and excellent collections of links to additional resources regarding carseats and car safety. According to the site, motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for children and adults, ages 1 to 34, so buckle up and drive safe!

After getting hit with high gas prices over the past few weeks, SUV owners will have another higher price to deal with this year: 43 models of SUVs that weight more than 4,500 pounds will have to shell out $90 for a sticker, up from $75. The complete list of vehicles that will have increased sticker prices is up at Time to switch to a bike, perhaps?

11选5图标下载The Chicago Department of Consumer Services unveiled today that can accuately measure the amount of gas delivered by a station pump. This device can be used by city workers to measure the accuracy of gas station equipment, and cite station owners if they're short-changing customers. (For the record, department spokesmen say that Chicago stations overall are giving out a bit more gas than is paid for.)

A bit early, but might be worth it to ya: The Evanston Police are having a to rid the department of the bikes that are "unclaimed property". It's a good chance to find a good deal or pick up that second commuter bike you've been dreaming about for the summer.

11选5图标下载With Chicago's gas prices heading towards $2.35 and $2.40 per gallon (according to ), a number of taxi drivers are asking for to compensate for the price increase. But to even consider the issue, the city council requires that the drivers turn in a petition signed by 10% of the city's 17,000 licensed drivers -- and when THAT'S been verified, the council has 60 days to hold hearings. Which means that the summer driving season might be over before the fare increase is even considered.

11选5图标下载Chicago is one of the . Warm weather is here and people are dustuing off their trusty steeds unless you're like me and you bike all year round. The has a about biking in this city spinning a few tales of what it's like and what you can do to bike more everyday including more info about the .

11选5图标下载Think the trains and busses are slow now? Wait till later this year, when rehab projects on the Red and Brown lines begin and the roadwork season starts. The Redeye (!) , and, surprisingly, the CTA responded. (Bonus: They also provided so you can submit complaints or suggestions to the CTA board directly.)

Are you an avid cyclist and11选5图标下载 a lady? The wants you. This Chicago group promotes bike communting, provides bike tips, and organizes outings for gals.

Most people would describe Gary as "an experience that enlivens the senses". That's how is describing their in-flight experience as well. Now you can combine those two experiences - to Myrtle Beach, SC. Hooters Air is in distinguished company here. (Elko Nevada's #1 airline!) and ("A fare to remember.") You get free parking at the Gary Airport too - if you dare.

11选5图标下载The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority has a secret entrance ramp onto I-88 that allows them to get from the parking lot of their Downers Grove headquarters right onto the interstate, saving a trip of several miles. As the tollway board voted to make the ramp accessible to the public by building a route to the ramp from Ogden Avenue. Makes you wonder what other secret stuff is built into the interstate system. Keep your eyes peeled on the commute home tonight...

More bad news for Chicago motorists who like to run red lights: that the city has been so pleased with the trial installation of security cameras watching accident-prone intersections that they're planning to install more cameras at 10 additional intersections. Over the last 6 months, the cameras have identified over 15,000 vehicles running red lights at various intersections in the city, generating nearly $1.4 million in potential revenues (assuming the ticketed motorists pay the fines). The new intersections will be chosen by mid-summer, and camera installation is expected to be completed by year's end.

11选5图标下载An inglorious end to the CTA token: that the CTA's remaining stock of metal tokens, 20 million pieces, has been sold to a Cincinnati-based company that plans to melt the stock down and use the metal in other works. (The tokens are made of brass, and were pulled out of circulation in 1998 in favor of those fancy magnetic cards that the CTA's already trying to phase out.) The CTA will keep about 2,000 tokens and

As Illinois gas prices escalate, gas stations are reporting a marked increase in The current loss to drive-offs is about $100 per week per station, a dramatic increase from a year ago, which was $100 per month. Chicago has had fewer incidents of drive-offs because nearly all stations in the city require drivers to pay before getting gas.

Today, city officials celebrated the fact that federal funding is in place for which will consist of lengthening station platforms and making stations handicapped accessible. This means that you can officially say good-bye to all those bought-up buildings near Brown Line stops, probably including the long-suffering Demon Dogs. For the CTA's side of things, check out on the CTA's Website.

11选5图标下载The Kedzie stop on the CTA Blue Line has been renovated and is The station reopening is part of a $482.6 million reconstruction of the Cermak-Douglas Branch of the Blue Line, which involves the renovating of 8 stations. Kedzie was the 5th to reopen, and the remaining stations should be finished within 10 months.

11选5图标下载You still using those old-fashioned magnetic-stripe cards, granddad? You're gonna pay the price for not upgrading to the fancy-shmancy as that the CTA is finally phasing out the bonus dollar that you get whenever you put $10 on your card. As of April 1, only the Chicago Card and Chicago Card Plus will get the bonus money. If you don't have one of the newer cards yet, act fast; the CTA will also start charging $5 for the purchase of a Chicago Card on April 1.

11选5图标下载The FAA has a plan in the works that will reduce the total amount of flight delays. However, this entails the crowded skies. Airlines in order to reduce overall delays in the air traffic system. For example, look at one of Chicago's situations: thunderstorms cause outbound flights to stack up quickly at O'Hare. Under the plan, airlines will delay for about 10 minutes flights that are bound for O'Hare. The backed-up planes at O'Hare could more quickly get into the air when the weather clears because the airspace will be less crowded. All air travelers flying in and out of Chicago would face fewer total delays with this plan.

The weather's warming up this week, so here's a few things to get your bike groove on.

  1. Critical Mass is this Friday. Celebrate the end of winter with a nice, leisurely neighborhood ride. 5:30pm, Daley Plaza.
  2. Looking for a longer ride? This gives you a chance to keep in shape and get out and see some of that countryside us city dwellers hear so much about.
  3. If you're looking for more intense, training style rides, check out some of the .
  4. If you want to see the latest in cycling stuff, check out the happening this weekend at Navy Pier.
  5. Need a map of how to get around? Where to go? The has an that shows where the bike paths are and what streets are best to take if you can't find a path.

United's low-fare carrier, Ted, is Tickets go on sale Saturday, and flights will start May 24th. The Ted destinations from O'Hare: Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Phoenix.

11选5图标下载 that the CTA will be running El track directly on the shoulder of the Dan Ryan Expressway in areas of the South Side branch of the Red Line route, so that CTA workers can have free access to repair areas of track that are currently plagued by power outages. This project begins on Saturday, and is expected to run through October 2006. (The Dan Ryan portion of the project is supposed to be done by the fall.)

At various accident-prone intersections in Chicago, the Transportation Department set up cameras to catch people running red lights, and as in just four months they've issued over 5,000 tickets to red-light runners. The cameras were installed in particularly troublesome intersections to attempt to bring down the number of accidents, and it appears to be working; the number of tickets issued at one intersection, 55th and Western, are down from 55 a day in November to 33 a day in February.

11选5图标下载The Tribune reports that the CTA has plans to turn the downtown block known as Block 37 into that would connect the Red and Blue lines, as well as provide express trains to O'Hare and Midway airports. The block has previously been eyed by developers, who have wished to build condos, office towers and hotels on the site, as well as WBBM, which expressed interest in building a media center there. If the CTA's plans are approved by the city, the station could open in 2007.

11选5图标下载The Orland Park Metra station will soon be offering provided by Palermo's of Chicago. Train riders would order their meal in the morning at the train station, or during the day by phone, and pick up the meal at Orland Park's 153rd Street station. Now if only the CTA would pick up on this idea...

11选5图标下载The CTA is starting with a series of repairs to the tracks between 95th and Cermak. Trains will be running, but you should expect delays. In case you're wondering what else might be going on that'll impact your daily commute, check out which includes details on Red and Blue Line repairs, as well as a list of bridges that will be closed for repairs and testing.

11选5图标下载Just a $20 deposit reserves your spot in U of I's , which begins enrolling "sometime in the second or third week of March." Classes fill up quickly, but there are also throughout Chicagoland, so if you don't mind heading down to Kankakee or out to Palatine -- and you can predict when enrollment begins -- you should be OK. [Thanks Armaghetto.]

11选5图标下载Another dubious honor: Our local stretch of Interstate 90 is number three on a list of . Woohoo! (Thanks Ian.)

The CTA doesn't quite match up to New York, Tokyo, Moscow ... even Singapore looms larger than our puny El system. But we're totally huger than either Vienna or Barcelona. Take that!

O'Hare Int'l Airport ranks according to a study by the US Department of Transportation. Well, at least the food is good...

11选5图标下载As construction began Monday on the elevated Skyway, . The mayor took the first steps towards privatizing the Chicago Skyway this week. City Hall will issue a ''request-for-qualifications'' to private toll operators to gauge interest in the 7.8-mile roadway connecting Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Several dozen bids are expected. The Skyway's $2 toll, last increased in 1993, is likely to be raised, under an agreement that would ''set forth parameters'' for future increases.

As if we didn't have enough headaches in our commutes, Monday marks the beginning of This construction on the Skyway's westbound portion is actually the latest in and the projected finish date for the whole project is 2005. So you can look forward to reduced traffic flow on the Skyway for quite some time.

As you wend your way to or from work, and ponder the length of your daily commute, take some small solace in the fact that your commute is not yet the longest in the country. The longest commute, unsurprisingly, according to the Census Bureau. An average commute of 38 minutes in the Big Apple, beating out Chicago by six minutes. We're still above the national average of 24 minutes, though. The shortest commutes: Wichita, KS (16.5 minutes), Tulsa, OK (16.8 minutes) and Omaha, NE (17.3 minutes).

If you depend on the Brown line for your daily commute, expect delays for the next couple of weeks: a weekend fire has forced the CTA to run while they make repairs to a substation on Lincoln Avenue that was damaged by the fire. According to you should be careful during your commute out of the Loop in the evenings, as only half of the northbound Brown line trains will be going north of the Belmont station. Check the train's destination sign before boarding.

Two cabbies received (estimated value: $53,000 each) from the city for their work with disabled riders. One teaches other drivers how to conform to the city's , the other picked up more than 1,300 disabled riders last year.

11选5图标下载The good news: the Hillside Strangler, one of the most infamous features of the meet-up of 88, 290 and 294, has been improved so much by a 2001 renovation project that it is no longer on a list of the worst bottlenecks in the nation, according to The bad news: the Circle Interchange (the Kennedy/Dan Ryan/Eisenhower meeting in the Loop) is the third-worst bottleneck in the nation. It's going to be fixed, of course, but you'll probably have to put up with it till 2006 or 2007, when the Dan Ryan is scheduled to be renovated.

11选5图标下载This March, the is offering a on ways to improve bicycling and walking conditions in Chicagoland for transportation professionals, public officials and advocates. In addition, a Chicago and the fourth annual will take place in conjunction with the conference. Some of the events, including the Bike Lane Tour, have limited capacity, so if this sounds like something for you!

11选5图标下载Speaking of transportation, the Chicago trolley system will be . U.S. Representative Rahm Emanuel helped secure the grant and says the improved trolley service will connect museums and cultural centers in Lincoln Park to Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier, Chinatown and Metra and C.T.A. stations. The expanded service will bring riders to Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo and the Chicago Historical Society during the holidays and in the summer.

It was not a good weekend to be a pedestrian. One of the weekend's killed bassist (Friendster profile ). Blogger Mimi Smartypants . (Coincidentally, the Tribune's Transportation section on Sunday looked at . Not enough, obviously. Cars kill more than 43,000 people a year in the U.S., and about 12 percent are innocent bystanders, the equivalent of one Sept. 11 every seven months.)

Speaking of memorable cab rides: Tomorrow, the company is to passengers in its maroon luxury taxis as a Valentine's Day publicity stunt (never mind that Saturday11选5图标下载 is the big day).

11选5图标下载The Sun-Times has a list of giving us all an idea of where not to be driving this summer. Near the top of the list: a stretch of I-88 from Naperville Rd to Route 59 that's apparently like driving on a roller coaster. 

11选5图标下载The , parent of the CTA, is to add two new stops to the -- one in downtown Skokie and one near Old Orchard Mall, which would mean a 1.6-mile extension of the line. The latter would be great for citydwellers itching to get to a proper mall without a car.

11选5图标下载As you're standing at the bus stop this morning, you might be asking yourself why CTA el stops have those heat lamps, but CTA bus shelters don't. explains why.

Soon you'll be able to grab breakfast at the El. Crain's reports that the , including the UIC stop on the Blue line and the North & Clybourn stop on the Red -- which will be getting a "gourmet coffee shop." (Wonder if they'll finally get rid of their rule against food and beverages on trains now.)

Last December, our very own Librarian took on a daunting task: writing a guide to Chicago traffic reports11选5图标下载. In a shrewd move, executives at have . No longer should on-air talent report travel times from O'Hare airport. Instead, more corporate product placement may enter our lives, as this traffic point shall now be the Allstate Arena.

O'Hare is near the top of another list, only this one isn't so great. that O'Hare and Los Angeles International Airport lead the nation in firing federal government screeners that were hired with incomplete background checks, and then had to be let go after subsequent checks found problems. Even Midway had problems in the past months with having to fire screeners. Just one more thing to be wary of as you stand in line for your next flight.

11选5图标下载Have you seen those cool kids with their flashy Chicago Cards at the train turnstyle? Well, if you're considering joining their ranks, wait till Monday. That's when the becomes available. With it you'll get the free $1 for every $10 you put on your card, it will still be protected in case you lose it, and now you'll be able to add money to it online. Oh yeah, no more missing a train because some tourist can't figure out how the machine works.

Sunday morning kicks off the , a six-stage bike race. This weekend's time trial will start in stages from the in Wilmette and race to YoJimbo's Garage11选5图标下载 at 1310 N. Clybourn. Entrance is $10 for the race or $45 for the series. Register at 1461 W. Chicago at 7 a.m.

Hope you enjoyed the penny fares overnight; as of six a.m., CTA fares per standard ride.

on a number of new traffic laws set to go into effect on January 1. These new laws will discourage people from staying in the lefthand passing lane too long, limit the number of passengers teenage drivers can have, and require children ages 4 to 7 to be in booster seats.

More good news for O'Hare! After recently getting good grades on the food it serves, it's now been recognized as having some of the among the nation's airports. Washington Dulles International and Dallas-Fort Worth International are also among the quickest, with a security screening wait time of less than two minutes; Los Angeles and Miami were among the worst, with wait times of about seven minutes.

In their recent zeal to ticket Chicago cars without their precious precious city stickers, investigators for the city clerk's office have turned up another lucrative source of revenue for the city: Does this mean more fines? You bet! "I can honestly say that there's millions of dollars in those parking garages in expired plate fees," City Clerk James Laski said on a WBBM radio program (hopefully he was not rubbing his hands in glee when he said this).

The has unveiled a -- the buses, the El, and the "commuter lines." State Representative Julie Hamos of Evanston doesn't think the convoluted program does nearly enough, and she seems to be right. ERSys provides a simple sort-of-audit of the

11选5图标下载"" Scott Jacobs fesses up at .

The city has finally begun After five days over 1,000 tickets have been written, and that's after patrolling less than 10 percent of the city-licensed garages. If this rate keeps up, the program is projected to bring in over $6 million for the city next year, and to make thousands of drivers unhappy.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about with the enforcement of towing legislation against cars without Chicago city stickers, now we've gotta worry about the winter parking rules on many of the city's streets. It's December 1, the day that winter parking laws go into effect, and the city went about its assigned task, Violators face paying a minimum $150 towing fee and a $50 ticket. Buck up, kiddos, you've only got 4 months before winter parking ends on April 1. [Trib. login: gapers/gapers]

A former conductor has written a book called which is a collection of the most memorable moments from his 30 years of working on the trains. Most of the tales sound like out-takes from "America's Funniest Home Videos:" women taking their clothes off, children puking in the conductor's cap, and a guy who missed his morning commute jumping onto a slow-moving freight train and ending up in Iowa.

Know before you go. Road ragers should check the traffic report before heading out for this extended T-Day weekend. Get updates at from , , or the .

11选5图标下载Need to get to grandma's house but your roommate backed out of loaning you the car? Check out the on for a last-minute hitch.

Watch out! Next spring, the long-awaited construction begins to . Don't fret, a temporary bridge will be built across the Chicago River to allow North Ave. to remain open to traffic traveling in both directions. The reconstruction of is the first in a series of steps planned by the city to help alleviate the chronic traffic congestion that continues to plague the North and Clybourn intersection. In addition to the reconstruction of the bridge, the city will install a new stop light at the intersection of North Avenue and Kingsbury Street.

11选5图标下载...for snow removal signs. The , December 1, which means those of us who park overnight on major streets (Clark, for instance) may wake up to find our car missing. The result is and a trip to obscure corners of the city to pick up our vehicles. And no, it doesn't have to snow for the rule to be in effect. [Trib log-in: gapers/gapers]

This upcoming holiday weekend marks the return of the which is a regular El train festooned with festive holiday decoration, and includes Santa and his reindeer on an open-air flatcar. The train starts riding 'round the Loop the day after Thanksgiving, and then moves to different train lines through the next month; check the CTA Website to see what days you can expect a little extra holiday spirit during your daily commute.

11选5图标下载If you're flying through Midway as part of your Thanksgiving plans this week, here's some good news: in anticipation of a busy holiday travel weekend. The city estimates there will be 52,000 travelers a day coming through Midway over the holiday, which is pretty good but still doesn't match O'Hare, with an estimated 215,000 travelers per day.

11选5图标下载The demolition has begun: the to make way for the expansion of O'Hare Airport. The office building had been vacant for several years and was sold to the city willingly. The rest of the buildings in the bulldozer's path won't come so easily.

If you've been putting off buying a city sticker, you might want to think about doing it soon: police and investigators will be able to ticket unstickered cars in licensed garages and parking lots, thanks to by the City Council. City Clerk James Laski estimates the city could make as much as $10 million in the next two years. Although the legislation is already in effect, you still have a couple of weeks to get your sticker before the city starts enforcing the law. [Trib. login: gapers/gapers]

The CTA approved an amended version of on Monday, which includes a 25-cent increase to the base fare. The $1.75 price goes into effect on January 1. In addition to the increase, the price of a transfer will be decreased from 30 cents to 25 cents. While you let that news sink in, here's a bit of good news: The restaurant was supposed to close at the end of October, but it negotiated a new lease which will allow it to stay open through June of next year. Here's the kicker: its monthly rent has been raised from $630 to $2,500. Aie! That's a lot of dogs to sell!

United used a guerrilla marketing campaign in Denver and to introduce Ted, . Ted will compete with the likes of Southwest, Jet Blue and Song. [Trib. login: gapers/gapers]

reports that the CTA is delaying its vote on a fare increase from $1.50 to $1.75, to take into account public input on the increase. Unfortunately, CTA spokespeople are pretty much agreeing that the only options left are either fare increases or service cuts. Hmm. Where'd I put that bike....

, apparently concerned that not enough students were braving the El, put out a on the city's train system. Articles range from cajoling to educational -- includes a brief interview with the "voice of the CTA."

It's time to pay final respects at , for 20 years an institution under the . It will close Oct. 31 as part of the CTA's .

is reporting that CTA president Frank Kruesi is planning two rate hikes in the next two years: a 25-cent increase at the beginning of 2004, and another 25-cent increase in 2005, bringing the ticket price of El and bus rides to a cool $2. If these plans are followed, Chicago would have one of the highest transit rates in the country. Start saving your quarters, kids.

11选5图标下载Not even a Chicago winter should be an excuse to stop commuting by bicycle. The good people at know all the ways to keep you warm, clean and safe on two wheels while everyone else is shivering on the El platform. Nov. 1 at 1 there will be an educational expo in the field house at Daley Bicentennial Plaza, 337 E. Randolph Drive.

11选5图标下载Never heard of ? It's out in Rockford, and it's hoping to beat Peotone to . It has a head start: it's already built, for one, and already flies to Orlando and Las Vegas from there. Another big bonus: free parking.

The next bum to ask you for a quarter on the El may well be CTA President Frank Kruesi. This week he'll propose to help deal with a massive deficit. Other changes and increases are in the works, too, including encouraging more off-peak travel, but the monthly passes will remain $75. He also promises no service cuts. It's the first increase since 1991 -- first person to name something whose price hasn't gone up in 12 years wins a prize -- and it's still cheaper than New York ($2), though not Boston ($1) or L.A. ($1.35). [Trib. login: gapers/gapers]

Chicago is undoubtedly one of the best US cities to bike in. Mayor Daley's efforts with the coordination and handling of such an environment by the has been solid and they are now working towards the . You can read the , attend one of the meetings, or read about some of the comments people have . If you use your bike regularly or even occasionally, this is important and we're fortunate enough to have good people working for this. So make your voice heard.

You know, the drive to Milwaukee is boring. Not much to look at, other than the and outlet malls. Wouldn't it be more fun to take a ?

have just this small, reasonable request: to depave Lakeshore Drive. Buy hey, seems to think it's a good idea, so we should be seeing those bulldozers and jackhammers on the drive any day now, right? (Probably at 2am without warning...)

Soon you'll be able to ride in style, cruising the Boule Mich in a : will be running the distinctive coaches starting . (Tip via Dave at )

The first convention of owners at McCormick Place. Two Chicago area residents organized the event, which expects up to 80 Segway owners to converge on the lakefront this weekend. The inventor will give a speech, maintenance tips will be offered, and owners can show off their ballroom-style synchronized Segway routines before a group ride along the lakefront. [Trib. login: gapers/gapers]

Despite pleas11选5图标下载 from CTA board chairwoman Valerie Jarrett and the mediation efforts of Rev. Jesse Jackson, CTA drivers are giving serious thought to a strike. On the way to work today, a driver told me that they plan to leave work this coming Monday. You may want to give yourself plenty of extra time for the morning commute, or arrange another means of transportation.

11选5图标下载Authorities at the say the school on Chicago's South Side has become . The school announced a partnership yesterday with the New Hampshire-based company that makes the two-wheeled battery-powered transportation devices.

Southwest Airlines for Airline, a new show debuting soon on . The stories must be related to Southwest Airlines travel into or out of Los Angeles World Airport and/or Chicago Midway Airport.

11选5图标下载Great news for those of us tired of ensuring we've got cash before loading up our Transit Cards: the CTA is going to at 11 El stations. It makes so much sense, it almost hurts.

11选5图标下载For $1200 you can throw your next (or a whole train.) Choo! Choo!

11选5图标下载The good news: the CTA is considering . The bad news: you might need a Chicago Card in order to get it. Oh, cruel fate!

11选5图标下载 is a proposal to serving the South and Southeast Sides. (More info .)

Once again, it's the last Friday of the month, and will be going down at 5:30pm congregating at Daley Plaza. It'll be funny if they went down Michigan and passed the Apple Store...

Your worst CTA nightmare comes true: (login: gapers/gapers). Horrors.

Keep your eye out for burgandy cabs with a blue stripe -- they're from the new , and they boast uniformed drivers, extra legroom and, of all things, Internet access. (No website for the company yet, though.) In the meantime, is planning on converting about half its fleet to .

Announced today, located in the parking structure beneath Millenium Park. Mayor Daley is taking the city to a "new level of bicycle friendliness" with this new bike station, complete with a bike storage area for up to 400 bikes, showers, lockers and a coffee bar. Grants from the federal government will help pay the costs, as funding for the bike station comes from the federal government under a program to ease congestion and improve air quality. [Trib. login: gapers/gapers]

Talk about a Gaper's Block. My usual 45 min commute took 1hr 45 min. today due to extreme rubbernecking on the Edens. It made me wonder: why does every radio station report travel times from "Shadow Traffic" but . The only I know of is astoundingly inaccurate, while Shadow usually seems spot on. Shouldn't this information be more widely available?

The CTA approved serving the north and south Lake Shore regions. Theoretically, the new routes will improve commute times and allow passengers to take just one bus to their destinations (instead of having to transfer.) The CTA's site has . [Trib login: gapers/gapers]

The has a great which lets you find the different modes of public transportation to get you from one point to the next. So, next time you need to get to some part of the city you're unfamiliar with, or if you want to find a way to cut down your commute to work, give it a try.

, which has been trying to position itself as an alternative to Midway and O'Hare -- and as a solution to the Peotone airport issue -- , a regional carrier serving the Carolinas. was in the news most recently for closing a deal with Hooters Restaurants to creat .

11选5图标下载Speaking of interactive maps, this one will come in handy: provides live, constantly updated maps of the "Gary/Chicago/Milwaukee Transportation Corridor," including construction, accidents and congestion points along the entire highway system. Travel times are constantly updated, so you don't have to wait for the next traffic report. Originally developed by UIC's .

As part of the DePaul Bike Club (god do I pimp my alma mater) and the , there will be a neighborhood bike ride in and around the Lincoln Park area tomorrow afternoon that starts at 1pm. The weather will be perfect for it, and it is open to all. I'll be there so if you're interested in a leisurely bike ride on a mild Saturday afternoon, this is the place to be. Click more for details on where to meet.

The Quad, Lincoln Park Campus DePaul University
Saturday May 17th at 1:00pm

11选5图标下载The Quad as it's affectionately known is a the big square of open park-like area in between Kenmore and Clifton avenues on Fullerton.

Mild tune-ups and bike maintenance will be done beforehand if you need it.

For any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at .

11选5图标下载The city wants to underneath two high-volume, accident-prone locations. One is at Clark Street, tunneling under where it crosses Roosevelt Road. The other is on Fullerton Avenue under the notorious six-legged intersection of Fullerton, Elston and Damen Avenues. [Trib. login: gapers/gapers]

I just finished up a site for the , called . It promotes, educates and informs university and college students on how they too can bike to school. Also, this Monday, May 12th, , the DePaul Bicycle Club and Mayor Daley's Bicycle Ambassador's will be hosting a presentation called Commuting to Class. Details: DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus, Levan Center, Rm 502, 2pm-3pm.

might have been able to turn the world on with her smile, but I can open CTA turnstiles with my butt.

Yes, thanks to the microchip-embedded , I don't need to remove my wallet from my hip pocket to sail through the turnstiles. I just twist a bit to one side, give a little bump toward the sensor and open, sesame!

I've already executed this maneuver at several CTA stations and you know what? Much to the chagrin of my junior high school sensibilities, the staff is not the least bit impressed. One staffer even rolled her eyes and shook her head, like I was only the 500th customer she'd seen do this.

11选5图标下载Over the weekend, I decided that if I could use this technique on a CTA bus, that would definitely be impressive. The bus fareboxes, however, are surrounded by protective railings. I'd need to have the elastic ass of The Fantastic Four's to pull it off.

Today is the last Friday of the month, which means it's Friday. I'm going to be there and if you ride a bike at all, you should try to be there. Support alternative means of transport! Daley Plaza, 5:30pm



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